Party Sluts

by raplucknett

Copyright© 2014 by raplucknett

True Sex Story: 4 girls 20 guys 3 hours

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   True Story   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Double Penetration   .

January 24th 2014 – a day that will be long remembered. The first Party Sluts gangbang of the New Year and 10 weeks since the previous gangbang. The party had been advertised for several weeks as being a "special event" and true to form, it was. Rather than have three rampant sluts on hand to service the hordes of horny male guests, we were fortunate enough to be entertained by four rampant sluts.

Let's take a look at the line-up:

The always effervescent Hayley (Hayley x x) fresh from her recent conveyor belt sessions, where she took a procession of cock and spunk whilst being tied down, was ready and willing to take further quantities of cock in her pleasingly tight cunt and arse and lovely sweet mouth.

The ever reliable Poppy (Opium) was eager to handle a barrage of cock and spunk, as well as have her cunt stretched by a selection of fists over the course of the evening (including a spectacular 3 girls / 12 fingers insertion towards the end of the party – more about that later!)

The impossibly tall and exceptionally gorgeous Sarah (Linda Longlegs) was her usual fun loving, party girl self, ready to be fucked, fisted and squirt like a fountain and scream the place down in the process. To this day I have never met anyone who makes the amount of noise she does, or squirts like she does.

The simply stunning Lexxi (LexxiRocks) who had travelled down with me from Leeds, to participate in her largest gangbang to date. She proved herself more than worthy by sucking and deep throating cocks like an absolute pro and turning DP into an art form. The very fact that she is still alive today and can still walk, is surely a testament to her amazing superhuman abilities.

As usual, the party was held in a very discreet, modern style coach house, situated in the heart of Whiteley. Really nice, clean place, with all necessary amenities, including two separate bathrooms, a well-stocked kitchen, with plenty of refrigerated drinks (water, cola, Red Bull, orange, etc.) even some ice cold beers and maybe a glass or two of champagne if you're not driving. You can even have a cup of tea or coffee if you prefer. Snacks available include crisps and chocolate bars. A large double sized bed provides plenty of room to accommodate two, sometimes three and at a push, four girls. Whatever lack of space there may be in the bedroom, is made up for by a reasonable sized lounge and the action often spills over onto the sofa in there.

I've been attending the parties for the better part of about 20 months now and I can remember occasions when there have been 6 guests or less attending. It's incredibly exciting to see how popular and successful the parties have become, certainly in the last 12 months or so. It's now got to the point, where there are rarely less than 10 – 12 guys in attendance. Usually, 3 or 4 guys cancel at the last minute, for a variety of reasons. For this party, 20 guys had said they would be attending and all 20 turned up. When you have 4 premium quality sluts up for grabs, you don't want to miss an opportunity like this! If anything, it's a testament to the hard work and commitment put in by the party host, the legendary Captain Sensible. No one does a party like he does.

Enough of the waffle. You want to know what happened? Well here goes...

As the clock struck 6pm, the girls were ready and all the guests (save for two or three who got delayed in rush hour traffic) had arrived and were ready to get stuck in. Starting off briefly in the lounge, the girls became instantly surrounded by a plethora of cocks, of varying sizes and thickness. Poppy was quickly making short work of a couple of cocks which were on either side of her face as she knelt between them. Taking one deep into her throat and giving it a good hearty suck, she worked her hand back and forth along the length of the other cock, ensuring it was nice and stiff. As she removed the first cock from her mouth, she turned her attention to the second cock and gave it a nice long, slow blowjob, ensuring she got it all shiny and wet, as she coated it with her saliva. Another guest was already massaging her lovely firm boobs and playing with her pierced nipples. Poppy seemed to be in her element.

Meanwhile, Sarah was busy receiving a similar level of treatment nearby. One cock and then another was being pushed deep inside her throat and she was expertly attending to them, working her way from one to another and then back again. Her tongue curled around one cock like a snake, licking the tip of the guy's penis, before she impaled her mouth on his throbbing dick. A pair of hands cupped her breasts and she moaned gently as she was being caressed and throatfucked all at the same time.

Hayley, not to be outdone, was also taking her fair share of cock. Having recently proved she can handle large cocks with consummate ease, she demonstrated her skills to a captive audience and was soon taking cock all the way down her pretty little throat. Needless to say wandering hands were all over her body and were starting to finger her pussy and arse. If she had any complaints, we weren't hearing them, but then I guess with a large cock down her throat, it's unlikely we would have heard much at all...

Lexxi was just about to join in the fun, having put the finishing touches to her outfit. She entered the room and looked resplendent in a tight red and black corset, coupled with black and red stockings. Within seconds, a pack of guys had surrounded her and were keen to see how the "new" girl's credentials measured up. A few seconds later they had their answer, as she deftly handled two cocks simultaneously, swallowing one all the way down her throat, while she gently stroked the other until it was nice and hard. Lexxi has the most amazing deep throat skills and soon, pretty every guy at the party would get to experience it first hand. When she takes your cock down her throat, she goes all the way. The longer your cock, the better, as far as Lexxi is concerned and you'll hear her gagging and choking on it as she feasts on your meat.

By now, all four girls were fully occupied sucking cock and being fingered and groped by eager admirers, but things were already starting to get a bit crowded in the lounge. Without further ado, Hayley suggested to Sarah that they set up camp in the bedroom and give Poppy and Lexxi some breathing space in the lounge.

Heading into the bedroom, Hayley got herself settled on the bed on all fours and in no time at all, she was sharing two cocks in her mouth, while another guy had already unwrapped the first condom of the evening and was busy penetrating her sweet young cunt.

One of the regulars has an ongoing challenge with Sarah to see how quickly he can make her squirt. On previous occasions he has had her gushing like a waterfall within a couple of minutes. Then he got it down to under a minute. Well tonight, he went all out and no word of a lie, within 30 seconds of him pulling her panties to one side, she was squirting all over the bed. Not quite sure where he can go from there next time. 10 seconds perhaps? After that, maybe all he needs to do is just look at her and she'll go weak at the knees. Watch this space! Knowing that Sarah was more than sufficiently wet, I took a condom from the large bowl on the nearby chest of drawers and rubbered up, ready to fuck Sarah. As she knelt in front of me on all fours on the bed, I was afforded a perfect view of her beautifully smooth arse and sopping wet cunt, as she eased off her tight red panties. I now had a very important choice to make. Should I plunder her cunt or her arse? I did consider being a gentleman and going for her cunt, but after thinking about it for approximately — a second, I figured you only live once and so decided to go straight up her arse. I positioned myself behind her and slid myself slowly and comfortably inside her tight hole and began to pump myself in and out of her. Sarah is an absolutely exquisite fuck and the noises she makes as you pound away inside her only add to the enjoyment. It's been said many times before (probably by me), she is one noisy fucker! I gripped her corseted waist as I began to thrust back and forth, deeper and deeper, listening to her moan and howl. Her long blonde hair spilled over her shoulders and as I continued to fuck her smooth ass, she began to suck another guest's cock. Massaging him first with her hand and then taking him all the way down her throat, muffling her shrieks of ecstasy in the process. Soon a second cock was lined up in front of her face and she began to alternate between the two, while she bounced back and forth on my cock.

Hayley was next to us on the bed and she was facing in the opposite direction to Sarah. As Hayley was busy being fucked in the cunt, she was also sharing two cocks in her mouth. Sucking them nice and deeply, while her mop of red hair shook in time to the pounding she was receiving at the other end of her body. The large cock in Hayley's mouth was sliding in and out in slow, rhythmic movements and Hayley's head was being gently held down on the guy's cock, as he forced himself deeper and deeper into her mouth with each stroke.

By now, a small crowd of onlookers had started to gather in the room and we didn't want to disappoint, so we redoubled our fucking speed, as both girls worked their mouths and tongues over the cocks that were being pushed into them.

Back in the lounge, Poppy and Lexxi were being explored by a large contingent of guests, who had yet to set foot in the bedroom.

With her sleek and glossy black hair, long black eyelashes, silver eyeshadow, red fingernails, black corset and bra, fishnet stockings and heels, Poppy looked the picture of elegance and sluttiness all combined into one. On her knees in the lounge, in front of the sofa, she was busy sucking a long, stiff cock. Giving it her undivided attention, she ran her tongue slowly along the length of the cock, before ramming it into her mouth and easing her head backwards and forwards, with each movement, taking it a little deeper in her face each time. Not all the attention was focused on her mouth. Another party guest was already sampling the delights of her fabulous pussy and had buried his cock deep inside her. Poppy's body rocked back and forth like a see-saw, between the cock in her mouth and the one in her cunt. All the while, the muffled gasps of delight could be heard emanating from her cock stuffed mouth.

And then there was Lexxi. On all fours on the carpet, next to Poppy, she was busy deep throating a party guest's cock with her trademark enthusiasm and intensity. Another guest was buried deep in her tight cunt, fucking her with long, powerful strokes of his cock, causing little tremors to ripple across her body. Her hair and make-up looked perfect and she smiled for the camera, but she was already on a one way ticket to being ruined and nothing could stop that now. As one guy vacated her mouth having been given a mouthwatering, cock stiffening blow job, another eager guy was ready to move in. Lexxi's red and black corset was unfastened and removed to reveal her large, beautiful breasts and the full extent of her body artwork. Some magnificent tattoos on there to be admired. But there was no time for that right now!! The question was raised: "Is it too soon to do a DP?" The immediate response was: "It's never too soon to do a DP!". Guy number one (let's call him Stu, because ... well, because that's his name!) slid underneath Lexxi and she lowered herself onto his stiff cock, which he eased inside her tight, wet cunt. Guest number two (we shall refer to him as J) gave Lexxi a quick rimming before lubing up his cock and slowly and carefully easing it into her deep and inviting arse. I don't think anyone has ever made DP look as easy as Lexxi does. Whatever thoughts or feelings may be going through her mind are concealed by a broad smile and a lot of gasping and moaning. She likes to please and she certainly doesn't disappoint. As Stu lay on his back fucking Lexxi's cunt, J proceeded to thoroughly explore the depths of Lexxi's arse with his rigid cock, grabbing hold of her shoulders to steady her as she bounced up and down between the pair of cocks embedded inside her.

While enjoying the spectacle that was unfolding in front of me, I didn't want to be seen to be neglecting Poppy and I made myself comfortable on the sofa, as she lowered herself onto me and I sank my hard cock deep inside the depths of her warm vagina. As Poppy began to ride up and down on me, I gripped her waist to steady her, as she took another guy's cock in her mouth and began to give him one of her magnificent blow jobs. I love to fuck Poppy. There is always something incredibly comforting about being inside her. I always feel very relaxed and feel that we are a good 'fit' for one another. I don't have a massive cock, like some of the guys at the party, but I often seem to manage to push the right buttons for Poppy. I don't always make her come, but on the occasions that I do, it is always immensely satisfying and I love to watch her body shake as she goes through the final stages of an orgasm. She is also so incredibly polite and friendly, that I almost feel guilty about fucking her, but then I see her face impaled on another guy's cock and my feelings of guilt soon disappear and I just want to fuck her even more! As I took a short breather I watched Poppy getting a thorough pounding in her cunt, while another guy was giving her a very deep, thorough face fucking, with his long cock. He was spitting in Poppy's mouth and slapping her face as he rammed his tool all the way down her throat.

Of course, we're nearly forgetting that there were two other girls in the other room. You soon remember, when an eerie howling noise can be heard echoing down the hallway. Is it the ghost of some ancient ancestor that has returned to haunt the hallowed halls of Hampshire? (check that out for alliteration!) Nope! It's Sarah getting her brains fucked out in the bedroom. A quick trip inside revealed Sarah and Hayley in pretty much the same positions they had been in earlier (both on the bed, side by side, facing in opposite directions). This time, a whole new bunch of guys were taking care of them.

As before, Hayley was busy working her way through a selection of cocks, of all shapes and sizes. It still amazes me, that I can remember meeting Hayley about a year ago, when she was a fairly shy, innocent, sweet young girl, who felt perhaps a bit intimidated at the prospect of what was then, her first gangbang. Fast forward 12 months and she is no longer shy, or innocent (but still impossibly sweet!) and not the least bit intimidated. Big cocks, small cocks, long cocks, fat cocks, thin cocks. She's had them all and in pretty much every orifice of her body. It still seems to bemuse Hayley that everyone seems to be obsessed with her arse and almost everyone wants to go up it. The truth is, when you see an arse that is as perfect as Hayley's, you feel compelled, almost as if driven by some supernatural force, to want to go up it. She's also more than happy to spend some quality time with other beautiful girls and I've had the pleasure of witnessing her exploring her lesbian / bisexual nature with a number of them. Whether it involves kissing, fingering, oral, anal, fisting, or watersports, Hayley is fairly broadminded and seems to enjoy indulging in some truly Sapphic situations.

Sarah was busy being fucked from behind. She was still kneeling on the bed, but perilously close to the edge, as her arse cheeks bounced up and down on the cock that was filling her. Her gasps of pleasure became longer and more drawn out, in between utterances of "Ohhhhhhh yeaaaahhhhh!!"

After a short while, she took a very brief break, but before you could blink an eye, she was lying comfortably on her back on the bed, as another guest climbed on and slid his thick, throbbing shaft inside her cunt and began to pound away. Her cries were once again muffled as another cock was fed into her throat and she began to suck it greedily, like a filthy whore. Just lovely!

Back in the lounge, Poppy was busy being fucked by two more guys. One of them was sat on the sofa, ramming his cock deep inside her, giving her cunt a thorough workout. Another guy was deep inside her throat and Poppy was gasping for air, as her body was being put through its paces. Soon her bra strap was being undone and her large, shapely breasts were unleashed for everyone to play with. Soft and squeezable, with metal piercings through the nipples, they are truly magnificent and well worth your time. A nibble, suck or a squeeze is definitely to be recommended.

Poppy had left some space on the sofa for Lexxi to sit and as she rounded up a small handful of guys, Lexxi lowered herself onto one cock, guiding it gently into her pussy, as a second eager cock headed straight for her arse with unerring accuracy. Hey presto! Another double penetration for Lexxi. Clearly, two cocks weren't enough for Lexxi and another guy stood beside her and offered her something to suck on. Without batting an eye, she gobbled him up as she rode the other two cocks. After a while, Lexxi repositioned herself and as a fresh line up of cocks appeared ready to fuck Lexxi, one of the guests gave her pussy a good licking out, much to her delight and satisfaction.

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