Sandra, the Submissive Sister-in Law

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Sister-in-law Sex Story: Tom was a bad boy bending over the babysitter and his wife cuts him off until he finds suitable employment. She calls in her younger sister Sandra to help with the baby and housework while she works overtime at the bank. Soon Tom and Sandra are getting lots closer than expected and the fun begins.

Caution: This Sister-in-law Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   InLaws   FemaleDom   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Babysitter   .

When Gloria got married to Tom, she imagined they would be happy forever. Then, he lost his job at the plant and she got pregnant and things were never quite the same after that. The date-nights were forgotten, the "me time" weekends were over and then on a cold winter's night she caught Tom shagging the babysitter when she came home unexpectedly.

The sight of his familiar tightly sculptured buttocks slamming the eighteen year old girl from behind was bad enough. The fact that it was right on her newly bought-on-credit red velvet sofa was a shock for her system. After that crisis point, Gloria never really trusted her husband again and she made certain he was aware of her attitude so often that he would not forget and make the same mistake again. She also regretted losing the services of the babysitter because she was a good girl with the kids and good babysitters are hard to find these days. It just so happened that Gloria got promoted to assistant manager at the bank right about the same time and she now had to work longer hours. The fact that Tom was still unemployed despite his desperate casting about for a job in almost every possible place within commuting distance added to her determination to be the primary "breadwinner" for the near future. She also laid down the law that Tom was not to shoot any seeds into her womb until he had proper employment. Her added adamant refusal to give up her bum hole for his enjoyment meant he was severely lacking in matrimonial bliss.

Tom was not one much for spending time in the pub or running around with girls he met on the street so he was forced to take things in hand and that was terribly humiliating for a married man of his age even if he didn't have a job. Since he was busy during the day still searching for work, Gloria decided to ask her sister Sandra to fill in as an unpaid babysitter until she returned from work. Unfortunately, she was coming home later and later every day because of her new responsibilities.

Sandra was a nice girl although a bit plain looking and somewhat on the slender side with no hips to speak of at all. Her face was quite nice but she never wore make-up because she was afraid it would clog her pores and make her break out in pimples. She was deathly afraid of pimples and searched her face in the mirror every morning to make sure she hadn't acquired any overnight. At twenty, she was four years younger than her much prettier sister and she knew her older sister had a much nicer personality and seemed to attract all kinds of male followers inside her circle without really trying. Poor Sandra on the other hand was not the type to attract anybody no matter how hard she tried.

In fact, Sandra was a closet virgin and kept her innocence a close-held secret even from her own sister. Gloria believed that Sandra had lost her cherry right after her eighteenth birthday to Douglas Hathaway who had just recently been accepted into the Army and was due to leave at the end of the month. In actuality all poor Douglas had been able to get from Sandra was the use of her hand and even her mouth when things got too frustrating for him to go another minute without female companionship. She thought the whole tending to cock business was most disgusting and carried spare hankies to remove any traces of his passionate nature.

Sandra enjoyed taking care of little Tom Junior and liked having her sister and brother-in-law for company in the evenings and on the weekends. With Gloria spending more time at work, she began seeing an awful lot of her brother-in-law and could not help but notice he was masturbating in his bedroom most nights because his spouse was busy at work. She didn't mind at all since she had been doing the same thing for quite some time as quietly as possible under the covers in her own bed. She used to look at the pictures of the men in the football magazines to make her thin buttocks shake with passion but lately all she had to do was close her eyes and picture Tom grinding his hips in between her legs and making her take his needy cock inside her hungry cave.

Unaware of the fact that she had a gorgeous pair of legs, she often would do the ironing right in front of Tom wearing only her undies and her halter top. It was much more comfortable and that is how she did it when she in her own apartment. Besides, Tom couldn't possibly be interested in her when he had a beautiful female like her older sister at his side. It seemed innocent enough since he was her sister's husband and close to being family. After a long session one night, Tom couldn't stand it any longer and approached Sandra from the rear. He reached around in front and cupped her breasts. They really were quite tiny and unimpressive but Sandra was extremely sensitive in and around her nipples and she was thrown into a fit of urgent desire to have Tom's shaft inside her untested vaginal channel. All it took was a finger hooked inside the elastic to pull down her knickers and she knew he was poised to enter her from the rear without any delay.

Tom's insertion was quick and painless. She gasped at the intrusion and loss of virginity but he had no idea how innocent she really was. It was the tight fit that made Tom realize what a perfect gem his sister-in-law had turned out to be. That first time was an erotic memory for both of them. With one leg up on top of the ironing board and her head down low looking up at Tom's cock sliding into her most private place, Sandra felt that life had suddenly taken a turn for the better. Her unobstructed view of his cream-laden sacs swinging like kinky pendulums made her experience a totally new type of orgasm with her mind swimming in depraved thoughts of the future under Tom's guidance.

It had been a long time since Tom had allowed his cum to spurt freely inside a woman's vagina and he shook with the long-deprived flood of emotion.

Sandra took her leg off the ironing board, pulled up her knickers making them immediately wet with the liquids seeping out of her reddened cunt and finished up the ironing with a smile on her face and backward glances over her shoulder at the almost comatose brother-in-law watching her bum jiggle with each bend over the board. It was a new experience for Sandra who was not used to men actually looking at her body with lust in their eyes.

The lust in Tom's eyes was all too apparent because he saw the possibility of taking his sister-in-law's anal cherry as well. Poor Sandra was not aware how close she was to anal impalement at that point but it became a moot issue because it was at that precise moment that Gloria came in the front door exhausted by the constant meetings and decision-making at the busy bank.

She saw that her sister was ironing in her knickers again and thought it to be a pathetic sight. She certainly hoped her husband was not too upset at the commonness of it all because she needed Sandra to be there for her whilst she earned the money to pay the mortgage and everything else that needed paying. Gloria felt a little sorry for her husband sitting so forlornly on the sofa but quickly pushed that sense of pity out of her mind remembering him humping the babysitter with such enthusiasm.

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