Being Handy Works for Me

by Grace Brazil

Copyright© 2014 by Grace Brazil

Erotica Sex Story: Young man works odd jobs for mature women.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Workplace   .

I had just got discharged from the Army two years early after I was hurt. I came home to live with my widowed mother and start my life over. I thought about going back to school but with little money I thought I needed to work for a while.

I knew enough about a lot of things that is how to fix a lot of things. So it only made sense for me to work from home as local handyman. I was darn good at fixing things and many people in the neighborhood would call me to fix this or that. Old Mrs. Ham called one morning and asked my Mom to send me over to look at a leaky faucet in her kitchen.

I arrived just after nine and knocked on her back door. The door was open but the screen was hooked. Getting no answer I knocked again louder. After a minute I thought she must be down in the basement or up stairs some where. So I sat on the back step for a few minutes then called thought the open back door.

I head a very weak cry and then a slightly louder call for help. I poked a small hole in the screen and popped up the hook. I went in through the kitchen and saw Mrs. Ham all twisted up in a fold out day bed. It looked like she was folding it up and some how got her arm caught in the springs.

I came in and she said "Thank God I was about to pass out again. Joe; will you please get me loose? My arm hurts like the devil."

She was facing down toward the floor.

Her left arm was locked in between the metal arms that hold the bed in place when it's open. I asked her if she could straighten up. She said no it hurt too bad to move. So I told her I had to look under the bed to see how I could get it undone. I squatted down in front of her. She was still dressed in her night gown and it was pulled up over one shoulder. She was supporting her weight with her right arm and could not move much. I laid down on my back and slipped back under the bed. Her left breast was hanging just inches from my face.

I said "Mrs. Ham I'm going to have to touch your breast. I have to move it to the side. Don't be afraid Okay? I'm going to touch you now. So don't jerk. Is that okay with you?"

"I'm so embarrassed. But if you must Joe; do what ever is necessary to get me loose." She said in a very weak voice.

I said "I've seen naked women before so don't be embarrassed."

I cupped her rather large breast in my hand and lifted it up out of the way. I had seen my Mom's breasts and this one was much larger and the nipple was a rosy tan-ish pink. The nipple was long and as I touched it, it seemed to stiffen.

I was feeling kind of horny so I squeezed the nipple and squeezed the whole breast. I ran my hand along the steel rail to see where if was binding. As I did she moved just a little and I could see her gown was pulled up all the way past her thighs. I scooted a little farther back under the bed and my head came right up between her legs.

She had a lot of dark hair covering her pussy. I could smell it and that made me even hornier than I already was.

I said "Mrs. Ham you're going to have to rise your left leg up and rest it up the bed frame. I'll need to take this bolt loose and then lift the steel bar up so you can pull your arm out. Can you lift your leg up high enough to rest it on the top edge of the bed?"

"Oh, it hurts Joe. I don't know. I feel so naked and I feel your breath on me. I think you're looking at me."

"Mrs. Ham I can see you're naked under your gown. But if you want I'll go call someone else to come over. If you would rather have an older man see you naked. It's up to you. But no matter who gets you out they will still have to unbolt it under here and you pussy is right up close. But if you want I'll go call someone else if that is what you want."

"Joe please don't talk like that. I feel bad enough as it is without you using vulgarity. You just do what you have to do but get me out of here and soon. Please?"

She moaned as she shifted her weight and raised her leg up on the bed frame. I was looking straight into a wet gaping pussy. It was all deep red and the outer lips were long and hung down. I said "I have to go get a wrench and something to hold the head of the bolt so it doesn't turn. My tools are out side."

"Out in the garage are some tools of that belonged to my husband. I've not put any of his stuff away since he died two years ago. Get what you need and hurry please?"

I lifted my head placed my mouth right on the cunt and licked her wet red pussy.

She screamed and said "What are you doing Joe. What are you doing to me?"

I said "Sorry I had to lift my head up to see how big the head of that bolt is. I'll try not to get too close again."

I laughed and squirmed out from under the bed. I told her I would be right back. I was back from the garage with a hand full of tools in five minutes. As I came back in I noticed her ass was now exposed and it looked very sexy. I started to wonder just how old she was. So I asked her. "How old was your husband when he died?" She said he was just fifty one them I ask her how old her was she said forty five. Like I said I was just nineteen and at this age I thought a woman her age was old.

I slipped under the bed again and tried to get a wrench on the head of the bolt but I could not reach the back to turn the nut from this angle. I lifted my head again and my mouth came up to her pussy and I licked it a few times. She squirmed and said "Please don't do that?"

I said I had to get my arm around her ass to hold the nut while I tried to turn the head of the bolt.

But it was just not working I had to raise my head and it came right up between her legs. I did it one more time and this time I pressed my mouth to her clitoris. Again she screamed and seemed to moan a little as well.

So I pushed my arm up around her thigh and tried to get a hold on the nut. But my finger found her tiny little ass hole instead. I dropped the wrench and it hit me on the head. I said "Shit; fuck that hurt. I'll have to try from up above."

Again she moaned and did not object to my swearing. I squiggled out and stood up behind her. I looked at her ass and my young cock was throbbing like mad. I squatted down between her legs and put one arm around the thigh and the other up under the bed frame. My head was pressed flat to her behind. I got the wrench on the bolt and pulled hard. It did not move. I pulled harder. I pressed my face into the crack of her ass and my tongue tickled her tiny butt hole. She moaned and I thought she wiggled her ass a little.

I licked her ass again and then sat up. I said "Mrs. Ham it very tight I'll have to get to it at another angle. Maybe it you lift your hips just a little I can get the wrench at a different angle where I can pull it harder.

She did not say anything but after some effort on her part she got her leg bent at the knee and managed to lift her ass up a few inches. I got a hand on the bolt and again pulled hard. The wrench slipped off and the handle came up and pushed up in side her cunt.

This was a ten inch crescent wrench and nearly all that steel handle was pushed up her cunt. She screamed and I pulled it out slowly. I said "God I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" I dropped the wrench and started to rub her cunt with the flat of my hand.

She moaned and said "It hurts a little. Can you rub me slowly and just easy?"

I said "I'm so sorry. Let me see if you're bleeding. I pulled back and lowered my head under the bed frame and again I started to lick her cunt. I ran my tongue along those long loose lips and then around her throbbing little clitoris. She moaned again as I licked her again and again. I wiggled a finger up inside as I sucked on her clitoris. She started to moan and let out little yelps and cries. I ran my tongue along her dripping cunt as I pushed a finger into her tight little back hole. She jerked and let out some kind of animal sound that had nothing to do with her pain. She was breathing deep and heavy.

I stood up pulled down my jeans and knelt down. I found her wet hot and ready as I pushed my cock into her.

"Oh, no Joe. No please stop. Oh, my." She mumbled and was now moving her legs a little to give me a little more room.

I pushed all the way and let my cock stay in there just jerking and throbbing to the beat of my heart. It felt so good I started to jerk a little faster. I pushed in and pulled back as fast as I could in this cramped position.

She moaned and squealed "Joe, oh Joe MMmmmm oh Joe I'm ... I'm Oh god I'm Ohooooo."

She started screaming and then went all limp. She had passed out. I finished quickly and cum a gallon in her tight pussy. I pulled out wiped the head of my cock on her tight little ass hole.

For a moment I thought of fucking her ass but I knew I had to get her out of this mess quickly. When she fainted she fell off to the side and I got that wrench on the bolt and pulled with all my strength. It turned and in a couple of minutes she was free. I lifted her up and carried her to her bedroom at the end of the hall.

I got a cold cloth from her bathroom and wiped her forehead. She blinked and looked up at me. I smiled down at her. She closed her eyes as I wiped her face a few more times.

I had not stopped to dress and was naked from the waist down. I went back into the bathroom to wash out the cloth and when I returned she was sitting up on one elbow. I stopped at the side of the bed and asked her how she felt.

"Joe you were a very bad boy. I thank you for getting me loose. But what you did to me was not want a young boy should do to a lady. Where did you learn to do those things? I mean a boy of your age. You're so young." She sat up and looked at my cock pointing straight out from my crotch.

She stopped talking and just looked at my cock. I moved a little closer and she cupped my balls in her hand and covered the head of my cock with her mouth.

I stood there for five minutes letting her suck on my cock. She ran her mouth back and forth licking and sucking it nearly down her throat.

I could not stop myself I held her head still and let go with a load of cum. My cock jerked spurting load after load into her mouth. She moaned swallowed and sucked every drop of cum from my cock.

She pulled back and let my cock slip from her mouth. She looked up and me and smiled. I smiled down at her.

Fifteen minutes later I had the bed put together and was working on the drippy faucet. She came down the hall all dressed in jeans and a man's shirt.

She went to the refrigerator and asked if I wanted a cold soda. I said that would be nice.

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