Sister Needle and Brother Hammer

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: An odd pair of fish dressed in the robes of a Nun and a Brother. They claim membership in the New Church in order to survive. But one thing they are not...and that is innocent. What trickery are they up to next?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Size   Clergy   .

The sight of a man of the cloth and a pretty young girl in the garb of a novitiate was innocuous in the area around the Abbey but for some reason they appeared not quite pious enough or humble enough to be actual clergy. The man was certainly over fifty and was both broad and sturdy despite a belly that slowed him down too much for sustained activity. A deliberate close look did reveal the brother was heavy fisted and had a certain quickness of movement that came with years of real life struggles.

On closer inspection, the young girl was only about eighteen years of age and had a spring to her step that was entirely inappropriate for a resident of a convent. That, combined with her striking good looks that were impossible to hide even under the protecting cowl and ankle length robes made her a subject for "fishbone" Robbins attention. Fishbone was a cowardly sort whose only claim to fame was the skill he exemplified in weeding out Papists and their sympathizers hiding in the places you would not expect to find them residing under normal circumstances. He was of the opinion the girl was much too fair to be a nun and she needed to be questioned about her intents and purposes.

The young girl was known to the citizens of the Northern regions as "The Needle" because she carried a pair of thin long steel spikes that would easily go into one ear and out the other. It was a fact that her exciting curved body was best hidden from view because it often started trouble between lust-driven young lads desirous of a quick tumble with the laughing maid. In the years of her puberty before she fell in with "The Hammer", she was used badly by various merchants and upstanding members of society who liked to prey on defenseless females with no protector. Those were her "bad years" in in her opinion and she did her best to banish them from her memory.

The Hammer ended all those bad memories just by his presence at her side. He was the one who trained her how to use the thin stilettos like a professional assassin. She was able to dispose of a target so quickly and effortlessly that she would be away on about her business before the fool even knew he no longer existed.

The man dressed as a Brother of the true word was a huge man. He too was able to hide his bulk of muscle under the long flowing brown robes which also served to hide his two swords. They were the long heavy one that he used with both hands equally well and the short blade with the sharp edge on both sides. He named them Nora and Good-night in memory of his long dead spouse who had been trampled by a troop of dragoons unwilling to slow down for common folk. He often repeated their names as he dispatched his opponents to their reward.

They had been together nigh on to two years now and in all that time the Hammer had not made any move to accost the femininity of his partner for purposes of sexual gratification. He generally just selected one of the many bored housewives within reach of his muscular arms and took her to his bed without much conversation at all. The Needle had gotten used to the squeals of the silly females being stretched to the limit by the big man's shaft. She knew that at some time he would get around to making her take it when the pickings were slim and she didn't mind waiting for that day. She was well aware he was inclined to sampling his bed partner's backside entry so she made an effort to keep her own posterior entryway constantly lubricated and plugged with a sensible stretching device to facilitate his entry should he decide to use her in that manner. She had even tested her anal skills with a couple of young lads from the pub who impressed her with their youthfully desperate vitality and kinky urge to open up her back door hole.

The Hammer knew his partner was fair of face and that she possessed the most spectacular heart-shaped buttocks and succulent vaginal lips it had been his good fortune to peruse before going to sleep at night. He decided it was probably high time that he cleaved into her both fore and aft before some other randy fool ruined her with evil intent.

They stopped a squire and his portly wife on the road leading to the chalky cliffs asking for some alms and a bit of food to keep up their stamina. The squire was more than accommodating sensing the danger hidden beneath their robes but his greedy and mean-spirited spouse encouraged him to turn a deaf ear to their pleas and carry on posthaste to the next Inn without delay.

The Needle was incensed at the unnecessary slight and was ready to dispatch the both of them to their creator but the Hammer counseled patience and merely broke the wheel off of their trap and sat on top of the two of them as his partner cut their purses and grabbed their lunch basket from under the bench.

The pretty young thing in Nun's clothing paused to pull up the wife's skirts and paddled her bottom with a branch she had broken off a nearby sapling. The husband was entirely silent during this exercise and the Needle noticed he was actually smiling. The Needle whispered into the Hammer's ear and the sturdy fellow opened up his breeches to insert his rampant cock into the mean-spirited woman's rear end. He purposely missed her cunny and shoved it unceremoniously up her bum. The husband was fair bursting with contained laughter at the sight and the Needle found it most stimulating in her almost abstinent physical state without steady cock to keep her satisfied. She took out the squire's well-worn equipment and bounced it on her generously proportioned bosom enjoying his discomfort and the sticky goo he sprayed on her sensitive nipples. The poor fellow was unable to restrain himself and shot a large wad of creamy cum all over the Needle's chest and tummy. His silly wife was wailing out in rage and frustration at her impalement. Then, miraculously, her entire attitude changed and she was moaning in complete surrender. In fact, she encouraged the Hammer to "give it to me good and hard" more than once and begged him not to take it out too quickly.

Since the squire's cock was still up-standing, the Needle decided it was a good time to exercise her own seldom traveled vaginal channel and put it to good use without hesitation. The Hammer watched her actions intently noting that she was caught up in the spell of the moment so deliciously that she had fallen into a state of joyful convulsion with each thrust of the Squire's impressive cock. He was happy to see her enjoying herself at long last and decided he would assist her with her physical needs that very night when they found a bed to give them sleep.

The Hammer placed the wheel back on the cart and they only took a small share of the food and half of the coins because it was obvious the squire and his wife were much agreeable to their recent delay and unusual copulations with the strange pair of non-religious clerics. The wife was even humming as they rolled away to the next village.

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