Cum to the Cane

by Reana-with-Cur

Copyright© 2014 by Reana-with-Cur

BDSM Sex Story: A submissive is punished by his Mistress but relishes it.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   .

Struggling slightly cur eased his rock hard cock against the sheets. Bound hand and foot he knew he should remain still or he would strop and cum before Mistress Reana returned. She had met him at the door after work instructing him to strip; blindfolded him and led him forward, remaining silent until they stopped walking.


'Yes, Mistress.' His wrists had been fastened behind him and her hand had guided his head forward until his nose and mouth were enveloped by her wet, warm pussy, naked beneath her favourite red and black basque.

'You have a minute to make me cum.'

He had tried, really tried, but failed and she had lifted him by the ears, placed him face down on the bed before fastening his ankles and removing the blindfold. She had taken her favourite purple ribbed vibrator and proceeded to cum twice in front of him, spanked him hard, ten times on each cheek before telling him she was going to buy a new cane and would return. Now as he tried not to move, even though he was horny beyond belief, cur heard the front door open and shut, her heels on the wooden floor and stairs, and waited, knowing delicious pain would follow.

'So cur, you seem to have leaked precum all over my sheet. Another ten for that I think.'

He felt her lift him by the hips and slide a cushion beneath his hard cock. Its case was black to highlight the accident both knew he'd have.

'I didn't cum, Mistress, I wanted to, but I didn't.' cur rubbed against the cushion enjoying the softness of its velvet cover as it caressed him. 'Ohhhh, Mistress, please!' Her nails dug deep into his balls as she twisted them.

'You would lose the use of these, boy if that had happened.

'Yes, ohh god, Mistress Reana please, ' he cried out as his balls were given one last vicious twist and tensed as the cane was swished down onto the bed next to him.

'You are privileged to feel the caress of my new cane. It sounds good don't you think?'

'Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress.' Again the cane cut the air next to him, so close he felt the draft it caused.

'You will count.'

'Yes, Mistress, ohh fuck, one, Mistress, more please. His tears had started on the fifth stroke, the cane cutting deep into his arse and releasing a fire like pain. He endured another ten before he felt the exquisite sensations he'd been longing for. 'Yes, now, Mistress cumming so much. Arghhh!' His world exploded; pain, pleasure, total submission, washed over him as he convulsed in ecstasy, his spunk soaking the cushion and his hairy body in equal measure.

'Tell me what you are, boy and I will allow you to clean your mess up.'

His Mistress held the cushion in front of him and he saw the wet stain and white blobs where he had shot a huge load as well as leaking copious amounts of precum.

'I am a dirty wanking slut, Mistress, your dirty wanking slut, I deserve to be punished for even thinking you would let me serve you.'

'Yes, you do, and you will be, but first you will suck the cum off the cushion as I film you.'

He saw the small camera in his Mistress's hand, climbed off the bed, knelt on the floor and began to clean the black velvet as she stood close to him and captured every moment. Finally, when he could no longer taste his spunk, he turned to face his Mistress. 'It is done, Goddess, please, punish me some more.'

cur felt her hand as it pulled him to his feet by his hair and gasped as he was propelled towards the doorway where he was guided onto a small stool before his wrists were fastened into cuffs hanging from each corner of the frame. The stool was removed and his ankles were also restrained and he looked into the mirror directly in front of him on the far wall and saw his Mistress pick up the bull whip she favoured for prolonged punishments as well as a smaller item.

'I know you will shoot more of your disgusting spunk from that pathetic dick but with this on it may take longer.'

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