The Princess and the Pole-Dancer

by harry lime

Copyright┬ę 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Princess Anne and Anne X had nothing in common except the fact they looked like identical twins. The Princess had an urge to meet commoners and convinced the Gentlemen's Club performer to switch places with her in the palace so she could experience real life. The question was would the young royal manage to rise to the top in the world of lap-dances and skimpy costumes? Would the pole-dancer fit into the demands of palace life with its intrigues and plots.

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On a very boring evening in the middle of a very hot summer, the heir apparent of the throne of upper Rhineland was surfing on the palace Wi-Fi connection with no set objective in her young mind. She always used a false name on the site because she did not want any media people using her to get an exclusive.

She was known in royal circles as Princess Anne Von Trappenstein and was reputed to be a "cold fish" in matters of the heart. Anne knew that was simply a false rumor probably planted by one of her many enemies in royal society hoping she would drop in the standings of "most eligible Bachelorettes of Royal Blood" that currently broadcast her to be in first place.

Princess Anne had just recently turned eighteen and she wanted to learn all about the realities of life outside the castle. Her maid and the Captain of the Guard were no help because they thought she should not be exposed to any of the harsh reality in ordinary life. She was in excellent condition having trained with the master at arms in all sorts of acrobatic exercises and she held a "black belt" in the art of unarmed combat. Her tutor instructed her in every subject of any importance and her grandmother had insured she received excellent classes in music, dancing and art.

She was looking at a site that showed different styles of dancing and even some videos of dance routines that were different than the traditional. Suddenly, a girl dancer popped up on the screen with the name of Anne X and she was startled to be looking at her doppelganger doing a dance routine on a vertical bar. It looked extremely difficult and she knew that the girl must have some highly developed upper body strength to do the exercise. She had never attempted such moves on a vertical bar but had done similar tricks on horizontal beams and rings. When she read the caption underneath the video, she saw that the girl was a "Pole Dancer" and performed for male audiences in gentlemen's club with an unsavory reputation. That would explain the folded money stuck into her leg bands and her costume.

A plan started to form in Princess Anne's brain that would involve the two of them changing places long enough to experience the other's lifestyle. She felt certain that Anne X would jump at the chance to be a Princess for a few weeks and she was already imaging the freedom of earning lots of money just by dancing in front of men. She noticed that the girl in the video had the same length of hair as her but that the shade was darker. That was easily taken care of with a rinse using a tint from the store.

Princess Anne decided to send a letter to the young girl with her face called Anne X and invite her to tea at the summer garden just on the other side of the drawbridge.

They entered the place almost at the same time and it was fortunate that it was almost empty because of the oddity of two identical girls sitting at the same table. She proposed the substitution plan with the bubbly young girl who was busy eating the scones and drinking down the excellent cup of tea. Anne X was not overly enthusiastic because she was quite happy being a nobody. Besides she had just started a happy relationship with a gentleman banker with lots of money to spend.

Princess Anne saw right away that the girl was primarily motivated by monetary values and offered her a reward of several thousand gold ducats if she finished the assignment without giving away the secret. Of course, the pecuniary minded Anne X accepted without hesitation since that represented more than a year's income at her job in the gentlemen's club.

Fortunately, Anne X had no family or even close friends, so Princess Anne just had to change the tint of her hair and make certain her act on the pole looked reasonably impressive. Her alter-ego would be under scrutiny of her maid and the silly Captain of the Guard who usually kept his eyes on either her bosom or her bottom.

They switched right there in the shop and went into the women's rest-room to change clothing. They took care of Anne X's hair right there in the sink and Princess Anne knew she could always claim she was just experimenting with a new shade to her bosses and customers. One thing she hadn't counted on was the fact that Anne X had a room-mate. His name was Ronald and he was a particularly obnoxious student with an ego so big that he often confronted his image in the mirror to affirm his superior appearance and obvious intelligence. She was tempted to laughter at his transparent foolishness but sealed her lips to avoid making an unnecessary enemy.

That first night in the apartment over the butcher shop, she investigated all of Anne X's closets and saw that the undies and the costumes and the shoes were a perfect fit. That was so fantastic that she was in a great mood when Ronald told her that he was waiting for her customary evening entertainment.

She was a bit befuddled and explained she had suffered a slight blow on the head that very afternoon and was still a bit forgetful.

"That's all right Anne; you just strip down to your undies and dance on the pole in the corner. That's your practice pole and you work out all your moves right there."

"Did you say down to my undies?"

"Of course, silly, that way you can see my reaction and I can tell you if you have any hair showing or if your backside needs some attention. Don't you remember it has been me shaving you down there the last six months? I haven't cut you not even one single time since we started do it together. Sometimes, you allow me to lick you when you are feeling real kinky and in between boyfriends. Then, you would pay me back in kind if you feel like it."

Princess Anne thought about this revelation for a few minutes and then decided it was only fair. Besides, the need to present a good figure on the dance pole was probably the best way to increase her income.

Reluctantly, she shed all of her clothes except for the training bra and the see-through thong that Anne X had been wearing. Ronald nodded his head in approval and told her,

"Now, turn around and bend over and we will see how that backside looks this evening."

The touch of Ronald's probing fingers all over her backside made Princess Anne a bit skittish but he really seemed to know what he was doing and she needed a friend in this strange place. Even when he manipulated her vaginal opening and stroked her clit, she stayed in position and gave him full access. After a few moments, she was glad she was so accommodating because he had hit her magic "G" spot and she was ready to explode in a very unladylike way.

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