Divine Disposal

by Reana-with-Cur

Copyright© 2014 by Reana-with-Cur

BDSM Sex Story: In a world where masturbation is a crime punishable by death. An innocent male is past his sell-by date and is selected, tried, and duly dispatched. His journey from notification of arrest, confession of his crime, public display on remand and trial, ensure his innocence becomes guilt

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

He knew he was finished when the official State of Womanhood post arrived. It simply read "You have been found guilty of the grave crime of masturbation and have been selected for trial at which your guilt will be confirmed. You will prepare yourself for collection." The writing had been on the wall when he had been refused entry to the maternal sperm bank. The stern receptionist had smiled cruelly at him on his last visit.

'Your seed is no use anymore, we shall not see you again; the Chief Matriarch will have her pleasure of you.' There was no use running, there was nowhere to run. Those that did were castrated on capture and dragged around the streets of the citadel by the proud and powerful horsewomen; what was left of the broken and bloodied corpse then thrown from the walls to the mire below.

He knelt naked in the corner by his bed, his cock erect as he heard them enter; there were no locks on the doors of the male quarters as they had no rights of privacy and a woman may enter at any time to ensure the livestock within continued their life of abeyance. A plump and severe woman in black latex, her bulges and large breasts creaking in the shiny skin-tight material, was there to officiate. She was accompanied by two whip bearing guard women. All three had their pussies open and displayed, the crotch of their tight leggings fashioned so, as their duties were very much their pleasure, and their pussies a symbol of feminine power.

His cock rose quite naturally as each stepped close and he sniffed their arousal first, and then was treated to a sniff of their hot arseholes through the neat oval which displayed their rears. The Officiator was last, and after he had sniffed at the tang of her plump anus, she turned and smiled down at his erect cock. He fell onto his arms at her feet, groaning with pain as she struck him hard with the crop she carried.

'Masturbator!' She stood back as he quivered at her feet while the whip-women moved forward.

'We are here to hear your confession to the crime of masturbation, you will confess and will then be tried and disposed of.' She smiled cruelly as he was held by the guards and swiftly ball-gagged, dragged on to the bed by the two and his ankles tied, his wrists bound behind his back. The Officiator's clitoris bulged as she took his scrotum and clamped a ringing tool about its neck; he moaned in pain as his balls felt the tight pinch of the ring which bore the legend "guilty". As he squirmed bound and helpless on the bed, the guards readied their whips. The Officiator rubbed her pussy.

'You will now be flogged until you confess, we know you are guilty but will have your confession recorded on film for the court. Thrash him!' He bucked and whined into the ball-gag as the two guards relished inflicting pain with their whips, curling the braided leather demons about his helpless writhing form, watching the red wheals illuminate his soft flesh as each lash bit home to be followed by another. His tears flowed as he was utterly broken by the women, unable to offer confession or beg for mercy as the scent of their arousal flooded the room fuelled by their lust for the whip.

The Officiator's nipples poked proud in the latex as she had her first orgasm at the expense of his suffering, his restrained howls into the gag making her lift her legs as the juices flowed from her pussy. She loved ensuring males were guilty and relished watching their faces when sentence was served in court; she had brought them there and was justly proud when it was confirmed they would enjoy the rope. Recovering sufficiently, she filmed a little of the whipping, narrating for the benefit of the Court.

'Court will witness how the guilty male refuses to confess.' The monitor caught the muffled howls of the male as he was soundly whipped red raw, the guards now tiring a little and longing to have their pussies licked in thanks by the confessor, as was the custom. The Officiator signalled that they cease, and the male continued to writhe for a few moments as the searing pain ebbed, his cock stiff and leaking pre-cum below him, his submission now sealed. He wept like a child as his ball gag was released and on being rolled onto his cut and sore back, the first of the guards mounted the bed, and straddling his face descended her excited pussy and arsehole to receive thanks. He gratefully accepted the hot wetness of her excited pussy, knowing the pain was over for now, the second guard stroked his cock as the first engulfed his face and rocked to a well earned orgasm before inviting his tongue to lick and probe at the sticky tang of her arsehole. The second delighted in bringing him to the brink of orgasm, slipping her fingers in his viscous pre-cum and ceasing stroking as he threatened to spurt. They exchanged places as the Officiator filmed his bone hard and dripping cock.

'Court will witness the guilty's eagerness to waste his seed through manipulation of his organ; hard evidence that he is familiar with the practice.' The second guard had her pleasure of him and he was brought to the brink twice more; he now lusted to spend under their domination of him, he was resigned to his fate and his balls ached as the pleasure of absolute submission took him. The sated guards now prepared other objects as the Officiator mounted the doomed male, he yearned to shoot his load as the full arse in black latex descended to smother his face with its rich tastes and aromas. His cock bobbed and pulsed as the plump bitch rode his face, she erupted into a glorious orgasm with the thought of the further torment her victim would endure, and he lapped at her sweet juices with tingling balls as he too contemplated his fate.

The sneering women untied him and he was ordered his knees on the floor. The Officiator began filming as one of the guards buckled a collar around his neck, making sure that it was uncomfortably tight.

'Court will now hear the confession of the guilty male, it will be noted that he refused to confess during punishment, so will incur the pleasure of further punishment prior to dispatch.' A leash was attached to the collar and pulled tight to encourage his confession. He looked up at the camera, naked, erect and leashed. The guards flexed their whips, he swallowed hard, it was useless and he had no choice.

'I have masturbated, I am guilty.' The Officiator then spoke cooly and with more than a hint of pleasure in her tone.

'Further evidence will be made available to Court, which will seal the fate of the guilty.' She stopped filming and placed the camera down. A white silk smock was produced and was slipped on to him, the leash retrieved from below it; the soft garment extended down to his waist only, his erect genitalia remained exposed. A placard was placed over his neck on a heavily linked chain; on it was the title "MASTURBATOR." The women rubbed their pussies as the sight gave them fresh arousal, the Officiator now picked up the camera again and before commencing filming, touched his erect cock with her crop.

'You will now masturbate and confirm your guilt beyond question.' The two guards stood smiling either side of him with their menacing whips trailing around him as he eagerly took his stiff cock in hand and wanked in absolute submission. The Officiator filmed the event, her pussy dripping in triumph.

'Court will witness the guilt of the confessor first hand; he has volunteered to demonstrate the filthy self-abuse he has admitted to practising regularly.' The defeated male's orgasm was hastened by the fictitious dialogue which enhanced his submission and ensured he would shoot in abundance; the fact that this would be witnessed by all as he was tried gave him a perverse and submissive pleasure as he wanked hard for the dominant women. The leash was pulled ever tighter as he moaned in the ecstasy of helplessness and loops of hot cream pulsed and shot from his pleasured cock, the guards smiling cruelly as he secured his appointment with castration and the gallows. The Officiator continued to film as he was pushed to the floor by the guards and made to lick up his mess.

'Court will witness his eagerness to dispose of wasted seed; the usual further abasement he employed to hide evidence of his crimes.' She clicked the camera off and stowed it. He was now almost ready to begin his first journey of public humiliation on being taken to a place of confinement, but prior to this he would be made to wear other items which would complete the enjoyment of his exposure. He was held over the bed by the guards and quaked with fear as he felt the Officiator toy with his exposed anus. He groaned with pain as his arsehole was penetrated with a huge anal plug, from which a tail of yellow ribbons hung. He bucked in discomfort as his anus was held wide by the smooth ceramic plug, he felt truly owned as his arsehole clenched at it involuntarily; his anus held open serving to promote a feeling of fear within him. His cock began to swell with the feeling, but this was to be curtailed immediately.

With his wrists now tied behind his back, he sobbed as the women turned him, and his cock was forced into a spiked cage; they smiled with pleasure as his dripping member was secured, the cage anchored to his ringed scrotum, he winced with a delirious mixture of pleasure and pain as his exposed bell-end, left so by the women holding back his foreskin, was penetrated by a multitude of sharp needles as his cock swelled to fill the spiteful cage. His anus now tingled with pleasure around the plug as his manhood was held painfully captive, dribbling pre-cum as he was led out to be humiliated.

The cool wind lifted the white silk smock as he was led otherwise naked by the black latex clad Officiator on a route through the main thoroughfares of the citadel, the guards following behind, threatening to tease his bare yellow-tailed arse should he dare to falter. Other males, some leashed with Mistresses, others alone on services such as sperm bank duty, fell to their knees and prostrated themselves as a convicted masturbator enjoyed his penultimate walk; the next and final one would be to the gallows. Their mistresses and other women stood proudly and taunted the doomed male, his placard boldly proclaiming the nature of his guilt, the cage so openly apparent ensuring he would not repeat the crime; not until he was noosed and about to lose his balls. Some women stepped forward and swiped him with their canes; the Officiator and guards doing nothing to dissuade them venting their cruelty upon him. Many simply stood and smirked, making a mental note of his face; they would enjoy watching him snuffed by the rope at his execution which would be most public. All would take great satisfaction in his dispatch.

His cock pulsed against the bite of the sharp needles, and the plug made him yearn to defecate as he was walked in shame; the stark exposure and humiliation made his cock dribble as he was scorned, and he was close to spending when they reached their grim destination. This was an area which all males avoided when alone, but were sometimes brought to by their Mistresses, to endure the spectacle of male victims enjoying their pre-trial torment. His cock bulged against the bite of the needles as they faced the stark building within which Court was held, and the Officiator pointed to the open fronted rooms two stories up; there shackles and the various furniture of torture were on display, a thin guard rail the only obstruction to those women who would flock to the banked vantage points below, to watch males being broken pre-trial. Further above that floor swinging on gibbets, were three cages in which bound and naked males would spend their last hours on display before being brought down for trial; from that vantage point they could see the gallows on the hill, their inevitable destination following a humiliating trial.

He was paraded for the women who had already gathered by the Court House, who teased his balls with their crops and canes; a full breasted woman with wicked brown eyes caressed his neck with one hand while rudely rubbing her mound with the other.

'Tomorrow cannot come soon enough, seeing him hoist in the cage will be nothing compared to seeing this soft neck noosed; those balls will spend nicely before they are removed.' She laughed as she took her hand from the sweaty moistness of her pussy and had him sniff her fingers as he was taken through the grim and foreboding black doors. His cock swelled to greet the cruel spikes and his spread anus tingled with submission as the grim interior made him realise his fate. He was forced to his knees and the placard and smock were removed and placed on a numbered hook as the Officiator completed the inmate ledger with her mark; she would lay claim to the bonus offered for his confession and would take great pleasure in leading him to the gallows. The two guards were replaced by two amazons with spiteful canes, internal warders who would enjoy seeing that he confirmed his confession to them on display in the open room above; their shaven pussies bulged proudly above the leather tops of their thigh-length boots as they flexed their canes lustily. The Officiator stooped and removed the cage from his cock, making him groan as his cock expanded to reveal the pin-pricks of blood as it erected. His head was forced to the ground and she then wrenched the plug from his anus making him cry out in pain and the women laugh at his discomfort. The Officator grinned wickedly as she held the plug under his nose.

'Lick it clean! We shall have a nice shiny plug clear of your shit, to be worn before Her Worship tomorrow; your anus will enjoy its tightness as you are sentenced to please her on the rope.' The stern warders flicked his bobbing erection with their canes as he dutifully licked the huge black plug, their pussies moistening as they eagerly awaited displaying and hoisting the male. His wet lips lapped at his own acrid tang as he performed the cleaning task to perfection. The Officiator took the plug from his face and replaced it with her pussy, holding his nose to the spicy aroma.

'The next time you sniff my pussy it will be just before you are hanged for the pleasure of womanhood. I shall see you shoot your last on the rope, and will enjoy seeing your balls removed as you dance in ecstasy. You are a masturbator and have confessed to the crime, your punishment will be just, as you will be tried and found guilty. The warders and all below will now here your admission too.' She stepped back and his leash was pulled taut by the booted warders, his cock dribbled as he was half dragged up the two flights of stairs by the impatient women; he would confess for them now, and he would shoot his cream under their severe dominance. They reached a door through which he could hear the faint taunts of expectancy of female voices. He was made to kneel and both warders lost their smiles, adopting sneering expressions. They took turns to slap his face five or six times each; their nipples poking proudly in the black silk of their tops as their breasts wobbled with the motion. The one with jet black hair looked down at his tearful face as she finished slapping it.

'You are ours now. You will be caned to confession, bound and hoisted for all to see. Your last night will be spent viewing the gallows your life will end on. You will now admit your masturbation to all!' The red haired warden threw the door open. His cock boned as he was led leashed and naked to a huge roar and applause from the hordes of women below, the open walled cell providing both a panorama to him and perfect viewing for all those below. The warm breeze kissed his flanks as he was strapped face down on a clear perspex bench facing the huge audience; they would witness every function of his body below the straps. The redhead stood right at the edge and he crowd fell silent.

'What do we want to hear from this masturbator?!'

In unison, the crowd chanted.

'A confession!!!' The redhead teased his arse with the cane as his bewildered face looked down and felt the spite and hatred of the watching women. She faced them again.

'What do we want to see if he confesses to masturbation!?'

Again the women chanted in unison, some already rubbing their pussies excitedly.

'We want to see him hang!!!!' His cock tingled and pulsed under his belly, close to shooting already as the crowd descended into a tumult of jeers and applause once more.

He was swiftly gagged with a pair of soiled panties in order that he would give a good show before he confessed, and confess he would. The two smiled and cut the air with their canes while their victim squirmed helpless in his bonds, his cock slipping in a worthy patch of pre-cum. The black haired bitch lifted her arm and began his thrashing; the flesh of his arse wobbled as he was cut by a salvo of vicious blows, the crowd delighting in the contortions of his face and his muffled howls as he was shown no mercy. The red wheals of earlier had either faded or turned purple, now the rich spectrum was added to as the women thrashed him, their pussies bulging with pleasure.

He cried like a baby as the audience of women laughed and sneered at his humiliation. He writhed and nearly shot his mess after the black haired one ceased for a moment, leaving him pulling vainly at his bonds, his arse and legs on fire. The redhead moved in front of his face and had the panting male snort at her shaven and aroused pussy.

'You shall confess for me, and then I shall thrash you till you come. Confess!' She pulled the panties from his mouth and gave him a stinging stroke with her cane; the male sobbed out his pitiful confession, beaten and more than ready to do so.

'I confess Mistress ... I confess!' The crowd applauded and jeered their derision. The redhead lifted his chin with her cane.

'What do you confess too? We want to hear you confirm your crime!' He blurted out the response as the black haired one prepared to thrash him in unison.

'I am a masturbator ... I have masturbated!' The horde of women cheered and laughed; he had now confirmed his guilt and his fate; any doubt or hope his subconscious mind clung to was now gone forever, he now knew he would hang. The two recommenced their sound thrashing of him as the watching women enjoyed the suffering expressed on his face. He looked back at their looks of absolute pleasure as his cock pulsed and slid on the padding below while the canes cut him; the sublime ecstasy of submission now took control of him completely, and his balls announced the arrival of delicious orgasm which would be intensified by complete humiliation. The booted warders smiled as they saw him begin to convulse under the discipline of their canes, and the women below delighted in the change in his face; they knew his complete submission was imminent.

As they watched his face released from the cries of pain and overcome by a look of surrender, the sneering crowd of women began to clap in time. He knew they were aware he was to surrender his cream and they would own him by hastening his glorious humiliation. As the two warders thrashed him and he thrust his cock under the strokes, the crowd began to chant too.

'Yes! ... Yes! ... Yes! ... Yes!... ' The humiliation was sublime, he could see the spite in the faces of the watching women, nothing less than his complete humiliation would sate their frenzy, and he would comply generously. Bound and defeated his cries of anguish now changed to moans of divine pleasure as the hot semen coursed from his balls and jetted beneath his belly. The women jeered and taunted in uproar as his face warped with ecstasy as the seed was caned from him, their delight in his total submission magnifying his public submission tenfold; he bucked and spent in his bonds with the opiate of the promised noose now yearned for, as his cock pumped in delirium while the two caned every last drop of submissive seed from the balls they would see cut from him tomorrow.

The crowd of women screamed and whistled as he jerked his last spurts of cream and writhed in his bonds. He felt his shackles being loosened as he panted with a strange contentment and saw the redhead reel a chain round a pulley and a cage was lowered into view. His arms were pulled behind his back and the smiling punishers tied his wrists and then his ankles. The black haired one pulled a black silk body bag from a chest in the corner and held it up for the crowd to see. They roared their approval and she slipped it over his head and the two worked it over his trussed body.

'There. Now you are ready for your night in the cage.' The two giggled as his body was eased the floor and he was rolled into the cage through its open door and positioned face down, as the women below looked up at his wriggling cocooned body. His cock was already beginning to erect again as the door was closed with a clang, and he felt it being lifted up high. The crowd below laughed and jeered, and through the thin black silk he saw the sneering women turn and all point in one direction as the cage jarred to a stop against the gibbet. He lifted his head and looked to where they pointed. His anus tingled and his cock swelled to a full erection as his eyes focused on a hill about half a mile away; there, gaunt but somehow inviting, was a tall gallows surrounded by wooden grandstands. He squirmed in his bondage with his newly excited cock rubbing the bars of the cage; tomorrow he would know the pleasure of that rope.

Dawn came and he looked down to see women beginning to gather already, and glanced across to the gallows looming seemingly closer in the morning light. He dozed a little more as his cock stiffened against the bars of the cage; he was wet where he had spent once more as he writhed on display during the night. An hour or so later he looked down to see many women had gathered, some with leashed slaves who cowered at the sight above them. An applause went up as a procession of women in black silks walked through the crowd, headed by a plump and mature brown haired woman, her large breasts so prominent even from up where he squirmed. She looked up and smiled contentedly at the silken captive; he would hang for her today. He felt the cage being lowered and the massed crowd below cheered and taunted; he would now be tried and condemned. The cage reached the display cell where the Officiator now stood. Her pussy bulging in the black latex with a refreshed thrill. He was rolled out and the silk sack was removed and turned inside out, the booted warders thrashed him with their canes as the Officiator held the silk up to the crowd when the cage was lifted. The white stains of his nocturnal crime were clear to see. She addressed the laughing, jeering crowd.

'Masturbator! His guilt is here for all to see!' The warders finished adding fresh stripes to his arse, leaving him to writhe in pain as his ankles were untied. His cock which had began to swell as he was caned, was forced with great pleasure into the spiked cage by the Officiator as he was held down, making him wince with pain as the cruel device was locked home, peppering his moist and swollen bell-end with fresh punctures. As he was bent over to receive the huge plug, the Officiator sneered with further pleasure as his anus opened in submission to accept it; his cock bulged against the spikes giving him a perverse and delicious pleasure as the plug was squeezed into his areshole; he now felt utter defeat and yearned to hang for the women. The white silk smock, placard and leash were duly fitted so that he may recommence the humiliation of the previous day, and he was stood on the edge of the open cell and displayed to the baying crowd of women and their slaves.

'Masturbator! Masturbator! Masturbator!... ' His cock dribbled as he listened to them chant, and watched those lucky enough to have a seat in Court to watch him condemned file into the door below him. He was now ready to face judgement from the plump and dominant woman in black silk. The massed women who did not have a seat gave a huge cheer as the door in the open cell opened and two smiling and severe women also in black silk took his leash and led him to the court, he looked back to see the crowd walking off in the direction of the hill and the gallows which awaited him.

He was led down the stairs and through a corridor to huge double doors. The two stern women in black silk stopped and waited for a moment as the Officiator rubbed his balls with her crop.

'I hope you have left some cream in there to show us when you are noosed; you shall have one final pleasure before you dance on the rope, and I will take great pleasure in seeing your balls removed before you succumb to the pleasure of strangulation. All present will thoroughly enjoy your slow and painful display. You will not fail to give us exquisite pleasure, and I know you will fight to stay conscious and enjoy your humiliation for as long as possible.' His cock pulsed against the bite of the spikes and his anus clenched at the plug as the doors were swung open. The women of the Court within applauded as he was led into the stark oak panneled courtroom, Her Worship sat high on a plinth in a padded throne like chair, open to view. She sat with her plump thighs slightly apart, her long black silk gown thrown to one side displaying her shaven pussy; he would have a full view of her sex throughout his trial, and would witness it moisten increasingly as the Court worked toward the inevitable verdict. He would know the dominance and absolute control of femininity over feeble manhood; her pussy a symbol of feminine superiority. Above her and running around the walls of the entire courtroom were the death masks of males tried and brought to a deserved justice; their faces captured in peaceful ecstasy having enjoyed the noose for the pleasure of womanhood, on a ledge which ran just below the masks were jars beneath each one, containing the castrated testicles which once belonged to the face above each pair. The male knew his would be up there tomorrow.

His anus tingled with fear and sweet submission as he was taken down to the open dock where he would kneel on a padded platform which had an arched box with a hole in the top which he would be made to straddle. Though caged and plugged to display the strict control of his manhood for the benefit of his entrance, his cock cage was removed and placed on the display stand to be viewed by all the women present; it symbolised his enforced chastity at their hands but was removed for trial. He was then forced to straddle the box and the ring on his balls was locked in, his testicles hanging below inside. As he knelt naked and leashed in the open fronted dock, Her Worship, jury women and the viewers could watch his cock twitch, pulse and erect as he was tried and inevitably sentenced to be castrated and hanged. The Court was deathly silent and all sneering eyes were focused on him with a knowing look; he would now learn of the function of the box he straddled.

Her Worship looked down on him with utter contempt as with one hand she rubbed the moistening slit of her pussy with the crop she held, and with the other she pressed a button on a panel next to her. The women grinned as the male gasped and struggled in discomfort as clamps within the box slowly squeezed his captive balls; his freed cock erected as the dull pain made his stomach turn, and dribbled pre-cum as he was held firm by his own balls. Her Worship lifted her finger and smiled contentedly as he grimaced, in fear of having his balls crushed.

'Now you are ready to be tried and found guilty of the crime of wasting your seed. You also know what will happen if you displease me or are in contempt. I have had the pleasure of crushing many men's balls this way, but you will obey; I wish to see yours removed at the gallows.' She pressed the button briefly again, and the male groaned in agony, much to the delight of the female onlookers.

'Is that understood?' One of the guards pulled his leash tight with a smile, and he gasped his response.

'Yes Mistress.' She smiled cruelly and jabbed the button again, watching the tears flood his eyes as he cried out in pain; the pressure was unbearable until she pressed the opposite button to allow him relief.

'Yes YOUR SUPREME AND HONOURABLE WORSHIP!' She rubbed her pussy and lifted her chin, head to one side, to hear his feeble response. One of the guards thrashed his captive arse three times for good measure. The pain of attempting to jump when caned was almost as severe as the crushing; his sack cruelly held by the box.

'Yes your supreme and honourable Worship!' The watching women sneered with contempt and smirked with smug contentment as he was spoken to like a small boy and shown his place, the broken tone of his voice revealing his pain and bewilderment. The plump matriarch now gestured to one side and the women laughed as they looked in direction of a dock. From the stairs below it stepped a stern and mature woman tugging at a leash, a spitefully barbed cane was wielded in her other hand. Despite his predicament the male's cock stiffened at the site of this emerging full-figured woman; dressed in a black leather cat-suit, her high cheek-bones framed a face of pure feminine dominance, huge breasts and generous hips held tight by the supple black leather. Behind her on the leash was a sorry looking excuse for a male; naked and emaciated, his back, arse and legs were a maze of red and purple stripes, evidence of perpetual thrashings at the hand of his fearful Mistress. In his hands he carried a cylindrical object covered with a black cloth; his Mistress gave him a stern look and pointed to a spot right at the front of the open platform and he placed the object there. She smiled wickedly at him.

'Kneel!' He went down without question and she looked around the Court with her cane held high to ensure she was the centre of attention. She brought the cane slowly down and placed it under the end of his small cock which hung limp and forlorn. With a broad smile she lifted the wretch's flaccid member and those who had a full view immediately laughed and applauded loudly; where once a proud and pleasure giving pair of balls had swung, there was nothing but a smooth flat surface, his Mistress had cut them from him. With a swift movement she dropped his tiny useless cock and swept the cloth from the cylindrical object; the crowd of women roared with laughter and applauded loudly as the wretch hung his head in shame, there in a jar were the balls he once owned. As the laughter died down, Her Worship gestured that she was ready to address him; his stern Mistress placed her barbed cane under his chin and had him look at her. Her Worship also gestured at the guards who flanked the male to be tried and his leash was pulled tight.

'It would not be fair if the accused were not to be represented.' She focused on the castrated wretch.

'You are here to defend the accused, are you not?' The leather clad bitch whipped his arse smartly with the barb, making him cry in pain and ensuring he answered swiftly. His feeble and broken voice was barely audible, his dominant Mistress's pussy bulged with cruel pride in the leather, she was very proud at having reduced him to a shadow of his former self. He had looked at her and quaked visibly before answering.

'Yes your supreme and honourable Worship, I am here to speak in his defence.' Her Worship sneered with pleasure as she nodded at the formidable dominatrix in black; a signal that both were accustomed to. She took a pair of panties from the cleft of her ample cleavage and stuffed them in his mouth as the women applauded their approval, and he was then smartly ball-gagged as he cowered before his Mistress. Her Worship rubbed her pussy with her crop.

'You are now ready to defend?' The wretch grunted into the ball-gag as his Mistress pinched one of his nipples between sharply manicured finger and thumbnail. He was then thrashed for his insolence, and lay prostrate at the feet of his Mistress. Her Worship then turned her attention to the opposite side where the Officiator was busy ensuring her film had been edited correctly for viewing on the huge screen at the rear of the Court. She was accompanied by three more plump and stern women in black latex, their legs parted and open mature pussies were nursed as they smiled.

'Are the ladies of the prosecution ready to find the accused guilty?' The Officiator nodded and then smiled down at the quaking male.

'Oh yes your worship, we are more than ready to see justice served and are equally anxious to see the male below join our rogue's gallery.' Her Worship sneered and gave the button a little touch, the male grimaced in pain as his balls were squeezed remotely and with the utmost feminine efficiency.

'Oh yes, his death mask and balls will make a welcome addition to our collection; the rope awaits him, I can see it in his face, let us try him; I know the jury is ready for I have handpicked the usual jurors. I know they too are anxious as this will be their fiftieth judgement this year.' The male's cock rose from its flat position on the box as she gestured toward the twelve leather clad women who sat with their legs on crouching male footstalls; each slave quivering with a red back, scored by the spurs worn by their booted Mistresses. Each woman stern and mature, their grinning faces showing nothing but scorn for the male who was already guilty in their dominant minds. The crowd of onlooking women cheered as proceedings began, and the male was pulled back agonisingly on his leash by one of the smiling guards, displaying his erect cock for the pleasure of one and all.

The guard grinned and let the male sniff at her moist pussy as the Officiator clicked a button and he saw himself on the huge screen, being thrashed and humiliated. The Court air was now filling with the sweet scent of female arousal as pussies were rubbed in anticipation of the male being justly sentenced to the rope and the removal of his balls. His anus tingled and clenched at the plug, while his cock dribbled sticky pre-cum as the Officiator's narration damned him completely. Women scoffed and taunted as they witnessed him being reduced to a snivelling cur by the superbly dominant guards. He found himself in a surreal world, close to orgasm as the Court went into a tumult when he heard himself consign himself to the gallows; 'I have masturbated, I am guilty.'

The applause went up, and some women sighed in orgasm as they were guaranteed a hanging, and before it, the divine and satisfying pleasure of seeing him squirm as he was rightly sentenced to it. The sneering guard held his head high and teased his erect cock with a cane as the jeering women watched a close-up of him committing the humiliating act of masturbation. Her Worship faced him with spread legs, rubbing her shining pussy vigorously with her crop, as the screen betrayed his sordid grunts and the white seed of submission burst from his cock; she had the film several times before and wanted her eyes to let him know he would dance bound and naked on the rope for her and all womanhood.

Her Worship turned to the gagged wretch who was on his knees, leash held tightly by his stern Mistress who smiled cruelly and lifted his flaccid cock once more on seeing he was to be addressed; her pussy dribbled with satisfaction as the result of her absolute dominance was displayed for all a second time. The watching women laughed and sneered with equal satisfaction as they viewed the evidence of his permanent reduction from manhood; a potent symbol of women's total domination.

Her worship asked,

'Has the defence anything to say?' He whined into the ball-gag, and the Court jeered at him as his cock flapped down and he was thrashed with the barbed cane which had supported it. Her Worship turned to the four latex clad prosecutors who simply smiled and turned to the Jury. Her Worship took a long look at the trembling male who would have defecated at that point were he not plugged, and turned to the jurors who all stared at the male, ready to milk his reaction. A stern and mature woman of about sixty, her large sagging breasts held firm in her tight black leather, scored her slave's back with her spurs making him scuttle clear on all fours as she stood. Her cruel smile was intense as she relished giving their verdict.

'Guilty your worship!' The male gasped and was whipped for good measure as the women stood and applauded the verdict loudly; his balls tingled and he was close to shooting his seed as Her worship slowly and deliberatly slipped a black silk hood over her head, leaving her bright red lips to emphasise a smile which showed her absolute pleasure at what was to come. The booted guards held him tight on his leash as he wavered at the thought of what he had seen on the hill.

Her Worship pursed her lips

'Have you anything to say in your defence?' He opened his mouth to plead and felt the silky hands of one of the guards on his cheek as he was swiftly and smartly ball-gagged; his cock boned in submissive ecstasy as he realised he would not be allowed to plea. As the women laughed at his predicament, one of the guards tugged at the tails which hung from the plug, she knew his spread anus would be clenching in fear and ecstasy; she smiled with satisfaction as the exquisite movement made his cock dribble its silky lubrication freely. He was utterly defeated and would know the pleasure of the gallows.

All eyes were on him as Her Worship gave sentence.

'You have been found guilty of the vile act of masturbation. You have wantonly wasted your seed and have admitted doing so, the Court has also witnessed you committing the act. You have now shown your utter contempt by refusing to speak. I therefore have the greatest pleasure in sentencing you to the severest penalty possible. You shall be whipped to the gallows where you will hang for the pleasure of all womanhood, you will not be awarded the long drop; your death on the rope will be prolonged so that you may fully appreciate your crime. You will be milked in shame as you hang to help you appreciate your guilt and your balls will be removed while you still endure the pain of sentence. It will give me the greatest pleasure to see your face in Court again, when your mask and balls are displayed on high; your expression of defeat captured forever for all to enjoy.' She sneered as she pressed the button once more as the crowd of women rose in rapturous applause; the male was held firm as he writhed in agony, his balls pressed close to being damaged before Her Worship relented and his tortured sack was released from the grip of the box.

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