by shrike

Copyright© 2014 by shrike

Thriller Sex Story: In a future or nearby universe, sex offenders get an unusual punishment. What if you had the choice between that or a certain death? Alex had to make that choice and he chose...

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   TransGender   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Violent   Nudism   .

"Alexander Tipton, you are accused of assault and battery on Mrs. Debra Tiessing. How do you plead?" asked the Judge.

Before I answered, I thought back to the events leading up to me standing trial here.

Debra said to me, "Thank you for your help."

I had just helped her carry some boxes to her beat up old car. She was going to take it to the homeless shelter to give the contents to the people there. I warned her, "Be careful in the alley behind the shelter. I hear people get attacked there."

"I'll be careful, Alex," replied Debra with a smile.

I set off in my crappy old pickup towards the old docks. There might be some iron and copper laying around. With the prices these days it was lucrative to collect them and sell it to a scrap dealer. It wasn't making me rich, but it supplemented my meager salary from my part-time job. My parents, rest their souls, had been right. I should have gotten a good education. Now I had a crappy part-time job and had to scrounge old metals to get by each month.

Searching through the wreckage of ships, cars and other junk, I gradually got further away from where I had parked my car. I was about to give up and return to my car to park it closer to where I was heading, when I heard voices.

" ... last time you crossed me." A deep man's voice said.

I didn't hear the reply well enough to understand. Then the deep voice spoke again, "I'm not worried about the police. I own most of them. Besides, they are looking for a male reporter, not a homeless prostitute. I've already got the paperwork ready for you."

I looked around a corner and saw a scene of one man kneeling in front of a big, slightly fatty man. He wasn't kneeling totally on his own as a few men stood behind him and probably helped him to kneel. The kneeling man said, "What do you mean? I'm not a ... you are going to... ?"

Then the big man put something to the neck of the kneeling man and he screamed out in pain. He started to spasm and the men around him restrained him somewhat. Then he screamed again, but during his scream the sound got higher, like a string being pulled taut. Astonished, I watched him turn into what looked like a young woman before collapsing into a heap on the ground.

A while ago some company called Girls R Us had invented a way to convert a man into a woman using some secret procedure. It had inspired some other companies to try the same, but they were less successful. The first uses of the successful transformation procedures were for trans-gender persons that wanted to switch from a male body to a female body. Then the government, faced with overflowing prisons, thought that this was also a good way to punish sex offenders. They had introduced this type of punishment to rapists at first. They added murderers to this type of punishment later. The public was never told the fate of the sentenced men, at least I never knew about any convicts after a Gender Conversion.

It actually worked too, violent crimes with weapons was down and sex offenders thought twice before even thinking of committing such a crime. Sexual assaults was at an all-time low since Gender Conversion or GenCon for short was introduced. The official name for someone that was sentenced to this treatment was Genetic Gender Conversion Convict. The general public never knew where GenCon's disappeared to. There were lots of rumors, but I hadn't paid attention to those.

As I saw the woman at the feet of the big fat man, I understood that he performed identity murder on his victim. I didn't even know that people could get their hands on the technology. It was supposedly all strictly regulated by the government. Because of what I just witnessed, I carelessly stepped back to get out of sight, however doing that made me knock a loose pipe from a ledge to the ground.

With a loud rattle the pipe hit the ground and immediately all eyes were in my direction. The big fat man said, "There's someone there. Get him, you imbeciles."

Several of his men started running in my direction with guns drawn. I didn't wait, but sprinted towards my car myself. I had a good lead on them, and being in good shape, I managed to reach my car before any could get close. As I took my keys out of my pocket, I forced myself not to try unlocking and put the keys into the ignition too fast. I knew that you'd fumble and lose more time doing that. I still did it in record time and tore away with screeching tires and doused lights. In my rear view mirror I saw several flashes and bullets whizzed past my car. Fortunately none hit me or my car and I rode as fast as I could towards home.

Arriving home without incidents, I barely had time to get my heartbeat back to normal levels before someone started insistently knocking on my front door. Then a voice shouted, "Open up Mr. Tipton, CPD, we'd like to ask you some questions."

With dread I went to the door. Fearful of deception I peeked through the spy hole first. They seemed genuine police officers but that didn't mean they weren't on the payroll of that big fat man I had seen 'murdering' an enemy. One of the officers grew impatient and banged on my door again. "Open up Mr. Tipton, we know you're home. We ascertained that your car engine is still hot."

"Shit", I swore silently in myself. That could give me away. Finally I opened the door with the chain still on. "Can I see some ID first please?"

Through the gap they showed me their Identity cards and I read Officer Pete Murphy and Officer Clara Bell. I almost chuckled at the second officer's name. She must have been harassed a lot in school. Satisfied with the knowledge that they were genuine police officers, I opened the door. I did get ready to slam it shut, should they be affiliated with the big fat man.

The female officer Bell asked me, "Can you tell me your whereabouts earlier this evening? About 1 to 2 hours ago?"

I hesitated to answer, since I didn't know if they knew about the gender conversion from the fat man or not. They mistook my hesitation for something else as the other officer Pete said. "All right, Mr. Tipton. I'm asking you to come with us for questioning. You're accused of raping your neighbor, Mrs. Debra Tiessing."

I was shocked. 'Debra was raped?' "She was raped? Where? Was it in the alley behind the shelter? I warned her about that, you know."

Pete Murphy answered gruffly, "Yes, we know you warned her. That's why we're here to question you. Since you know it is dangerous there, you could easily be the perpetrator."

I was about to answer him how ridiculous that was, when I saw two men wearing overcoats looking at my car. They looked like the men I saw earlier with the big fat man, so I didn't say anything to the officers. I just went with them looking defeated.

During my questioning, I couldn't see anyone looking at me except the interrogators, due to a one way mirror in the wall. They probably had a video camera on me as well. I gave only sparingly information and asked for a lawyer to be present. When my lawyer arrived, I was surprised to see what looked like a very high priced lawyer. He asked to talk to me alone before the police resumed their questioning. I asked detective Sawyer, who had been questioning me, "Who is that lawyer. He doesn't look like a public defender to me."

Detective Sawyer answered, "That's Mr. Braktovich. Usually he works for Senators and other high up people. You should be thankful. If anyone can get you off, it'll be him."

I had an idea who Mr. Braktovich was working for, my guess would be the big fat man that I had seen. Now I had two choices, I could explain where I had really been and get acquitted for the rape of Debra. In which case I could see a very short life ahead and be dead or worse within days if not hours. Or I could take the blame for the rape, which would most certainly get me a sentence of gender conversion. At least I would be alive and have a life without worrying about my fate at the hands of the big fat man. Or so I thought.

"Mr. Tipton, your answer, please!" The booming voice of the judge shook me from my flashback.

I tried to swallow and took a quick look at my lawyer. I couldn't refuse his aid, as that would alert the big fat man. Nor could I claim my innocence. Stammering I said softly, "G ... g ... guilty."

"Please speak up a bit louder, Mr. Tipton," the judge said sounding annoyed.

"Guilty!" I exclaimed loudly.

A loud murmur went through the court room. Nobody had expected that. Most people being tried for rape always said not guilty as they didn't want to be gender converted. Even then they pleaded insanity or something like it to get out of it.

"You do know what the standard sentence in a case like this is, Mr. Tipton?" Asked the Judge.

"Yes, I do your honor."

"So unless you have a secret desire to be a woman, which doesn't show in your profile, why would you plead guilty? Well, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm sentencing you to the mandatory Gender Conversion and one year of service. Case closed."

I was led out of the courtroom into a small waiting room. In there I got an unexpected visitor. It was my supposed victim, Debra Tiessing. She entered with a police detective, while my lawyer was saying loudly that he needed to be present in a meeting like that. He was kept out of the room thankfully, while Debra sat down in front of me. Softly she said, "I just heard you plead guilty to raping me. I couldn't identify my attacker because of the mask and darkness, but I know you Alex. You wouldn't rape me. So why would you plead guilty? What is going on? Did you kill someone or do some other heinous crime that you think this is an easy way out?"

I had to look at her. I couldn't look away. "I'm sorry Debra. There is nothing else. I did it, now I have to pay the price."

She kept looking at me. "I still don't believe it. Please Alex, tell the truth. What's going on?"

I was almost crying, I was almost breaking, but I had to stand firm. To save my life, I had to. "Please Debra, Go."

Dejectedly she got to her feet and stepped to the door, there she hesitated and said, "I still don't get it. I'll continue to be your friend, even after you know what. Come and see me some time."

A little later I found myself on a transport van with three other convicts. All of them GenCon's to be, just like me. One of them asked me, "How much service time did you get?"

"One year," I answered truthfully.

"Only one year? What did you do? Confess?" Fortunately he didn't pursue the matter but went on to the others. "How much did you get?"

A big bruiser said, "None of your business, after this we'll never know each other anymore. So shut it."

The first man snorted, "I said that she was asking for it. Too bad the judge didn't see it that way. At least I got to pork that bitch one last time, maybe I even knocked her up."

The big guy said dryly, "Well, soon someone will knock you up. Then you can see how it is from that end."

The fourth man in the van asked, "What do you mean knocked up? And what is that about service time? They gave me two and a half years of service, but nobody explained it to me."

The first guy turned to him, "After the conversion, you're sold as a slave. That's how they keep the costs down. Your new owner can have you do lots of things for the time of your service contract. And it's usually the brothels that buy the GenCons up. So you can look forward to getting screwed."

This was news to me as well, involuntary I shuddered. I might have gotten myself into a life of being fucked for a living. That is till my looks ran out and I'd be out on the streets doing god knows what. The big guy asked, "How do you know this?"

"I porked a GenCon once that had been a friend of mine long ago. She told me everything."

"But GenCons are always kept confidential. They never give their old Identity out." Said the big guy.

"Yeah, but she revealed it to me after I gave her a good porking and she loved every minute of it. Afterwards she told me everything that had happened to her after she had gotten sentenced to GenCon."

"How was she in bed?" asked the big guy.

"The best, never had a better one or hornier one. Must be something that happens with the change, they'll do anything to get fucked," said the first guy.

I shuddered again. I didn't look forward to that. Maybe I had made a mistake after all. But I couldn't go back anyhow. Once the sentence was final, there was no more appeal. The conversion was usually done the same day after sentencing.

With that thought, my time to contemplate was over. We had arrived at the conversion facility. It wasn't what I expected. Sure there was some security around the place, but it wasn't a prison.

We were ordered out of the van, and marched into the building. There a woman awaited us. "Hello GenCons. Welcome to Girls'R'Us. The government has outsourced the actual conversion to our company, since we already have the technology and experience with it."

We were led to some cell like rooms, where we each got locked up alone in a separate room. I didn't have to wait long, soon I was taken out of the room into a chamber with several tubes. I saw that one tube held the big guy I was with in the van. But he looked a bit smaller now. I didn't have time to get a better look, as I was ordered to strip. Then after drinking a glass of cranberry juice, I was told it would be good for my system, I had to stand on a shelf inside the tube and a cap was placed over my head. As it filled up with something, I felt a moment of panic, though I could breathe normally. I started to feel sleepy and soon drifted off.

I woke up on an unfamiliar bed, not knowing where I was for a moment. Sitting up I wondered only briefly why my chest was jiggling. However I felt that I needed to go to the bathroom to relieve myself. I sat down on the toilet and did my business. I wiped carefully afterwards, not thinking anything of it. As I came back into my room I looked at the clothes laid out for me. I put on the panties and the matching bra. Then I donned the short pleated light blue skirt and matching blouse. I sat down in front of the vanity and put on some make-up as if I had done it all my life. Then I brushed out my long coal black hair to straighten it out from my sleep tousled look. Only after I checked myself and declared that I was ready, I realized what I had just done.

'I just got ready to go out as a woman. But I'm not a woman. Yet I am a woman.'

Then I remembered, I was a GenCon. I had been made into a woman and now had lots of female instincts. As I thought this, the door of my room opened. A mature woman entered, "Hello Sabrina, I'm your councilor Maria."

I looked around out of habit, though I knew that I was alone in here. "Who is Sabrina?" I asked and was startled hearing the nice soprano voice I said it in.

Maria smiled at me, "You're name is now Sabrina Bishop. I'm here to get you trained and ready for your auction next week."

'My auction?' I thought. 'Oh, right. They said that we were sold as slaves for the duration of our service contract. My contract was only for one year. I really hope I don't have to work as a prostitute.'

"What are you thinking, Sabrina? You're awfully quiet." Said Maria.

"I really hope I don't have to work on my back as a hooker. Do you think my contract will be bought be a brothel?" 'Oh no, I sound like a whining teeny bopper.'

Maria smiled again at me, "Have you seen your looks? You're almost Miss Universe material. Usually girls with your looks get bought by escort services. Escort girls are not required to have sex with their customers, but most do anyway. It boosts their income a lot."

I did look very pretty, I hoped I wouldn't have to work as a prostitute. Maybe being an escort girl wouldn't be so bad. If only I could hold off on the sex part. 'Why am I so set against having sex as a girl? I thought that all GenCons were horny as hell.'

"Uhm, Maria? I heard from a fellow convict that GenCon's are very horny and want to have sex a lot. Is that true? Because I don't feel it, and don't look forward to having sex as a woman."

"Well, it's true that most GenCon women have a high libido, that is how we tweak it. But it may also take some time to kick in. Some are horny straight away, but others take days to get to that. Of course every woman has a different libido, and because someone spoke on your behalf, we did lower yours to be less than we normally do. So, you may have a normal life to look forward to."

'Yeah right, a normal life as a GenCon. I'll always be a woman with a man's mind.' Or so I thought.

The whole week Maria drilled me in adjusting to my new female body. How to care for my hair, my skin, how to deal with periods, how to walk, talk, sit, and many more things. By the end of the week I was indistinguishable from a regular born woman. I walked in high heels as if I had done for a long time. I acted and reacted as a woman and had mannerisms like a woman. Maria was very pleased with my progress and the end result. At our final talk she said, "I've never had a GenCon who picked it up as fast as you did. Most convicts fight the transition and even loathe their new body. Some of them are even bad enough with it that their body atrophies and they die a horrible death. I can tell that you're different. I know that you pleaded guilty to your crime. Why did you to that?"

I felt ashamed and cast my eyes down, "I don't want to talk about it, please don't make me."

"You don't have to if you don't want to, but there is something different about you. Well, this is it then. You'll be going to the auction center soon."

I shuddered thinking about it, what would it be like being sold into servitude? I had read books about the days of slavery in the distant past. Would it be that bad? These days there were laws in place to protect servitude slaves from being exploited, raped and sold at random. Still, there was a lot of leeway to the owners as well.

Climbing up to the stage I was shaking like a leaf from fear. I stood there for the crowd to see me as a young woman. They knew I was a GenCon, but they didn't know my crime or my past identity. I waited for the auctioneer to start his talk and felt like I was going to throw up any moment.

"Ladies and Gentleman, number 83 on the lot who has been sentenced for a year of servitude. She's a young woman with diverse skill sets and she's good for cleaning, entertaining and a lot of other things. Cute and lovely Ms. Bishop, bidding starts at 1000. Do I have a bid?"

An old hag of a woman started the bidding with 700, but quickly a man raised. Several people raised the bid on me till a woman in the back offered 2500. There was a little more bidding and my price rose to 3400 before the auctioneer called, "Going once, going twice, sold to Mrs. Santone."

I was taken of stage by a handler and just like that, I was sold to a woman for a year as a slave. I just hoped that she wasn't from an escort agency or worse, a brothel.

Waiting for being picked up by my new owner was nerve-racking. I was fidgeting the whole time and felt sick about what was waiting for me. 'I really hope I don't have to fuck people every day for the next year. I don't even want to think about having sex with a man. Maybe I'm a lesbian now? What am I going to do if I have to... ?' I didn't even complete the thought as I shuddered imagining being a prostitute for a year.

A good looking woman entered the waiting room. She looked around the girls waiting to be picked up and then walked up to me. "Ms. Bishop?"

I nodded and lowered my eyes, I couldn't look at her. She lifted my head, so I had to look up at her. "Hello, I'm Isabel Santone. Please follow me, we need to get home and get you squared away."

Her voice was soft and nice, it didn't seem like she was angry or businesslike. She sounded just like a mother taking a wayward daughter home.

I got up and picked up my purse. 'Odd, a few days ago I wouldn't even think about taking a purse anywhere. Now it was as if I had always had one and knew to take it with me everywhere.' I didn't have any clothes except what was on me, so I traveled very light. As I was following the woman out the door I was burning with desire to know what I was expected to do for her.

The woman walked up to a limo and motioned for me to get in. I quickly did, amazed that I did it in such a feminine way. I sat down with my legs together and swung both inside, so I wouldn't flash anyone with my panties. Mrs. Santone got in right after me and the driver closed the door before going around to get in himself.

"I know you're wondering what work you'll have to do for me. Let me ease your mind, I'm not from an escort service or any such business. I needed a new maid and my husband said that I should look here. In fact he specifically asked me to have a look at you. I guess he looked at the pre-auction flyers and picked you."

I swallowed, 'What did this mean?' "So what am I bought for? What work do you want me to do?"

Mrs. Santone smiled, "You'll be a maid, you'll clean, do household chores, watch the children and help with cooking and serving."

I sighed from relief, I could do that, I might have to learn some things, but I knew how to clean and such. I didn't know much about watching children, but I'd learn and I wouldn't be all alone with them for long times anyway.

We arrived at a big mansion, where Mrs. Santone showed me around. A nice small room all for myself was waiting for me and already the maid uniforms and some casual clothes all in my size, were hanging in the closet. She told me, "Now dear, unless otherwise specified, you'll be expected to wear a uniform at all times during working hours. The other clothes are for your off hours. You'll be doing the laundry and I'll expect you to keep your uniforms clean and crisp at all times."

"Yes, I understand Mrs. Santone."

"Good." She was about to say more, but some kind of ruckus sounded from the front door. "Ah good, the children are home. I'll introduce you and let you get acquainted with everyone."

The children turned out to be a handful, but not too naughty. Mrs. Santone had them well drilled and she warned them that they couldn't take advantage from me. I couldn't punish them directly, but I could walk away if they asked something that I clearly felt wasn't correct or went against other orders. The oldest one, a boy of 7 years old went by the name of Cary. The 6 year old girl was called Faith.

They gave me a few hours to get settled, and I changed into the uniform. The skirt was a bit too short for my taste, but it was adequate. Fortunately I didn't show too much cleavage. The heels were not too high, but I still felt like I was walking on stilts the whole time. Due to my practice I didn't have a problem with it though.

As I was serving the soup at the dinner table, Mr. Santone walked in. He gently said hello to his children and his wife before assessing me. As soon as I saw him, I froze for a moment. It was him, the man that was the reason I was in this predicament. 'He performed the identity murder on that reporter and had his men chase after me. He must know who I really am.'

I forced myself to move again and act like I hadn't recognized him. It wasn't easy, and maybe they'd seen me freeze up. I sincerely wished that no one did. My hopes were squashed as Mrs. Santone said to me, "Sabrina? Is everything all right?"

"Yes, Mrs. Santone. I just realized that there might not be enough soup left for Mr. Santone." I tried to explain myself with a lame excuse.

Mr. Santone sat down and said, "That's okay, I'm not that hungry. So, Sabrina? You're our new maid? I hope you're better than the old one. She was lazy and very preoccupied with her failing looks."

"Now, now." Mrs. Santone said quasi embarrassed. "She wasn't that bad. Please do remember that Sabrina is new at this and that she needs to learn several things."

Mr. Santone grumbled something, while I made a hasty retreat from the room. Back in the kitchen I sighed from relief, that was a close one. Then I realized, Mrs. Santone had said that her husband had asked for me specifically. 'Is he on to me? But he can't know my real identity, can he?' Those files were sealed and could only be accessed by the highest law enforcement authority. Then again someone like Mr. Santone shouldn't be able to have his hands on gender conversion equipment, nor have police men on his payroll. So, it might be possible that he had access to my file and knew who I used to be. I was getting frightened all over again. I needed to get a grip, if I showed anything out of order, he would be even more suspicious. I breathed slowly in and out to get my nerves back in order, when the cook Svenson called out to me, "Didn't you hear me, girl? The second course is ready, get it out there."

The rest of dinner was rather plain, Mr. Santone didn't show anything indicating that he knew something. The other family members were too busy with the food themselves.

After dinner I cleaned up the table and put everything in the washer before sitting down with Svenson for our own meal. He was quite a likeable guy, mostly quiet but forceful of food and his kitchen. I liked him, but kept my distance mentally. I was in no hurry to look for male companions and besides he was married.

The next day I didn't see much of Mr. Santone. He was away on business and I only had to deal with Mrs. Santone and the children. They treated me well enough, and I picked up my duties fast and well enough. Mrs. Santone even praised me on my work that evening.

The next day I felt a little off in the morning and it only got worse as the day progressed. My breasts felt a bit fuller and I felt moist between my legs. It worsened to the point that I had an itch that I couldn't scratch in public. I tried my best not to let anyone know how I felt, but I think Mrs. Santone found out.

Just after noon she called me to talk in private and said to me, "I think I know what you're feeling. I want you to go to your room and unpack the box in the left bottom drawer of your vanity. Take your time and come back down when you're done. Don't forget to clean the thing before you come down though."

I was a bit puzzled with what she meant, but I wasted no time into getting to my room. It took only moments to find the box she talked about and when I opened it, I was stunned. There was a dildo inside it.

I didn't even undress, but hiked up my short skirt and threw my panties off in a hurry. I inserted the dildo into my sopping wet pussy and started shoving it in and out. As I was doing this, I noticed a button on the bottom and pressed it.

The damn thing started vibrating and sort of rotating inside me. I almost squealed out from pleasure but nipped it in the bud. A few times my clit got titillated and it drove me wild. Moments later I exploded in an orgasm like I never had before. Well, any orgasm I ever had as a man I mean. This was a lot different, because as a man that would be the spewing end of it. Now I felt a giant wave crash all over my body and subside very slowly. Before I could recover, the vibrating dildo brought me to a new height and I surged into another orgasm.

I pulled the fake cock out of me this time and came down from my very first exciting double orgasm as a woman. I couldn't believe I liked sex from this angle so much. Maybe the change had made me much more into a sexual animal than I had even feared.

Several minutes later I managed to compose myself. After cleaning the dildo and myself, I dressed myself in a clean uniform and returned to my duties as a maid. Mrs. Santone just smiled at me and only when we were alone later she whispered to me, "I hope you enjoyed that, don't be alarmed. I had been expecting it."

I just smiled slightly to her and kept quiet. The rest of the day I didn't have any problems, nor the days after that. Well, the next five days anyway, the sixth day it started again, but this time I recognized the signs and before the itch started, I pleasured myself into an orgasm and not even Mrs. Santone noticed anything about me later on.

As my days as a slave maid turned into regular working days, I found that I got horny every 5 to 7 days and needed some sexual relief before the feeling got to a level that I would almost do anything to get screwed. I still hadn't found the courage to fuck with a real live man, though I could have. Mrs. Santone trusted me enough that she sent me out on errands every now and then. She had no reason to worry because a GenCon that ran before the contract was out, would have been hunted down and sold again, usually to a brothel with low standards.

I've been living as a woman for almost a year now and didn't think much about my previous life. I was a woman now and had to live like one for the rest of my life. In fact I was even happy about being a woman now, though some things I really hated. The monthly visitor wasn't something I didn't looked forward to and occasionally I missed peeing standing up, as it was so much faster and easier.

Things almost went bad near the end of my servitude contract though. In my last week I got called into the office of Mr. Santone. This was unusual, since he ignored me almost always. Just a few times I had to serve food or drinks, like when he hosted a party or had a business meeting with some people.

I knocked on his door and heard him say, "Enter!"

"You asked to see me Mr. Santone?" I timidly asked.

"Please shut the door and have a seat." Mr. Santone said in his gruff voice, while continuing to do something with some papers on his desk.

I didn't like where this was going, and didn't want to close the door. 'Why does he want me to close the door? Is he going to do something to me?'

I decided to be on the cautious side and closed the door not totally but left it slightly ajar. Then I proceeded to a vacant chair not too close to his desk and sat down in my now totally engrained feminine way.

I didn't have to wait long, Mr. Santone looked up at me and said bluntly, "So, Mr. Tipton how did you enjoy your stay at our house."

I had been Sabrina for so long now that I didn't even react to my old name. It was good that I didn't too, or I would have given myself away right there. Now I had a little time to think and answered, "I'm sorry, my name is Sabrina Bishop, not Tipton. I did like my stay here well enough though, thank you."

"So you're claiming that your former name wasn't Alexander Tipton? I know for a fact that you were." Mr. Santone growled at me, rising out of his chair.

I shook my pretty little head, "I'm sorry, I don't know who this Tipton guy is. I don't much remember who I used to be. They erased most of my past memories I think." I was lying my ass off of course, but I needed him to think that it was what they did during conversion.

Mr. Santone came around his desk, "Don't play coy with me, little tramp. I know a lot more than you can imagine. I also know that you GenCons are always horny. So get over here and blow me."

I had to restrain myself from obeying his command, I was already in my 6th day after my previous release and started to feel horny again. I did manage to control my urges and stayed seated. "I have no such inclination to do so and you can't order me to do it. It is forbidden by the laws under which GenCons are sold into service. Only if we choose so or when the work demands it, are we compelled to perform sexual acts."

Mr. Santone was visibly taken back by my response. "Why, you little whore! Come here right now or I'll destroy your whole life. You may have copped out of my wrath before by confessing to rape. This time I'll make sure you don't get a chance to expose me."

I was shaking like a leaf inside now. He knew who I had been and why I was a GenCon. If only I could have taped this conversation. He just admitted that I had seen him and that he was going to hurt me no matter what. Outward I showed only fear of him being a big man trying to goad a girl into performing sexual acts. "I'll report this to the GenCon oversight committee. When they find out what you want me to do, they'll make you see things from my side."

Mr. Santone was about to step closer and hit me, saying loudly, "I'll show you who is boss around here. Nobody will ever want to look at you again, if you manage to stay alive that is."

I was about to run for my life, when the door slammed open and Mrs. Santone was there. "I'm the boss around here and don't you forget it Marcello. You can pack a bag and stay away for a few weeks. If I ever hear that you bothered this nice young woman again, I'll make sure that Papa Bellucci has your head presented on a platter." Then to me she said softly, "Come, my dear. It is over now, you're safe."

I looked at Mr. Santone, he had a frightened look on his face, which was very red from anger. I had recognized the name Mrs. Santone said. Bellucci was the biggest crime boss around and nobody messed with him. 'So, Mrs. Santone is the daughter of Bellucci?' I didn't believe I was safe however. Mr. Santone could easily hire a hitman to have me killed. I just had to hope that the doubt that I really was the former Alex Tipton was great enough for him not to risk it and that the threat of Mrs. Santone carried enough weight to keep me safe.

She told me to go to my room and put on some street clothes. She picked me up from my room about ten minutes later with, "Come on Sabrina, we're going shopping."

I was really surprised by this and it showed on my face. Mrs. Santone said, "Before I let you go from service, I want you to have at least a wardrobe. I don't want you to go out on the streets without decent clothes."

I was even more stunned. She was going to buy me clothes and release me from service? It was true that I only had a few days left, but she was letting me go early.

Shopping was a very pleasant experience, Mrs. Santone really had good taste and bought some quality clothes for me, that weren't too expensive and chiq, but weren't too shabby either. It made me look like a normal young woman that had a good job and good life. Now only if I could get a good job and a good life, things would be perfect. However, I was worried that I would be out on the streets soon without money and a job and was forced to prostitute myself to get enough money to sustain myself.

I didn't show any of my worries to Mrs. Santone though. I just smiled and laughed with her as we continued shopping.

After we got home, I was ordered to pack my new belongings into the suitcases that she also bought for me and soon after a car drove up to the house with a woman inside. She announced herself as Mrs. Whittaker and told me that she was here to sign off on my release. She would take me to the office to handle the paperwork and then she would take me to where ever I wanted to go.

The paperwork only took a short while and soon I was released from service and a free woman. Mrs. Whittaker had asked Mrs. Santone why she released me early and had been told that I had done such a good job that she wanted to give me this as a going away present. She hadn't said anything about the incident with Mr. Santone, and neither would I. Mrs. Whittaker was satisfied with the explanation and after signing off on me, drove me to Bus-station where I got on a bus towards Cedar Rapids. It was the first place I noticed and was far enough from Chicago, but close enough for easy travel.

It took quite some time on the bus to get to the city I wanted to live now, away from all the problems I had in the past. Here no one knew me and hopefully I could start a new life for myself. Well, nobody would know me anyway, since only Mr. Santone and the Gender Conversion authorities knew who I had been. Still I wanted to get away from Santone and everything that reminded me of my past.

Hours later I was walking on the streets, looking for a place to work and sleep. I had already seen several job agencies, but every time they asked for references or my past I had to tell I was a GenCon, which was a sure way to get shown to the door, or to lie about it which was even worse. I was getting frantic as I feared to be forced to sleep on the streets and soon be forced to prostitute myself for money. It was worsened by my horniness. I was already on my seventh day after relieving the buildup pressure to have sexual relief. I was almost ready to jump the first good looking man to get satisfied. My only inhibition was the fact that I had never done it with a real live male, and it was freaking me out to start now.

Walking past a restaurant and looking in, I started salivating seeing the customers eating. My stomach was rumbling and I knew I had better get something to eat soon. However my monetary funds were low and I would have to watch my expenses. Then my eye was attracted to the sign in the window, it said: 'Help wanted'.

Upon entering the foyer, I put my suitcases in a corner and asked to see the manager. She quickly came over and asked, "Yes Miss? How can I help you?"

"Hello, I'm Sabrina Bishop and I want to ask if the opening for help is still open." I said with a wary but firm smile on my face.

The woman looked at me before asking, "What are your qualifications? Do you have any references?"

My face fell, I was sure that I wouldn't get a job again and I was desperately trying to hold back my tears that were already forming in eyes. The woman looked at me and said comfortingly, "Oh dear, please come with me."

She took me to a small office next to the kitchen and sat me down on a chair opposite her desk. She sat down in front of me and asked, "So, tell me; what is the matter? Had a hard day today?"

I nodded and blurted, "I've been looking for a job all day and it always comes down to my past or lack there off."

"Let me introduce myself, I'm Alesia Hardaway. Please tell me what happened."

I started, "I just had a job for a year as a maid and I was good with serving, cleaning and even watching the kids. My employer was even very satisfied with me, but I can't give her as reference without telling the story how I got the job."

Alesia patted my arm, "Tell me, I won't judge people in general. I've done things in my past that I'm not proud of. It did give me good judgment of character though."

I looked at her and decided to tell her the truth. "I'm a GenCon. I was bought by my employer as a maid."

Alesia smiled, "I already thought so, a pretty young woman like you not getting a job? Can you tell me anything about your past?"

"I dare not, I was convicted but with a lenient sentence. I am fearful of someone that I can't mention nor talk about. I'm afraid I'll have to go out on the streets and pleasure men to get some money to survive." I was almost crying again.

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