Susie Lee and the Magus: a Journey to Love

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2014 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: A journey from sexual use and development to love. Susie Lee developed late, physically and sexually. She first became the 'property' of her roommate Amalia. Then, through a fortuitous accident, she became the love of her boss, Maggie, who became Susie's 'Magus', and taught her love, bringing her to her sexual adulthood. Susie was then prepared for her future, when she wandered into that block party.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Petting   .



Susie Lee sighed, Amalia had made another attack on her today. She thought about it and giggled, remembering it. It was usually, at least it had been, in the break room. Amalia had a knack of knowing exactly when Susie'd be there and distracted. She had an innate ability to sneak around and before Susie knew what was happening, Amalia had her skirt flipped up and had grabbed her by the butt, saying 'Hi, Susie Lee' in a sexy voice, the voice that, in previous times, had always melted Susie's inhibitions.

But it had happened again today. They were no longer lovers but still great friends and the 'attacks' in the break room seemed to be Amalia's way of keeping her 'hand in there' with Susie Lee.

Susie and Amalia, Amalia West, had been roomies at the university. Amalia, from the first, had told Susie how much she loved her oriental, mystical freshness, at least that's the way that Amalia had put it.

At the time, it had certainly made Susie tingle. She'd grown up very conflicted about herself and what she wanted, sexually. She was certainly attracted to boys but she also found herself attracted, kind of, to girls. That was the conflicted part for her.

Susie was shy and slow to develop. By the time she got to the university and was a late semester sophomore, when she and Amalia decided to room together for their junior and senior years, she'd become a fair, but petite, lovely woman. She had light, almost white skin, and contrasting dark, black hair, that she wore straight and with bangs. Her breasts were smallish, 34a, but the darkness and, she found out, the tenderness of her nipples more than made up for the size of her breasts. She had always been serious about physical activity. She had strong, lovely legs and a perfectly shaped butt. Susie, by her days at the university, as a sophomore, was a treat!

It was during that junior year, when she and Amalia, best girl friends by then, that they began their affair. It had been Amalia who'd started it.

Susie always remembered how it went and how it began and how it felt. She let it roam across her mind, especially at times, when she was alone and could use those scenes to play with herself, a delight that she'd discovered early and as an alternative to boys. She certainly hadn't been very successful with boys and, being, in those days, shy, petite and not very developed, had been pretty much on the sidelines. There were only a couple 'trysts' that she'd had but really lacked very much passion.

In that indelible scene with Amalia, Susie had already been in bed. It was a hot kind of night in September, not terribly hot but hot enough for no 'pjs' for Susie.

(As a matter of fact, Amalia had been waging a war against Susie's use of pi's for sleep. She told her that she was lovely and should be going to bed naked or in panties. It usually made Susie giggle and say 'stop it', getting a grin and a kiss on the cheek from Amalia, though it was, in the end, part of Amalia's campaign to 'get' Susie Lee.)

It had been a Friday night and Amalia announced that she was going to see 'who was out'. She invited Susie to join her but, as usual, Susie demurred. She had, she said, some reading that had to be done, and wanted to use the night to get some of it done.

Amalia went alone. When it got late that night, Susie went to bed, with a giggle, as it happened, since she was wearing only a pair of beige panties.

She was awakened by Amalia coming in and, drifted off to the sound of Amalia having a shower. The next thing that she realized was that Amalia had thrown the covers back off of her and said a quiet voice: "Look at Susie, the panty girl"

It woke Susie barely but then Amalia actually crawled into bed with her and, with Susie staring at Amalia with wide opened eyes, began to get kisses from her.

Susie struggled to say an inquiring 'Amalia' between kisses but all she got in return was a fiercely whispered: "Be quiet and kiss me, Susie!"

It kind of came to a head for Susie at that point, all the processing and thinking about boys and attraction and girls and attraction, and Susie simply submitted. It became an outlook for her, almost a life outlook, at least for a while, and especially with Amalia. She submitted and put herself into the kissing that Amalia was demanding.

Then she felt Amalia's hands on her breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples, getting surprising but pleasing noises from Susie and then crawling down to go inside the waist band of Susie's panties.

Amalia was playing with her then, in the same way that Susie often played with herself but she was surprised and pleased at how much better it felt, when Amalia did it.

Amalia pulled Susie up on top of her then, so that she could rummage beneath her panties and get her hands on Susie's ass.

"You have a perfect ass, girlfriend!" Amalia said.

"Thank you," Susie whispered into Amalia's lips, that were so close to her own.

"I want you out of bed and kneeling on the floor," Amalia said.

"Yes," Susie said, and did as she was told. She felt a kind of thrill in that, the doing of what she was told, and she moved out of bed and knelt on the floor.

Amalia was up then and stalking around her kneeling roommate.

"Panties off," Amalia said, and Susie again complied, with a kind of a wonder in her mind about how natural it felt to do what Amalia wanted and demanded.

Then she was kneeling naked and had her eyes on Amalia's own naked form, still stalking abound her.

Next Amalia moved into position so that her pussy, with it's brownish curls —- neither of them was a fan of the bald pussy craze —-directly in her face.

"Eat me!" Amalia demanded, and Susie murmured a soft: "Don't really know how."

"You'll do fine," Amalia had said, "I'll make 'Susie the pussy eater' out of you."

Susie giggled at the thought and continued to do as she was told. She moved her mouth and her lips to Amalia's pussy and began to eat her, discovering in the process that she could do it quite well.

It ended with Amalia cumming and clutching Susie's head to her stomach in a final throw of passion.

That's the way it had begun and it continued throughout their careers at the University. It certainly began with them as an every night kind of thing, with Amalia pulling Susie now and again into a '69' position for the pussy eating. It trailed off, after a while, but Susie was always there for Amalia, essentially to use, when the need was upon her.

Susie, in those university days, didn't mind. She still was really shy around boys, though she had some friends, who were boys but there weren't crushes or even many dates. She'd had the almost obligatory sex a couple times on dates but neither one proved to be great passionate interludes for her.

Susie also discovered that Amalia was somewhat jealous about Susie dating, and after a date, demanded to know exactly what Susie and the date had done physically, which for Susie, in those days, for the most part, wasn't all that much.

There were even times, when Amalia, in a mood, would strip Susie naked and tie her hands behind her back with a rope extending to her ankles and question her, spanking her butt now and again, and interspersing her questions with kisses. On those occasions, Amalia normally ended by eating Susie, as though to keep her 'tied' to her own affections, instead of the boy's with whom she'd gone out.

Over time, especially after they left the university, and had gone to work, both of them getting good jobs with the same firm, the two of them settled down as friends, though lately Amalia had been making moves on Susie again, with the periodic 'gotchas' that she performed especially in the break room: sneaking in, lifting up Susie's skirt and grabbing her by the ass, getting a satisfying squeal from Susie every time.

It certainly made Susie a bit jumpy but even more so made her determined to pay Amalia back in kind.

Susie bided her time and planned. She tried to see when Amalia normally would be in the break room and decided on her approach.

She giggled to herself, as she snuck into the room, where Amalia was in front of one of the vending machines and bending over to pick something out.

It seemed perfect.

Susie snuck up behind her friend and with great glee, whipped Amalia's skirt up to her waist, getting a view of a pretty pair of blue panties and pantyhose, grabbed her friend's ass and declaimed, in a happy voice:

"Got you!"

It began with the satisfyingly startled squeal that Susie got out of her friend, who then spun around, and Susie, unaccountably and frighteningly was faced with Margaret Schaeffer, the COO of the company, who was staring at Susie, as though she thought that Susie were 'bug-shit crazy'!

Susie was struck totally dumb! She just stared and began to almost whisper her apologies, while the big boss just kept staring at her.

(Of course, it's obvious that both Amalia and Maggie Schaeffer were wearing dark, a-line skirts that day and white blouses. Thus Susie's crazy mistake!)

Susie apologized again and spun on her heels and left the break room, deciding that instead of 'getting Amalia', she would likely kill her, at the first opportunity.

Susie waited at her desk for about 20 minutes and then got the inevitable call, to come to Ms Schaeffer's office. It was the secretary/assistant calling to make the request-demand.

Susie went like a person to the gallows. She realized that in deciding on the ill timed prank, she'd written 'paid' to a job that she really liked, with people that she also really liked.

"Amalia, I'll kill you!" she said to herself.

But that's as far as Susie's toughness lasted. As soon as she was shown into Margaret's office, and the door was shut behind her, she dissolved in tears, and cried.

It was as though she was crying not only for what she did but for only, ever being Amalia's dupe in all of her sexual activity.

She was crying full out and apologizing with ever step that she took, as she approached Maggie Schaeffer, who'd come out from behind her desk.

But Susie wasn't ready, not nearly ready for what happened next. Maggie Schaeffer got to where Susie was standing in almost total dejection and putting her arms around her, simply pulled Susie into her arms, and against her.

The sensation was immediate. Even before Susie realized how delightful the feeling of Maggie's much larger form, larger breasts and thighs, felt pressed against her own rather slim form, Susie felt a wealth of warmth that she just loved. She clung to Maggie and finished her cry.

"Tell me, honey," Maggie said to her, and Susie told the story. She found herself telling all of it: the beginnings in college, and her being pressed into service as Amalia's 'pussy eater'.

It was so strange but this woman was someone to whom Susie felt that she could talk, and she talked freely.

"I'm sorry that I'm dumping all this on you!" Susie said finally.

"No, 'sorries' now for us," Maggie said. "We'll talk about this again!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Susie said.

"Now, go into the bathroom," Maggie said, "And wash your face."

Susie did as she was told, and was smiling, as she came out of the bathroom.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Susie said, "For being so understanding."

"Yes," Maggie said, "But there is still something that you owe me."

"Ma'am?" Susie asked, holding her breath.

"Lean against the desk," Maggie directed and Susie did as she was told, looking over her shoulder and not knowing what to expect. The almost joyful look on Maggie's face caused Susie to break into a grin too and then she sucked in her breath, as Maggie flipped Susie's skirt up to her waist, it was a pleated skirt, and exposed her panty clad butt. The panties were pretty pink ones.

"Lovely," Maggie said, grabbing Susie now by the ass, in retaliation. "But I'm taking these. You may come back for them, before you leave for the day."

Susie giggled, as the lovely, taller, older woman pulled her panties down and off and took them, putting them on her desk.

Then Maggie was back and was running her hands over Susie's ass and then over her pussy, with it's wealth of black, wispy hair.

"Lovely," Maggie crooned into Susie's ear. "But I'm afraid that we're done here for now, only for now though!"

She saw Susie to the door and said: "Thank you, Susie," as she opened the door and Susie left, aware constantly of the lightness that she felt wearing no panties.


It was only a short time later that Amalia, in her office, got a message from the secretary/assistant that Ms Schaeffer wanted to see Amalia in her office.

Amalia went, not knowing what might be up. She only rarely got any call from Maggie Schaeffer, who was looked upon as being really fair, and forthcoming but also hard on those who were screwups. She entered the office, being waved in, with a bit of trepidation in her mind.

"Ah, Amalia," Maggie said, getting up from her desk and going to shake hands with Amalia.

"Sit," Maggie said, "I want to talk to you about something."

"Yes, Ma'am," Amalia said, sitting and waiting, realizing the pins and needles were not long in coming.

"I was in the break room a bit ago and Susie Lee came quietly into the room. She pulled my skirt up to my waist and grabbed me by the butt saying: "Got you, Amalia!"

"Oh dear!" Amalia said, getting a sinking feeling right away.

"I've already talked to Susie about this and she and I are okay with our outcome. But I want to talk to you also about this a bit."

"Yes, Ma'am," Amalia said, "I apologize for starting that. It was my fault. I played that trick now and again on Susie."

"I see," Maggie said, "Maybe not at work, dear?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Amalia said.

Then Maggie said, in a very soft voice: "Now you don't have to answer this next question but I wish you would."

"Yes, Ma'am," Amalia said, waiting.

"Are you and Susie involved?" Maggie asked.

Amalia swallowed and said: "No, Ma'am; not now we're not. We're friends."

"Good, I see," Maggie said. "I'm sure that you realize how strange it is to be talking about this."

"Yes, Ma'am," Amalia said again.

"But you probably see that the circumstances are also strange," Maggie went on.

"So, I have a favor to ask of you," Maggie continued.

"Yes, if I can, I certainly will," Amalia said, feeling a flood of relief.

"I'd like you to bring her to 'the Sweetheart Lounge' tonight. It's out on Manner Road. Do you know it?" Maggie asked.

"I've heard of it," Amalia said.

"Yes," Maggie said, "I'll be there. Will you do that for me?"

Amalia smiled and said: "Yes, I will."

"I won't be poaching?" Maggie asked next.

"Not at all," Amalia said, "Susie's so lovely and shy."

"Yes, I noticed that," Maggie said, smiling.

Maggie stood then and said a warm 'thank you' to Amalia, and walked her to the door.

Sensing a bond between the two of them, at the door, Amalia turned to Maggie and hugged her.

"You won't be sorry," Amalia said, and Maggie just gave her a grin.

Susie and Amalia lunched together, taking their lunches outside on the beautiful day.

"I got called in by 'Maggie Schaeffer," Amalia said to Susie.

"Sorry," Susie said, "It was my fault. What a screwup that was! I thought, when she called me in, that I was going to be fired!"

"I was wondering too," Amalia said, "Once she told me what had happened."

Then the two of them were giggling.

"You should have seen the look on her face," Susie said. "That was priceless. But she was so nice about it!"

Susie sighed then, which Amalia noticed and Amalia went on:

"I think that you and I have been out of circulation too long."

"Yes?" Susie said.

"There's a place that I've heard of for girls only; it's called the 'Sweetheart Lounge'; I think we should go there tonight; we'll kind of go prowling. How about it?"

Susie liked the idea and it was set for the two of them to go to the lounge for drinks that night.


"What shall I wear?" Susie asked.

"Well, I'm going to wear jeans and a tee shirt," Amalia said, "I'll look like the 'male' partner but you need to be feminine. You wear a short, pleated skirt and something frilly."

Susie put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

"You're asking me for a date!" she said, through her giggles.

"I'm escorting you!" Amalia said grandly and they giggled together.

They made arrangements for the time and decided that Amalia would drive.

She picked Susie up precisely on time. Susie was wearing a white, pleated skirt; it was a pretty short one and a silk top.

"Hey," Amalia said, "Don't let anyone see you bend over tonight, unless you want to flash everyone." As she ended saying it, they both giggled together.

The Sweetheart Lounge was crowded, by the time that they got there. The atmosphere was fairly festive. Susie looked around in a kind of daze. She'd never been to an 'all girl' establishment before. She wasn't even sure, or particularly sure that the 'all girl' lifestyle was the one for her. It was more like what she'd fallen into with Amalia. But she was pleased to be there, and was turned on by the subtly sexual atmosphere of the place.

"I'll get us drinks," Amalia said, going to the bar.

While she was waiting for Amalia to return with the drinks, Susie was hit on by three separate women. One even put her hand up Susie's skirt, causing Susie to jump and kind of squeak.

Then a voice interrupted the woman, who went away quickly. The voice said: "It's not a good idea for a lovely woman like you to stand around unattended."

Susie looked and had to blink twice, for there was Margaret Schaeffer. She was wearing the 'alternative' uniform of the place, jeans and a tee shirt.

"Ms Schaeffer!" Susie said with a surprise note in her voice.

"Hi, Susie!" Maggie said, "It's Maggie or 'Mag' here please."

"So, you know this place too," Susie said.

"Yes, love," Maggie said, "I'm one of the owners."

By then Amalia was back with the drinks. She greeted Maggie Schaeffer with little sense of surprise.

"Amalia," Maggie said, "I'm going to steal your girlfriend for a dance. But over there," she said, pointing to an area where a number of women in skirts were standing. "You'll find all sorts of company."

"Yes," Amalia said, "Thank you, Maggie".

She left them then and Maggie took Susie by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

"I engineered this," Maggie said.

"Yes, I know," Susie said, snuggling into Maggie's arms for the dance, with memories of how good it felt to be held in the office by her.

"Is Amalia your girlfriend?" Maggie asked. "Sorry to be so blunt."

"It's fine," Susie said, sensing again the loveliness of being so closely against Maggie Schaeffer.

"'Was' is more like it," Susie said, and she let out a little laugh.

"I see" Maggie said in a pleased tone of voice.

"She was my only!" Susie said, making the admission.

"Really? Someone as lovely as you?" Maggie asked flabbergasted.

"I bloomed late," Susie said, "I only physically developed during my first year in college. I'm afraid that until then I resembled a decent looking oriental boy!"

"Surely have changed then," Maggie said appreciatively,

"Thank you," Susie said.

"So, no experience with boys?" Maggie asked next.

Susie giggled and said: "Not really much; a couple 'trysts' but no real passion, at least not for me."

"My, my you do have some great experiences ahead of you!" Maggie said.

Susie just gave her a look.

"Oh, I love women!" Maggie said, "There's no doubting that, and I'll love loving you but I also like to get a good hard one between my thighs or in my mouth or in my hand as often as possible!"

Susie was giggling now almost uncontrollably. Maggie grinned at her.

"What do you think?" Maggie said, "I mean about what I said?"

"I like being with you!" Susie said, putting her head, for a moment, on Maggie's shoulder.

The music came to an end with them on the far side of the dance floor.

"Shall we watch?" Maggie asked and Susie shook her head 'yes'. They did indeed stand and watch the dancers a bit. Susie noticed that Amalia had a short redhead in her arms for a dance.

"I see that Amalia has made a friend!" Maggie said.

"Good, I'm glad," Susie answered.

As they stood there, Maggie had her hand in the middle of Susie's back, and while the dancers were dancing, the hand slid down until it rested on the back of Susie's thighs.

"Oh, you're not wearing pantyhose," Maggie said. "I like that!"

Susie smiled up at the taller woman and said a quiet 'Thank you'.

"Do you mind, if I do this?" Maggie asked next.

"I don't mind if you do anything at all!" Susie said, and in response, Maggie lowered her head and kissed her.

"Mmmmmm," Susie hummed into the kiss.

When the kiss broke, Susie said: "I was so hoping that you'd do that, in the office."

"That was rather hot," Maggie said, and Susie let out a little throat noise, since Maggie now had her hand up under Susie's skirt and resting on Susie's panty covered ass.

"Step back a bit," Maggie said, and Susie complied. It put the two of them back in the shadows.

Once they were in the shadows, Maggie's hand returned to Susie's butt, only this time it delved inside the waist band of Susie's panties.

"They feel so soft and silky and fine!" Maggie said, leaning down for another kiss.

"Mmmmm," Susie said through this kiss too.

"Color?" Maggie asked.

"Pink," Susie said.

"I thought so," Maggie said. "The very idea of you wearing only a pair of pink bikini panties is burning itself into my brain right now.

Susie giggled.

"What are you drinking, love?" Maggie asked.

"Wine," Susie said.

"Good, let me get us both some and we'll go to a table, so that we can talk a bit."

They got themselves situated at a table that was reserved for Maggie; it was toward the back of the large room with a good view of the dance floor and the bar.

"I'm going to get more personal now," Maggie said, and Susie, enchanted with all of this, merely shook her head 'yes'.

"Was Amalia good to you, for you?" she asked.

"I think so," Susie said, "She was really my only one, you know; those boys didn't really count."

"What was it like," Maggie asked next. "Do you mind my asking?"

"I don't mind at all," Susie said, and she described her relationship with Amalia and how it had developed.

As they sat and talked, they were both on the same side of the table, looking out to the dance floor, so that, while Susie talked, Maggie had her hand in Susie's lap. As Susie spoke, Maggie pulled Susie's skirt up so that it was at the upper end of her lap, and now was able to view, if it had been lighter, the front panel and crotch of Susie's panties!

"God but you're lovely!" Maggie said. Then: "Sorry to interrupt what you were saying."

Susie smiled at her and Maggie reached down and kissed her.

Then Susie continued talking about how it had been with Amalia.

"I thought so," Maggie said, "Our Amalia is a taker and you've needed a lover, someone with skin as lovely as yours needs to be loved."

Susie smiled, as they kissed again.

"Let me ask," Maggie said next, "Are you shaved?"

Susie blushed and shook her head 'no'.

"Good!" Maggie said. "I imagine that the contrast between your lovely white skin and your pubic hair is one of the wonders of the world."

"You talk to me so nicely!" Susie said.

"I'm going to be your lover," Maggie declared, "And I'm going to get you ready for the world, for boys and girls!"

Susie giggled, and spread her thighs wider apart to give Maggie's hand more room. At the same time, with what for her was tremendous courage, Susie slyly put her hand up and under Maggie's tee shirt until her hand came into contact with one of Maggie's large breasts, with its lacy bra.

"Ohhhhh," Maggie sighed, "Getting bolder and bolder."

"You're making me that way!" Susie said.

"Let's dance again," Maggie said, leading Susie to the dance floor.

She gave Maggie a serious look, after reaching an inner decision and wanting to tell Maggie about it; she whispered into Maggie's ear: "I will let you do anything at all that you want! I have so little experience!"

Maggie smiled and said: "Susie Lee, you are a gem, a rare and beautiful gem."


Susie smiled and clung to Maggie Schaeffer tightly, enjoying the feeling of it, the warmth of it, that surged throughout her body. She realized, only after a moment, that she was in fact grinding her hips against Maggie's thigh fronts.

They danced there by their table, in the shadows. Maggie danced with their backs to the room and, as she danced, she worked her hands up under Susie's skirt and down inside the waist band of her pink panties.

"Beautiful ass, lovely ass on Susie Lee," Maggie said and Susie grinned and kissed the older lady.

"Ass worth playing with!" Maggie said next, and continued, "Ass worth kissing; ass worth eating!"

"Mmmmm," Susie crooned from the touching and the mood that had overcome her, dancing with, in essence, the big boss from work.

Then they were swaying to the music and Maggie had inserted her hands down the front of Susie's panties and took possession of her pubic hair.

"Oh my," Maggie said, directly into Susie's ear, "Pretty, wispy pubic hair! That's what we have on Susie Lee and I bet it's jet black."

Susie looked up at her and Maggie said: "No, don't tell me; I'm going to find out for myself!"

"Yes," Susie said, "You find out."

"Okay, love," Maggie said, "We're out of here now. My place!"

"Yes, please," Susie said and they prepared to leave.

They met Amalia on the way out and told her that they were leaving together. Amalia grinned at them and gave Susie a kiss on the cheek, and then she got a hug from Maggie.

"I'll take such good care of her!" Maggie said.

"Yes, thank you!" Amalia said, and then smiling, turned back to the little redhead, who was still holding Amalia's hand.

Maggie led Susie around to the back parking lot to her car, a lovely Lincoln sedan. Once they were seated in the car, Susie gave Maggie an adoring glance. Maggie reached out and kissed Susie.

"At times," Susie said, as though simply picking up on her narrative about her and Amalia, "She would tie my hands behind my back and then tied them to a rope on my ankles."

"What then?" Maggie asked, noticeably breathing harder.

"She'd spank me and things," Susie said.

"Did you like that?" Maggie asked.

"I don't know really but I know that I'd like it if you did it to me; I know that!" Susie said, lowering her eyes.

"Oh, you are such a treasure!" Maggie said, "Let's get you home now. I have such plans."

When they got to Maggie's house, she parked in the garage and led Susie by the hand from the garage into the house.

Maggie first got them each a glass of wine and then led Susie into a sunken living room. The shades were all drawn and only low lights on, although they provided enough light.

"Now," Maggie said, "I'm going to sit here and watch you take your clothes off. Down to those pink panties now, and after that, only panties and heels."

"Yes, Ma'am," Susie said and began with her silky top. She took it off and put it aside, folding it.

"I like the way you take care of your clothes," Maggie said.

Susie turned to her and smiled, and waited.

"Yes, very nice," Maggie said, "You wait for my pleasure; your pleasure is coming though, love!"

Susie smiled at her.

"Bra!" Maggie said and Susie removed her bra, giving Maggie a view of her smallish but lovely, nipple crowned tits.

"Gorgeous!" Maggie said.

"Now, honey, the skirt!" Maggie went on.

"Yes," Susie said, "Now the skirt."

She unbuttoned the waist button and then unzipped the skirt and let it fall, stepping out of it.

It left her with only her heels and her pink panties on.

Maggie went to her then. They embraced and then they kissed, with Maggie running her hands over Susie's back and down to her butt cheeks.

Susie kept her hands in the middle of Maggie's back still; she knew that she hadn't been told that she could touch yet, though she longed to.

"Music, I think," Maggie said and went to put on music, and they danced.

Half way through the dance, Maggie lifted the tee shirt off and then her bra.

"Ohh," Susie said, "So nice and big, and fat; I love your breasts!" Then with great confidence, Susie bent her head down and licked one of Maggie's nipples, sucking it into her mouth, in the process.

"Mmmmmm," Maggie sighed. "My girl is learning fast!"

Susie looked up at her and grinned, with her lips still around the nipple.

Maggie smiled and they danced again. Then Maggie took her jeans off, leaving her in a pair of boy-leg, white lace panties. They danced, and as they danced, Maggie spoke to Susie:

"I'm your Magus, Susie love! I'm going to show you how to love. I'm going to love every part of you, get my mouth on every single part of you. That's what I'm going to do!"

"Ohhhhhh!" Susie moaned.

"And do you know what?" Maggie asked.

"What?" Susie said, fairly breathlessly.

"When I've loved you, you'll be ready for a man or a woman. I'll turn you into a lover. I don't want to possess you, and I don't think that you want to be possessed right now, like Amalia had pretty much possessed you. I'm going to be your Magus and turn you into a lover, for whomever you choose to give your love to!"

Susie buried her face in Maggie's shoulder and cried for the joy of it. She then lifted her face, her lips soft and wet from the crying and surrendered her lips to Maggie.

"Stand back now and take those panties off!" Maggie said.

"Yes, Ma'am," Susie said, putting her thumbs under the tight waistband of the panties and pushing them down and off; she gave them to Maggie, who set them aside.

"Now me," Maggie said, pushing her own panties down and off.

"One more dance before loving!" Maggie said.

But Susie replied: "Oh, you're loving me now! Just right now!"

Maggie smiled and held her arms out for Susie to clamber into them and they danced, nakedness to nakedness, skin against skin. It was warm and lovely.

Susie began, in a shy manner at first, to run her hands down the Maggie's back, sighing as her hands moved over the back and down to the butt of the lovely, older woman.

"So fine!" Susie said, smiling up at Maggie.

Then Susie said, softly: "Have very little experience, apart from Amalia. Really just those two times with boys."

"All the way?" Maggie asked, and Susie shook her head 'yes'.

"Not very satisfying for me, either time. Both times were in college. It left me pretty much unmoved," Susie said.

"This will move you, honey," Maggie said, "I guarantee that I'll move you!"

"Arms in the air, love," Maggie said and a smiling Susie put her arms in the air, giving herself over to whatever Maggie wished to do, and she wished to do a lot.

Maggie stalked around Susie a bit at first, with a hand always in contact with her, sliding across her waist and then across her butt cheeks and next across her breasts and nipples and then dipping down to her ass crack. It caused Susie to shift from leg to leg and almost beg for more.

Maggie was smiling.

"Now the tasty parts first!" she said, getting to her knees behind Susie.

Susie looked over her shoulder at her kneeling boss and had a look of wonder on her face.

Maggie had Susie's butt cheeks in her hand and proceeded to lick her way into the butt crack, kissing and licking as she went.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Susie moaned, the first of many times that night.

Finally, Susie's butt cheeks were pulled all the way apart and Maggie was licking at her rosebud hole and kissing it as though it were a pair of tasty lips. It made Susie shake.

"Like that, honey?" Maggie asked, getting up and going for a drink of her wine.

"Love that!" Susie said, accepting a drink from the wine glass and then a kiss from Maggie.

"Main course, maybe now?" Maggie asked pleasantly, getting on her knees again.

And then Maggie, the COO, Susie never really forgot that, was kneeling and licking her way into Susie's pubic hair, seeking the goal of Susie's vaginal lips.

Susie was making throat noises constantly now, as Maggie pushed her closer and closer to an orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhh," Susie wailed again, as Maggie's lips and tongue found the spot that she was seeking and pushed itself inside of Susie, seeking the still more sensitive spot that was there.

By that point, Susie was holding on to Maggie's shoulders with one hand intwined in her hair and bucking her hips.

Maggie pushed her face back, getting a sudden sound of disappointment from Susie but only to say: "Let it go now, love!"

Then the lips and tongue were back, encompassing, it seemed, Susie's center and she began to wail, clutch at Maggie's head and cum.

Maggie took her time and took in what Susie was spending; then she was up and kissing Susie and sharing with her, mouth to mouth.

After the kiss, Susie clung to Maggie and she cried. The whole thing was overwhelming.

She vainly tried to speak a little bit of explanation: "Never before! No one like that! No one doing me, loving me like that!"

Maggie kissed her then and held her to let her settle down.

In just a bit, Maggie spoke up: "Shower now?"

"Yes, please!" Susie said and was led off to the shower.

When the water was set, they went in together to be under the water, letting its warmth rain down over them. It was then that Susie made a kind of decision, thinking that it was really 'her turn'.

She knelt then in front of Maggie and put her hand first on Maggie's hips and began by kissing her way down the plane of Maggie's stomach.

"Oh," Maggie said with contentment, "You are doing that so well."

"It's 'thank you' and a 'yes' to everything that you've done and said!" Susie said, letting her kisses just then trail into the realm of Maggie's pubic hair.

"Mmmmm," Maggie cooed, with Susie's lips and tongue now playing in the older woman's pubic hair.

"Yes, yes!" Maggie sighed, when Susie pushed on Maggie's thighs to get them spread apart to allow her to nestle between the thighs and, looking up, get her mouth and lips on her target.

This was, after all, something that Susie knew a bit about, and she was completely happy to practice it now on Maggie. She looked up with a pixieish look on her face and then went back to lapping at Maggie's vagina, inserting her tongue now and wiggling it around.

Maggie's sounds now were unintelligible and constant. Susie extended her arms up until she was able with each hand to encompass one of Maggie's large and beautiful breasts, tweaking and playing with nipples, now and again pinching and pulling at them.

By this point, Susie had Maggie fairly roaring. Maggie grabbed the back of Susie's head and pulled it tightly into her pubic area, and held her there, as she crashed through her orgasm, with Susie never stopping her ministrations for a second.

Maggie's wailed 'OOOOOOHHHHHHH!' bounced off the walls and resounded within the confines of the bathroom, while Susie just sat back on her heels and grinned up at her boss lady.

"You know that you did well, you scamp!" Maggie said, with a wide grin.

"Yes, Ma'am," Susie said.

"Polite pussy eater!" Maggie said.

Susie grinned wider and said another 'Yes, Ma'am!' to her. She giggled then and said: "Thought that I'd drown before I finished!"

Both of them laughed at that and then Susie was up and in Maggie's arms and getting a kiss before the washing.

They washed each other then, with giggles and soap and a cloth applied to secret places that each of them had, and were invaded by the other in the washing.

"I want you to stay tonight!" Maggie said.

"Yes, thank you, Ma'am," Susie answered. "But I can't be late for work or the boss will spank me!" She grinned from ear to ear, when she said it.

"The boss might spank you anyway. That will be part of the next lesson, maybe tomorrow!" Maggie announced.

"Oh, goodie!" Susie said, "I'm learning so much here!"

"My pleasure!" Maggie said, as they climbed out of the shower and Maggie took a towel and began to dry Susie off. Susie simply held her arms up in the air for the drying and then she returned the compliment for Maggie, drying her off too.


They took time, the next morning for an early shower, and Susie practiced her pussy eating technique on Maggie again, to the latter's severe delight.

Then it was coffee and a brief breakfast before Maggie dropped Susie off so that she could get ready for work.

Susie was noticeably 'chirpy' the next day. The events of the previous night never left her mind. She and Amalia took time, during a morning coffee break, to talk about their previous evenings. They shared happy notes about what had happened: with Amalia and her redhead and Susie and the big boss, Maggie Schaeffer.

"I'm so pleased for you," Amalia said, realizing how intensely Susie was affected by her time with Maggie.

It was about mid-morning, after the coffee break time, when Susie got a call from Maggie's secretary/assistant that Ms Schaeffer wished to see her. Susie said that she'd be right there, and went to see what Maggie wanted.

Susie made sure that she didn't presume in her attitude on the previous night's passion. She entered the office and greeted Maggie politely. Maggie noticed and it was obvious that she appreciated Susie's attitude at work.

"Sweet one," Maggie whispered to Susie, as they hugged.

When they broke the hug, Maggie said: "Sit, Susie, I have something that I want to talk to you about."

From her tone, Susie realized that Maggie was talking business now, and she simply said a brief 'thank you' and did sit.

Before she began, Maggie pressed the intercom and asked her secretary/assistant Rena to join them. She was there with them in only a moment.

"Please sit, Rena," Maggie said. "You know, of course Susie Lee."

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