New Arcadia: Louise's Story

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2014 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: A young women who thinks she knows about sex comes to New Arcadia and discovers things about herself that she never dreamed of. She gets the screwing of her life, witnesses a teenage girl's sexual initiation, develops a penchant for teenage boys, and also finds her true love, a man as sexually adventurous and curious as she is. This story happens about the time of "New Arcadia -- Chapter 5."

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Nudism   .

"It is my belief that women are the principal beneficiaries of a sexually promiscuous life-style, once they have the emotional maturity to embrace it. It gives them the freedom to explore their sexuality in circumstances that most cultures would forbid. They learn what pleasure their bodies are capable of, and that such pleasure is entirely within their own control, not a man's. The men and women they make love to will be trained to offer her the greatest sexual satisfaction rather than to focus on their own needs. Most important, they become truly on a par with men, giving and receiving pleasure in equal proportion."

-- Alfonse Gregorio, from Return to Eden

Is this thing on? I don't see a light or anything, but I guess it's recording. We're still using cassette recorders at the lab. Let's sit over here by the pool. I hope you don't mind if I masturbate as we talk. You should do it, too. Don't try to cum. Just keep your cock semi-hard. It's part of the training here. You've got a lovely cock, by the way! Pull the foreskin back, and let me see the cap. Nice! OK, let's start.

I'm Louise. I used to think of myself as a decent girl with high morals who dressed modestly, a girl who thought she could give you a good fuck even without a lot of sexual experience. But I found New Arcadia a year ago, and now I'm as familiar with the sensation of a cock sliding into my vadge as I used to be with tampons sliding up there. In fact, in the usual course of a month I have a lot more cocks than tampons in me! I walk around naked here, fondling my tits and clit as I go, flirting with visibly aroused naked men and women and boys and girls. And I'm still a decent girl with high morals. It's just that the morals are a little different now. No, make that a lot different!

You've read what my fiancé George wrote so far about New Arcadia so you already know a lot about me. I'm twenty-eight years old, five-foot-five, and weigh about a hundred and fifteen pounds, more or less. I have long blonde hair that I like to curl, and eyes that are sometimes pale blue, and sometimes gray. I don't shave my pubic hair, preferring to trim it instead. I guess you want to know what bra size I wear, except that it doesn't mean much, since my left breast is a cup size larger than my right breast. So when I do buy bras, I have to try them on to see if an A size or a B size fits me better. But I'd rather not wear a bra at all if I can help it. In fact, I'd rather not wear anything! My idea of a good time is to be jaybird naked, with lots of teenage boys around me, all with hard cocks, watching them stare at me as I play with my long, hard nipples and wondering how each of those cocks would feel inside me, knowing that they were all mine for the sucking or the fucking.

Which is how I got to be what I am now, a full-fledged member of New Arcadia, where this kind of behavior is considered entirely normal, not to mention commendable. George has already told you about that, so I'm not going to cover that ground again. But he wanted me to tell you how I got involved in that whole thing.

It started when my previous boyfriend dumped me about a year ago, saying that I was no good in bed. He was probably right about that, because I was raised in a rather sheltered environment and didn't start dating until my sophomore year in high school, so I didn't know much of anything about making love. But neither did he. He was the fourth guy I slept with, but he was really as clueless about sex as the first three. It was all about his needs, not mine. As soon as he shot his load into me, he figured he was done, and the fact that I wanted more just made him peg me as "needy." Don't get me wrong; I did have an orgasm once in a while, and it confirmed his opinion of himself as God's gift to women. What he didn't know was that I was better at giving myself orgasms than he was at giving them to me. I figured that that was normal for men and women. After all, that's what most of my girlfriends told me.

So he broke off the relationship, and I found myself talking about it to a friend of mine at the gym. Irene didn't behave like most women in the shower. Most of us were as discreet as we could be about our bodies under the circumstances, keeping our backs turned to the others and covering up with a towel right away. But not her! She wasn't a bit self-conscious about her nudity, and even played with her nipples when she soaped them up, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger to make them hard. She had a reputation for having the "cleanest twat in town" on account of all the time she spent scrubbing it under the shower. Not that she was all that ostentatious about it, but she gave the impression that if it felt good, she was going to do it whether you were there or not.

One day, when we were showering under adjacent shower-heads, she came right out and asked me if I was "getting enough." She had somehow sensed that I'd just terminated a relationship, don't ask me how. I ended up telling her all about the break-up as we dried ourselves off. Irene told me that I was better off without him, and that if I was interested in what she called "real sex," I should go with her to this place she knew about.

"At first, I thought it was just another one of those 'adult' nudist resorts where everything goes," she said. "But it turned out to be a sort of academy for learning about making love. And taking love. There's a difference, you know. I swear, Louise, if you've got any libido at all, it'll be the hottest weekend you've ever had! Have you ever gone nude in public before?"

"I've been to a few nude beaches when I was in college, you know. And to tell you the truth, I found all those dangling cocks and ball sacks to be quite a turn-on, once I got used to it."

She smiled. "Hey, I've seen you checking out the bulges in the shorts of the guys here. I do, too! But you won't see many dangling cocks at this place. They'll all be hard, or nearly so."

"Don't you find that, well, intimidating?"

"Not a bit! It's different there. You'll be in control. Strict rules about that. But all those cocks will be yours for the picking. I guarantee you'll get laid!"

She gave me some information and I got in touch with this New Arcadia place. They sent back some forms, mostly medical stuff to verify that I was on birth control and wasn't carrying any venereal diseases. That was one of the few benefits of being with only a couple of inexperienced boyfriends; it reduced the chance that you'd end up with VD, since they'd usually had even less sex than you did.

When I picked her up that first Saturday morning to drive out to New Arcadia, she filled me in on what to expect. I blushed as she explained about how people greeted each other there.

"When you meet somebody, you generally exchange what we call 'gropes' instead of kisses. If you want to be groped, you signal it by touching your cunt. If they want to be groped, they'll touch their cock or cunt. If you want them to do a little more, you can give them a kiss to signal that you want a little finger-fucking. But you don't usually do that unless you're ready to do a little more serious necking. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, just say 'Stop, ' and they'll stop. And if they say, 'Stop, ' you stop. They're very, very serious about that."

"I'll remember. Are there any other rules?"

"Well, the only other big rule, other than not being stupid, is that if you see some kid wearing a red wristband, it's OK to grope them and even masturbate them to orgasm if they want it, but no fucking them. They're too young for that."

"Wait a minute! Too young for fucking, but not for wanking? How old are these kids, anyway? And who'd want to fuck a kid, anyway? Or even jack him off?"

She smiled. "You've got a lot to learn, Louise. These 'kids' are all at least fourteen, and some of them are more accomplished lovers than anybody you've slept with. Boys and girls both. The whole point of this camp is to train them in sex. And to train you in sex, for that matter."

"Hey, I've been around," I said. "I've had sex before, lots of times!"

"No, you haven't. Not like this. The truth is that you don't know squat about sex, Louise, not compared to these people. I didn't, either, before I started coming here."

She gave me a minute to let that sink in. Then she continued, "What you have to understand is that you'll be training your body to deal with sexual arousal in a different way than you do now. We call it being in the 'Zone.' It's where you're like four-fifths of the way to an orgasm, but you try to maintain that state for an hour or two without going all the way to a climax."

"What's the fun in that?"

"You'll see! When you do get that climax, it'll pop the nips right off your tits! And more often than not, it'll go on and on."

"Oh, right! Like that ever happens in real life!"

"It happens here! Trust me!" At that point, she told me to pull off the road onto a private driveway. She got out and punched some numbers into a keypad on a stand, the gate swung open, and we drove through. Another half a mile and we were in the parking lot. She smiled at me. "Now let's get naked!" she said as she winked at me.

"Irene! You've seen me naked at the gym!"

"But not like this, with the sun on you, and your finger up that pretty snatch of yours! Remember that overt masturbation is entirely cool here. Everybody will be doing it ... male, female, young, old. I love watching people do that. It's like watching them show you who they really are, and showing them who you really are. That's the first lesson here. Being visibly aroused is natural, and being sociable is natural, and mixing the two together is natural, too."

And sure enough, a man and a teen-aged boy passed us. Their cocks were hard and were bobbing as they walked, and the guys were giving them a squeeze once in a while, but they were talking about boats or something. This was the first time I'd seen hard cocks in public, and I tried not to stare, but they were so beautiful! They smiled at us, and we smiled back. Then we stripped down to nothing except sun-hats and sandals. Irene's large breasts bounced as she stripped off her bra, and swung as she bent down to shuck her panties. She gave her dark bush a rub as she grinned at me. I noted her all-over tan, in contrast to my own, which displayed exactly what my two-piece swimsuit had been protecting from the sun at the beach this spring. It was obvious that I was not one of the regular crowd here! As if the creamy whiteness of my breasts wasn't enough to draw attention to them, my nipples immediately became erect, jutting almost an inch from their areolas. Irene clipped a green wristband onto her wrist, and attached a black one to mine, just like the one you're wearing now.

"Why don't I get a green one, too?" I asked.

"You're new here. It lets other people know that you may not know all the rules here, and that you haven't had the training they've had, but you're not a virgin. Now let me show you how the gropes are done. See me fingering my slit? That means it's OK to grope me. So grope me!"

I put my hand on her hairy cunt. It was the first time I had ever touched another woman's vulva. "Part my lips," she said. "Don't be shy." I did so, and gave my own cunt a stroke with my free hand. She smiled and pressed her hand against my own bush. I felt her middle finger gently parting my folds, and the palm of her hand pressing against my clitoral hood. Then she gave me a peck on the cheek. I knew what that meant, but the idea of me sticking a finger up her vadge was still a little too radical for me.

"Do I have to?" I said quietly.

"Of course not," she replied. "You don't have to do anything you don't feel like doing. But my kissing you was my way of saying that I trust you to the point where you're welcome to take it farther than a grope if you want. All I want is for you to be happy, Louise. That's what any of us here wants."

I suddenly felt a flush of tenderness toward her that I'd never felt before. "In that case..." I said, and kissed her back. I slipped a finger into her as she did the same to me. I'd never been this intimate with a woman before, but it felt like it was absolutely the right thing to do. I hugged her.

"You're getting aroused, aren't you, just a little bit?" she murmured.

"I am!" I said, to my surprise. "But I'm straight! Or at least I thought I was."

"The truth is that you're bi. We all are, to some degree or other. So if a woman is hitting on you, don't be surprised. And if you want to hit on a woman, feel free!"

"Irene, are you gay?" I asked. "Are you hitting on me now?"

"Honey, I came here for cock, just like you! Now let's go find some!"

With our towels draped over our arms and some sun-tan lotion and water bottles in our totes, we walked over to a large lawn area. Stretched out before my eyes was a scene right out of some erotic dream. It was just past nine, but there were lots of people there, all naked. Some were paired off, talking with each other, and some were alone, but just about everybody was masturbating to some degree, men and women alike. Some were wanking themselves and some were wanking their partners. The sex play was all in slow motion, with no indication that anybody was hurrying to get to a climax. I was taken aback by the sight of a middle-aged woman licking the pre-cum from a teen-age boy's penis right there on the lawn where anybody could see them! And thirty feet away from them was a young girl, maybe fourteen or fifteen, with dark skin and orange-sized tits, giggling as her bare cunt was finger-fucked slowly by an Asian man in his twenties. They were both obviously enjoying it, and I was astonished to see the trust she displayed to him. It took me a moment to take it all in, and to believe that it was all real.

I can see that this story is turning you on! You're getting almost fully hard. Can you bend it at all? Semi-hard is where you want to be. Your cock should be engorged, but not to the point where you can't bend it. I know it's hard at first, but you can do it. Just try not touching it for a while. It'll go down, trust me!

But back to the story. A burly man came up to us, with profuse hair on his chest and groin. He had a short beard, an earring in one ear, and an engaging smile. His cock was almost fully erect, and had a remarkable twist to the left, and he gave it a squeeze as he greeted us. Irene responded with a pinch on her own labia, and they groped each other. She kissed him, and I saw the middle finger of his hand slide up her vagina to the second knuckle.

"Matt, this is Louise," Irene said.

He smiled at me and gave his cock another squeeze. Irene gave me a wink, so I took the cock into my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze of my own as I fingered my labia. His hand traveled to my cunt and he slid his index finger from my entrance to my clit. I began to blush, not so much from arousal as embarrassment. I wouldn't have let a boyfriend do this to me until the third date, and here I was groping, and being groped by, a total stranger!

"It's good to meet you, Louise," he said as he caressed my trimmed bush. "You have the most beautiful breasts."

"Do you think so? They're not as spectacular as Irene's."

"They're perfect! I hope that your nipples are as sensitive as they are long. Have you explored that with anybody?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, have you mapped your arousal pattern with them? There's a fellow here named Herb that can do that. After a session with him, you'll think you have two more clits!"

"Louise is new here, Matt," Irene broke in. "She hasn't had any training at all."

"I envy you, Louise," he replied. "Your body is like a present on Christmas morning, all ready to be unwrapped! It's all ahead of you. If I were you, I'd start by joining that class that Abby just started over there. See that woman sitting under the tree, with all the girls around her?"

"What are they doing?" I asked.

Irene told me. "Abby's teaching them about their G-spots. I took that class years ago. Boy, was it an eye-opener! Go join them. I'll see you later, girl!" And she moseyed off with Matt, each with an arm around the other person's waist. She'll have that beautiful cock inside her within a half an hour, I thought wryly as I joined the group under the tree.

And that's how my real sexual education started, with me sitting around with a bunch of girls half my age, all with red wristbands except for me, each of us with an L-shaped plastic dildo caressing the insides of her vagina. I knew I had some sort of sensitive area there, but Abby showed us just how to find it and excite it. "Soon you'll be able to use your cunt muscles to push your dildo, or your lover's cock, against that area to control your arousal," she told us. "But for now, let's just enjoy what we're feeling. If you're not getting much of a reaction, play with your clit instead. Go back and forth, and explore what playing with one area does to the other. They're sort of connected, just like your nipples are sort of connected to your clits. It's fun to see what playing with one area does to the others!"

I can't express how utterly right it all felt to me. Like most girls, I had to learn this kind of stuff on my own, but I would have given anything to be like one of these girls, being taught by an older, more experienced woman that there was nothing wrong or shameful about their bodies, or about being aroused, or being in control of their arousal. It was their birthright. And mine, too, I realized with a shock. It just took me a long time to claim it.

Soon the girls were all moaning with lust as their arousals swept over them, and they started pairing off, pleasuring each other. It was plain that these teen-age virgins were no strangers to each other's cunts, or to sexual arousal. Abby came up to me and kissed me, saying, "Welcome to New Arcadia! What do you want me to do? I'd love to eat you out."

Well, I'd never been eaten out by a woman. And only two of my boyfriends were willing to do that to me. But my playing with my clit and G-spot brought me so close to an orgasm by that point that anything would have put me over the edge. Abby sensed this, and she sensed that without any training, I wouldn't be able to hold it back. So she attacked my cunt with a will, and when I felt her tongue sliding into my vagina as her upper lip pushed against my clit, I was gone. And then I felt mouths on my nipples, and one on my lips, as some of the other girls helped me to another orgasm. It wasn't as strong as the first one, but it left me gasping for air. I longed to do something to return the favor, and the girl whose lips were on mine slid her dark body up until my lips were touching the gumdrop-size nipple on her left breast. Another girl slid her head next to mine and took the dark-skinned girl's other nipple into her mouth as she pinched one of my own nipples. Together we sucked, keeping time by the squeezes on my nip, and brought the dark-skinned girl to a climax. Abby made sure that all the other girls had their fill of pleasure, and then we all got up and hugged one another.

While all this was happening, I was watching two boys about thirty yards away. I'd noticed them before, watching the class and smiling at us as they fondled their erections. They must have been standing there like that for an hour or so. I had wondered why they didn't just cum right away, like any man I'd ever met would have done. The dark-skinned girl went over to them as we were finishing up our class and hugged the two boys. Then, to my astonishment, the girl got to her knees and stroked the taller boy to an orgasm. I watched his spooge shoot out of his dick, glistening in the sunlight and landing on her tits as his knees sagged momentarily from the force of his orgasm. I found out some weeks later that they were brother and sister, and if I'd known that at the time I might have been shocked at this display of incest, but by the time I actually learned of the relationship I was long past caring about it.

Then she reached for the other boy's dick. I got another surprise then, when he pushed her hand away, declining the offer of a handjob. The shorter boy then licked the cum off those gumdrop nips, all the while keeping himself hard. The taller boy and the girl left, arm in arm, off towards the swimming pool. I noticed that all three children had red wristbands. They were virgins, but were as open with their sexuality as if they'd been doing it to each other for years. When I was her age, I'd only experienced one hard cock, and that was inside a kid's pants as we necked. I'd never seen one at all. And this girl had not only seen one but jerked it off as casually as if she'd just made him a sandwich.

The shorter boy walked up to us as I was saying to Abby, "I'd like to keep that dildo. How much should I pay you for it?"

"It's on the house, dear. But I want you to meet my son Bruce. Bruce, this is Louisa. She's new here." She kissed the boy's cock, which was about five inches long and as big around as a hot dog and as hard and stiff as I'd ever seen one. "Would you do me a favor and blow him? He loves being blown, and I want to get him used to feeling another woman's mouth on his cock besides mine."

This woman was inviting me to suck her young son's cock? I couldn't believe my ears! "Are you serious?" I cried.

"Absolutely! He's used to me, so he can keep from cumming too fast. But I want to see how he does with a different woman. He really needs to work on that control. Would you please?"

What kind of a woman sucks her son's cock, and then invites another woman to suck it, too? And why did I suddenly find that image not repellent at all? After that pair of orgasms, I felt that I owed her something. So when Bruce stuck his boner into my mouth, I did my best to pleasure him as I knelt in front of him and let my tongue caress the underside of his shaft. "Take your time, don't let him cum right away," his mother said as he knelt behind him, her tits grinding into his back and her hand stroking his nearly hairless balls. Occasionally, she'd press her finger into his perineum, to control his ejaculation. I heard her whisper "Now you can cum, dear," and a few seconds later he gasped, his cock twitched a few times, and I felt my mouth suddenly filled with a salty, oysterish taste, and a new feeling of slime on my tongue as his semen was released. I'd sucked cocks before, and never cared much for the taste of semen. But his spooge was different, and I felt myself sucking hard to get the last bit out. I felt his cock go soft as I sucked, and his groan somehow aroused my lust again.

"Now how do you say 'thank you, ' Bruce?" I heard Abby say.

"May I pleasure you, ma'am?" he asked me. "What would you like me to do?"

"He's pretty good at eating pussy, Louise," Abby said. "I've taught him everything I know about it."

I looked at her in wonderment, struck by the revelation that she'd had sex with her son, and that she was encouraging me to have sex with him, too!

"It's all right," she reassured me. "You can anything that you want with him except fuck him; that's what the red wristband means. But I don't think he'd refuse anything else you'd suggest. If he wants to eat you, it's fine with me."

So I spread my legs. Abby was right! That kid gave me better head than my boyfriends ever did. He knew when to tickle my clit, and when to leave it alone. He sucked and nibbled on my inner labia as if he'd been doing it for years. I came again, hard and wetly. My god, I thought. Three orgasms within an hour, and I still hadn't had a cock up my cunt!

Well, a boy named Leo, another teenager at that, took care of that only an hour afterward. I noticed his green wristband and his short cock, which was fully erect, jutting up from a wispy thatch of auburn hair. "You're new here, and I'd like to fuck you as a welcoming gift," he said as he groped me. "Would you like that?" I smiled and gave his cock a squeeze, and he led me to a cabin on the grounds. All this time I was thinking, "What on earth am I doing here, getting ready to fuck some clueless teenager? He can't be more than sixteen. I bet Irene is getting porked by that beefy stud Matt, and I'm stuck with this scrawny kid who probably will cum as soon as his dick touches my bush."

Well, was I ever wrong! Despite his age and the length of his cock, that scrawny kid gave me the best screwing of my life! He let me lead all the way, and matched his arousal to mine. "Why don't you do me cowgirl style?" he suggested. "That way, you can get more penetration, and I can play with your clit and watch your tits!" And play he did! My first two boyfriends didn't even know what a clit was, and this kid was playing it like a piano. Because his dick wasn't very big, it took a little doing to get the G-spot pressure I craved, but I managed to get there when I leaned back to put the full pressure of his cap against the front of my vaginal wall and pulled my clitoral hood back to let him strum my clit. When he came, I didn't even feel it in the throes of my own orgasm.

And then his father came along with a black woman in her thirties, and he gave me an even better fuck! It helped that the older man's cock was a little longer and a lot thicker. It also helped that when he was pumping into my cunt, Leo and the woman were sucking on my tits so hard that I could feel them lifting off my chest. I was a mess! The woman's tits, small but saggy, dangled down and grazed my belly as she sucked. I'd seen women with breasts like that in the gym, and they used to keep them in bras whenever they could. But not this woman. She reveled in letting her girls swing free and, relinquishing my nipple after I climaxed, took one of her own nipples into her mouth and sucked on it instead! My new lovers wanted to follow up the fuck by licking me clean, but my cunt became so sensitive that it was almost painful, so I thanked them all, kissed them, and left them on the bed. By that time, Leo's cock was hard again, so he and the woman got it on as his dad watched with pride and waited for his own turn with her.

As I walked back to the lawn area with the spooge of two men oozing out of my vadge, I thought about the two fucks I'd just had, and why they were so different from all the others I'd had in my life. I realized that in both cases, the guy was more interested in my pleasure than his. They took their time getting me aroused, and were in no hurry to penetrate me. When I grasped the man's cock to get him harder at one point, he actually pushed my hand away, saying that he wanted to stay in the "Zone." I remembered Irene talking about that as a state of pre-orgasmic arousal, but it hadn't occurred to me that men were capable of that, too. That's when I realized that Bruce had been practicing that as he watched the masturbation class, building his endurance. That was why he was in no hurry to cum. Well, I had a lot to learn!

George has told you about the Zone, right? Let's see how you're doing with it. Can you bend your cock now? Good! Just keep it that way as we're talking. Don't worry about the pre-cum. When you're doing it right, it's normal for it to ooze out. Just as my juices are oozing out of me right now.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. My first two fucks at New Arcadia.

For some reason, all that fucking didn't leave me tired. In fact, I felt more energetic than ever, so I went over to an athletic area near where the pool is and joined a volleyball game in progress. What a trip that was, feeling my boobs bounce and slap against each other as I jumped up and down, and watching the other women's boobs do the same! No sports bras here! And all the men's cocks were bouncing, too. Sometimes one of them would give himself a few strokes between volleys to stay erect, or semi-erect, and I figured that they, too, enjoyed the feeling of their cocks bobbing up and down as they jumped around.

Well, I got too distracted by those bouncing bits to pay attention to what I was doing, because before too long, I saw a ball coming too late to position myself to return the volley. I tried anyway, but came down a little too hard on my right ankle. I felt a twinge of pain and fell to the sand. My team-mates gathered around me and helped me up, apologizing for my injury. But I told them that it was nothing serious. I felt a little pain as I put my full weight on it, and a tall, handsome man told me to follow him to the clinic they had there, so that he could examine it more carefully. He had a gold wristband. Where had I seen one of those before? Oh, yes, I recalled. Abby had been wearing one. He also had a big, low-hanging ball sack, the biggest I'd ever seen, with his left nut hanging at least an inch below the right.

"Are you a doctor?" I asked him.

"Actually, I'm a veterinarian," he replied with a grin. "My name's Herb, by the way. But a sprain is a sprain, in people or in horses." He sat me down on an examination table and tenderly probed my ankle. If he noticed the cum leaking from my twat in a steady stream, he didn't say anything about it. I couldn't help but notice that his cock was at almost full hardness, with a little pre-cum glistening on its tip, but he never once touched it to keep it hard. As I examined his nuts at close range, I remembered how my friends in high school used to speculate on what kind of lovers these big-balled men were. One girl claimed that the lower the balls hung, the more spooge they squirted. Well, if that was true, this guy could fill a teacup! His cock itself wasn't particularly large, but was heavily veined, and he had a big, fat cock head.

At last, he said, "I don't think it's anything serious. It's not even a full-blown sprain, just a slight stretch of the muscle. A little Motrin will ease the pain. By tomorrow, you probably won't even feel it. But let's tape it up, and I wouldn't do any dancing or tennis or volleyball for the next day or so. Swimming's OK, and so is fucking, as long as you don't use a position that puts a lot of weight on it."

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand. What sort of position are you talking about?"

"Well, you're new here. I could tell from your tan lines, even before I saw the wristband. You've probably just had garden-variety sex ... missionary, cowgirl, and like that. But you'd be surprised what people come up with once they've gone beyond that."

"Speaking of wristbands, I know what red and green and black mean, but what does gold mean?"

"It means that I'm a Guide. I teach people about the more advanced aspects of love-making. That's why Gregorio started this whole community in the first place."

"Gregorio who?"

"Alfonse Gregorio. A sociologist and writer. He wrote a book about this. You can buy it in the office. It's called Return to Eden, and it'll answer most of your questions about New Arcadia. And I'll be happy to try to answer any other questions you have."

"I'm curious to know about this 'zone' thing that people are talking about."

"Good for you! When you understand that, you'll be well on your way to understanding everything else. Do you want me to show you more?"

I said, "Yes!" And, boy, did he show me! He finger-fucked me right there on the examining table, arousing me to a certain level and keeping me right there for a while, and then raised it a notch, and then lowered it a notch. It was like he knew exactly where my arousal was at all times. We played like this for an hour or so, until my cunt was flowing like a river and my body was crying out for release, and I begged him to get me off. "How would you like it?" he asked. "Tongue, or fingers, or cock, or some other way?"

"What would you like?" I answered. "I owe you so much for that demonstration!"

"That's a good answer. It shows you care about your partner's needs. I think you've got potential, Louise! As for me, I'd really like to fuck you, cock in cunt. Right here. Right now."

"Well, you're the doctor!" We laughed, and then we balled right there on the examining table. God, did we ball! Matt had not been kidding about Herb's prowess as a lover. He was just as good with his cock as he was with his fingers. Suddenly my two previous fucks that day seemed almost commonplace compared to that one. I swear I could feel his cock harden and soften inside me, the better to reach all the places I'd never felt a cock reach before. All the while, he was playing with an area on my neck, just below my ears, and I swear to God that each time he stroked it, my clit responded. I was just on the crest of another orgasm when I heard him say, "May I join you?" I gasped, "Yes," and then felt his cock spasming and filling my vagina as he gave me a fierce hug. That set all my bells ringing!

After we both came, I stroked his hairy back and neck and kissed his face, and I murmured, "Herb, will you marry me?"

He chuckled. "I'm already married, and happily, too. But you can fuck me anytime you want, as long as I'm not busy. One of the lesson's you'll learn is that lust and matrimony are two different things. You can have one without the other, and be happy. Or you can have both at the same time, either with your spouse or another lover. It's all good, as the kids say. I love my wife, and I'm happy knowing that she's fucking somebody else right now, just as you're fucking me."

He was quiet for a minute, as if to select his next words carefully. "All your life, you've been taught to equate sexual intimacy with emotional intimacy ... find a husband, have sex only with that husband, and be your husband's only sexual partner. That doesn't really work in real life, does it? And we don't even try to make it work here." He was fondling my tits as he talked, tracing his finger along the underside of each breast, in time to my breathing. "A majority of the adults here are married, and their sex lives with their spouses are good. But when they come here, they end up making love to other people almost exclusively, because after a while, your spouse has already taught you everything he or she knows, and vice versa. But to expand your sexual horizons, you need to have experience with as many other people as you can. It's all in the book I talked about."

By that time, I was getting hungry ... I'd skipped lunch, and screwing can sure work up an appetite! So we went over to the area by the swimming pool where there was a snack bar set up. As we ate, he filled me in on New Arcadia and then steered me to the office, where I bought a copy of Return to Eden (which came with a free vibrator!) and began reading. Another man came up to us named Zeke, who I found out later was Abby's husband. Herb introduced me to him, gave Zeke strict instructions to keep me off my feet, and left us in search of another sexual partner; his cock was already almost hard again. Lucky girl, I thought.

I have to say that of all the dozens of men I've fucked since then, Herb has to have been the best cocksman. I sort of got the wrong impression from him, that all the guys at New Arcadia were as good as he was. Don't get me wrong. Any trained lover can give me a good fuck. You probably can, too, especially once you've had a few lessons. But Herb was in a class by himself. I guess that's why he's a Guide.

Zeke took me to his cabin and we spent the next few hours trading orgasms. After I blew him, he gave me oral until I was pleading for release. Then we fucked, but he refused to cum in me, saying something about needing to save his sperm "for later." That was another new thing. I've had men pull out before cumming, back when I was clueless about effective birth control, but they were never happy about it, and they'd cum on me within seconds of pulling out. But Zeke didn't seem to be concerned about not cumming. At sunset, a man named Tom came by to tell him that the evening dance was starting.

"Louise has to stay off her feet tonight, so maybe we should stay with her."

"I can do that, Zeke. Why don't you go on ahead? We'll join you later for the ceremony."

"Ceremony?" I asked.

"Initiation ceremony," Tom explained. "You should see that! It'll be hot!" He chuckled, but wouldn't say any more. Zeke left us then, and I spent the next few hours with Tom. Like Zeke, he didn't want to cum, but spent the time giving me head and finger-fucking me. Each time, he would try to extend the time between my orgasms just a little bit longer. "The longer you can be in a state of almost cumming, the better the cum will be when it happens," he told me. And he was right!

Tom demonstrated a talent he had that I'd never heard of before. He said it was due to his "Gregorio training." He could will himself to any state of arousal, from nearly limp to fully erect, without touching his cock at all! I had fun with that! I'd hold my finger at a certain point in front of his crotch and his cock would either rise or fall to meet it. And he could hold it that way for as long as I wanted. "It's mostly knowing what my cock feels like at any point in its arousal pattern, and putting myself in that state. Herb does it better than anybody. He can even do it inside a vagina, or so I'm told."

"He can! He did that with me! I couldn't believe it!"

"Well, I can't do that yet. One squeeze from your cunt muscles, and I'd lose it." All the young boys at New Arcadia get that training, he said. Now that was a mental image that turned me on ... several boys lined up, their peckers stiff, pre-cum on their tips, willing themselves into various states of arousal. I didn't think of myself as any sort of pedophile before, but after those two lovemaking sessions with Leo and Bruce, the sight of hard teenage cock would start my juices flowing every time. If you told me that, a few months later, I'd be the one coaching and tormenting those lovely young boys, my finger stroking the undersides of their cock heads as their pre-cum flowed, I'd have told you you were crazy. But it happened, and it was every bit as exciting as I'd imagined. But I'm getting ahead of my story now.

By around eleven, my ankle wasn't giving me any trouble at all, so we joined the rest of the party by the pool. Everybody was there, gathered into a crowd. When we came up to it, I saw something that took my breath away. A nude young girl with a red wristband was lying on her back on a cot, her body smeared with gobbets of cum! She looked to be about fifteen, although with hardly any bust. There was a line of men next to the cot, with hard cocks. Each man approached the cot and masturbated, his cum landing on the girl as she in turn finger-fucked herself. Some the men would have a woman or another man jacking him off. The girl smiled as she saw us coming, and waved us up to her. "Do you want to wank me?" Tom whispered in my ear.

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