The Price of Desperation

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: Four friends pick up a lonely woman who had been subject to a violent husband, she was desperate to be accepted for she had been told she was nothing more than a dog and was determined to do what ever it took to be accepted - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   DomSub   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   Violent   .

The four friends gathered as they did, or tried to do every month at the local shopping mall for coffee. They were all retired; all except one had been married but now were on their own. They had all worked together over the years and it was their way of keeping in touch for they were all good friends.

Conversation varied on an array of subjects, it could be just a hobby, the latest holiday or just general chit-chat which did include women. Although they were all well retired they were also very active when it came to women and although none were in a serious relationship, they were all keen on the 'one night stands', it saved a lot of the emotional problems that a serious relationship could create. "Well tell me Charlie who have you being screwing of late" was the question that was asked. "To tell you the truth Burt", was the reply. "I haven't been with a woman for a couple of weeks. I have been pretty active in the club I belong to and there are a couple of women there that I would be interested in 'bedding', I just haven't had the time".

"Come on Charlie" said another of the friends. "Women have always been an interest to you and you want up to believe that you haven't been chatting any up with the hope of a sexual encounter". Charlie smiled and the conversation stopped as the waitress bought them their coffee. "What about the waitress Charlie", the other mate asked. "She gave you a nice smile".

"She is far too young for me Greg", he replied. "I like women with a decent set on them, like that woman sitting by herself over there. She is more my type, mature and a nice set of 'charlies' on her and she has already smiled", he concluded as his friends turned to observe the target of his comments.

The woman had observed the men and when one of them smiled at her she hoped it was a smile of acceptance. Her husband had walked out on her for a younger and more attractive woman, leaving her virtually without support and she was desperate for not only company but for someone to take a really interest in her and take her under their wing. She was lonely and found it difficult to cope by herself. She knew she wasn't that attractive, after all her husband had called her 'a dog' and the only think he said she was good for 'was to fuck like a dog' and a few times he was so violent that as he fucked he snapped. "Now bark you cunt, bark like the dog you are". It was then that tears slid down her cheek for she realised that was what she was and that her only contribution to a relationship was to 'fuck like a dog'

The men turned to investigate. One leaned towards Charlie. "You are not serious, you can do better than that; she isn't even attractive".

"She is a woman and she has tits and William that is my first port of call, tits; if they haven't got them I'm not interested." There was silence for a moment till Charlie got up. "I'm going to ask her to join us, that's if she isn't waiting for anybody and we have been here for awhile and she doesn't seem to be expecting anybody". The other men just gave a nod. They may have all considered that what William had said hit the nail on the head but none of them would willingly knock back an available woman so when Charlie moved they all hoped that he was successful. To be quite frank all of them had that kinky desire to service a single woman, to put her through their most bizarre thoughts and in other words, fuck her off the planet.

Charlie smiled as he approached the woman. "Excuse me madam", he said. "I and my friends would like to invite you to join us that's if you are not waiting for a companion. My name is Charlie". To say she was surprised would have been well off base, you could almost pick her up off the floor for to be actually invited was as rare as hen's teeth. Her husband had always told her that no body would show an interest in her, no man would want her, she was just a dog. For seconds she tried to untangle what her husband had said that no man would want her and it was seconds before she finally managed to gasp. "I ... I'm not waiting for anybody and thank you. I ... I would be delighted. My ... my name is May".

It had been a long time since she had worn a bra; in fact she wore no underwear at all. For ages her husband had told her she was fit for one thing – fucking and that she had to be ready to satisfy his demands and the last thing he wanted when he had a hard cock was to have the hassle of removing bras and panties. As Charlie moved the chair, the loose blouse she was wearing opened and for a brief moment an entire tit with its purple nipple was on display. He quickly introduced her. "Fellows this is May". He then introduced his friends. "This is William, the character next to him on his right is Burt and on the left is Greg". She smiled as an extra chair was pulled up. The men were all veterans when it came to women, every one of them had enjoyed an array of women over the years and although this woman wouldn't have been their choice, they were not going to make her uncomfortable and certainly wouldn't refuse her if 'fucking' was on the agenda.

"Would you like a coffee May", Charlie asked. Again she was hesitant for it was hard to not remember the harshness of her husbands comments and to be actually invited to their table and then to be offered a coffee was something so alien that she was struggling to accept that this was a reality and not a dream. "Yes ... Yes I would love one", she replied with a smile.

"I think we could go another round Charlie", Burt said. Charlie gave a nod and left to order. To engage a woman in an array of topics wasn't difficult and it wasn't long before she relaxed and was laughing, something again that was alien. Of course she didn't realise that these men were sizing her up, gauging her reactions to their conversations, especially if the odd 'four letter word' was introduced. However, she didn't show any discomfort when Burt said. "Fuck it is getting on, it will be nearly time for lunch". It was then that Charlie threw out the line he hoped would catch her and if she accepted he was sure that 'fucking' would be on the menu. "You are right Burt", he said. "It is getting on but why don't we head to your beach house Greg, have lunch there and maybe have a BBQ for dinner tonight". He then turned to May and asked. "Would you like to join us May, you would be most welcome". Again she nearly fell off the chair for such an invitation; according to her husband would be an impossible. It was an occasion that she longed for, an invitation of acceptance and her reply was positive, in fact very positive, for in her mind she was determined to make herself acceptable to these men, no matter what the cost. 'Surely one of them will take a liking to me and consider me of some worth to make a permanent relationship', she thought.

Whether it was just a slip of concentration or whether she was so used to having to do things for herself, she reached down to retrieve her handbag and in so doing her loose blouse revealed both tits, including their enlarged nipples. Wearing no bras and also wearing such a loose blouse that in situations like now displayed what she had to offer was to Burt, a sure sign that she was available. Without any hesitation he slipped his hand down her front and for seconds, gave both tits a nice massage, rubbing his palm against those hardened nipples. May gave a gasp but his touch was so different to the violent handling her husband gave her that she didn't object and for the short time he massaged her, she bit her lip with pleasure. He helped her up and whispered 'Nice Tits'. For her that was one of the nicest things she had heard that day for her husband never praised her, only held her in contempt.

May sat in the back of the vehicle between Burt and Greg and even before the car moved Burt had moved onto her and by the time the car left the shopping complex, her blouse was open and her tits were being massaged and her nipples squeezed and gently pulled. She purred in contentment and when it was found that she didn't wear panties either, she spread her thighs and let the saliva dribble from her mouth as she enjoyed the fingering her cunt was receiving and the kiss her nipples were getting. She reached for the enlarged bulges of the men and by the time the vehicle hit the highway, she was pulling on hard erections and murmuring in contentment as she was fingered and sucked.

"Suck ... suck it May", Greg stammered. Sucking a cock wasn't new to May, however, then it had been done not to give her pleasure for her husband treated her roughly, but now she was oozing with contentment. She altered her position so she could lower herself and shortly William gave a moan as May's mouth began to send shivers through every fibre of his being. In the front William smiled, he wasn't shocked for May wasn't the only woman that had found herself between his mates and certainly wasn't the only woman to be down sucking on a cock; he muttered to Charlie. "You were right mate, you hit the nail on the head with this May woman; she sucking on Greg's cock so I gather we will be fucking her before the day is out". May didn't hear that comment but Burt did and replied. "I think we can achieve that even before we reach the beach house", he said as he manoeuvred May around, so her bottom was raised and the thick strains of hair that surrounded her cunt were already wet with anticipation. Despite the efforts in getting her into a fucking position, not for a second did any of the cock she was sucking fall out of her mouth and when Burt had his trousers down and rammed his cock up her cunt, William gave a gasp of sheer delight as his entire cock disappeared down her throat.

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