Fun on the Farm

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2014 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Two farm couples in the early 40s deal with life and love during the war.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

It was tough running a farm during WW2. Gas and farm equipment were hard to get, even though farms were essential to the war effort. Even more difficult was good help since the armed forces were gobbling up the prime men and city jobs paid a lot more. Out on the plains it was a long way to town and neighbors weren't very close either. There was limited radio and no television yet.

Hattie and Slim were fourth generation wheat farmers way west of Kansas City. They had a lot of land but no kids came along to help, no matter how often they tried, so hired help was extra important. When they did find a good one, like the offspring of another farm family, or a conscientious objector, they'd go to town on a Saturday night looking for fun and pussy, and get a better offer and be gone.

Growing up so close to nature, sex had never been a mystery. Swimming holes had answered a lot of questions since bathing suits were a luxury. Most kids learned about screwing by copying some older kids doing it after skinnydipping or in the barn. School classes were very small so by the time you graduated, if you did, you had likely fucked most of the available and reasonably attractive opposite sex. Hattie and Slim's nearest neighbors were about five miles down the road and they would get together on a Saturday night a couple of times a month to drink shine, listen to the radio, and screw each other's spouse. Wasn't much else interesting to do.

The swapped couples spent the night in separate rooms and it was, by this time, like they were alternate spouses. It wasn't mentioned in conversation although the women weren't shy about sharing details when they visited. Mary, the neighbor wife, was a shorter, chunkier, darker farm woman who had screwed just about every male in her general age bracket, and a few well outside it, before settling down as a pregnant bride. Sam, her husband, was a medium sized barrel of a farm boy. He had been her boyfriend since grade school and took Mary's cherry during a swim party then watched her do two other boys. She always treated him as number one, even if there were numbers 2,3 or more sticking it to her too, so he let her get the wildness out of her system during high school. She sent a few horny girls his way to show her appreciation. Hattie, like her husband, was fairly tall and slender with a light complexion and hair color. Hattie had a few lovers including Mary's future husband. The two couples were longtime friends and often double dated. Trading back and forth wasn't unusual and it had been noted that Mary's first son looked more like Slim than Sam.

One night when the neighbors were there, Slim was complaining about the help situation. "Hattie," Mary said, well lubricated with shine, "you know them boys is wantin pussy. If they didn't have to go to town for it then no one could steal them away!" Now Mary had some strapping boys too young for the army so didn't have the help issue but she sure could give advice just the same.

Hattie looked a bit shocked as the thought filtered through the liquor and slowly replied, "You might be onta somethin there." Looking at her husband she continued, "What would you think about me goin to the bunkhouse once a week to keep the help happy?" Inhibitions were dropping fast and the somber, practical Slim said slowly, "Might just work. Just don't want to wear yer twitchet out though." Mary laughed and poked Sam in the ribs, "Lots of practice never hurt mine, did it?"

Later on, as Mary was riding Slim's substantial pole, she reassured him, "Don't you worry none about the boys pokin your Hattie. She'll probably like it but your pecker is the best around here, and I ought to know. It's my favorite and don't tell my husband I said that either." For that she got a couple of shots of hot cum at the very end of her well used cunt.

There was only one farm hand at the moment but one more got recruited with Mary's help. Both women inspected the prospect's physique and phallus as part of the hiring process. The signing bonus was 20 minutes in Hattie's saddle with the explanation that hard work would get this on a regular basis. The simple rules were that above the neck and in the bum were only for husbands but the rest was theirs to enjoy. Mary would graciously help out if it was Hattie's period. Farm productivity and morale increased rapidly. Turnover was limited to different sex positions, not change of staff. True to what he had been told, Slim was getting as much, if not more, lovin from Hattie. He didn't notice any wear and tear at all.

Since farm work was six days a week, it was Saturday night when the hands took baths, shaved, and got laid. Hattie would bring a bit of shine to the bunkhouse and serve it after taking off her dress. Each week she rotated whose bunk she got into first. The other one went out on the porch in good weather or the other room if not. He held his erection in anticipation as he heard the noises from the other man pounding her pussy. She usually visited each bunk twice since the first round didn't last long for each man after a week without. Her furry fun hole usually emptied them in about an hour or so and then she would stop at the outhouse to drain, and the pump to rinse, her snatch before joining her waiting husband. In spite of all the dicking, she would still be hot and silky feeling as his big pecker squeezed out the cum that still remained in his wife before adding his own.

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