I Kill Monsters

by Cantbuymy

Copyright© 2014 by Cantbuymy

Horror Story: This dark tale talks about evil and the fight to stop evil by any means possible. This story introduces two characters to the readers. I will bring them back every once in a while but this was the first time I used them they came to me as a result of a story written called Yukon by - well it does not matter. It is a continuation to a story "Yukon."

Caution: This Horror Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Fiction   Horror   Revenge   .

This story introduces two characters to the readers. I will bring them back every once in a while but this was the first time I used them they came to me as a result of a story written called Yukon by – well it does not matter. It is a continuation to a story "Yukon."

A couple go to Yukon, wife is fucked silly by a scum bag monster of a man who has done it before to others; husband is forced to put up with it until he finally figures out a way to kill the monster. Wife tells him monster is twice as long and around as husband; that monster gives her multiple orgasms, she enjoys it. After he kills the monster the wife asks why he killed the monster. Husband does a little anal with wife -- wife tells him monster got there first because husband did not help with work around cabin while monster was fucking the moaning wife.

Husband, who has no name in any of the stories, stays with the wife and of course she is pregnant and gives him some shit about it could be his, when there is no way in hell it could be his as only the Monster was fucking her when she was fertile and of course she will not have an abortion.

This made me think about evil and evil people creating other evil people. Would a woman who married Hitler knowing how much of a monster he really was, would she become a monster or would she already be a monster? Would their spawn be a monster too, or would the wife develop it? And what would someone who could do something do when two monsters make a third.

And then there are others, where the husband and wife fight the monster even unto their own deaths.

That is what we are dealing with here. The monster is dead but his spawn is buried within the wife of another man, I am that man. What is the husband to do?

The answer is simple for me:


I had just rid the world of two more monsters, now I was a monster too. My method of ending their existence was brutal. I smeared them with seal blubber and seal oil and let them play with the killer whales that have a fondness for seals.

We had our own boat. I knew I would need it. The planning had taken many years, and I was careful. No one would catch me. The Sound was quiet and the night dark. There was little light from the moon and now I was alone in the Sound.

The monsters were dead and now for the second part of my plan.

The light was bright enough to blind me. I went down in the boat as I was hit on the side of the head with something heavy. When I woke up I was unable to move, I was blindfolded and I had something in my mouth to prevent me from making a sound.

The next thing I remembered was being lifted into the air. I was afraid and did not know why I was flying. Then I was falling and I hit something cold and hard. There was a vibration and the sound of motors and the feeling of movement, slow rolling movement.

I was dragged onto a cart of some type and then more movement. The world was moving and rolling. I wanted to ask questions, but I could not. I wanted to know if the sounds around me would tell me where I was, but again there was nothing. Then I was alone.

Some time passed how much I don't know. Then I heard a voice,

"I saw you kill them."

I could not respond, I was still gagged, but who the hell was this and why was she talking to me. Yes "she," it was a woman her voice low and gravelly, but it was a woman.

It took a long time before the voice came back. I was still strapped into a chair or something; at least I thought I was. I knew I could not move. I sat there cold and hungry. The hood that I now wore was lifted enough to take the gag out of my mouth with a warning that I was not to talk. Something was put into my mouth and I was told to suck, it was a straw. I was still in the dark but now I was not thirsty. Then something else was put into my mouth and I ate. Then more water and then the gag is again placed in my mouth.

I was there so long that I soiled myself. After an unknown time I was told to lift up as best I could, I was then hit with a spray of water from a powerful hose and I could smell bleach. I sat wet and cold. Was this the place for monsters?

These events took place over and over, with no apparent rhythm or discernable pattern. My senses were distorted, time had no meaning. I went from one extreme to another.

The darkness, the rolling of the ship, at least I still thought it was a ship, the vibration of the motors and the periodic change in movement, did nothing to help me understand.

I don't know how long I was there; it could have been days or weeks. Then I felt something cold and heavy going around my ankles, as well as my writs. Then the blindfold was taken off and I was in the dark but I could just make out a form in front of me. I could hear movement. Time passed but I could not tell how much, but the form stayed.

"You want to tell me why you did it, are you a monster too?" the form asked.

"Lady, I have no idea what you are talking about. Did what?" I asked.

I could tell without seeing, even in the dark, she was shaking her head and making strange noises.

"I'm going to let you get up but you are going to have one hell of a time moving. So don't fuck with me or you are dead."

She cut the tape on my legs to the chair and then went behind me and undid the handcuffs.

"Stand up but don't try to walk yet." She added.

It was still dark where ever I was so I just did as she said. I was swaying back and forth as I stood there.

She turned some lights on low and then slowly turned them up. I looked around and back to my captor. She was about forty five years old and looked like she had lived a hard life. Her face bore the signs of scars superimposed on her with anger, but still it looked like a beautiful face. She had obviously not taken care of her skin and by being out in the ocean for years she looked worn; at least I thought we were out in the ocean.

Now I was sure that I could hear the ship moving through the water. She told me to follow her and she walked over and opened the bulkhead hatch to the outside. The sun shone in and it was easy to follow my captor's walk. She had an obvious limp. I tried to follow, not paying attention and damn near ended up on my face. She had used leg irons and the same weight was used on my wrists. There was a belt around my waist and a cable through the belt to each wrist as well as my ankles. It was a combination of a perp walk and being on a chain gang.

I was moving almost my body weight with each step. I was going to be able to move but not very fast. When I was finally outside and then through a gangway to the bridge I got a real good look at what was happening. I was on a ship, about 80 foot, a deep sea fishing boat.

I asked where the captain and crew was, thinking I could get some help. Then it dawned on me that getting help would mean getting convicted of a double murder. Well I had nothing to really worry about, there was no crew. Everything that was done was done by my captor, as I would later find out.

Again she approached me, she did not smile, and she just said again,

"You killed them. You are a monster. But you also killed Pierre, and he was a monster too."

"Lady, I don't have any idea what you are talking about. I did not kill anyone and when you picked me up I was alone because I went out alone. And I don't know anyone named Pierre." I wanted to stick with the same lie.

She hit me with a Taser and I went down. I could feel my body convulsing.

"Don't lie to me again" she told me.

After a very long time I was finally able to get to my feet; it was hard to do secured as I was. It was like moving a leg and not being able to move my arm at the same time.

"You killed your wife and child in the Sound and you killed Pierre on the island. Tell me why you did it and I may kill you quickly."

I sat in the chair she moved to put handcuffs on me. I could have grabbed her, with some difficulty, but I didn't. I was a monster and I wanted her to kill me, quickly if possible.

She circled me like I was prey and she a predator and maybe we each filled that role. She came so close that I could see every line on her face as she examined me, looking for the softest spot for the first hit. She had been cut on her face; jagged cuts that had hurt being made, and hurt to remember, but there was no sign of any plastic surgery. She was as they healed, but I could tell that the real scars were within, like mine, still burning with pain and fresh to the memory.

The scars on her face were no longer red and angry but there was the look of pain and death in her face. Her eyes were lifeless; there was no light in them. I had seen those eyes too, every time I shaved. I knew there was more, she walked with a limp.

"I will tell you first and then you will tell me." She said. "I knew the monster and he touched me, he made me as you see me now. But I was not always this way. I came from a line of fishermen on the east coast. I had a happy childhood, I went to sea with my father and brothers in a boat much like this one. I went to school and college and fell in love and I married.

"Nothing in life prepares you for a real monster. Nothing prepares you to deal with true evil and how it changes you. I was married to a sweet man, a college English professor. We had not yet started a family, and he did not mind I was still fishing and out to sea for periods of time with my family. We were in love. There was a chance that he might have taken a job on the west coast so we went out looking at the area and decided to take a little vacation. I was not as young as your wife was, but I was not as old as I am now. Yes, I know about your wife. I am almost 45 now and it was a little more than 12 years ago.

"Did the monster tell you there were others? [This time I did respond, I nodded yes.] Yes he would, he loved to brag. He caught us where he caught you. My husband did not know how to fight, he had never done any such thing in his past, and he too was unprepared for pure evil. But we did fight the monster, both my husband and I, together. There was no chance of winning but we fought together. He made my sweet husband watch as he raped me over and over. Even then I fought. I bit him, I tried to kick him, but the monster loved it. But I still fought. The monster was required to tie my legs down so he could rape me. When he was in me I never moved so that he would never get any satisfaction. I refused to allow my body to respond to him. I willed my body to stay dry and I suffered the pain. The monster just used oil. He raped my ass too, all as my poor sweet Charles had to watch.

"I could see Charles crying but I kept my eyes locked on his, telling him in those looks that I loved only him. The monster beat me when I refused to allow him more than minor pleasure. The monster tried to put his cock in my mouth and I told him I would love to get it that close to my teeth. The monster said he would kill my husband if I did not do it, I still refused. We were going to die anyway I told him.

"One time Charles got free and tried to strike the monster with a piece of wood. The monster laughed and beat Charles until he could not stand and his face was bloody. Then he made me watch as he raped Charles. It steeled my resolve to kill the monster. Then the monster made me watch as he took a rope and hung Charles by the neck. I can still see his feet and legs kicking in the air. It took a long time for Charles to die. Our eyes met, I thanked Charles for the chance of life, for his devotion and love for me. We spoke with looks, no words were possible. The light went out in his eyes and took the light in mine with his, as he died.

"My beloved Charles died for me. He knew he could not take the monster on but he wanted me to be able to escape. The attack was a diversion. Charles had gotten free and while striking the monster he put a small knife that was in the cabin on the bed I was tied to. As the monster beat my poor Charles, and he raped my poor Charles, as he hung my poor Charles, Charles became my savior, my brave wonderful Charles, who died for my freedom and the end of my pain and torture.

"By this time the monster had my broken hip, and the monster had cut my face. But I refused to submit. He went out after killing my brave wonderful Charles and I cut myself free. I kissed my dead Charles and told him I would never forget him and I would avenge his death. But you prevented that didn't you? [I did not answer at all.] I was able to get away and he tracked me but I was just as determined to live and avenge Charles. I am not sure how long I was out there but it must have been more than a month. I survived on what I could scavenge. I fought other smaller animals for the rotting flesh of the dead. I ate shrubs and leaves. I survived just to come back and kill the monster. Eventually I saw the monster leave in his boat. I went back and there was no Charles. I then realized that I had not had a period in a long time and that the monster had left a monster inside of me. I killed it myself, with a stick. I would not allow evil to grow inside of me. It hurt and I became infected but I did not care, I killed the monster within, I would not allow another monster to come into the world.

"Somehow I was found but by then I was crazy; I still am. They did not know who I was; the monster had left nothing about us behind. It was two years before I got my memory and my sanity back enough to get out. I talked to the doctors about the monster but they did not believe in monsters. I told them about pure evil but they did not understand. It would take many years before I could say it like I just have with you; I have had a lot of time to practice saying it, repeating it, inside my own mind.

I went home but there was nothing left for me. I had money because of the insurance and I sold everything I had and took the money to come out here and I bought this boat. I fish alone, but I was actually just looking for the monster. I am safe alone there are no monsters here with me.

"It was about 8 years ago that I went back to the place where I first confronted the monster. I found him where you left him. I took the rocks away and took what was left of his body. I know you want to know how I was able to do it. I cut him into pieces and carted him to the ocean. I put him on this boat and took it to sea and I boiled him down to nothing and poured his tallow into the ocean. His bones I smashed, I spread them out and what was left of his flesh I fed to the sea too. You did a good job on the monster, but you deprived me of my vengeance." There was anger and pain in her voice.

By this time I was beginning to understand some of what she was feeling. I told her that:

"I killed the monster and claimed what was mine. But it was no longer mine she had become the monster's woman by choice."

"Did I forget to tell you that my name used to be Elizabeth? Well it was. It is not that anymore. I cannot go back to what I was; I am not that person anymore. I was able to find out who was there last and trace you and your wife. I was able to see that she had been pregnant and had a monster. Yes I have pictures and I can see the monster in him. It looked like him. It must have been difficult for you. But enough of this for now, you must be hungry and tired. But I have one more thing to show you and then maybe tomorrow, or some time when you are ready, you will tell me why." She ended.

She swung the chair around and I was facing a video monitor. It came to life and I could see, in the light of the moon, myself pouring seal blubber inside and outside of the monster's wet suit and the pod of killer whales feeding on him. Then I saw the same for the monster's sow. I felt no remorse or guilt. The child was never mine and my wife had died on the island 10 years earlier.

I was un-cuffed and the rules explained. I could go anywhere on the ship I wanted if I could move there myself. Remember that I was carrying my own weight in chains and bulk metal. When called I would answer and I was given a whistle for that purpose. If I heard a special whistle from her, I would be required to blow my own whistle. When she needed to sleep I would come back to bridge and she would cuff me to the chair so she could sleep. I agreed but I did not ask to be freed yet.

I was more than a week later before I would talk. She kept to herself. She ran the boat herself putting out the traps and picking them up. Putting out nets and bringing them in. Everything that could be done with machines she had them do. She was a small operation and could not compete with the large ships but she made a living and the boat was hers. If the weather was too bad she simply moved away.

I was there a week before I asked for something to do while we were out; and I wanted to know how long we would be at sea. She told me about three months and that we would offload our cargo to a larger mother ship and pick up fuel and supplies the same way. She told me I could cook and stay out of the way so I did, but a few days later I told her I wanted to do more. There was always work to do and I needed to do something more than cooking. I wanted to do some of the heavy work. It was hard to do it in chains but I wanted to and I did.

One day we were in the middle of a squall. Some cargo had broken free and she went to deal with it. It was not difficult to remove the chains so I did. She was down below moving barrels and crates that had broken free during the storm and I just walked over to her and started helping. I did not look directly at her but she noticed me and at first I could see fear in her eyes and her body tensed. I continued to work until I had moved everything from where it was to where she wanted it. Then I went back to the bridge and put the chains back on and put my hands behind my back and waited for her to cuff me to the chair. She did and I sat and waited for her to say something, but she was silent. I never tried to get out of the cuffs, I probably could have if I wanted, but she needed assurance that there were times when she was safe.

Our routine started. When she was going to sleep I would sit and be chained and cuffed and when she was awake I would be freed to help. I was allowed to sleep in a bunk in one of the cabins. It was strange but after the first time I did not go down to sleep in comfort; I stayed in the cabin off the bridge so that I could help in case of problems.

It was about one month into our common journey after she had removed me from the prison of darkness and chains that something else became apparent and that had to do with my boat. It was not large as the video showed, but Ell, I had stated calling her Ell, was storing things inside of it. We did not have a lot of room on deck but she had saved my boat. She kept chum in it and any number of dead things from the sea. She told me she needed the space and she kept trash in there too. She did not like to pollute the sea she said. Later I would find she lied to me.

"Are you ready to talk?" She asked me one day as we were drinking coffee on the bridge.

"We were on a trip like you and Charles. The monster wanted my woman and he took her. I was not strong enough to fight him alone. She was willing and moaned like a whore every time he wanted her. He did not have to take her, she was a willing whore. I listened to them every day and night but unlike Charles I was not required to watch.

"I came up with a plan to kill the monster and it worked. When I told her it was dead she asked why I had to kill it. I knew then that she would rather have had the monster alive than me. I almost slept alone that night but she wanted me in her bed and I took her, she was mine by right of conquest. But it was no longer her I was making love with; it was the monster's whore I was fucking. She made sure to tell me that he took her ass and tried to blame it on me because I was not subservient enough. She fucked me like she fucked him but never failed to mention he was twice my size.

"She told me she missed her period and thought it was mine, but I knew the truth. Only the monster fucked her during her fertile period, she had her period when we arrived so it was not mine. I would have killed her then but I needed to be free and she would not have an abortion. So I stayed. I knew immediately it was not mine, a man knows these things. When I was able I got a DNA test and had proof it was not mine. The monster had made a monster with his whore.

"But still I waited to see what would happen. The first thing that happened is that we quit having sex, I did not mind. We had one of those baby monitors and I had come home early and I heard her talking to the monster's baby. She was telling him that I was not its father, that I had murdered its father, and that at the right time she and he would kill me for my crime. I knew then that they must die, but how?

"As time went on I paid attention and as the monster got older I saw her encourage him to hurt others. She would tell him to hit his friends and to steal from them. She would tell him to use a piece of wood or a rock as a weapon. She encouraged him to kill things, dogs, cats, and birds if it was alive it was his to kill.

"I came up with a plan. I knew the monsters would want to be where they were created, her as his whore and the monster in her womb. I came up with the idea of a small vacation home in the Sound and killer whale watching and study. We were not here enough for people to get to know the evil I brought with me 4 times a year.

"I knew that as I was planning so were they. I used listening devices in the house and heard their plans. I did not need to keep copies I just needed to know what they were going to do. This last time I found out that this was to be our last trip as a family of three; I was to die slowly and painfully.

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