Baby Must Know Discipline

by Reana-with-Cur

Copyright© 2014 by Reana-with-Cur

BDSM Sex Story: Another short story ordered by my dominant and controlling Mistress Reana Stockbroker by day, Cedric reverts to infancy by night. The motherly Mistress, Nurse and a Nanny ensure his humiliation. A spanking for wetting, anal taking of temperature, a good baby-oiling, and suckling on maternal breasts is in order. Baby is disciplined and humiliated to the satisfaction of all.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Doctor/Nurse   Big Breasts   .

Cedric Fotheringham paced urgently in his tight business suit toward the address he visited so often as ever after a strenuous day at the stock market. He glanced about him before pressing the button on the intercom, a voice crackled in response to the buzzer.

'Hello?' Cedric cleared his throat.

'Mummy, please, your baby needss firm hand.' A pleased sneer was just audible before the automatic bolt clunked across and the door could now be opened. Cedric stepped into the plush foyer of the luxury flats and stepped into the lift. His cock rose with the lift as he was elevated to the third floor. The usual butterflies populated his stomach as he walked swiftly to flat 16 and fumbled with the key. He slipped in and was immediately hit by the welcoming scent of baby oil and talcum powder.

As ever, he entered the first room, stripped naked leaving his clothes in the wardrobe and showered in the cubicle that was there. The next part of his routine was to pick an adult sized disposable nappy from one of the many boxes of which lined the wall. His cock poked nicely as he removed the covers from the adhesive tabs and fastened the cosy nappy tight. He now padded softly in his bare feet down the carpeted hall to bedroom 2. Inside a cosy and inviting cot the size of a double bed, from which it had been fashioned awaited him. He pulled on the woolen booties that lay on the cot and tied on the blue silk bonnet which accompanied them, then slipped into the comfort of the bed. A soft nippled comforter hung from the cot bars above his pillow; he would gratefully suck on this once 'Mummy' had been alerted to his need of her.

His cock ached as he had made sure to retain all liquids throughout the day, his bladder was fit to burst as he nestled into the soft cotton bedding and thought of the matronly chastisement to come. He concentrated on the mobile which twirled above, and the alphabet wallpaper as he fought with his bladder. His sphincter clenched and opened with the fear of rebuke from the mother come governess who would spank him soundly if he soiled his nappy. He had been in the comfort of his cot for no more than 15 minutes when he let the contents of his bladder go. He moaned with pleasure as the warmth of hot urine spread around his cock and balls as he assumed a foetal position, and sucked his thumb while his anus squeezed and dilated as he imagined the firm hand on his buttocks. He leaned over and spoke timidly into the baby monitor.

' Mummy, I've been a bad boy.' A rustling sound reverberated from the monitor, followed by the noise of a door closing. Mummy would not be pleased. His cock was rigid in the warm piss contained by the nappy as he hid himself beneath the covers and waited for the opening of the door. It creaked open and a huge breasted woman of about 40 strode in, her nipples and globular breasts evident through the silk kimono she wore, her only item of clothing today. Stern brown eyes looked down at the cowering lump beneath the sheets.

'If baby has wet my bed he shall be very sorry indeed. As it is he shall have a thorough spanking even if he has wasted another nappy. He is old enough to know how to use the potty now. Present yourself!' 'Baby' pulled back the covers and his cock bulged in the nappy at her glorious authority; her chestnut hair was tied back in a ponytail making her look all the more severe, her tight red lips and brown eyes frowned down at the pathetically infantile male. It was as much as the dominant woman could do to refrain from smiling, she loved to have adult males in this position and he would be mothered and governed so sweetly.

His cock peeped erect through the elasticated waist-band of the nappy as she let the silken kimono slide down the soft curves of her full body. His balls tingled urgently, he was already yearning to cum as she picked a tin of talc from the bedside and dusted her hands; he knew those sharply manicured fingers would soon leave their impression on his arse when his error was 'discovered'. She turned and gave baby a broad smile as she noted his eyes were transfixed by her huge breasts, her pussy was nicely wet now as she relished spanking baby for the hidden misdemeanour she knew would be there. The routine was always very similar, her smile dissolved into a stern frown.

'In what way has baby been a bad boy? Mummy is feeling very strict today, and will not tolerate boys who have been naughty. You will come down to the mat immediately; I will inspect you now!' Her eyes viewed the posed juvenile figure with scorn as he slipped sheepishly from the bed, and padded slowly in his cotton booties to the large baby blue padded mat placed centrally in the bedroom; she put her hands on her hips and sighed audibly as she saw how his nappy sagged.

'I think baby is going to feel my hand today. Come here and lay across my thighs so I may see how bad you've been.' Baby's cock maintained it's rigidity as he watched his Mistress lay elegantly on one extended arm, her beautifully curved hips resting sideways on the softly padded mat, her huge breasts hanging with large brown areola circling her erect nipples which poked like thumbs. She patted her large soft thighs, inviting him to lay over them, something he was compelled to do. His balls tingled as his cock slipped in the combined warmth of the urine soaked nappy and her firm flesh; his arse now lifted high, ready for her perusal. His anus tingled as her commanding voice announced he would be found out.

'Now let's see if baby has really been a bad boy.' Her maternal authority oozed forth and she smiled victoriously as she felt his cock twitch and pulse against her legs while she peeled back the adhesive stays. Her pussy swelled, hot and moist as she felt the warm wetness within the nappy's padding; baby had certainly earned a thorough spanking.

'You HAVE been a bad boy! Mummy will clean baby up, then baby shall be made to regret not using his potty.' She slipped the wet nappy from under him, and felt the pleasing warmth of his stiff cock nestling on her thighs, baby gasped as she leaned back to reach for the baby wipes, then opened her thighs slightly to allow his stiff cock between them, before clamping them together holding his hot stiffness captive with her firm flesh. He so wanted to come as Mummy gently wiped his arse and balls with the scented wipes, in preparation for his spanking; her clitoris tingled as she felt his cock pulse when she pressed the wipe into his arsehole.

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