Anne's Goodbye

by John Lewiston

Copyright© 2014 by John Lewiston

Science Fiction Sex Story: Anne (Frank's wife and Obie's mom) says a temporary goodbye to Lieutenant Stewart. This story falls after the events in "Stewart's Third Mission" and is a kind of thank you for those that have sent me such kind comments about the series. This doesn't advance the story, it's pretty much just sex. This story is loosely connected to "Anne's Night." The two stories were conceived as one Sheherazade-like narrative, but it worked better when they were separate. Thank you, Readers!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, science-fiction romantic heterosexual sex story, sci-fi male domination story, sci-fi bisexual sex story.

I was working in my office pod after breakfast, catching up on the inevitable paperwork that accumulated while I was on my Earth mission, when I heard the door slide open and looked up. Yoo Jin was leading Anne into the pod with an arm around her waist. Yoo Jin said, "Anne and Frank are scheduled to transfer over to the 'Northern Lights' early this evening. When they get there, they are going into the medtubes first thing to have their bodies be reshaped into the form that she and Frank have decided." Yoo Jin looked into Anne's eyes and smiled. "Anne has taken my advice on her new appearance. She's going to be a knockout!" She pulled Anne into a kiss that was more than sisterly. As they broke the kiss, Yoo Jin said, "Anyway, she didn't want to wait until the last minute to say goodbye." Yoo Jin lightly kissed Anne again and, winking at me, turned and left.

Anne had adapted to Confederacy culture as quickly as anyone that I had ever met. It was her appearance, nude and aroused, at a pow-wow I was having with her husband Frank that pushed Frank over the edge into embracing the Confederacy and becoming Anne's sponsor.

I realized that, after this afternoon, I wouldn't see Anne and Frank for a few months while they and their son, Obie, were in slow transit, and that this was the last time I would see her as the 40-year-old woman I had known for many years. I looked at Anne through fresh eyes. She was wearing what I recognized as one of Ruth's creations, a multileveled pink concubine's shift that floated like a cloud around her. When she moved it clung to her body like paint, concealing, while displaying, every inch of her flesh. As she shifted her weight, I could see the slight sway of her breasts, the swell of her belly, and the small raised area where her pubic hair pressed against the bottom hem of the cloth.

I first met Anne oat a church youth camp. She was a member of the Fellowship youth group in the neighboring town. She was bright, breezy, athletic, and seemed to be fearless. But somewhere in her eyes I saw a sadness that made me want to protect and comfort her. She was years younger than me, but her presence outshone all the other girls. Of course the two alpha males in our group, me and Frank, zeroed in on her within minutes. After several months of her dating one or the other of us, Frank won. I lost. I was best man at their wedding. And congratulating her on that day was the first and last time that I had ever kissed Anne.

I felt the old surge of attraction. "Wow, Anne. You look spectacular in that frock. You look better now than when we were dating." She blushed and curtsied, her pubes making a brief appearance when the shift floated in place while her hips dipped. Then, with a private smile, she reached behind her neck with one hand and released a fastener, causing the frock to slowly, slowly drift down, gradually revealing her soft, slightly sagging breasts, stretched-marked belly, hips, and furry sex. The fabric pooled at her small, perfectly-formed feet. Her body was still trim and athletic, but it did show the wear of four decades and a childbirth.

"How do I look out of the frock, Lieutenant Stewart?"

Maybe it's my sense of the perverse, but when you are surrounded by people who all look like they are in their late teens, the appearance of a middle-aged woman seems exotic. It grabs your attention. The soft, slight sag of her breasts and her ass, the way her nipples had that baby-chewed-on look, the tiny smile lines crinkling at the corner of her eyes, all together let you know that this is a woman with experience, a woman who has ridden out the hardships that come with life, a woman who knows how to satisfy a man. I had seen her nude only once before, two days earlier, when she had returned to the room with Ruth and Yoo Jin; all three of them wearing the self-satisfied smiles of cats that owned a canary farm.

Much as I wanted her, I didn't want to back-door my best friend. I gulped. "Uh, Anne, where's Frank?"

Anne's smile changed from friendly to beguiling. I felt that smile all the way down to my balls. She stepped out of the pool of fabric around her feet and started to slowly walk to where I was sitting. "Frank is in our pod, Richard, sleep-learning about Confederacy medical technology," she said. "He knows I'm here, and he knows what I'm doing. We talked about it all last night. We all three know that you have found me attractive since we first met. We all three know that you would never do anything to hurt Frank or me by showing unwanted attention. But this is a new world, isn't it? Everything has changed."

She stepped in front of me and perched herself on the edge of my desk so that her breasts were right in front of my eyes. My eyes involuntarily locked onto her nipples. My mouth watered, but I kept my hands to myself. Reaching down, she caressed my face, drawing her fingers along my jaw line. Her touch was intimate; electricity seemed to flow from her touch, and it sparked a response deep inside me. "As you explained to us, I'm no longer Frank's wife. I'm his concubine, his toy, and within days he's going to have several more toys. So all last night I begged him so sweetly, and we did such naughty things, that he gave in and let me see you one last time before we left." From her hand, touching my face, rose her scent, a light melon and floral aroma, mixed with the scent of her womanly flesh. Circuit breakers started tripping in my head.

She drew my chin up, so that I looked over the swell of her breasts into her eyes. I wanted those breasts; I longed for those eyes. "I need to thank you, Richard, for getting Obie and me away from those horrible Earth First people. I know that they would have killed both of us if you hadn't walked into that awful house." I started to reply, but she put her fingers to my lips, shushing me. "But it's much more than that. I need to thank you for giving me and Frank a new life, away from the destruction that's coming, where I'll be able to give him many, many more children, and for saving Obie and Consuela, so that I'll get to hold and love my many grandchildren."

I took a difficult breath. "Anne, you said thank you right after I got out of the medtube."

She took my hand and pressed it, palm first, to her breast. A thrill shot through me. I couldn't help but enjoy the heat of the soft, yielding flesh under my fingers. Quite without my conscious will, my hand began rolling her hardening nipple between my thumb and forefinger. "Oh," she whispered, "That feels so right. I've wanted that touch since we first went to that drive-in movie in your dad's car, but you were so straight-laced."

"I want to..." she started, "No. I need to say 'thank you' in a more personal way." She took the hand that had been having a holiday at her breast and pushed it down to her sex, spreading her legs slightly to give it easy access. My fingers combed through her curly pubes and came to rest on her hot, moist vulva. She sucked in a breath through clenched teeth.

"I'm a concubine, Richard. Yesterday Ruth and Yoo Jin sat with me and we watched the concubine training videos. When the videos got too intense, they paused them and ... comforted me." Anne blushed from the tops of her womanly breasts to the roots of her hair. "I no longer am allowed any shame, Richard. I don't own anything, not even my body. I don't have anything I can give you, Richard, to repay you for what you and your family have done. So I begged sweet Frank to loan this old body to you."

Again, without conscious volition, my fingers started stroking her slippery and swelling labia. She closed her eyes for a moment as she involuntarily spread her legs wider. The scent of her arousal mixed with her perfume and pretty much shut down the 'good judgement' lobe of my brain. She took my face into her hands and leaned down. Her blue eyes, the blue eyes that had filled my dreams for all of 10th grade, swelled and filled my vision. Anne placed her lips on mine and started a deep, slow, totally involving kiss. It was a kiss that caught my entire being. I lost track of where I was, what was happening, and what would happen next. There was, in the whole universe, only that kiss.

After an eternity, she broke the kiss and my head slowed in it's spinning. She slid off the desk to kneel between my legs. "Master," she said in a little-girl voice, "this little whore-girl begs to suck your big, hard cock." Her electrically-charged hands stroked the lump in my pajama pants, then skillfully opened the fly and pulled my erect cock free. Her eyes widened at the handful that the girls had talked me into getting the last time I was in the medtube. "Oh, Master! I've never dreamed of having something so big and beautiful in me!"

"I'm sure that you set Frank up with his own new specifications." I said.

"But that's tomorrow, Master. I've never in my life seen a man so big and strong as you! When I think of how you left the people who you love to walk into danger for me, how you fought those horrible men for me, and almost died for me..." Tears were running down her cheeks. "I want you to take everything from me, have everything I can give you..." She parted her lips and started to take me into her mouth. Her tears fell on my belly as she tried her best to give me a blow job.

In the last few years I had become a fan of blow jobs, and my concubines all had studied and practiced their technique. I say this not to dismiss Anne's efforts, I was very moved by her gesture, but to say that I think that she was enjoying it more than me. I think that the confluence of acting out her gratitude by giving me what she saw as her most precious belonging (her chastity) and her acting out a secret fantasy (being slave girl to a warrior) added together to make the smell of my sex scent and the taste of my pre-come the most exquisitely sexual event, so far, of her new concubine life. "So young," I thought, "so naive."

I must admit that I was enjoying being sexually serviced from a girl that I had masturbated about all through high school, one that had always been out of my reach. I reached out and gently stoked the blond helmet of her hair as her head bobbed up and down and her tongue lapped at the underside of my cock. After a moment I released the waist fasteners of my pants, lifted my ass, and slipped them away. Anne responded by cupping my balls with her hands.

After a few minutes she pulled her mouth off my cock and started rubbing its head against her cheek. This actually felt much better than than her inexpert attempt. She slid the head of my cock from one cheek, across her mouth, to her other cheek. I felt the tightening in my balls that announced my coming ejaculation. Her breath started coming deeper and faster. I looked down and saw that she had one hand holding my cock and one hand buried between her legs. My cock erupted, spraying hot semen across her checks and into her open mouth. Her breath caught and she let out a moan. "Oh Master! You make me so wicked! I can't stop myself from c ... c ... coming!" Her breath blew out explosively, her body twitched and she lost her grip in the base of my cock.

After a moment she sighed and brought both hands back to my cock. I could smell the aroma of her cunt. She nuzzled and kissed the base of my cock for a a few minutes, then stopped when she felt it growing big and hard again in her hands. She looked up at me. "Is it true that you have a male concubine?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied, "and his name is Kyle."

"And you have ... sex with him?" She asked.

"That's Kyle's job, to have sex and to serve me. He's very good at it."

She shivered and looked back at my cock, now fully engorged and pulsing. "How ... how do you do it? Do you uh, put it in him?"

Anne, Anne, Anne, I thought. So seemingly smart and sophisticated, now so at sea. I knew though, that the thought of two men having sex was as erotic to many women as my arousal at the thought of two women having sex. My girls loved to be included when Kyle was my bed partner.

"He sucks my cock and I come in his mouth. He swallows. He always wants me to put my cock up his ass."

Anne's eyes widened and she blushed at my directness. "So he doesn't like girls?"

"Anne, Kyle loves girls and the girls love him. My concubine Phyllis is pregnant with his child. His nickname among my girls is 'Love Monkey.' He just loves me too."

"I ... wish" She blushed again and looked at the floor. "I wish I could see you two making love. That would be so ... wicked and arousing."

I smiled. "Alfred, please display surveillance video of me in Corporal Jackson's quarters aboard the 'Northern Lights' with concubines Phyllis and Kyle. Display the event life-size on the wall to my left. Begin playback on my cue."

"Very good sir."

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