The Herbs of Satisfaction

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A man suffering from impotence comes across a herb supposed to cure him, he tries it without success, also gives it to his wife, without success. He invites a mate to test his wife, he fucks her and she sucks him off. She leaves the husband - read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

They say a story can start in many different ways and have a variety of endings. This story started with an e mail and ended at a New Years Eve celebration, but a celebration with a difference.

Each day Trevor checked his mail not only for the chit-chat from his friends but also for what comments he received from the array of short stories that he entered in various competitions. It was an interest, just another string on the bow of activities that he did as he was now retired. He opened the mail and as usual there was the assortment of what he considered just junk mail that came because he was on the mailing list of his friends who were always investigating various options for their interests and that included medical reports of a variety of ills that they may have an interest in. However, one report was of a new sexual herb that was guaranteed to boost one's sex life.

Trevor smiled to himself and just wondered how much that 'guarantee' was worth, but in reality he certainly had nothing to loose by trying it. His own sex life was a failure because his wife, maybe because it was a marriage of convenience and certainly 'love' never entered into it or it could be because she had got 'very religious' and now regarded any such activity as a 'no', 'no'. When he thought of it he could only recall one time when she went overboard and that was in a train carriage, in fact she was so randy that if other men had been present she would have fucked them as well; but that was ancient history and the more he thought about it, it was the only time he actually remembered mounting his wife. 'Cripes I haven't had her parade nude in fact she get very upset if I go into the bathroom when she is having a shower. "Please knock before you come in", she had said one day as she draped a towel around her.

'I should have fucked her the first day I met her', he muttered to himself as he took note of the ingredients of this sexual herb. 'But no I was a nice bloke and didn't seriously touch her till we married. I think she was desperate, afraid of being left on the shelf and I was too immature to not recognize the warning signs. Oh! well that is the way the dice has fallen, but fuck I'm going to give this a go. Maybe it will turn her on and for me get me hard, something that has been lacking for a long time'.

Each day he applied a spoonful of the herb to both their meals. He had no idea of what was supposed to happen the e mail hadn't given out that information. In his imagination he had her running around nude, grabbing his hard erection, sucking it till saliva covered it and then dragging him down on her, spreading her thighs and shoving it up her very hairy cunt and with a 'Fuck me' do exactly that. However, in reality she behaved as she had always done treated him with contempt.

He knew he didn't have a good relationship with women and the hostility that existed in the house could be so strong that it countered any results that the herb may have generated and it was for that reason he invited a mate, who he knew was very popular with women for afternoon tea. He briefed him as to the reason for the invite. "You want me to fuck your wife Trevor", he asked with a grin.

"I tried the herb that the e mail told me was a sexual guarantee, in my case and hers for that matter it has been a dead loss. We barely speak so that could block any achievements, however, you Harry could be successful, after all you do have a 'thing' with women for you have boasted that there wasn't a woman that you fancied, didn't drop her panties or sucked you off. Sure I want you to fuck my wife and also get her to suck you off and maybe this useless cock of mine could become active and join in".

To give his wife her due she was a good hostess when there were guests, no body would suspect that it was a front that covered a very hostile environment. She hovered over Harry and attended to his desires whether it was a refill in coffee or to replace the eats and all the time registering a very nice smile. With a whisper to Trevor that he was going to try his luck he followed her into the kitchen and as she put more sweet biscuits onto a tray he cupped both her tits and began to squeeze and massage them.

Her first comment was a definite 'Oh!' but then she did something that was totally alien, instead of abuse, she began to lick her lips and the more Harry massaged her, the more her tongue performed its antics till saliva was running down her chin. Still with one tit held he moved to her groin and began to rub her up and down and this time she began to whimper and give off soft grunting sounds. It only took seconds to work the zip and push both slacks and panties down till that thick triangle of hair was revealed. Only in that train had Trevor witnessed her on heat, but when Harry began to finger her, she erupted. Her gasps of 'Ahhhhh!' or 'Ohhhh!' echoed around the kitchen, her whole being was vibrated but that was nothing to when he pushed her over the table and drove his cock up that now exposed cunt.

She exploded, her reaction shook the table she was spread over, sending the salt and pepper shakers a merry dance. Harry pulled open her blouse, undid her bra and ripped it off, revealing the full glory of her tits and the most surprising thing were her nipples now hard and very erect and in that position he fucked her. For Trevor it was humiliating to be there as she was fucked and to know that every thrust was received with gasps of pure pleasure and to have her working in rhyme to the thrusting of Harry cock. It was also humiliating to know that there was no response on his part; his cock was just as limp as it had been for years. The herbs may have worked for his wife, yet on the other hand they may not have worked at all and his wife was seizing the opportunity that maybe she had craved to be actually fucked by a man who she didn't dislike and who at least could get it up.

Harry paused, he was anchored up to his balls; he removed his shirt and managed to step out of his trousers before he thrust again, making Trevor's wife rumbled and vibrate as his balls released their contents. For seconds there was a stillness; a moment of exhaustion. Then as his cock fell free she turned around and in seconds her slacks were gone, now totally nude she wrapped herself around Harry and he carried her into her bedroom, as for Trevor he wasn't even noticed, it was as though he didn't exist.

Fucked she was but that didn't stop her now awaken desires, she seized his cum covered and limp cock and began to play with it while he sank his mouth over those erect nipples and began to work his fingers into her still throbbing cunt. On the bed they rumbled while Trevor could only stand like a spectator, unable to part-take. No matter how much his mind wanted to join in, his body refused to come to the party and there he stood till Harry, now fully erect, pushed her thighs apart and drove his cock in one thrust to the full extend of her cunt and he up to his balls.

Standing and being humiliated was just too much, he left them, there was nothing he could do but wait till his mate had totally finished the request he had made, to fuck his wife. However, it was an hour since Harry had mounted her and yet hadn't appeared. Finally curiosity got the better of him and he ventured into the room. This time Harry was dragging her head back and forth as she sucked his cock. One second the cock was on display, the next it was totally down her throat and in that situation he worked her head and she sucked till he thrust his groin forward, dragged her head into his groin and blew his balls.

Harry finally appeared; a great grin on his face. "Trevor old mate your wife is a fantastic fuck and boy can she suck. I have had women suck me off many times, but your wife's mouth is terrific. She is all yours now Trevor, your wife fucks so fuck her".

His wife didn't dress as she bit Harry farewell. She didn't turn to her husband and suggest he continue what Harry had started, instead she returned to her room, dressed and told him she was going out. He was left standing opened mouthed as she drove off. Of course he had no idea of what conversation had passed between them, he didn't know that as she was fucked she agreed to the suggestion that Harry had put, to up and leave. As he grinded away he whispered. "Leave your husband and I can assure you a life of fucks and sucks till you are so exhausted that you can't take another cock. I have friends who will gladly accommodate you, especially after I tell them just how good you are". Her reply was a long drawn out 'Ahhhhh!' as he emptied his load.

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