Caned to Confirmation

by Reana-with-Cur

Copyright© 2014 by Reana-with-Cur

BDSM Sex Story: This is one of a sequence of short stories which Mistress has decided we should publish. Billy presents inappropriate work repeatedly in English class; his art work is also risque in a certain way. Though other students do far worse by disrupting class etc. Billy is seen as 'special' by the stern Headmistress and her favourite teacher, and is singled out for special treatment. His punishment is special too, and makes him realise his destiny. This is just the beginning of a promised regime.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Sadistic   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Teacher/Student   .

Billy Smith wasn't quite sure yet why he was being singled out, lots of other kids did worse things in class, such as disrupting lessons and fighting. All he did was use words like 'wank' when he submitted his work to the prim English teacher, whose stern looks somehow made his cock tingle, and she had smiled at him when he had been told and warned before.

'Headmistress will require your attendance if you do this again, I should like to see you try my patience just once more.' The prim Mistress was not just a favourite of the boys; the plump and very strict Headmistress favoured her too, they were often seen leaving the place of learning together, and both were spinsters so rumours abounded. Billy's cock had grown to a full erection when Miss had told him, and as she had almost requested his further misbehaviour it was inevitable, the word 'wank' appeared once more.

The next day Billy found himself sat outside the Headmistress's office, his anus tingling with anticipation. The female teachers smirked as he sat exposed on a chair opposite the door, dressed in shorts and long socks with short buttoned shirt as had been his orders for the appointment.

'You are for it now boy, I hope you're ready for some memorable discipline.' Miss Clark, the art teacher had also shown some of his work to Headmistress; she too had smiled at the risque nature of his work, his depictions of the female form always had a certain theme which Billy enjoyed but did not fully understand. They were interrupted as the prim figure of Miss Hunter, the English teacher, strutted down toward them, resplendent in black tights and tight black blouse and skirt. Billy's cock erected instantly; her plain and severe dress made his balls tingle to match his quivering anus.

'Well Billy, today is the day you shall be reprimanded in no uncertain terms by Headmistress. She will be here shortly and you will not forget the day's events, you will wait here until you are called to receive your guidance.' He watched her slim arse as she bustled into the Headmistress's office, closing the door behind her, Miss Clark laughed and walked off as he pulled his knees together; she knew what was going through his mind. The female students he was so familiar with, sneered at him in his shorts and socks as they passed, tittering to each other and making him all the more uncomfortable. An awful silence enveloped the immediate atmosphere as Headmistress arrived, the plump and forceful woman strode purposely toward her office door and gave Billy a look of sheer contempt. His cock now dribbled a wet patch in his shorts as it boned with a strange excitement; she too was dressed in stark black livery, her full breasts and hips seeming to emphasise that she was indeed a powerful woman. She opened the door and went in.

Billy was left to mull over the consequences he may face for another full ten minutes which seemed an eternity to him. The door opened and a smiling Miss Hunter wagged a finger.

'Here Smith. Now!' The boy's knees buckled as he walked across to the uninviting doorway, it was as though the floor had turned to marshland; he knew he would be on very solid and unforgiving ground when he passed the entrance. The door was slammed behind him and was locked shut.

Headmistress sat with her legs crossed, her large thighs all to evident and shining in the black nylon. She sat to one side of a desk on which lay a spiteful looking rattan cane, the room was permeated with a soft natural perfume which kept Billy's cock erect; he would come to recognise it as the scent of womanly arousal before the day was out. The two women had looked forward to this day, they had watched the young man's progress with interest and were now sure why his English was perversely submitted, and his art confirmed their suspicions.

A chair stood before the desk and Billy was made to stand behind it. Miss Hunter stood to one side and smiled at him as he swallowed hard and trembled. Headmistress looked him up and down as though he were nothing, though inside she was pleased with what she saw; he had not made a sound and was obedient other than with his submissions. He would now submit to her in no uncertain terms, and her pussy tingled as her fingers lifted the cane from the desk.

'You have been a persistent offender in Miss Hunter's class and have provoked my action, which I shall take great pleasure in exacting. The cane is reserved for boys such as you who will appreciate its application. Boys who break windows, fight amongst each other or verbally abuse staff are given detention; you however, have been singled out to face the severest punishment as you require special treatment. You have used the word 'wank' and brought your need for special treatment home to Miss Hunter and I. The pictures you have submitted to Miss Clark have shown that a caning will be served today as just part of your punishment.' She gave a stern grin as she took one of his pictures and held it up for him to see. Billy's cock poked in the shorts as he viewed the picture and thought of the lush sensations he had felt when creating it.

The depiction was of a shapely female looking down at a male who was crouched and humbled at her feet, though there were no openly sexual elements to the picture, the theme and urges which created it were obvious. Miss Hunter lifted her chin in studied disgust and turned to Billy.

'What do you have to say Smith? I find the picture pleasing but it is wholly inappropriate. Before you are caned you will tell us why you drew it.' As Billy stumbled to find words the Headmistress stood and flexed the cane her hands had returned to, her wicked smile making his balls tingle.

'I ... I like women that way ... Please, I can't help it, it excites me, I don't know why.' The two women sneered. Headmistress pointed to his shorts with the cane.

'I will show you why. You agree that you deserve the cane though, I can tell without you having admitted so. You will take off those shorts now, I can see you have not worn underwear as was required.' Billy's eyes began to water at her stern authority alone; the cane would ensure his delivery of true tears. He dropped his shorts and the women smiled at the rude display of his cock, which poked erect from a small bush of pubic hair, his pink bell-end dribbling a line of clear pre-cum; he was ready for the cane.

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