The Released

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A mother seeks a sucker to take care of her mentally disturbed daughter and a man who also has a plan to use both mother and daughter to help convince his wife that fucking was good - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

Harry Woodwright enrolled in the Adult Education Class mainly to have something to do. He was rather bored for his marriage wasn't one that was very successful and he really didn't have much in common with anything his wife did; they existed more as two close relatives. She did what she wanted and because of his attitude to her interests wasn't invited to any of her activities, he did the same. They were two people travelling in the same direction, but on different tracks.

The class was fairly divided between men and women and all were well passed 'middle age'. However, he quickly got into the swing of the things and found that he got on well with them all. He had noticed the mother and daughter, but hadn't taken that knowledge any further than the general 'chit-chat' that was enjoyed during a morning tea break. He didn't know that the mother was desperate to find a companion for her daughter and every male that showed an interest, either in talking to her, helping her in any way was immediately 'targeted' as a possible catch.

Harry being a male and one that had spoken to both the mother and the daughter and was always in a good mood and didn't consider the daughter in any but a positive way was immediately on the mother's hit list. He of course didn't know that the daughter had recently been released from the institutions for the mental disturbed or did he realise that the mother was doing her best to push the responsibility for the daughter onto somebody else; she was looking for a sucker. She wanted to have a life that wasn't hindered with a daughter who goes off the rails at the least provocation.

Because of his 'good natured attitude' and his willingness to chat to the daughter who he thought was reasonably attractive, certainly not as well hung as the mother whose tits were the sagging type but fully developed; the mother decided to make her move. She knew Harry drove, whereas she and her daughter had always taken the bus, it was very convenient for the stop was virtually outside their unit and it stopped mere metres away from where the class was held. During the morning tea break she mentioned that the bus to take them home that morning had been cancelled and they would have over an hour to wait till the next scheduled bus. "Well if you like I could give you a lift home Marion", he said. She beamed and accepted his suggestion. The first move on the chess board had been made.

During her desperation to find 'that sucker' she had always had a keen ear to what the men spoke about, especially their sexual preferences and she had heard Harry say that his first point of interest in a woman was their tits. "If they don't have tits I'm not interest". However his next comment made her sure that he was her best catch for he had said. "I love to be sucked off, I think that it better than a fuck especially when the woman takes a load in the mouth and just lets the contents dribble out of their mouths; I find that a real turn on". She knew that in the institution her daughter had told her that many times she sucked the male carers off.

With a lift secure she took her daughter into the ladies, removed her bra, loosened her blouse and undid a few buttons, so that the tits wobbled and instructed the daughter to squeeze her nipples so that they were erect and hard. "Yes!" the mother said. "I think Harry will be impressed. Remember the carers, well this man is a carer so you give him the same service that you told me the carers in the institution demanded so when you get the opportunity my dear I want you to play with your tits, rub them up and down, maybe even open your blouse and drop them out. This man has said he likes a woman with tits and he likes his cock sucked so when the time is right suck his cock and take a load in the mouth and then just let it dribble out. Like you told me you did to the male carers in the institution". The daughter turned and smiled and whispered to her mother as Harry walked towards them. "I suck his cock and pull his balls. He gives me fuck like the men in the institution were always doing". In the seconds before Harry reached them she replied. "I'm sure he would love his balls pulled as you sucked him off and I'm sure he wouldn't object to a fuck either".

"Ready ladies", he said while noticing the wobbling tits and there very noticeable nipple indent. His mind wanted to say. 'Nice tits' but despite the obvious display he was reluctant for 'sexual harassment' was always in the news, but the way they wobbled certainly had a section of his anatomy beginning to become interested. "Would you like to sit in the front Heather?" he said for he knew the daughter's name. She hesitated, unsure of what her mother would want, she had been given instructions but they didn't say anything about sitting in the car. "Heather would love to sit in the front", her mother cooed.

"Well where do you live?" he asked as the daughter began to giggle and even before the motor started was rubbing her tits. There was no doubt her actions were very interesting, especially as she unbuttoned her blouse and for a full minute a tit was on display. Her mother leaned across from the back and rebuked her daughter. "Heather hasn't been long out of an institution Harry so you must not judge her too harshly for the carers were very demanding". Her voice was not hostile and in the rear vision mirror he was sure that she smiled. "I don't mine", he replied as he changed gear and deliberately gave the daughter's leg a nice rub. Of course he didn't know of her experience in the institution or the many times the 'carers' had given her a touch up so it was an automatic reaction for her to open wide her legs, pull her dress up and say "You like to give my cunt a fingering'.

If he wasn't an old hand at his association with women of the night he could have almost rolled the vehicle for a woman to say such a thing was as alien as any man from space. However, he did slow. "Sure I would like to finger you if you would suck my cock". He heard her mother give a gasp but what followed was just an opening to what would be available once they reached their destination. "Remove your belt dear", the mother said. "That way you can get down and suck while he drives". He had been sucked off many times, but not while driving and to keep the car steady and within the speed limit was very difficult as this woman did things to his cock that made his teeth chatter.

He emptied his load as they pulled into their drive. She rose from his lap, her mouth dripping the essence of his balls, her mother handed her a tissue and then said. "I think you best come inside. I think a hot refreshment would be in order". Harry just gave a nod of appreciation.

There was no need for idle chit-chat, the die had been cast and the men on the chess board were beginning to move. He knew that what had happened in the car was just a sweetener to what was to come. Heather came out from her bedroom, totally naked and this time he gave an utterance of appreciation. Sure she wasn't beautiful, her tits may not be the melons he liked but the triangle at her groin was a mass of hair. Her mother smiled at his reaction and then made a suggestion. "Why not have a shower, in fact I think we could all have one, after all the weather is rather hot". Showering with Heather was a suggestion that he certainly was in favour off but when her mother also stepped into that shower, which luckily was big enough for the three of them; it was pure icing on the cake.

He soaped up their tits and rubbed them both at the groin while his cock was pulled and his balls grabbed. He was on cloud nine, in all his experience he had never had two women at once so by the time Heather was manoeuvred in a doggie position his cock found her cunt and he rammed it home while her mother grabbed his balls and while he fucked, she yanked and fuck did she yank.

He gave the thrust that emptied his nuts and Heather gave off the cry that she had so often done in the institution, a cry that was more of a howl as her whole being shuddered to the continuing thrusts of a cock and the burst of hot cum deep inside her. Only then were his balls released. The mother helped her daughter out of the shower. "Nice!" she asked. Heather gave a big smile but then added a statement that was to show that the entertainment had just begun. "I get fuck up the bum as well". Her mother burst our laughing but smiled as she reached for his limp cock. "Yes my dear you can have a bum fuck, but after I sample what you just had and then without any further ado, slid down and took that limp cock into her mouth and sucked, much to his delight and a giggle from her daughter. "Suck him mummy, suck him off".

Whether it was the same for other men but Harry found 'being sucked' was almost the ultimate; to have his cock appearing and disappearing in a woman's mouth in his opinion beat a fuck any day and although it wasn't long since he had emptied his balls, this woman's mouth quickly refitted them. As his cock increased in length and thickness she pulled away, saliva lingered on his erection. "His balls Heather, grab his fucking balls", that said she recommenced to suck and as for him he groaned from both the pain of those pulled balls and the delight that his cock was enjoying.

He knew his balls were about to explode. He grabbed her head and pulled it into his groin while thrusting himself forward so not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth and with a "Take the lot you cunt", he filled her mouth and held her till every drop was accounted for and only then did he release her. She fell back, her face was crimson and from her open mouth a torrid of saliva and cum poured. Her daughter still with a firm grip on his balls poured praise and delight on her mother's discomfort, she didn't offer her a tissue for she was more interested in manhandling those swollen and discoloured balls.

It was now well after lunch so Marion made a plate of sandwiches, none were dressed so it wasn't long before the fucking began and this time it was the mother who vibrated as a plunging cock filled her. Later the daughter got her desire for a cock up the bum and as that attractive bottom was serviced the eager grip of her mother made sure his balls didn't miss out on the activity.

"Do you like Heather?" her mother asked as he reluctantly said goodbye. "Sure I do", he replied. "I liked the way she sucked my cock, I liked the way she fucks and I certainly like servicing her bottom so if you mean in the sexual way Marion I do like your daughter. However, I also like you. It would be difficulty to gauge which of you is the sexiest". That comment was not really what Marion wanted to here; what she wanted was a comment along the lines of 'sure I like Heather I would like to visit again'. If such a comment had come she could arrange it so that she could remove herself from the stage and put her daughter entirely into Harry's care, now she would have to work harder so that Harry could only think of one thing 'Heather'.

Marion may have had her plans, but do too did Harry. Maybe with these two active women and a few of his mates, plus a woman he knew one of his friends was accommodating, who all his mates had fucked he could invite them to a BBQ and put on a show that would so embarrassed and shock his wife that she would have to join in, especially if she wanted the so called marriage to continue. He knew that her Achilles heel was a fear of a broken relationship and he was pretty sure that given the choice, 'a broken relationship' or 'fucking with its associated activities', she would be sucking cock and vibrating from a ravishing cock.

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