by Lyndon Brown

Copyright© 2014 by Lyndon Brown

Flash Story: A reunion and an old flame cause a split.

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The big black Suburban owned the night. Halogen headlights carved a path through the moonless darkness. The big block motor, cruising at eighty, effortlessly ate up the West Texas miles, Eastward bound. Soft leather seats, cool jazz, dim lights and cool AC soothed body and mind. Drinking gas like a hole in the tank, with "fleece" payments higher than our mortgage, the SUV bored a hole through the night. Damn, but I loved that thing!

I was driving, sharing the front seat with my wife Joan, and her old friend Beth. I was just coming off a rotation on the eleven to seven trauma shift in the ER, so I was good to drive all night. I was drinking coffee, the girls were on their second bottle of wine, getting loose and giggly. Beth's husband Frank was on a futon mattress upon the folded rear seats, sleeping on and off, rising to join in conversation now and then.

It was June, the season of weddings and reunions, family get togethers. Beth and Joan found each other again on facebook. They were like reunited sisters, best friends forever, together again. They acted like preteens at a slumber party, whispering, giggling, talking about girly things: boys, sex, music, clothes, boys.

Frank and I got along well, enjoyed each other's company. They lived ninety minutes East, near midway on a trip home. It was a natural to pick them up on the way, share a hotel or our camper, share a table at the event, drink and dance together.

After college Brian never left home. He was always there, whatever the occasion, always a topic of discussion. He was the only lover the girls had in common. Joan slept with him for a month, just before highschool graduation. Beth had him as a college sophomore. He was their standard, their basis for comparison. He was the benchmark, against which everyone else was measured up. Or down.

The girls had their sixty percent of the front seat reclined, They were under a blanket, face to face, giggling and gossipping. I didn't pay much attention, until I heard his name.

"Did you notice how fat Brian and Sarah are getting?"

"Can you imagine sex, lying under that tub of lard?"

"Or climbing on, and trying to stay on, that flesh mountain?"

"They look so happy and loving though. How do you suppose they do It?"

Their eyes met. They laughed. In unison they said, "Reverse cowgirl!"

"Or sitting on a chair, back to front. Remember how deep he'd go in that position? Sometimes I thought the head would pop out of my mouth!"

"Ten thick inches deep! God, I'd love to have that feeling again!"

"I squirted gallons. Nobody has ever made me come so hard, or so many times at a time!"

"Were you ever scared? Sometimes, with just the head filling my mouth, I'd worry about taking that monster inside me"

"He was my first. I didn't know any better." Joan laughed. "I did every thing two people can do together, with him. I thought it was always going to be like it was with him. If I knew then, what I know now, I never would have let him go!"

Frank groaned. Beth glanced at each of us, saw our pain. She put on her big girl face. "Joan shush, they can hear us!"

"It wasn't just that Brian was hung, long and too thick to wrap a hand around, he knew where my buttons were and just how to push them. He got me off once, slow dancing, with just a hand rubbing my back."

"But we have husbands now. They're our lives. With love and commitment, making love is ever so much more fulfilling than just plain sex. Don't you agree?"

"Up to today, totalling all the others, I've still haven't cum as much since as I did during my month with Brian. No one else has ever fully satisfied me, and I let him go."

"Joan! Joan, you've gone too far. Your husband is listening! Shut the fuck up!"

"I looked for years for another like him. Then I just gave up. I settled for whoever came next."

"Stop the car. I"m getting in the back. You are one fucking cold blooded bitch!"

Sex that night was a disaster. I could barely get it up. If I looked down, at Joan and my cock, whatever she was doing, sucking, riding, whatever, I would see his monster, superimposed over mine, and just wilt. This had never happened before. I told Joan it was just too much drinking, but I think she knew I lied.

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