Break a Leg

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Roberta literally followed the bidding of "Break a Leg" for her acting debut. Strangely, her accident causes her to lose her "cold fish" reputation and leads her to inner joy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Squirting   Doctor/Nurse   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   School   .

It was the opening night for the Shakespearean festival's first offering of the season. Roberta James was nervous even though she had been in many different Shakespearean plays over the past few years whilst studying English Literature at University. Her past reviews had always been quite encouraging complimenting her on her excellent diction and commanding voice. It bothered her no end that no reviewer had commented on the depth or range of her emotional commitment to her performance. In her mind that could only mean they really thought she was lacking in either true feelings or emotional communication.

The sad truth was that Roberta was a bit of a "cold fish" both in bed and out of it as well.

She was an attractive female of some twenty years and her bottom was commented on by many with the consensus being that it was either "brilliant" or "splendid". Roberta did spend some time looking in the mirror at her heart-shaped flanks and agreed with the comments without reservation. Her only regret was that she had been talked out of "breast enhancement" by her doting mother who assured her she had "plenty on top to keep the boys happy".

Roberta was most certainly not a virgin having been vigorously "broken in" by more than a few of her fellow male students with studious attention to detail. She had also been introduced to the joys of anal copulation by her favorite professor who was often thought to be more in tune with male companionship. He admitted to her that he had dabbled in the finer points of male appreciation with some uncommonly pretty male students but it was only a hobby and not a vocation. In any event, Roberta found that Professor Higgins was notably competent in the "up the bum" indoor sports activity and that he was able to bring her nicely into an explosive finish more often than not.

Everything was going along quite smoothly until the end of the second act when she accidently fell from the poorly constructed "bridge" prop right onto her soft ass and right hip. She heard something snap and thought it to be a wooden plank until the pain of her broken leg shot up into her brain and she shouted out that embarrassing non-scripted word.


The laughter in the audience brought down the curtain with resounding loss of dignity.

The understudy managed to vomit only one time before they carted Roberta off to the waiting ambulance at the theater door. The last act was a bit confusing but the critics agreed the understudy did a better job than Roberta despite her slurring of some key Shakespearean phrases that most of the audience had memorized a long time ago anyway.

Fortunately, poor Roberta had no inkling of the dubious reviews since she was much more concerned with the horrible cast on her broken leg that made her look like a creation of Doctor Frankenstein.

After a bit of practice, she was able to hit the target when attempting to take care of her normal bodily functions even though she looked obscenely comic with one leg hooked on the towel rack. She even mastered a technique for cleaning her backside without creating further injury to her body.

Her "on again, off again" boyfriend Carter managed to break it off with her on some contrived excuse because he saw no value in humping a girl in a cast. After all, it would be far too demeaning to be seen in a situation with his cock in some incapacitated female's bum. It really ticked her off to see him kissing some Swedish exchange student with ridiculous boobs and an accent that sounded entirely faux.

She eventually got back to her classes and could be seen hopping pathetically about the University grounds on her cast and an ugly cane. Roberta was incensed at the glances of pity thrown her way and she vowed that when she got rid of the cast she would make the perpetrators pay for their annoying actions.

Her mother was placed into a hospital because she had consumed some dodgy mushrooms at a "quaint" Italian restaurant opened by a Pakistani couple with no inkling of what constituted Italian food. The restaurant closed almost immediately to be replaced by an equally questionable Chinese food spot that featured an "all you can eat" menu that seemed to appeal to the working masses.

The hospital visit was less than successful with her mother being more interested in why they couldn't her favorite soap opera on the telly instead of silly news programs and health and nutrition programs. The nurse just looked at Roberta with a blank expression when she voiced her shy mother's preference.

She hobbled out of the hospital entrance knowing she had probably missed the bus and would have to wait at least an hour at the small shelter on the street corner. A tall man also leaving the hospital asked,

"Did they put that cast on you here?"

Roberta looked up at the handsome man who seemed quite respectable and not in any way disreputable.

"No, they did this up in the University infirmary because I am still a current student."

He reached out and without permission touched her cast moving his long fingered hands right up to where it ended only inches from her knickers' edge. She trembled a bit but allowed him unfettered access because he seemed to know what he was doing.

"They should have ended it about six inches lower to allow you to move more comfortably and be able to take care of other matters."

She saw right away that he was probably a Doctor and felt proper in telling him,

"I can do my business all right and as long as I can get that leg up high enough I can take care of things without much difficulty."

He laughed with a friendly smile and said,

"I was also thinking of being able to keep your boyfriend or husband happy for the length of time the cast is on. You might be able to take it from behind if you were in some sort of suspension but it all looks questionable for normal relations."

Roberta was blushing now because she had been having very similar thought the past week or two. In fact, it had been over three weeks since she had any type of sexual escapade and she was one who frowned on taking care of matters alone.

"Well, I don't have either a husband or a current boyfriend since he was driven away by the sight of this monstrosity."

He looked at her sitting sideways on the bench and sat down next to her right up alongside her raised leg.

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