Dominating the Sexy Office Administrator

by dawn1958

Copyright© 2014 by dawn1958

Mind Control Sex Story: Dawn reluctantly goes to the company corn roast and is seduced by Sarah and her two girlfriends.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Mind Control   Lesbian   Cheating   FemaleDom   Lesbian mind control sex story, lesbians mind-control a wife into cheating.

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There was a group of three young women who started work at the local factory that summer. Sarah was 25, but she looked a lot younger so when she was with her two best friends who were only 20, they all looked the same age. Ana and Carla were just starting their first jobs and the two young, innocent women were willing subs for the dominating and controlling Sarah.

Ana and Carla attended the local university and they joined Sarah right after classes were done for the spring semester to work in the field sciences division at a large agro company. Since it was Sarah's third year at the center, she was very familiar with how things worked and sort of took Ana and Carla under her wing. When they entered the main building on their first day, Sarah led the way up to the Administration department.

Dawn was head of administration and she greeted the three new employees. "Welcome and I'll be doing your paperwork and showing you around the main building," she informed the three. "Sarah's probably already told you all about the place."

Dawn knew Sarah extremely well because the girl worked at the center the past two summers, plus she also was very good friends with Sarah's family. She and her husband met the girl's parents during social functions around the city and they had developed a friendship, not close, but certainly a social drinking kind. Knowing Sarah's parents, Dawn was instrumental in getting the girl hired the first summer and the two had become friends. They even sat together on many occasions during coffee breaks and lunch breaks and chatted whenever they met during the workday.

Sarah was a very easy girl to talk to and Dawn recognized the fact the girl was a social butterfly that people liked being around. Dawn noticed how Sarah seemed extremely comfortable around certain girls and that she was likely more than just friends with one or two of them. That part didn't bother her one way or the other and Dawn merely laughed it off as girls being girls. Dawn remembered what she was like at that age, as she too developed that one or two special relationships with certain girlfriends, but she readily admitted that there was no sexual affairs of any kind.

The girls started work on Monday and by Thursday they were immersed into the daily routine of the research facility. One of the highlights for the seasonal workers was the annual corn roast, which was held on the first Friday of their summer employment. Sarah had pestered Dawn the past two summers without any success in coaxing the woman of her dreams into attending the annual function.

The center put on the roast to welcome all of the new students and workers and although Dawn felt an obligation to attend, she didn't normally go. She found them boring and most of the people there were the students and therefore a lot younger than her. The third summer proved that people can have a change of heart, as Sarah's request must have caught Dawn off guard. Maybe it was because she didn't want to say no for a third year or she decided to attend more functions around the facility, but Dawn relented and said yes to her young friend.

Sarah was elated by the news. "Super! Great! Lovely, you won't regret attending the party ... meeting all of the newbies," Sarah said.

"Yes, well getting the afternoon off is good," Dawn replied.

"I'll come by right after lunch and pick you up," Sarah said and the smile on the girl's pretty face sent shivers of uncertainty up and down Dawn's spine.

Nothing else was said about the corn roast and the Friday work shutdown arrived much to the elation of Sarah and her friends. About two in the afternoon, Sarah showed up at the main administration area and went directly to Dawn's office. The door was open and she poked her head inside the room. "It's time to meet your maker ... it's party time, darling," she said and smiled at the stunned woman.

Dawn had a momentary shudder go through her body because of Sarah's bold announcement and then she smiled back at the girl. "Yes, let me put my stuff away and tidy up my desk," she replied. One of her quirks was clutter and she hated a messy area or to leave paperwork all over her desk. Dawn quickly tidied up the workspace and then joined Sarah at the door. "Time to roast some corn."

Sarah seemed happier than ever and she enthusiastically grabbed Dawn by the hand to lead the way out of the building. Dawn blushed profusely because of the brazen show of affection and she quickly jerked her hand out of Sarah's, as they sort of stumbled down the hallway towards the exit. The festivities were only a couple hundred yards from the front door so it didn't take long to get to the picnic grounds.

They arrived at the corn roast just as the first batch of corn was being served. Dawn decided that it was too early to eat so they found an empty table and sat down. No sooner had they sat down when Sarah's best friends came rushing to the table. When Sarah gave each girl a friendly hug and peck on the cheek, Dawn sensed the affection was more than a mere greeting to a friend so she looked away, feeling a little embarrassed.

In no time the party was in full swing. Almost all of the summer students attended the function and so did many of the regular workers, which meant the area was very crowded and noisy. The corn roasts normally carried on all afternoon and well into the evening, but Dawn hadn't planned partying too long. She managed to keep her alcohol intake at a sensible amount, but even flawless planning wouldn't be enough on this fateful occasion.

All it took was one innocent toast and a quick downing of a powerful shot of Drambuie. Apparently many of the young workers liked the challenge of drinking shooters during a party where they would consume one or two shots of a strong liqueur every hour. Once Dawn joined the group on the first round of shooters, it was easy for Sarah to take charge. The devious young woman made sure there was a toast and round of shot glasses given out every fifteen or twenty minutes, which had Dawn tipsy in a scant two hours.

Dawn looked around the circle of young workers and realized she was inebriated. Everyone looked fuzzy and her head was spinning around like crazy, making her wobbly and unsteady. "Wow, I think I'm drunk," she whispered, as she leaned over towards her young friend. "Sarah, you'll have to forgive me, but I've had too much to drink."

Sarah smiled and nodded at the woman of her dreams. "Yes, shooters can hit you hard if you're not used to them," she replied, handing Dawn one more shot glass of Drambuie. "Join me for one more. To the best summer, ever!"

The girl shoved the glass in her hand and offered the toast before Dawn could resist. They both gulped the liqueur and set their glasses on the table with a bang. "Whew, I won't be driving home after all this," Dawn said, as she contemplated whether to call her husband or a taxi for a ride home.

Things were going exactly as Sarah had planned. "Carla is our designated driver. She doesn't drink and is a terrific friend to have when you're out partying," she informed her tipsy friend. "Come with us. The night is still young."

"Naaa ... no, I should go home," Dawn replied, as she welcomed a steadying hand from the young woman. "I just remembered. My hubby is working all evening so I'll call a taxi."

Sarah's heart skipped a beat, as she couldn't believe the luck. "No, I insist. I'd ... we'd love to have you come to our place and then we'll take you home," Sarah stated. "We'll have some wine and talk ... get to know each other a little more."

Dawn was hesitant yet she relented when her head kept spinning because of her intoxication. She had a hard time getting to her feet, but Sarah held onto her elbow and sort of guided her towards the parking lot. Then she was surrounded, as Ana took her other arm and the two escorted her out of the picnic area. When they entered the parking lot, Carla already had the car waiting.

Sarah opened the back door and Dawn practically fell into the backseat. Sarah jumped in beside her and Ana rushed around the car and surprised her older companion by getting into the other side of the backseat. Dawn felt like protesting, but any objection was quickly forgotten once the car started moving. She sat as close to the middle of the seat as possible, so as not to brush up against Sarah or Ana.

Dawn remained rigid and upright, as the girls giggled and laughed at everything, which sort of made her a little uncomfortable. It seemed that each mile they drove the two girls moved closer and eventually snuggled up against her shivering torso. Without any warning, Ana's head rested on her shoulder and it appeared the alcohol had gotten the better of the girl, as she needed some rest.

When the fingers grazed her stomach and then caressed her arm, Dawn wondered if she should tell Sarah that her friend was taking unwanted liberties. All of a sudden it was too late. Ana's fingers swiftly thrust under the bottom of her blouse and onto her inflamed tummy. Dawn turned her head towards her dear young friend, but no words came out of her mouth when the bold fingers deftly slipped under her lacy bra-cup. Ana's skilled fingers surrounded an already hardened nipple and she caressed the bud like a loving angel.

Dawn's vision was blurred yet she stared into the eyes of her smiling friend. She opened her mouth to protest, but Sarah prudently kissed her before she could say anything. The sudden embrace and kiss shocked Dawn even in her drunken state. Sarah's tongue immediately danced inside her mouth and bravely intertwined with her own in a heated kiss. Dawn desperately knew she should stop the unwanted assault, but she was too overcome by the situation and the two aroused young women who knew what they were doing.

The girls shrewdly held Dawn's arms at her sides, which rendered her helpless. Sarah pinned one arm with her body and Ana did the same to the other arm. When Dawn felt her top being bunched up along with her misaligned bra, she panicked. She tried to break the heated kiss, but Sarah was far too smart and persistent and broke Dawn's resolve in a heartbeat.

Dawn's head jerked backwards so fast that it caused millions of stars to fill her head along with the alcohol buzz. Sarah entwined her fingers in the curly hair and forced Dawn to remain motionless, as she glared into the teary eyes. The show of dominance was earthmoving. Dawn arched her back, as the young woman overpowered her, and she stared straight into the dark eyes of the young tigress. "I've wanted you for a long time. Wanted to show you how a real woman can make you feel loved and wanted," Sarah whispered. "You're the sexiest woman in the world."

Normally compliments were nice and made her feel good, but Dawn was scared. She held her breath, as Sarah's head slowly dipped and the young woman renewed the demanding kiss. Dawn wasn't sure what was more daunting; the kiss or the fingers unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her chest to the cool night air.

Ana's eyes opened so wide they hurt. She stared at the big luscious tits and noticed the golden nipples were swollen and much bigger than any she had seen in person. When her knowing fingers rolled the bud around and around, Ana giggled when Dawn's body twisted and turned trying to get away. Then she pinched one enlarged nipple and devoured the other, while using her tongue to bash the bud back and forth several times.

Dawn moaned out loud and she tried to shift her chest away from the girl. Things happened so fast that she wasn't sure if she had the strength or the willpower to escape. It seemed that her struggles were futile and each protest was too late to do anything to stop the sexual assault. When she felt the car abruptly come to a stop, Dawn breathed a big sigh of relief, as the two girls let her go.

The respite was short and over before Dawn caught her breath. Sarah grabbed Dawn's hand and jumped out of the car while Ana pushed the older woman across the backseat. The girls had Dawn out of the car and on her feet when Carla joined the fray. Her feet were moving without any thought or planning, as the girls seemed in a big hurry to get Dawn inside. Thankfully it was already dark out so her open blouse and partial nudity likely wasn't noticed by anyone.

When the door slammed shut behind her, Dawn's heart stopped. Sarah and her friends tossed their purses and jackets on the floor and promptly led the timid woman into the dimly lit living room. With the house being almost dark, it was hard to see anything, but Dawn could sense that the three girls were taking off some of their clothes.

The shadowy figures were all around her and Dawn felt trapped. No one bothered to turn on any lights and the darkness was eerie yet also very serene. When someone escorted her to the big sofa, she obediently sat down with a helping hand from Sarah. Suddenly a cold glass was placed in her hand and she took a drink without hesitating or thinking because it seemed like the right thing to overcome her nervousness.

Dawn sat still and tried to regain a measure of control over her racing heart, as her eyes got used to the darkness. Eventually she could see across the room and what she saw made her gasp out loud. "They couldn't wait. Ana and Carla are lovers ... they're lovers and my subs," Sarah whispered in Dawn's ear, as she sat beside her on the sofa. "They'll make out ... then they'll come over and make you their little girlie."

Her heart raced again and it was almost impossible to breathe. "Whaaa, what, no," Dawn moaned, as the girl wound her fingers into the hair on the top of her head.

Sarah jerked the woman's head backwards until Dawn's face pointed up at the ceiling. Then she twisted and forced the woman to lay down, flat on her back. "You are all I think about. Your beauty ... your big tits, nice rounded hips and your sexy pussy," Sarah whispered and glared into the teary eyes. "I'm going to have my slaves make love to you!"

"No, they can't. You can't let them," Dawn protested, as she tried to sit up, but the hair pulling prevented any movement.

Dawn heard them before she felt anything. "Oh Ana, I can't wait," Carla whispered.

"Me either. I want to suck those gorgeous boobs ... those nipples," Ana replied.

"Yes! I'll kiss her pussy ... tongue her sweet pussy until she cums."

"Oh geez, she'll be our little hussy ... our wanton slut."

Dawn stared into the controlling eyes and felt her legs being pried apart. Everything happened fast. Ana swiftly stripped the partial unbuttoned blouse and unfastened the lacy bra. Carla spread the long shapely legs and she stared at the intended target. Her fingers literally vibrated, as she undid the waistband of Dawn's skirt and opened the garment until she could see the fancy colored panties.

"Sarah, dear lord, please don't ... don't let them," Dawn pleaded, as she felt her skirt get yanked over her hips and stripped from her body.

Ana pushed the bra aside and instantly devoured a golden bud. She sucked the enlarged nipple deep into her mouth and used her tongue to roll it around and around. Dawn squirmed, but nothing helped. She tried to close her legs when the fingers grabbed the elastic waistband of her panties, but again it didn't help, as the garment was quickly removed to leave her shivering and virtually naked.

Sarah tightened her grip on the tangled hair. "Do you have any girlfriends? Do you have sex with other women," she asked?

"No, dear gawd, no," Dawn replied, as the hottest mouth covered her wetness. When the tongue spread the puffy labia, she thought she would die. "No, please Sarah, noooo."

Her clitoris was a butterfly. Carla held the pussy-lips apart and used her tongue to lash the pink clit around like a madwoman. Dawn felt her hips bounce wildly on the sofa cushion, but there was no escaping the expert cunnilingus. Suddenly the girl added finger-fucking to the dramatic domination.

Sarah felt the luscious body shudder and shake. "I love women who can't wait."

"Wait? What?"

"You're my little slut ... can't wait for Carla to eat your sweet pussy."

"No, no, I don't want..."

"Look! Your ass is moving ... shoving your pussy at Carla. You want it!"

"No, I don't. Please Sarah, make her stop, please."

"I love hearing you beg ... begging to be my slut."

Dawn tried to roll her head and look away from the paralyzing eyes, but the hold on her hair was too secure. "No, I'm not. No, I'm not."

"Are you ready?"

Dawn blamed it on her drunken state. The spasm rocked her fragile confidence and her hips thrust wildly, as she felt her delicate clitoris get sucked deeper into the scorching mouth. "No, no, I can't ... can't," she moaned.

The final straw came when the young tigress swooped in and kissed her hard. Her mouth opened and allowed the damning tongue to capture her own. Everything happened at once. The kiss heated up, the nipple molestation increased and the cunnilingus intensified, which made her struggles seem almost formidable. When her will broke, Dawn realized she wasn't strong enough to fight the overpowering young villains.

Her back arched and every muscle in her body tightened. Then a few random spams made her body jerk madly. Dawn couldn't break the kiss and Sarah's hand rubbed her tummy in a soothing fashion and the damn overflowed. She knew it was wrong yet the orgasm got rid of any logic or sound reasoning that normally controlled Dawn's actions.

Sarah let go of the handful of hair and lifted her head. "Yes ... yes, my love. Cum! Fill Carla's mouth with cum and prove you're my slave," she whispered.

"Oh no, why ... why?" The orgasm consumed her mind, as well as her thrashing body, and Dawn lost control.

Sarah watched in awe. "You're mine, my love ... all mine. You're going to be my most obedient slave and do everything I ask," she whispered.

Dawn heard the disparaging remarks, but she was long past caring. "Huugghh, huuummm," she moaned, as her head rolled back and forth in a distraught fashion.

"Oh yes, my love. From now one you're my little darling. When I see you at work, be ready for some serious loving," Sarah said and kissed the side of Dawn's face. "Tonight, we'll make love and you'll also be Ana and Carla's sex-toy."

The final convulsions seemed to linger in her belly and Dawn had difficulty regaining any measure of control. Her delicate clitty was fully entrenched inside Carla's burning mouth and her hardened nipples were continually molested by Ana, which kept the buds swollen and enlarged. Dawn heard the drastic comments from her young friend, but she had a hard time comprehending their consequences. "Whaaa, what?"

"When you're finished cumming and filling Carla's mouth with your slutty cum, you can phone your husband. Tell him you had too much to drink and you're staying at a girlfriends place for the night," Sarah ordered.

Again Dawn was confused. "Whaaa, what?"

The climax ended and Sarah grabbed the phone that was beside the sofa. She handed the handset to the disillusioned woman and repeated her demands. "Phone your husband. Tell him that you had too much to drink at the corn roast and you won't be coming home," she said and chuckled. "Tell him you're staying with me and hopefully he'll wonder what is going on."

Dawn was too weak to sit up so she simply took the phone from Sarah. She was virtually in a trance when she dialed the number and nothing registered until her husband answered. They chatted for a couple of minutes and luckily Dawn managed to make her husband believe Sarah's lie. She was still a little groggy when she hung up the phone, but there was no respite in store.

Sarah grabbed the phone and all three girls had one thing on their minds. Dawn was on her feet before she could resist and Sarah guided everyone out of the living room. She held one of Dawn's hands and one of her friends held the other, as they headed down the hallway to the master bedroom. The room was dark, but no lights were required for what lay ahead.

Dawn's head was swimming around with great uncertainty and the lingering effects of too much alcohol didn't help, as the three girls easily escorted her across the room to the bed. She glanced around and noticed all three were naked and they were all grinning from ear to ear. When Sarah wrapped her arms around her torso and embraced her in a loving fashion, Dawn merely let it happen.

They stood beside the bed and Dawn felt totally surrounded and overwhelmed. Sarah stood in front and hugged her, leaning in to kiss her neck and the side of her face. Ana was directly behind and her hands caressed and fondled every inch of her heated flesh. Carla was on one side and her hands busily groped and fondled the exposed womanly parts. She cupped one boob and squeezed one of Dawn's luscious ass-cheeks, trying to get as much satisfaction as possible with her hands.

Sarah ran her fingers down the shivering chest and onto the bare tummy. There was a loud gasp when her fingers curved around the pelvis and dipped between the top of Dawn's thighs. The thrill was instantaneous. Sarah sensed the timorous resistance and then she nudged Dawn's bare feet apart until the gap was wide. She immediately speared the wetness, causing Dawn to rise onto her tiptoes trying to get away.

"Get ready, my love. All three of us are going to have sex with you."

"No, please no."

"I love your body ... love how your body reacts when I do this," Sarah whispered and pinched the precious clitoris with her fingertips. Then she twirled the bud around in a furious manner.

Dawn tried to stretch higher, as if she was a ballerina. "Oh please, Sarah, please don't."

"I want to watch you orgasm ... climax like my dearest slut."

"No, no, I can't ... I won't!"

"You will, my love ... just like in the living room with Ana and Carla."

One of the girls had a handful of titty and the other molested the cheeks of Dawn's ass, as if she was testing melons in a grocery store. Caught in the restrictive embrace between the three young women was terrifying yet Dawn struggled to retain some measure of control over her emotions. When she tried to bring her legs together, Sarah stopped her. "Spread'em! Spread your feet and show me how much you want to be my lover," Sarah whispered.

Her feet were only about a foot apart yet it was enough space for the expert clitoris molestation. Dawn felt a perilous tremor shoot through her insides and her knees almost buckled. "Please, don't, don't," she pleaded.

"You're going to cum. Aren't you, my love?"

"No, I'm not."

Sarah pinched the throbbing clit a little harder. "Oh you will ... just like before."

"Naaaa, naaaa," Dawn moaned and tried to stretch even higher on her tiptoes.

"You're going to be my love-slave at work just like here."

"Huugh, what?"

Sarah rolled the delicate clitty around in the vast wetness. "I'm going to make you cream at work ... just like now," she declared.

"No, no, you can't."

"I'll come into your office and we'll close the door and pull the shades."

Dawn couldn't move any higher and the sporadic spasms turned treacherous. "Ooohhh, oooh!"

"I'll take off your panties and shove them in your mouth when I have sex with you."

Dawn visualized the awful threat. She grunted out loud a couple of times and then the juices started flowing freely out of her belly. The sound of the terrible molestation hit her ears and nothing in the world could stop the orgasm, which exploded when her clitoris got stretched to an enormous size. "Gawd no, no, please stop."

"Yes, yes, my love. Be my little slut and cum for me," Sarah stated, as she turned the married woman into her slave.

The climax seemed to last forever and the only thing on her mind was the forbidden ecstasy. Dawn never realized what was next, as Ana and Carla jumped onto the bed. The orgasm eventually subsided and she managed to steady herself by keeping her arms wrapped around her young mistress. As soon as the tremors stopped, Dawn glanced at Ana and Carla who were locked in an intimate embrace.

It was easy for Sarah to get her way. She pushed the exhausted woman and forced Dawn onto the bed so that she was on her stomach and between Carla's splayed legs. Panic set in and Dawn looked at the controlling young woman for any ray of hope, but Sarah's stern expression left no doubt as to who was in-charge.

When Dawn turned her head back to Carla, her heart stopped. The girl brazenly held her swollen pussy-lips apart and beckoned for Dawn's hot mouth to suck her opening. The implications sent shivers through her body, as it had been several years since she had even touched another woman in any sexual fashion. Her mind was in turmoil, as she wondered about what was expected of her.

Sarah put her hand on the back of Dawn's head and pushed. When the flushed face entered Carla's crotch, everyone held their breath. The thought of cunnilingus sent a shiver up Dawn's backbone and she rolled her tongue through the tangy wetness. She felt the girl's hips respond to the sudden tongue lashing and then the swollen clitty was inside of her mouth. It seemed expected that she should suck and caress the clit and Dawn reasoned the molestation would bring an end to her dilemma.

The encounter was swift and pleasurable for the young student worker. Carla didn't hold anything back, as she experienced a mind-blowing orgasm and then pushed the obedient woman across the bed towards her girlfriend. Ana was overly excited after watching all the drama and her time in the limelight lasted minutes rather than hours, as she had wanted.

It was definitely a night that all of them would remember. Naked as the day she was born and without any way to stop the domination, Dawn was merely a sex-toy for the three raunchy young women, as they took turns using and abusing her until they all fell asleep. The sunrise was burning and colorful and so were Sarah's wanton desires, as she woke up beside the woman of her dreams.

Sarah embraced Dawn with one arm around her shoulders and one across her luscious chest. She cupped one of the tits and whispered. "I've never seen anyone cum like you ... so fast, so easy and so often," she said and tightened her embrace. "I'm going to send you home knowing you're my devoted slave."

Dawn opened her eyes and noticed the morning sun coming through the curtains. She squinted and was about to utter a protest when Sarah kissed her. Lying flat on her back with the young tigress pinning her shoulders on the mattress, Dawn was virtually at the mercy of Sarah and her two girlfriends. The kissed heated up right away and nothing prevented Ana and Carla from fondling her nakedness.

Dawn shifted her torso when one of her nipples got devoured and she twisted her hips when she felt someone push her legs apart. It was impossible to break the kiss, as Sarah used her brutal strength, and then the stars exploded in her head. Ana used her tongue to trace circles all around both nipples, refusing to actually touch the hardened buds. Dawn felt Carla's hot mouth suck hard on her upraised pelvis and knew the girl was leaving incriminating marks, but she couldn't stop the telltale hickies.

Sarah abruptly broke the kiss, but not the loving embrace. "Please wait, my love. I don't want you to cum like you did earlier," she whispered. Suddenly sharp teeth closed around her right nipple and a tongue caressed the captured bud. Skilled fingers pinched her other nipple and rolled it around like a marble in oil. Dawn felt fingers grab her swollen labia and spread the lips to expose her soul to the devil.

Her eyes opened wide and Dawn pleaded with the young mistress. "Sarah, darling, please stop ... no more. I have to go," she whispered.

"Yes, you'll leave soon ... very soon."

Dawn tried to use her arms, but they were easily brushed aside. Then she felt the burning breath wash across her pelvis and scorch the insides of her thighs. "Whooww, Sarah, ask her to stop."

Sarah watched her dear friend swoop in and devourer the exposed clitoris. When the womanly body shivered and twisted to get free, she laughed. "I know. Carla is good and her tongue is the best."

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