First Date

by William Turney Morris

Copyright© 2014 by William Turney Morris

Romantic Sex Story: Ken and Christy go out for a romantic evening of dining and dancing.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

Ken turned the water on in the shower, and waited for it to warm up. He had already spent most of the day getting ready; collecting the tux and other accessories from the hire shop, going to the barber for a haircut and a shave, even spending fifteen minute polishing his shoes until they gleamed. He was as nervous as a teenager taking a girl out for the first time. He smiled to himself as he looked down at the freshly trimmed pubic hair; it was the first time he had done any 'manscaping', but Christy had commented about not wanting to get a hair stuck between her teeth.

With the water hot and steaming, he stood under the stream, getting his body completely soaked. First the shampoo, washing his hair, getting all the small fragments from the haircut rinsed out. Then soap, lathering his body, washing under his arms, his groin, making sure everything was fresh and clean. Finally, he turned off the hot water, to end with a cold rinse.

Once out of the shower and dry, Ken started to get dressed. First the shirt, fiddling with the shirt studs buttoning it up, then the pants. The bow tie just didn't want to tie up properly.

"Damn thing," he cursed. "Just how hard can these fucking things be to do up?"

Just as he was about to give up, and use a pre-tied bow tie, it somehow cooperated. On with the jacket, then a final comb through the hair, and he was ready to go. Halfway to the door he stopped, and turned around, back to the bathroom. A nervous pee – "I don't want to have to rush to a bathroom as soon as we get there" he said to justify it.

Ken programmed the car GPS with Christy's address – he had only checked it three times to make sure he knew it, and the best way to get there. Driving across the bridge, he saw the Renaissance hotel, the destination for the night. For years had had driven past the building, and wondered what was behind the huge picture window, two floors from the top of the building. Now he knew; a large ballroom and restaurant, where there was a fancy dinner / dance every Saturday night.

One of the other guys at work, Thommo, had told him about it; he took his wife there a few weeks earlier for their anniversary. There was a special package deal; dinner, dancing, a room on one of the upper floors, room service breakfast the next day, and late checkout on Sunday. Ken was initially hesitant about suggesting this to Christy as their first date; with the implication that he was hoping (expecting?) to sleep with her. She immediately jumped at the idea, wanting to spend the night together in the hotel room.

"Of course I will want to spend the night with you, silly," were her exact words. "That's what we've been talking about all along!"

And now he was on his way to pick her up for this special first date, they would most certainly be sleeping together after what should be a romantic evening of dancing and dining.

Meanwhile, Christy was getting ready; her sister was trying to help.

"Sissy, you didn't get your pussy completely waxed!" she said to her in exasperation. "Didn't I tell you that guys love a completely bare pussy? Does Ken like it smooth and hairless? Didn't you ask him? What if when he goes down on you, and gets a hair on the back of his tongue?"

"God, just shut up, won't you?" Christy replied. "For fuck's sake, I got my pubes trimmed, it's not like I'm really bushy there anyway, my legs and pits have been done, and that's good enough! I'm no good at shaving there by myself, and Ken offered to shave me, we just won't be doing that this weekend. There's a lot of stuff we've talked about doing, not just having him shave my pussy, but for our first date, we want to keep things simple, not go too far."

"But..." she continued.

"Look, you're making me even more nervous than I already am, going on like that. If you want to be helpful, and then help me get these cups fitted inside the dress, I can't wear a bra with this gown, and I want something to give a bit of support," Christy said, holding up the inserts.

"Just how the fuck are they meant to go on?" she swore. "I don't want my boobs falling out into the dinner plate!"

"Here, give them to me," her sister said, pushing Christy's hands out on the way. "Fuck, you would think after all these years you would know how to put a bra on. Maybe you have been too busy taking them off..."

"You should talk!" Christy chided her sister. "Who was it that got caught by Dad with her boyfriend in the kitchen ... Ow!" she cried out as her sister poked her in the stomach.

"I wasn't the only one," she replied. "Have you told Ken about what you used to do at night in the back yard? Maybe suggest getting out on the grass, naked..."

Christy and her sister got the cups attached to her breasts, and secured them with some tape.

"Shit, is that all there is to them?" Christy said. "Half of my tits are hanging out, and my nipples ... When I get turned on, and they get erect, it will be so fuckin' obvious, Ken will know for sure."

"Stop your whining," her sister said. "That's how they are meant to be, and so what if Ken knows your nipples are hard and erect. Do you think he wouldn't like to know that you are turned on and hot for him?"

"But he will be able to look down the front of my dress, and see fuckin' everything!" she continued, sounding very unhappy about it all. "I will look like some cheap slut!"

"You won't look cheap at all," her sister consoled her. "And trust me; he will take every chance he can get to look down the front of your dress to see your lovely tits, and see your hard nips. Before you know it, he will be so turned on, so horny for you that he will drag you up to your room and fuck your brains out. Isn't that the whole idea?"

Fifteen minutes, and several inches of double sided tape later, the push-up cups had been attached to Christy's breasts, and fitted inside the bodice of her dress. She looked at herself in the full length mirror, and reached inside to adjust her breasts.

"There, they look right," she said. "And they should stay in place, too. Bugger, I was going to put a panty liner in, too."

"Why?" her sister asked. "Don't tell me it's that time of the month? I though you started days ago..."

"God no, that finished last night, thank God," Christy replied. "The last thing I would want is to have my period right now. I want the liner there because Ken gets me so frickin' wet, and I don't want to leave any wet marks on the back of my dress, or on my chair."

There had been times, when they were chatting on line, when just listening to him, and his words, had got her so worked up, she didn't even need to touch herself to come. She couldn't imagine just how her body would react to being there with him, holding him, looking at him.

Her sister helped her pull her dress up around her waist; she pushed her panties down to her knees, and put the liner in place. She pulled it up, making sure the liner was snug against her pussy, and they lowered the dress back down, straightening it out.

"There," she said. "Safe and dry!"

"Now, have you got everything in your overnight bag you will need?" her sister asked. "Have you packed a nightgown? Clean undies for tomorrow? What will you wear – something new, I hope?"

"For God's sake, can you please shut the fuck up?" Christy pleaded. "I'm not some inexperienced teenager, who has never been out with a guy before! You're just making me more and more nervous the way you are going on."

As soon as the words had left her mouth, she knew she had said it the wrong way. Her sister was just trying to help her; she had always been incredibly helpful and supportive. It was Sissy who introduced her to Ken, who had encouraged her to initially flirt with him on line, and then to take things further. When Christy told her that Ken had asked her out for a date – well an overnight date – she had said "Christy, you would be an idiot to say no!"

"Hey, Sissy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to jump down your throat," she said apologetically. "You know I'm just really nervous about tonight, scared that somehow I'll fuck things up, and scare him away. I know you are only trying to help me, so ... thanks."

"That's ok, Honey," she replied. "I should shut up; let you handle things your own way. Just remember he's been hurt badly in the past, don't come on too strong, so just take things naturally. It will be a wonderful night for you, I know it. Besides, you look beautiful in that dress; what man could resist you?"

She leaned into her, and kissed her gently on the cheek. Her sister was right, she grudgingly admitted to herself that she looked pretty good in that dress – which Sissy had helped her pick out. She never would have picked one cut so low in the front, and the back – fuck, the back! The back was scalloped so low; she had to wear low-cut panties so they didn't show. But when she looked at herself in the mirror, saw how the inserts pushed her breasts up making them fuller and firmer, her new hairstyle, the makeup ... She didn't look like the same woman; more importantly, she didn't feel like the same woman who had been dumped by the last prick of a boyfriend a year ago.

Ken pulled up in front of the house, checked his face, hair and teeth in the mirror. A deep breath, "Oh, here we go".

When Christy opened the door, he felt his knees go weak. She was beautiful, more gorgeous that her photos had shown. She was wearing a stunning red dress, low cut front and back, but still elegant. She looked like a million dollars, as the saying went.

"Um ... Hi there, honey," he stammered. "You look ... you look so ... so lovely." He was able to get out.

"Oh, thank you," Christy replied. "You look pretty good yourself."

They waved goodbye to Christy's sister, and Ken took her hand as they walked down the path to his car. The car was one of the few indulgences he allowed himself; the BMW 318is was the favourite car that he had owned. Right now, looking at the beautiful woman he was taking out, he was glad he had a car that matched her.

Christy was pleasantly surprised when Ken led her around to her side, opening the door for her, and then closing it once she was inside. It was rare a guy treated her with old fashioned courtesy and manners. She settled back into the seat; she had never been in a car quite like Ken's; it was a fancy two door sports car, dark red body, with black leather seats. She nestled back into the seat, feeling how it held her securely, and fastened her seat belt.

It was only a short drive to the hotel, on the way Ken pointed out the office building where he worked. They pulled up outside the hotel; the valet took the keys to park the car, and they walked up to the registration desk.

"I have a dinner and accommodation package, booked in the name of Ray," Ken told the desk clerk.

"Here are your room keys, Mr. Ray, room 1904. I'll have your bags taken up there now, and if you take the express elevator up to the 20th floor, your table will be ready for you," he said.

Ken used one of the room keys to allow the elevator to take them to the ballroom floor; Christy held his arm tightly as the elevator rocketed up.

"Mr. Ray?" the maître de asked. "Let me show you to your table."

The ballroom appeared to occupy the entire front half of the floor; the tables were set a reasonable distance apart, and arranged around three sides of the dance floor. Dominating one wall was the huge glass window giving a magnificent view over the harbour; the ferries moving in and out of the wharves at the Quay looked like tiny water insects, scurrying across the surface. Meanwhile, the lights of the tall buildings on the other side of the harbour were coming on.

Once they reached their table, Ken pulled out the chair for Christy, and pushed it in once she was seated. The waiter gave them the menus, and took their drinks order.

"This is so lovely, Ken," Christy whispered. "Um, you know that I have no idea how to dance?"

"Don't worry, just hold on to me, and I'll guide you," Ken replied. "It's not like we are on 'Dancing with the Stars', there aren't judges who are going to criticize every little mistake we make."

Before long, the waiter appeared with the appetizers; stuffed mushrooms for Ken, and a prawn cocktail for Christy. By this time, the band was starting to set up, and Ken asked the waiter about them.

"An interesting name, 'Brian Roberts and the Roberttones', he said. "Have they been playing for a long time?"

"They have been here for maybe two years," the waiter replied. "But they've been playing as a group, similar to what they do here for maybe 30 years. The name; well, that's a standing joke with them, there is no 'Brian Roberts', but they always have an excuse why he isn't there. You'll enjoy the music, I'm sure."

Ken watched as they set up; it looked like there was six of them; guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and two horn players. One of the horn players was a woman – she looked vaguely familiar to Ken, and he wracked his brain until he remembered – she had been on TV, singing with a jazz group called "The Nissan Cedrics" on the HG and Roy show.

"The music should be really good, Christy," he said to her. "Good to listen to, and for us to dance."

As the plates from their appetizers were cleared away, the band started. One of the members walked up to microphone stand, and began to talk.

"Good evening everyone, welcome to the Renaissance ballroom. We are the Roberttones, we are just waiting for our lead singer, Brian to arrive..."

The rest of the band called out "Where's Brian?" and the keyboard player spoke. "Unfortunately, Brian just called, and he can't be with us tonight. Something about taking a wrong turn; getting stuck in the Harbour Tunnel ... you know what he's like with directions."

"Well, we will just have to start without him," the other person continued. "Take it away, Will, I guess you will have to stand in for him."

They started playing; Ken recognised the tune as "The Way You Look Tonight", from the old Fred Astaire movie "Swing Time".

"Come on, let's dance to this one, it should be a nice slow one," he said to Christy.

Despite her protests, they moved to the dance floor. He showed her how to hold him, where to place her hands, and told her to relax, and move with him. They danced through that song, and the next one, until their main course arrived.

"Did you enjoy that?" Ken asked her. "You did pretty well, considering you've never danced that way before."

"I did like that," Christy replied. "It felt ... kinda lovely, having you hold me like that, and move me around the floor. Can we do more?"

After they had finished their main course, and the plates had been cleared, it was back to the dance floor. Ken loved having her warm body close to him, and he noticed that if he peered down the front of her dress – which was really low cut – he could see the curve of her breasts, and if the angle was just right, he could make out her nipples.

"Having a peek at what you hope to enjoy later tonight?" Christy said, seeing him looking down her dress.

"Well, I just couldn't resist having a little preview," Ken replied. "And I love what I can see there. It can't be all that cold, so am I the cause of those two nipples being all big and erect?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," she replied. "Anyway, there will be plenty of time later on for you to have a better look at them; and a lot more, I hope."

They danced until dessert was served; a scrumptious looking cheesecake. After they had finished eating, Christy leant over and whispered in Ken's ear.

"I need you to take me to our room, and fuck my brains out, Ken," she whispered. "My pussy is so wet and open, dancing with you and seeing you peeking down my top at my tits has got me so hot, I can't wait any longer!"

They got up from the table, and made their way to the exit of the ballroom. Their hotel room was just one floor below; when they entered it they could see the curtains on the windows had been left wide open showing the view across the harbour. They didn't need to put the room lights on; there was sufficient light from the buildings outside to see.

They stood next to the windows, looking at the view. Ken stood behind Christy, his arms around her, and has his hands wandered over her breasts, caressing her lovely mounds, she pressed back, rubbing her ass against his prick. She put her hands against the window frame, and leant back, standing with her legs spread. Her nipples were rock hard, and Ken pulled them and tweaked them through the fabric of her dress.

She moved away, and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She pulled off the two breast cups, tossing them onto a chair, then picking up her dress and laying it over the back of the chair. Ken got the idea, and started to undress himself. When he sat on the bed to remove his shoes and socks, she pulled her panties down, and slipped them (and the very wet liner) underneath the chair.

Ken stood up, completely naked, and in the light coming in from the windows she could see his hard cock, sticking out straight from his stomach. He guided her back to the window, and she stood as she had been before, leaning against the frame, her ass sticking back toward him. She felt him move behind her, his cock resting between her ass cheeks. His hands moved to her breasts, caressing them, squeezing each nipple. She could feel his hot breath on her neck, nibbling on her ears.

Christy felt her hot juices start to trickle down the inside of her legs, her whole body was crying out, aching for Ken to slide his prick inside her. She shuffled her feet, spreading her legs wider apart, and reached around behind her to move his prick down so his shaft was between her thighs, his knob sliding along her wet slit.

She rocked back and forward, making his cock push her pussy lips open, and she moaned as his knob rubbed over her clit. She leaned forward even further, and Ken bent down, so she could guide his cock into her waiting pussy. He thrust into her quickly, and she felt his swollen knob spread her inside walls wide open. His hands were on her hips, and he pulled her into him, deep, so deep his knob hit her cervix.

They quickly settled into a rhythm; Ken thrusting in and out, his prick sliding into her wet, soaking pussy, and Christy pushing back in time with his thrusts. Ken moved his hands up to her breasts, caressing them, squeezing her hard nipples between his thumb and finger. She could hear the squelching sounds as he pumped his cock into her, and with each thrust more of her juices were squeezed out of her pussy, and were streaming down her legs. He moved a hand around to between her legs, and pressed a finger on her throbbing clit, rubbing her juice around her hot bud.

Christy could feel that she was right on the edge of her orgasm; she closed her eyes, and squeezed tight around Ken's prick. As he pushed in she came; her body shaking.

"Oh fuck!" she cried out. "God, I'm cumming, oh YES!"

Ken felt the spasming of Christy's pussy around his prick; the tightening of her muscles made it hard for him to keep sliding in and out. He stopped thrusting, just letting his prick stay deep inside her as she came. He felt her hot juices flowing out around his shaft, soaking his fingers.

Ken looked out over Christy's shoulders at the lights of the buildings on the other side of the harbour. "I wonder just how many people out there can see the window, but have no idea what we are doing in here?" he thought to himself. Of course, with their room dark, there was no way anyone could see inside, but the thought that here they were fucking, FUCKING, up against a big picture window, theoretically in full view of thousands of people was extra erotic.

"Keep fucking me, Ken," Christy said to him, once she had finished cumming.

"I wonder how many people can see the building, see our window, but have no idea what we are doing," he said to her.

"Oh, so we are on display?" she asked. "That's so fuckin' hot! I can imagine people watching us, getting turned on as you fuck me."

Ken pulled out of her, and eased her down onto the wide window sill – it was only a foot above the floor, and at least three feet wide. They were against the glass, and he positioned himself between her legs, her pussy gaping wide open, her slippery juices flowing from her. He held his shaft, and guided his cock to her slit, rubbing his knob around her open hole, making her moan. A quick push and he was inside her again.

Ken moved his hands to Christy's shoulders, and pinned her to the floor. He started to fuck her harder, faster, forcing his cock deep into her wet pussy. She moaned with each thrust, locking her legs behind his back side.

"Can you imagine; all the people out there, what if they could look up and see what we are doing?" he asked her. "We are here putting on a display for the world, me fucking you."

"Oh, God, I love that," she moaned. "Having everyone see you fucking me ... see me cum, see you spurt into me ... oh YES! Fuck, you made me cum again!"

Ken was getting close to cumming; he could feel his balls start to contract, the shivery sensations deep in his belly. He closed his eyes, clenched his muscles... "Oh YES!" he cried out as the first hot spurt of his cum shot from his prick, deep inside Christy's pussy. He continued pumping his prick in and out of Christy as he came, filling her until his cum started leaking out around his shaft. With a final groan, he rolled off her; his softening prick pulling out of her. He could see his cum start to leak from her wide open hole, mixing with her juices on the window ledge.

Ken helped her to her feet; and they moved to the large bed, pulling the covers back to lie down. He snuggled up to her, spooning against her back, his soft prick pressed against the cleft between her buttocks.

"That was so fantastic, Ken," Christy said. "I loved being against the window, and even though it was dark, and there was no way anyone could see us, just the thought of us fucking in public like that; that was so damn HOT! My pussy is still streaming, still throbbing."

"Mmmm, I loved doing it that way, Christy," Ken said. "You are a damn sexy woman."

Ken was caressing her breasts, squeezing her nipples and stretching them out from her boobs.

"You have such great tits, I was looking at them, peeking down your dress all night as we were dancing," he said. "You really turned me on, and I felt so lucky, being here with such a sexy woman."

"You say the loveliest things," she said. "Now I have something for you, too. Roll over, get on your back."

Christy knelt on the bed, her face next to his cock. She gently took him in her mouth, sucking and licking, her head bobbing up and down as if she was fucking his cock with her mouth. It didn't take long before Ken started to respond, his shaft thickening and his knob swelling.

"Move around, we can try a sixty-nine," Ken suggested.

Christy moved, her legs either side of his head, her wet thighs straddling her face.

"But I'll taste of your cum," she said.

"So what? I want to lick your pussy, and taste us together," he replied.

Christy lowered herself, and felt his tongue probing between her pussy lips, the tip pushing into her open hole, sliding up to press against her hot, throbbing clit. He lapped up and down, causing her to shiver when the tip of his tongue pressed on her pee hole. She was worried if he kept doing that, she would start to leak, and she would pee all over his face. His cock was now fully erect and hard again, so she rolled off him.

"I want you to fuck me again, Ken," she said.

He positioned her so she was lying on the edge of the bed, and he stood between her legs, and pulled her ankles up high, to his shoulders. Her pussy must be wide open, gaping, and ready for his prick to plunge into her again. He grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard as his prick speared her open hole. He was so deep, that each thrust banged his knob into her cervix. It was painful, each thrust hurt her, but the pain was so good. She could feel his big knob pushing her walls open, spreading her wide open. He reached down between them, and rubbed her throbbing clit with his fingers.

He slowly moved back and forward, each thrust into her was slow and deliberate. His cock slid all the way up inside her, spreading her wider each time. She closed her eyes, letting the pleasure and pain of his fucking take over all her senses. She could feel his fingers rubbing and teasing her clit; every so often his finger would drift lower, right on to her pee hole. God that felt so good!

She felt his pace quicken, his thrusts were harder, more urgent now. He took his hand away from her pussy, no longer rubbing her clit and pee hole – just as well, because any more touching there would have made her pee all over his cock – he held her thighs tightly as he ploughed her pussy. She heard him groan loudly, his body feeling rigid, then a huge hot release inside her as he started cumming. Blast after blast of his hot, stick cum filled her pussy, she could feel his cock twitching and throbbing inside her. Then, with her own loud moan, Christy started to cum.

"Oh, fuck, God, I'm cumming, FUCK!" she cried out.

Her pussy was throbbing, her juices flooding out, over his cock and down to her ass. She could feel his prick still pumping, forcing his cum out around his shaft. She reached down to touch where he was fucking her; his cock was coated in their juices, the inside of her thighs was soaking wet. Finally, he stopped cumming, and slowly pulled his cock out from her. He lowered her legs to the floor, and then lay down next to her.

"God, Christy, that was a fantastic fuck," he said, still panting. "You are so incredibly lovely inside..."

"You're not too shabby yourself," she said, rolling over to kiss his lips.

"Now, I think we both need a good, hot shower to clean up," he suggested. "I think the shower is big enough for the two of us together..."

The shower was rather big, with a large, rainwave shower head that covered them both in steamy, hot water. They washed each other's bodies, taking the time to get every part of them nice and clean. There were two large, fluffy bath sheets; large enough to wrap complete around themselves. Eventually they were clean and dry, and returned to the bedroom to straighten the disarray on their bed.

"How about we leave the curtains open? " Ken suggested. "Unless you don't want to be woken early with the sun?"

"Well, okay, I guess," Christy replied. "Maybe we can fuck again in the morning, when there's light outside, and there's a slight chance someone could see us?"

"Not much chance of being seen, this far up," he replied. "But that would be a good way to start the day."

They snuggled into the bed, and pulled the covers up over themselves. Ken cuddled up to Christy's back, his soft prick nestled against the crevice of her backside. Soon, they were sound asleep, Kens arm across Christy's side, his hand cupped around her breast, her nipple between his finger and thumb.

Sometime in the middle of the night, she felt her pussy start to throb again; maybe she was dreaming? She could feel the pressure of something hot, sliding along her slot, a moist fleshy knob rubbing back and forward, right over her opening, up to her clit; turning her on. She wriggle back, and she felt her pussy opening right up, as a big, hard cock entered her.

Ken must be fucking her from behind, she though. She reached down, and her fingers touched his, he was already rubbing her clit. Together they touched his thick shaft; all wet with her juices, sliding in and out. She could feel his knob, sliding forward, pressing against her g-spot; touching normally only where her big, curved dildo would reach.

"He's really fucking my lovely cunt," she thought to herself.

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