Frida the Firefighter

by harry lime

Copyright┬ę 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Frida is determined to turn herself into a strong and muscular firefighter. She wants to be just as strong as the male firefighers and she has no time for the other females who want the rules changed to make it easier for them to pass the test.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Squirting   Workplace   .


Frida was doing her crunches on the padded mat when two of the new girls came in to practice on the weights and not really knowing what they were doing. She wanted to say something to them but figured the males in attendance would be more than happy to fill them in on the best procedures to use. So she just kept pumping the crunches out and sweating all over the mat.

She glanced over at them making silly mistakes with the weights and saw that they both were more trim than fit and that they would be unlikely to pass the strength and endurance test for full certification. On the other hand, they were marvelously trim and shapely with nicely defined curves in all the right places. Neither of them had the muscle tone that she had so carefully developed over the long training period and she on the other hand didn't have the appealing curves that men loved to play with.

In fact, none of the firemen had even tried to pat her backside even though they did it with each other. It didn't bother her because she figured they had all attended the "Avoid Female Harassment Seminar" that was mandatory for each and every male in the fire department.

She went in to the shower room to rinse the sweat off her muscular, but not muscle-bound, body and tried not to be upset at the other girls with limited muscle development staring at her and giggling behind their hands. It bothered her a bit for them to be so mean to her because she worked so hard to get strong and hard for the job of saving lives. Frida was a lot more upset over the male firemen's attitudes that automatically assumed she was a lesbian and not interested in men at all.

The female firefighter knew that was simply not the case and wanted to shout out in the middle of the training hall.

"My name is Frida and I love "Cock!"

She knew that she was far too introverted and shy to do any such thing but it made her feel better just to picture the looks on their silly faces when she made that announcement. Her very first boyfriend was a married man with a wife who never did the things he needed so desperately. She met him at a track meet that he attended to watch his daughter in the same race that she had won easily. His poor daughter had come in next to least but she remembered how he smiled and told the girl,

"That is marvelous for you to finish the race, dear. You are improving so fast and managed to beat that other girl very nicely."

It impressed her so much that she found herself smiling up at him as she stretched out the cramps with her legs spread widely displaying her prominent camel-toe like a banner of feminine sensuality. He pressed his card into her hand and she saw that he was a car salesman for a well-known business downtown.

She looked at the card for a couple of days before deciding that he was interested in her pussy and not in selling her a used car. When she called him, she cautiously agreed to meet him at a nearby hotel to get "better acquainted" in private.

Frida got her cherry busted wide open in that hotel room and she became Mr. Johnson's cum-bucket for the next few years performing the most depraved acts of perverted kinkiness devised for horny male enjoyment. Sometimes when she looked at herself in the mirror she had to blush at her submissive attitude when it came to satisfying Mr. Johnson's desires. He confided in her that he often had thought about doing some of those things to his own nubile and very pretty daughter but his strict up-bringing prevented him from acting out on such an incestuous course of action. In a sense, she was preventing incest from marring a family relationship and she felt she was doing a "good" thing for the "wrong" reasons.

After her "Mr. Johnson" period, she bounced around from jock to jock letting them use her for exercise and stress relief whenever the mood struck them. Frida had never even considered having a female for a close friend because she tended to see most females as weak and insipid creatures.

When one of her "Jock" boyfriends decided to use her as a punching bag, she decided to get stronger and learn how to defend herself against unwanted manipulation. In fact, it was at one of the training gyms that she saw the poster asking for volunteers to join the fire department. It was the small print at the bottom that caught her eye.

"We accept female recruits but they must pass the same stringent physical testing as the males."

That led to her hard training and the slow development of muscles all over her body just like the young men in training. Her curves all but disappeared and she noticed she lost a lot of her need for sexual interaction. Now that she was fully developed, Frida was being plagued with her desires to be impaled in her feminine entryways both front and rear and she even had erotic thoughts of stroking male cocks inside her wet mouth whenever she saw a well-built fireman standing above her.

It was so strange because the simpering females thought she was lusting after their silly soft bodies and all she could think about was a naked man with hard muscles pounding her ass down into the gym mat.

It was an accidental wrestling contest with Mike O'Rourke that finally got her the pounding she needed so badly.

She was doing a series of squat-thrusts on the mat when the well-hung fireman stood over her and told her,

"You are doing those things just like a cunt on the rag, Miss Wannabe Firefighter. Put your ass into it and made them pop."

Needless to say, he really pissed her off and before she could stop herself, she had sprung up off the mat and caught him in a stranglehold before he could react. She took him down to the mat and straddled his face with her legs and made him inhale her sweaty crotch. He was going to get a full shot of her over-heated pussy just to teach him a lesson. That lasted all of about twenty seconds and then she found herself underneath him with his hard cock grinding into her tensed buttocks like a pole setting up a tent. She wiggled and squirmed as hard as she could but he just laughed and made her "take it" like a silly girl. After a few minutes, Frida was forced to surrender and let him do what he wanted to her because he was so much stronger.

Mike stood Frida up and pulled her into the changing room like she was a sack of potatoes. When he bent her over the bench, she wanted to kick him in his balls. She didn't do it because she was starting to get real interested in how far he was going to go with this avenue of approach. The female firefighter got her answer when he hooked his long fingers in her briefs and exposed her quivering backside to his viewing pleasure. She knew that if he could see her face right now he would see her blushing because only a few select men had that opportunity with her in that submissive position.

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