The Healing Hands of Nurse Betty

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Betty is a nurse with an attitude that wants to make everyone better. She knows she is far too naïve when it comes to some things but still she likes to see the good in people and tends to overlook the shortcomings.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Size   Doctor/Nurse   Public Sex   Workplace   .

Ever since I was a little girl all I ever really wanted to be was a nurse. When I was still in Catholic grade school, I would play with the nurse and doctor toys pulling my younger brother along beside me as an unwilling doctor to assist in my healing endeavors. Later on, when we were supposed to be making our choices for vocation just before graduating from high school, I put nursing down as my first, second and third choice much to the dismay of the vocational counselor.

I almost didn't get accepted into nursing school because I came across as a bit too naïve for the interviewers who were looking for females with a broader edge to them when it came to sexual IQ.

I really didn't think it was any business of theirs what I did and didn't do with boys behind closed doors. In all honesty, I hadn't done much of anything but I was too proud to admit I lacked experience. So when the second interviewer asked me about stuff like "anal" and "oral" I confessed that I did it all and on many days more than once. The interviewer tried to make a date with me for Saturday night but I told him my boyfriend who was a professional boxer wouldn't like it very much.

I was in the top ten percent of my class in nursing school and I could change a bed pan faster than any of the other girls. I did a lot better really with the older people and with the sick females than I did with young males with minor afflictions. One of my faults was that I tended to be a bit soft-hearted and a real push-over for any politely posed request for a "favor" and sometimes the pleadings of the sex-deprived males for a little helping hand in the middle of a night shift created a desire inside me to bring them a bit of joy in a joyless environment. I learned an awful lot about how to bring a hard cock to a quite explosion when time was of the essence. I even expanded my learning process to include a healthy exercise of the prostate gland to push the poor lads into happy release.

Pretty soon, I started to be called Nurse Betty, the one with the "healing hands" and the male patients asked for me so often that the Head Nurse suspected I was screwing them by squatting over their cocks. I did happen to see one of the visiting girlfriends doing exactly that so I knew it was entirely in the realm of possibility.

I was very careful not to get any exchange of fluids in the process because of the dangers of STD and I think the boys all appreciated my single-minded purpose. Sometimes when one of the patients was unable to produce a nice load for me, I resorted to whipping off my white silk panties and wrapping them around the patient's shaft stroking them vigorously until they gave their juices up to me with a happy smile on their faces. In this manner, I was able to learn quite a bit about how boy's cocks worked and what made them ejaculate with force and whimpering surrender. You are probably going to think me a bit perverted when I tell you I liked to keep them as a token of the event and the scent of the dried cum helped me to rub one out when I was alone in my own bed under the cover of darkness.

The majority of the needy patients were greedy for the added comfort of using my mouth and lips for their enjoyment telling me that "everyone" did it and it was not really like "real" sex. It seemed a disgusting thing for me to even think about but I could see how the sensation of a wet mouth slurping up and down their pulsating shafts would be a nice alternative to just using a delicate hand.

I generally made up one excuse or another but eventually I realized it would be a good learning opportunity. Then, it would allow me to see why it was such a big deal to become a "mouth bitch" for the nasty male patients.

The first patient I agreed to use my mouth on was a young Irish cop who had been shot across the bridge of his nose with a deflected round from some other cop's gun. His buddies all thought it was a joke and that he shouldn't have been pushing his nose in where it was going to get shot off. I didn't see any humor in that and felt sorry for Officer Malone with the two black eyes and the sad look of a man that wanted to be anywhere except in a hospital. He begged me for a day and a half to whack his rod off under the sheet so the old man in the next bed couldn't see him being taken care of.

I took matters into my own hands and spun the curtain almost all the way around the bed announcing I was changing a "messy" bed pan. No sooner had I turned around than I saw the sly fellow had already pulled the sheet down revealing a huge erection that needed attention immediately. I took the lubrication tube from my uniform and put a big glob right in the middle of my palm. It seemed a good idea to carry the stuff around with me because it made the job a whole lot easier.

The cop's first name was Mike and I gave him strict orders.

"Don't shoot without telling me first so I can catch it in something and avoid suspicion if a doctor or another nurse comes in. If you want me to use my mouth, you don't put your hand on the back of my head and make me gag on that big thing."

Mike nodded his head in agreement and pushed his groin in the direction of my face. In retrospect, I probably made a mistake in picking him as my first mouth assignment because of his size. Just as soon as my lips surrounded his bullet head on the end of his equipment he let me have some sticky juice and I was ready to accuse him of shooting off without telling me. Then, I realized he was just oozing some pre-cum in anticipation of a nice ejaculation. I was glad I didn't say anything because he might have realized I was a novice at this task and probably make fun of me or worse.

After a lot of shifting and whimpering and groaning, I got my mouth about half-way down his cock and held his soft yielding balls in my hand like a protecting jockstrap to keep them from swinging too hard. The combination of his pre-cum and my slobbering saliva started to make the whole operation look real messy but I didn't want to stop without reaching pay dirt.

"Nurse Betty, I got to go now."

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