The Cowboy and the Widow

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2014 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: Short story about a retired rodeo bull rider and a beautiful widow.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Slow   Workplace   Military  

Summer 2015 Castle Texas 8AM

35 year old newly retired Rodeo Bull Rider Adam Rogers is on the way to a job interview, when he gets to his destination he parks his Ford F-150 Pickup truck near the driveway of the house where his future boss lived.

He got out of his truck grabbed the file folder that contains his work history which included his 8 years of active duty U.S. Army Service and his 10 years as a Rodeo Bull rider.

After he had the folder in his hand he closes the truck door and walks to the house's front door and he knocked politely very politely.

Several tense minutes later the front door was opened and a beautiful woman with long red hair and blue eyes looked at him and she said "May I help you"?

He cleared his throat removed his Stetson cowboy hat and he said "Ma-am my name is Adam Rogers and I'm looking for Miss Christina Austin I'm here about the ad she placed in the newspaper about needing some help around her property."

She looked at Adam and she said "Sir I am Christina Austin come inside". Adam followed her inside and they sat down at her kitchen table she poured two cups of coffee and then they got down to business, Adam handed Christina his work history she opened the folder and began to read.

While Christina was reading Adam sat beside her at the kitchen table and he waited. When she finished reading she closed the folder.

Then she looked at Adam and she said "Adam I just have one more question for you do you have a handgun and a rifle? I require that every cowboy that works on my property to carry a handgun on their person for their own protection and to keep a rifle in their vehicle just in case."

Adam reached for the holster on his belt and he removed his Cimarron Firearms reproduction Colt peacemaker with a Stainless steel finish wood grips a 4 ¾ barrel and chambered in .45 colt after unloading the revolver he handed it to Christina.

She safely handled and examined the it then she handed it over to Adam he reloaded it and put it back in the holster that was on his belt, then he looked at Miss Christina Austin and he said.

"Unfortunately I don't own a rifle at the present time but I will by one as soon as I can".

When Christina heard Adam say that he did not own a rifle, she got up from the table and a few minutes later she returned with an M1 Carbine 3 loaded magazines and a cleaning kit.

Then she handed these items to the cowboy and she said to him very sadly. "This M1 Carbine belonged to my dearly departed Grandpa God rest his soul he carried during his

Service in WWII and brought it back with him when he was honorably discharged. I want you to have it please."

Adam accepted the rifle cleaning kit and magazines he slipped the first rifle magazine in the carbine's magazine well then he put the 2nd and 3rd magazines into the buttock pouch that was on the carbine.

Once the rifle business was taken care of the beautiful widow took a pad of scratch paper and a pen out of her pocket then she began to right.

After writing for a few minutes she stopped put the pen back in her pocket tore the sheet of paper off of the pad and handed it to Adam then she said

"Adam here is your work assignments for the day please have all of these things done by sundown."

Then they shook hands and Adam walked out of the house got into his truck put the Colt M16 cleaning kit and magazines in a safe place, and drove out to where the cattle where grazing he watered and fed all of the cows.

Once all the cows where watered and fed he moved onto his next task bailing hay and putting it in the barn.

So Adam and the other cowboy's that where in the hay fields bailed hay and put it in the barn once all the hay was bailed and stored in the hay barn Adam moved onto the next task chopping wood and he proceeded to chop wood lots and lots of wood.

Once all of the wood was chopped he fixed the tractor fed the chickens and the Hogs. By the time he half of his assignment list finished Adam was extremely hungry.

So he returned to the house for lunch once he was back at the house Adam got back out of his truck walked into the house removed his cowboy hat and went inside and sat down at the kitchen table.

Adam Christina and the other cowboy's that worked for her ate a nice filling lunch after they finished eating they thanked Christina for it then they returned to work.

Two hours before sundown Adam took the assignment list out of his pocket and he marked off the last assignment on the list, then he put it back into his pocket. Then he got back into his truck and drove to the house.

When he got to the house he parked his truck got out of it walked into the house and he handed Christina his list she looked at then list then at her watch and she remarked politely "Adam you're a very hard worker."

Adam said "Thank you Christina I pride myself on having a good work ethic". When they finished talking they said goodbye Adam got back into his truck and he headed home.

For the next 6 months Adam worked his tail off for Miss Christina Austin until one day he was repairing a fence when he considered Asking Christina out on a date. At first he tried to forget about it but the idea of asking her out after all she is his boss for crying out loud.

But the more he tried to forget it the more the idea would not leave him alone. So after the fence repairs were done Adam put his tools away, put his tool back away in the truck got into the vehicle and drove to the house.

When he got to the house he parked his truck got out of it then he walked to her front door opened it and walked into the house. When he saw Christina in her office he knocked on the door Christina looked toward the doorway and when she saw Adam.

She invited into her office and asked him to sit down in a nearby chair Adam quietly sat down then after taking a few minutes to gather and compose his thoughts he began to speak.

"Christina I have been working for you for 6 months and I have something to ask you "Christina would you like to go out on a movie date with me on Friday night"?

At First Christina was not entirely sure what to say. Her first thought was to say no after she was Adam's boss and it would not be right for her to date one of the Cowboy's that worked for her.

But on the other hand Adam was a very good man and he was a good worker he was polite and well-mannered and she had not dated since her husband's death in a car wreck many years ago.

For 10 full minutes Christina she debated with herself about what her answer was going to say. Then slowly the answer came. "Adam I would love to go out on a movie date with you on Friday night."

When Friday night rolled around he got home from work got out of his truck as fast as he could then he went inside of the house took off his work clothes got into the shower and he cleaned up thoroughly very thoroughly.

When he was done cleaning himself up Adam put on his date clothes and his special occasion Stetson Cowboy hat.

Put his truck keys in his shirt pocket walked out of his house locked it up got into his truck and drove to Christina's house to pick her up for their date.

When he got to her house Adam Parked his truck shut down the engine got out of the vehicle walked to her front door and he knocked on the door firmly. Then he removed his Stetson several minutes after he knocked on her door Christina came walked out of her house wearing a black dress matching high heels and carrying a black purse.

The young couple walked out to Adam's truck got into the vehicle put on their seatbelts and Adam started up the truck and drove to the movie theatre where they were going to have their date.

When they got to the theatre Adam parked his truck then they got out of it then they walked into the theater lobby and studied the Marquee and tried to decide which movie that they wanted to see.

After some back and forth discussion they picked out a movie Adam bought the tickets and they walked into the theater where there movie was going to be shown. They found a place to sit then they sat down and watched the movie.

2 hours later the movie ended they got out of their seats walked out of the theatre into the lobby then they walked out to Adam's truck got into it and Adam drove Christina back home.

When they got home Adam escorted her to the front door of their house they shared a kiss goodnight then Adam returned to his truck he was about to pull the door handle when he heard Christina scream.

Adam ran back as fast as he could he ran up the porch and he saw Christina crying. He looked at her and he asked her "Christina what's wrong?"

She wiped her eyes and she said to him "I locked myself out of the house".

Then she started crying again Adam took his jacket off and put it on Christina to keep her warm then they walked over to the porch swing and Christina sat down. Adam looked at her and he said to her.

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