Hidden Benefits of Life Modeling

by live987

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Tom loses his virginity while he learns how to draw naked models.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Hairy   Teacher/Student   Nudism   .

It's hard to say whether me staying a virgin through the whole of school and until I was 20 was my choice, or just bad luck with girls. Either way, it opened me up to one hell of an experience later on that I wouldn't trade anything for!

Through school, I had my friends, they had their girlfriends and boyfriends, and there was of course porn around. I never really got into porn myself. I wasn't overly social either. Quite often I just preferred my own company. As an only child, no mother around, and a dad who's happily single, sex and stuff was never really on my radar for the first 20 years. At times I wondered if I was gay or straight. So did others. But I soldiered on through, and as you'll find out soon, things ended up happening as they should. Eventually!

I became curious about the female form after seeing artwork on some TV show when I was flicking through channels. A portrait of a nude female. Then they showed a group of people painting in a room, and her standing at the front of the class, stripped off, while they carefully observed her body. It was like something awoke within me and I decided to try and find out if this was something I too could try!

Ok. I'm no artist. I can draw an awesome stick figure if I try though, but as you might have figured out by now, this wasn't about the artwork...

I live just down the street from our local community centre, and I was surprised to learn that art classes like this actually happen so close to home!

The next class I could join in was a week away. Believe me, that week couldn't come quick enough! Sleeping at night that week became a mixture of pondering, excitement, fantasies, masturbation ... There was definitely masturbation! Again, it's not something I'd done much of through my school years, unlike most people my age. Sure, I'd tried it, but it didn't do much for me. Suddenly now, I was a horny, inquisitive teenager at 20!

What would I see? Sure, I'd seen plenty of diagrams in Sex Ed class at school, but seeing it in real life would be an experience. Would a naked female look the same as in drawings? It feels strange to say, but at the age of 20, I was aware of what a clitoris was, a vulva too, and the vagina. I knew there was lots of stuff going on down there that I was finally bursting to see ... but until then, I never had before in the flesh!

I turned up to the class, nervous, and about 20 minutes early. My heart was in my mouth! I was also trying to make sure I'd be prepared and ready if someone was to ask me an art question, as I really knew nothing about it! Maybe I could blend in with the class. Maybe no one would know I can't draw and have no interest in it. Maybe no one will notice.

Maybe not.

I was about to be busted!

Seeing no one else around, I made my way inside and followed the arrow I saw towards "Life drawing class". Around the corner was an almost empty room with just one person inside, setting up tables, chairs and easels.

"Oh hello. You must be new. I'm Sandy."

I was in my own world. Zoned out with my thoughts. A hand was reached out towards me.

"Oh ... ahh ... Tom. Nice to meet you" I responded awkwardly.

Sandy had a curvy figure, was tallish, but just a bit shorter than me. She looked about late 30s, with wavy light brown hair that reached down just past her shoulders. Wearing a kind of sports tracksuit, I could tell she must take care of herself.

"Many coming today?" I asked, awkwardly trying to make conversation and scanning the empty room.

"We usually get about 15", Sandy replied. "You are very early. I like to get here this early as it gives me a chance to get changed and comfortable for the class."

"Are you the ... errr ... teacher?" I asked, suddenly feeling very exposed about how little I knew when it came to art.

"Sometimes I take on a teaching and instructor kind of role, but I'm doing the modeling tonight."

Suddenly there were butterflies in my belly like never before. If I stayed for this class, Sandy would become the first woman I'd ever see naked! Unknowingly to her of course! I started to feel like a pervert.

All good, I reassured myself. I'm an artist and that's why I'm here! God, it didn't even sound convincing when I tried to talk myself into it!

"Who are your influences?" Sandy asked.

"Oh ... you know. Van Gough, Picasso..." I was just thinking of artists I knew the name of!

Pathetic really!

"Well" Sandy said with a smile "I look forward to seeing some of your work later on." She then excused herself, saying she was going to change into her robe and prepare for the class.

I took a seat right up the front. The next 15 minutes seemed like an eternity, as the room began to fill; various ages, an even balance of guys and girls, all looking quite serious and not really making much conversation.

A much older lady entered the room, introduced herself as Barb to those who didn't know, and then briefly spoke about Sandy and her experience, just as Sandy reentered the room dressed in a white robe.

"We're examining and drawing the female form tonight" Barb continued "You'll notice, Sandy has lots of nice curves, and the lighting in the room will cast some lovely shades and contrast her skin tone..."

Artist talk. I was lost.

" ... And as you'll see, as Sandy drops her robe for us, further curves across her chest. Remember, pay particular attention to the roundness and full form."

Alright, I'm back in the room again. That got my attention in more ways than one!

Barb continued "Lower down, a rare sight these days, a lovely thick mound of pubic hair, that will again provide you opportunity for some interesting textures on paper."

I shuffled in my seat, feeling a growing sensation in my pants as an erection started forming. Quickly glancing around the room, heads were already bobbing up and down as drawing commenced. I seemed to be the only one that hadn't started yet!

Damn, Sandy had a nice body! The nipples on her medium sized round boobs were pointing straight towards my direction as she stood up straight, relaxed, and unfazed by the fact that she was completely naked with close to 20 clothed people focused on her body.

My cock was throbbing uncontrollably! My mind was racing. There would be jerking tonight; that's if I don't cum already during this art class!

Shit! I had lost track of the time. That must have been another 2-3 minutes of fantasizing and I still had no marks on my paper! I started to scribble on the page a bit before Barb instructed Sandy to reposition herself.

Sandy was now standing so that we could see and draw her backside. Either I was getting in to this whole art thing, or I was just getting into the whole naked woman thing! Her right hand on her hip, Sandy was standing at just the right angle so that her nipple was still pointing out, and further down, her bush was also slightly sticking out on show.

I think I did quite well, drawing the crack of her bum. It looked flawless, perfectly shaped, and easy to draw. Or so I thought anyway.

In what seemed like way too soon, the class came to an end. The room quickly emptied out and I realised I was last to leave.

I decided to stay seated while my erection went down and I checked Facebook on my phone.

"Let me guess. Tonight was your first time?" Sandy's voice suddenly startled me. Fully dressed again, Sandy was standing in front of me and it looked like she was trying her hardest not to smirk as she looked over my 'drawings'.

"Yeah. Could say that..." I replied.

"Drawing a naked person isn't as easy as it looks!" I admitted.

"It's just practice!" Sandy replied.

"Trust me. You'll get there!"

Little did she know, that phrase applied to numerous aspects of my life!

"Are there any more life drawing classes like this one coming up here?" I asked.

"Barb and I are moving on to drawing flowers after tonight I'm afraid" Sandy said.

"I am available privately though if it's something that interests you" she continued.

Of course it does, I thought to myself. But there's no way I could justify that without starting to be really creepy.

"Thanks. It sounds good!" I replied, totally surprising myself!

Sandy ran through her booking fee and other relevant info, then I was on my way home. I'd made a booking for the next night at Sandy's own home studio when she said she'd also be able to give me some tips and tricks to perfect 'my craft'.

For the next 24 hours I had a nervous buzz about me. I actually dreamt about Sandy that night, and needless to say I woke up and had to change the sheets...

Right on 7pm I arrived at Sandy's house, wondering what I'd be greeted with. Did she have a husband? Kids? How was this going to work?

"Tom! Come on through" Sandy greeted me at the door.

"My kids are with their father tonight so I can concentrate on our session. He lives across town and it's handy for my work with clients."

The walls of the house were covered with many full length framed paintings. It was quite a nice home!

Sandy showed me through to a room at the end of house and instructed me to sit down behind an artist's easel while she again stripped off.

"Remember to focus on those curves leading down my stomach towards my thatch of pubic hair here" she advised.

"Take it all in and shade it so you get a nice even pattern. A darkish brown pencil would work in well to match the tones..."

I was again doing an appalling job, spending more time staring than I was drawing, and Sandy's facial expression changed to one of concern. Her next words stunned me though.

"Tom, you can say no to this of course, but maybe the drawing side of it isn't for you. Have you considered being a life model yourself?"

"Ummm ... nah ummm..." My sentence structure was suddenly as brilliant as my drawing skills.

"I'm always looking for new male models to draw at home. What about if I draw you tonight?" Sandy suggested. "I'll waive your fee and we'll call it even."

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