The Price of a Favour

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman desperate to use a toilet ask if a building just being locked up has one. She is bra less and so her request is granted with the condition she perform oral sex. She agrees and so begin an adventure, ending in a gang bang and water sports.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   .

Maureen grabbed her towel as she stepped out of the shower; she rubbed herself dry and then stood in front of the full length mirror and admired herself. 'I'm forty', she said to herself. 'I think for that age I'm quite good. Sure my tits sag a bit, but they are fully developed, nipples are erect, been like that since I was fucked by my girl friends husband'. She giggled at that memory for she had visited her friend who was a keen gardener and while she was out gathering a number of bulbs her husband had made a play for her, something that she didn't object to and bent over the lounge, virtually in the full view of her friend out in the yard, her husband was giving her cock, 'doggie style'.

She returned to her naked observation. The hair at her groin was almost a full triangle, sure it was very bushy but against her pale skin it stood out like a beckon. She rubbed herself, licking her lips as she remembered that cock ravishing her from behind and wished again for that same experience. 'Oh! Well', she muttered. 'I best move if I want to visit the market. She didn't wear a bra for she had found it difficult to get one that was comfortable and did its job, but as the husband had told her as he rammed his cock up her cunt. "Your tits are fantastic Maureen. If they were allowed to swing and bounce while you were fucked, I bet you would get a few more inches up you".

She wore an attractive skirt and a loose blouse that outlaid the impression of her tits almost to the level of a 'wet tee-shirt contest'. She smiled as she bounced them up and ached for a ravishing cock.

Harry had finished his lecture for the day, the class was gone and he made himself a coffee. Sure it wasn't the type you got in a coffee lounge just the Nescafe kind that was available to the class in the 'tea break'. As he turned out the lights he wondered what he would do for the remainder of the day. 'I'll think of something', he muttered as he closed the outside door and it was then that the woman spoke. "Excuse me", she said. "Is there a public toilet in the building, I'm nearly busting". In seconds Harry observed those hanging and wobbling tits and his mind asked 'what would she do for him to unlock the hall, unarm the alarm and turn the light back on for it was rather dark inside'. "If you had just come a bit earlier", he said. "I wouldn't have turned off the alarm which I just did".

"Please!" she said. "Otherwise I will wet myself".

"Ok!" he said. "However, there is a price and that is you suck me off".

She was certainly unprepared for such a condition. The action of sucking a cock wasn't something that was alien; she had sucked many men off over the years, after all she had been sexually active since she had started work, twenty years before. What took her back was his statement. Generally sucking came about after a bit of petting and such like, but not as a straight out suggestion. On the other hand the man wasn't unattractive and certainly seemed fit and after all she desperately wanted a piss. "Alright", she replied. It took only a couple of minutes to reopen, turn off the alarm and turn on the lights. "The 'ladies' is the first door at the end of the hall", he said. While she was absent he opened the small side room that was used or had been used as a games room but now contained a couple of tables and a few chairs, it hadn't been used for some time.

She was only away for five or so minutes and when she reappeared he was waiting. "In here", he said as he opened the door to the games room. She followed. There was no other idle chatter, he dropped his trousers and even before she took up her sucking position his cock was beginning to harden, however, as soon as her mouth closed over it, she gagged if only for an instant, for it immediately double in size and length. However, Maureen knew how to suck and swallow a cock and for the next ten minutes she had this man floating on cloud nine. She sucked slowly and although she knew what would come from previous experience, his action of dragging her head into his groin while thrusting himself forward, so that her nose was buried in his cock hair, was 'a first'. His balls burst; but he held her still not a drop was left. She fell back, her face crimson in colour and from her mouth flowed a torrid of cum and saliva. "Fuck that was nice", he said as he handed her a tissue from a box on the table. As he did his trouser up said. "You know where the 'ladies' is to wash your mouth"; a suggestion that she immediately took up and quickly left the room.

She was in the ladies for some time. It did annoy him a bit but then on the other hand he had know women to spend quite a bit of time washing out their mouths for one woman had told him that even after a thorough wash she could still taste his cum. When she appeared, he turned out the light, reset the alarm and as he closed the door introduced himself. "I'm Harry".

"Maureen", she replied. They were silent for a few moments till he said that he was a loose cannon for the day asked if she would like a trip up into the 'arty' area of the city. "They have very nice eating places, plus a few good walks". She was silent for a few minutes digesting what he just said, she sighed. "What would be the price this time?" It was a question that if she hadn't already been very sexual he couldn't have answered the way he did. "I think a fuck would be nice this time".

She could barely control her giggle, but finally gasped. "With a cock like your got you have a date".

They just chattered, nothing of real importance till the afternoon tea arrived and after that he suggested a wander around the 'arty' stores. "That reminds me", she said as they walked out together. "I wanted to go to the market, but sort of got side tracked so maybe these 'arty' stores can accommodate what I wanted".

"They won't be cheap", he replied as they came to the first of many they would explore. She picked up and examined a number of sheer blouses, virtually see through. "These are nice", she said. "I love the colours. I wonder if I can try them on?" she asked as she went to the counter". The store girl was very helpful and showed her where she could try them on. The store was virtually empty and the changing room was big enough for her to invite him in. An invitation that he didn't object too; there was no doubt the blouses were nice, especially as her tits were almost totally visible, but it was the gap between blouses that was his main item of interest, for with each change, bared those lovely tits in all their glory.

She didn't ask him to feel her up but the invitation was there so after one blouse was taken off and before another replaced it, he cupped those melons and squeezed and pulled her permanently erect nipples. She licked her lips and then reached behind her and grasped his groin whispered. 'Your hardening'.

'Keep doing what you are doing and I'll bend you over and fuck you', he whispered back. There was silent for seconds and then she turned and said what his mind was screaming for her to say. "Do it, fuck me doggie style. I always wanted to be a bit of an exhibitionists and besides there was hardly anybody in the store and this changing room is right at the back and is big enough".

Full nudity was off the agenda, her tits were already bare, just the removal of her panties and the dropping of his trousers were all that was required. Because they were in a public place he did his best to stifle her cries of pleasure as he pumped but when he thrust to empty his nuts and she felt the explosion she couldn't hold back and her cry of 'Ahhhhh!' was loud enough for the store girl to run to the room and pull back the curtain. Her "Are you alright..." fizzled out as she just stood, her mouth still opened at Harry gave a couple more thrusts, pulled his cock out, wiped it over that very white bum and smiled at the helpless girl.

The girl was still trying to come to terms as to what had happened in the changing room and even as Maureen paid for the blouses she was still in shock and just carried out her business as though she was a robot. Outside both of them giggled. "I bet she will tell all her friends that this afternoon she caught a customer being fucked in the changing room", Harry said. Maureen squeezed him and as they reached the start to the walks she said. "How about we forget the walks and go back to my unit and spend the rest of the day ENJOYING each other. You said you were a loose cannon for the day".

"I think a shower first", she said as she put the parcel of blouses on the bed. He didn't get the opportunity to even voice an opinion, in seconds she was nude. "Fuck!" he muttered. "You are one very attractive woman. Your tits are terrific. You don't shave, I hate women who do and your bum is also something that would interest my cock". '"Oh! Would you fancy fucking my bum?", she asked as she turned the shower on. "Yes!" He replied as he joined her and as the water gushed over them and the soap lathered them up, she said as she began to pull and squeeze his growing erection. "Get this hard, we have plenty of lubricant here and my bum is yours".

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