Alice Lovejoy Receives Displeasure

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The new prisoner in Camp Eighteen was a bit different. She was ridiculed by the guards and scorned by the other prisoners. The fact that she was in "Harmony" with her existence was ultimately the key to her survival.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Torture   Gang Bang   White Female   Oriental Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Double Penetration   Public Sex   Violent   Military   .

Camp Eighteen was reputed to have the best food and the least nasty guards in the string of Western female detainee camps along the Singapore Road. Alice had only been in Camp Eighteen for a short time when Needle-nose Hakimura reported her for disrespect to her assigned minder in front of other female prisoners. The shifty-eyed Japanese soldier and former street cleaner hated all the round-eyed Western women in the camp and often let his acrimony be shown with slaps and kicks to their sickly white skin. Alice was not well-liked in the new camp because she was too attractive and too proud to be a good mate that one could depend on.

The only male prisoner in the camp was Doctor Livingston who was much too old to appreciate the female companionship even if it was offered to him on a silver platter. He was a kindly old man with a wandering mind unable to remember either names or afflictions very long.

Alice had not been there long enough to make any friends of note and she tried to follow the rules as best she could under the circumstances. The very first night she was there, her brush and her small mirror disappeared as if by magic. It was irritating mostly because the brush was the same one she had used for her already departed daughter's pretty blond hair for the nine short years of her existence. She tried to push the vision of her daughter's pale body on the cart with all the others being taken to an unmarked grave beside the dusty highway. Now was a time to think only of the present since the past was far too sad to contemplate and the future seemed so very improbable.

The Commandant was an elderly man by the name of Colonel Shima who spent most of his time drawing letters and numbers in the "old style" brushwork of the forgotten generations. He tried his best to not have any eye contact with the vile Western women with their superior colonialist attitudes for fear that they might curse his soul before he could achieve perfect harmony. Fortunately for the female prisoners, he decreed that they be hosed off often because he was in deathly fear that their stench would cause disease amongst his men and make a need for time-consuming reports to higher headquarters to explain the casualty rate.

The soldiers enjoyed drenching the women with the hoses telling them to take off all their clothing in order to get "clean". Most of the women didn't care anymore. They were happy to cool down with the water and rinse off the dirt of the filthy camp. Only the religious minded nuns voiced any objection to the treatment but they were silenced by the camp leaders to show the guards they were all obeying instructions.

It was a known fact that Kitty Gallagher the self-professed camp slut was humping Needlenose Hakimura for cigarettes by sticking her backside through the wire fence behind the infirmary. Some of the desperate women had taken to that disgusting practice just to get extra rations or some bauble or other to make like a little more bearable. The smoke addicted Kitty considered it a good deal because Needle nose's tool below the belt was where his nickname came from and not the appendage on his face. The Japanese private pretended the soft skinned backside was his beloved Suki's and not some inferior Western woman. Kitty was a smart girl and she knew enough not to speak when he addressed her bottom except for a respectful "thank you" after he was fully drained.

When the question came up as to which girl was receiving the cigarettes after the unfortunate discovery of several butts in the women's bathroom, Hakimura accused the newcomer Alice Lacejoy knowing no other prisoner would come to her aid when the chips were down.

Alice was called to the guard command building and instructed to take a standing position facing the wall. The guards coming into and out of the building all made disparaging remarks about her Western appearance and her slender body lacking the strength and stamina of a typical Japanese female. She understood each and every word perfectly having studied the language for several years and living on the mainland prior to hostilities. Of course, she gave no indication of understanding a single word because that would be far above the capabilities of a female prisoner in the eyes of the typical Japanese male.

Some of the men went so far as to grab her buttocks and squeeze them painfully just to let her know her lack of worth. Alice was smart enough at this point to know it was not good form to complain about such treatment because her guilt was a certainty on the word of a trained guard.

Her trial was convened right after the evening meal and the men all gathered around waiting for Hakimura to repeat his accusation. They were all incensed at her effrontery to smoke cigarettes and to make the guard's life more difficult by not adhering to the camp rules. The ruling was swift and brought a shout of laughter to the assembled men.

"Prisoner 304 of Camp Eighteen has been found guilty of camp rule seven. She will be stripped and beaten by each and every guard of the camp without drawing blood or breaking of bone. Any man of the camp who wishes to avail himself of her feminine temptations is free to do so while she is hung from the punishment hook in the guard bath house."

A leash was place around her neck and she was led to the guard bath house. Once inside, two of the guards stripped her completely and suspended her on her toes from the rafter in the center of the large room. Each time a guard walked past her, he would take time to rain slaps and blows on her back, her chest and her lower extremities. After about an hour of this treatment, Alice ceased to shout and cry at the indignities realizing her verbal outbursts only incited the guards to further efforts.

The men in the recreation area started to come into the bath hose to use her body for their pleasure and she found that they were able to use her from front and back at the same time if they worked together. A large puddle of male semen formed under her feet as she was filled to overflowing. She appreciated the fact that after she was fully lubricated at both ends it was not as bad as the initial dry starts.

As the end of her sentence drew closer, she was let down to sit on the floor and the men ringed her in turn merely covering her body all over with ropes of white cum like the trimming on a Christmas tree. It was in her eyes, her ears, her nose and her mouth. She could smell it, taste it and feel it sticking and dripping from every part of her naked body. In a certain sense, she felt the whole thing was ridiculous and a waste of time. She was not overly disturbed because she knew it was part of the ritualistic effort to humiliate her womanhood and remind her of her inferiority to even the most inconsequential of Japanese males.

She was led to the bath hose and they cleaned her off from head to toe. She donned her clothes and walked with a steady gait back to her sleeping hut. The other women looked at her with a guilty look because they knew they were secretly glad to see her humiliated in order to bring her down a peg or two.

Even Needle-nose felt a little guilty because he knew he was only protecting his round-shaped bottom Kitty so that he could continue humping her with familiar intensity. In all honesty, he had to admit the tightness of his Kitty's slit and her pucker hole was his only source of joy in this hellhole of jungle rot. Kitty was equally guilt-ridden for not admitting her role in the affair, but knew she was fortunate to get out of a bad situation.

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