A Marriage Worth Saving

by bowhunter5670

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True Sex Story: Our marriage got a second chance with a boost of spice.

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In the beginning our sex life was great, at least once a day. As the first year came to an end, so did our sex life. It fell to once a month and then once every three months. Every time I would bring up the subject she would get angry and it would start a fight. I decided it was not worth bringing it up and just dealt with it as best I could. Six years later and it was not improving at all. This is the story of what I did to try to save our marriage.

Lexis is 14 years younger and very pretty and quite sexy with her long legs and D cup breast that are as firm as a woman in her early twenties. I have always considered myself lucky to have a wife such as her. At 5'10" tall with her long blonde hair she is a head turner. I could not help but feel that it was our age difference that was the problem. I did a lot of thinking about it and it really hurt inside that she was never enjoying the pleasures that great sex had to offer. It would bring tears to my eyes at the thought of her missing out for the rest of her life.

After giving it much thought and I mean much thought, because I have always been a jealous man, I came up with an idea. I sat her down one night and explained to her how I felt and that because my love for her was so deep and strong that I would make a sacrifice for her. I told her that I felt it was because of the age difference that we had no sex life. That I did not turn her on and was more of a father figure to her because her dad was never there for her. I said "I would be willing to let her have sex with another man as long as I could be there to watch." I explained, "as long as I am there I will not feel it is cheating and at least I can see you enjoy sex."

Lexis did not understand at all. With a loud voice and angry look on her face she objected, "How could you love me and want to see me have sex with another man? That is just perverted and not normal."

I explained again to her, "I love you so deeply that it hurts me at the thought of you going thru life and not enjoying sex and all the pleasures in the bedroom. It will be hard on me because I want to be the one that gives you that pleasure but I would rather see you have the pleasure than you to never have it. And again as long as I am there I won't feel as though you are cheating on me. You will always be in control and I will be there for you and if you want me to participate I will and if not I will just enjoy watching you have hot sex." I left it at that and she did not speak to me for several days.

"So Randy," she blurted at me as I was sipping my morning coffee, "you honestly think you could watch me have sex with another man and not get jealous and upset?"

"I know it is not going to be easy but I will adjust to it because I love you so much Lexis I just do not want you to miss out. You have missed out for 6years now and I am afraid that sooner or later you are going to cheat on me because of it. I am hoping this will be the remedy for that and save our marriage. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I can't make you be turned on by me and I can't change the things that cause it. I know that you love me but you just do not have passion for me and I know that a woman needs that."

"If I were to say yes to this there would have to be certain conditions and rules. Such as, I would need to pick the guy and get to know him personally before I could have sex with him."

I did not like that idea and expressed it to Lexis. I felt that would bring complications along with it. She on the other hand felt that she could not get intimate with a stranger, cause it made her feel sluttish. I reluctantly agreed with her and we decided to move forward with a plan.

Lexis picked out a couple of guys on a dating web site and started chatting with them. I would sit there with her while she did this and she was really getting into it. She finally picked one guy and made a date. As the day came near she confided in me that she did not think she could go thru with having me in the same room and wanted me in a different room.

"No way, will I let that happen. That's exactly what I do not want, if I am not in there where I can see you then I will not feel like a part of it and I will feel like you are cheating on me."

We compromised and set it up so I would hide where I could not be seen and I would still be able to see everything. We set it up for him to come over to our house one night and she would pretend that I was not home. She opened the curtains and the window next to the bed in our bedroom. When he pulled up in the driveway I slipped out the back door and hid in the dark shadows outside our bedroom window.

They sat in the living room and sipped a couple glasses of wine for what seemed like an eternity as a peered thru the living room window. Lexis was dressed in a short red skirt that highlighted her long sexy legs, and a matching sheer lace low cut top that her nipples could be seen thru her red lace Victoria secret bra. She looked so hot and I was very proud of her.

My heart was beating so hard I was afraid it could be heard and it felt as though it was going to explode in my throat at any moment. Just then she stood and took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I quickly stepped over to the bedroom window to see her sit on the bed right in front of the window. She slightly spread her legs just enough for me to get a glimpse of her clean shaven panty less pussy.

My heart was pounding even harder than I thought possible as this was actually making me hard just thinking about what was going to happen.

Lexis reached up with one hand and started to unbuckle his belt as the other hand unzipped his zipper. She reached and exposed about an 8 inch rock hard cock. She grinned at the sight of it, as the look on her face said she was cock hungry. She slowly started licking the length of the shaft and then took it deep into her throat, as one hand cupped his balls.

I was already seeing a side of her I had never seen, but somehow I knew it existed. I was jealous and turned on at the same time, kind of a feeling that is hard to explain. In the six years of our marriage she had only given me a blow job twice and let me go down on her once. I love to eat pussy and hers was so sweet I compared it to my favorite desert, peaches and cream.

As Lexis continued to suck his cock she slid his pants off as he pulled his shirt over his muscular shoulders. He then pulled his hard shaft from her hungry mouth and I heard her slurp as her lips left his cock. He pushed her back onto the bed and lifted her skirt to reveal her bare pussy. He knelt down next to the bed and spread her legs apart to reveal her already wet love nest. I could see the juices running down over her anal opening.

I had only seen her that wet once before and that was the first night we were together.

As he buried his face into her wetness I saw such delightful pure pleasure in her face. She let out a loud moan that startled me and I almost gasped and gave myself away at the window.

"Oooooohhhhh my goooooodneeessss! I'mmmmmm cuuuummmmming" she managed to blurt out. "Suck up all my cum, lick it all up and don't waist a drop! She screamed.

This was so hot I could already feel the coolness of pre cum on my hard throbbing cock. The look on her face was so worth it as it showed how much she was enjoying it. That is what I wanted to see and new she was missing it. Seeing her having this much pleasure took away all my jealous feelings and this was the hottest most erotic time of my life as well.

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