Second Chances

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2014 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: John married Annie, when she was 18 and barely out of school, against her parents wishes. She'd been brought up with such strictness and cruel discipline that she hardly knew who she even was. After Annabell was born, Annie began to feel the weight of not knowing who she really was. John saw it all and realized the depth of her struggle. When she said that she had to leave, he allowed it. The time went by and he became a great Poppa to Annabell, and then Annie came home.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Petting   .


The message! He sat, and thought for just a moment before he read it again. He closed his eyes and could hear her voice. He could recognize the tone and the softness of it, when she said to him, told him that her actions, had, again, began to screw up her life.

'At least," he thought, 'It was only her life now and now 'their life' that was being 'screwed up'.

Then he read the message again and paid close attention to what she was saying to him.

"John, Johnnie my John," it said, "He's left me! He went off, without a warning really, with a boyfriend. He talked about a new life for him and, I guess, Clark."

A sense of satisfaction began to sweep over John Carpenter, unbidden, and, he realized, unwelcome too. That sense that the words, so much like the words she'd used with him, to go off and eventually find Jeffery were almost the same as Jeffery used with her to go off with Clark.

He swept that kind of thinking away and wouldn't have it, just wouldn't have it at all.

He looked at the clock and it was soon time for Annabell to be home from school.

He realized that he had to attend to this message now and at least make some sense of it for himself.

John, John Lee Carpenter, had been attracted to Annie, whom he always thought of as 'his Annie', for her flamboyance. It was so much at odds with his own 'down to earth' attitude.

They'd met at a party, when he was already pursuing grad school as an architect and she had, it seemed, giggled her way into his life, and soon enough, into his arms, into his bed and into his lifetime love.

She was his 'roman candle' girl, always going up and off at a whim, causing a certain amount of mayhem and a certain amount of joy at the same time.

But she not only came to him, calling him her 'Johnnie my John' Carpenter, she'd became a part of him.

He had recognized from the very beginning that she was signing on for a kind of life that he didn't think that she was just then ready for. He kept that in the back of his mind.

Then there'd been Annabell, lovely Annabell, and the post partem difficulties for Annie were strong and they went on for a while.

He watched, and held her, and helped with Annabell, doing more than his share, most of the time, and was wondering if 'his roman candle' was going to go off in another direction.

It's what happened.

It was teary; it was emotional and she kept saying how sorry she was and that she wasn't ready to be a mother: her words. He told her, at that time, that he'd always love her and would take care of Annabell for her.

She did indeed go off then. She never hid things from him and he was always, by her own description, better than a best friend. She often referred to him as 'her bestie'. It was flattering and John gave himself, during those tough times, to little Annabell, becoming, to hear Annabell tell it later, 'the world's greatest father'.

Annie saw her at times but then Annie faded. She faded into the kind of super, hyper lifestyle.

He hadn't heard from her in a while. But there were always cards for Annabell; every few months there were cards.

He and Annabell went through the tough times and tough questions about her 'Momma', and he knew that there was a great longing in Annabell. It was obviously not great news to Annabell, after a few years, that things weren't that well at home, and then Annie left, and eventually there was a guy, some Jeffery guy.

There had been a few times that Annie had shown up, she said: 'To hold her daughter', and because of those times, the bond was still there between her and Annabell.

John had even established a practice where at night, before prayers and sleep, he and Annabell had a conversation with Momma Annie. It was at least one thing that helped him to keep a calmness and an 'even keel'. It certainly was a major treat for Annabell.

In the meantime, John had struck out on his own and his business had prospered. They moved into a lovely house, with a special room for Annabell and an office for him, so that he could work at home, when he wished.

A few years had passed. Now John was an established architect, having been sought out and hired for major work and he and Annabell had established a kind of life style for themselves.

He was right then, 36 and had had a kind of busy day and was, as usual, looking forward to welcoming Annabell home from school.

She was, at that time, 8 and in the second grade. She had that spark of enthusiasm that Annie had always had with a very good grounding in John's own style of clear thinking.

He realized that of late, since Annie had been out of touch for a good while, he and Annabell hadn't talked so much about Annie anymore.

John was determined to let it up to her. They didn't even talk to Annie every night at bed time, though mostly they did.

John, a quite attractive man, if not the kind of flaky kid that Annie thought that she was destined for, had had various signs of interest from a number of women. He knew himself quite well, at least well enough to know that the special room in his life and heart was an 'Annie Room'. That much was clear to him.

Then he'd gotten the message, her message: "He's left me! He went off, without a warning really, with a boyfriend. He talked about a new life for him and, I guess, Clark."

He thought about it, putting down his work for the day and pouring himself a beer. He wanted to give himself a bit of time to think. He also knew that, in this case, he wanted to talk to Annabell first before doing anything.

He finished his beer quickly and, looking at the clock, went out to the curb, where, just a little bit up the street, the school bus would drop Annabell off.

She saw him, waiting for her as usual, and she ran the rest of the way to him, throwing herself at him and hugging him for the life of her.

"Poppa!" she said.

"Welcome home, scholar!" he said, and Annabell giggled at the name he always used.

He knew, every time, that he could get lost in that giggle. It was Annie to a tee.


"What's new?" Annabell asked.

(It was part of their everyday pattern. They'd spend some time, once she was home, to talk about their day. It was a way for him to help her internalize what she'd been learning that day and he was always honest in sharing his thoughts and his day's adventures with her.)

John realized that there was no 'good' or soft way to deal with this. He only hoped that Annabell would prove to be as sensible as he always thought that she was growing up to be.

"Got some news today that we need to talk about," he said.

"Hot chocolate?" he asked.

"Yes, please," she said, smiling up at him and melting his heart with her openness, and her dimples.

"Okay, pal," he responded, "You stow your stuff and I'll get the drinks. We'll meet in the living room."

"Great!" she said. "And later, I have some new math things to show off!"

"Aha," he said, "Annabell Carpenter, the great math mind."

It made her giggle.

She put her coat in the closet and took her book bag to her room. In only a few moments, they were in the living room together.

Annabell looked at him and said: "Poppa, is something wrong?"

"That's my love," he said, "She reads the old man like a book!"

She giggled and he sat with her. He gave himself only about a minute to think and said:

"Honey, I've had a message from your Momma!"

She was shocked at first and then her face spread with a grin.

(Her Momma, Annie, had been a topic of conversation so much for the two of them that she was one topic that they seemed to be able to handle.)

He took in the fact that Annabell was excited about this news. He only hoped that it didn't mean heartache for her.

"Well," he began, "Here's the message: 'He's left me! He went off, without a warning really, with a boyfriend. He talked about a new life for him and, I guess, Clark.'"

"Oh, Poppa," she said, "How sad for Momma!"

John almost lost it at that point. He was personally feeling the hurt for Annie. It's the way that he always thought of her, with a proprietary love and concern but to see this in Annabell, at such a young age, made him realize how much of a love this little girl was.

They hugged.

"What are we gonna do, Poppa?" she asked. "Shouldn't we help her?"

"Yes, honey," he said softly, "We should."

He hesitated and said: "I don't know if she'll want help from us but we can offer."

"I know, Poppa! Momma the 'will of the wisp'" she said.

He knew that she wasn't really sure what that meant but had tried to explain it to her, indicating at times that it referred to her Momma's excitable nature and her continual sense of joy.

"I have a number," he said, "And will call her."

"Tell her for me?" Annabell said, and he could tell from her voice that she was again speaking from an emptiness that had always been there.

"I will honey!" he said.

"Homework?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Yep!" she said, "And wait 'til I show you."

"The math genius!" he said grinning.

He held up his hand for a 'high five' and she slapped hands with him, and then took him by the hand and led him to her room to show him her new math prowess.


That night, they had, when Annabell was going to bed, a 'talk' with Annie again. It had been a while, since that was a feature of their bedtime routine.

When their 'talk' was finished, Annabell said a soft: "Good night, Momma, I love you and miss you."

She hugged her Poppa then and sobbed a bit against his chest.

"Yes, honey," he said, "I miss her too!"

"Will you call her?" Annabell said next.

"Yes, I will!" he promised, and Annabell sunk into a happy sleep.

She answered right away.

"Hello, Annie?" he said softly.

"Oh, oh, Johnnie my John Carpenter!" she said softly. "I was afraid it was him and I am so done with him and all the nonsense!"

"How are you Annie?" he asked.

"Suffering from my own, almost terminal stupidity!" she said with tears in her voice.

"Annabell sends her love," he said.

This made her cry all the more.

"Is this a bad time, Annie?" he asked.

"No, no, Johnnie my John," she said, "I'll just get a hold of myself here."

There was a pause and she said: "He's gone and 'goodbye to bad rubbish'," she said with vehemence, "Him and his boyfriend! Wanting me to share that kind of life."

Then she sobered and said: 'Oh, John... '

He could tell how serious she was by what she called him just then.

"I've been the usual stupid me! The blind me! The crazy me! What I've done to my life, our life and that lovely little girl that lives with you."

She said that she was sorry immediately: "Oh, Johnnie my John, I know there is no 'our'. I just don't know what to say or do or anything."

"I know that, Annie," he said.

Then he took the plunge: "I think, that is, Annabell and I think that you should just come home."

She cried then, and he gave her the time to cry.

"Oh, Johnnie my John," she said, "Is there that? Is there still a 'home'? Is there?"

"Of course," he said. "Come home; we'll take things slowly and work on being parents to our Annabell and let the other things happen the way that they will."

"Why didn't I always see that?" she wailed, "The clear thinking? The soft, calm way that you handle problems? Why wasn't that apparent? I looked for flash and Jeffery had flash and I was blind and stupid!"

"Don't talk that way," he said, "It doesn't help."

"And you have flash and integrity!" she said finally.

"Will it hurt Annabell more, if I come home?" she asked. And then, she hurried on, before he could answer: "And, Johnnie my John, I promise on my Momma's grave..."

He knew that this was a promise that she meant to keep. It was always the way that she'd expressed herself, when she came face to face with determination.

"I promise on my Momma's grave to be the best thing for you! I promise!" she said.

"Will that work then?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

"When?" he wanted to know.

She realized how important it was to set up these items, and how much it would mean to Annabell, so, she was determined to make sure that there were no hitches.

"I'll have a ticket waiting for you at the airport," he said.

They talked for a few minutes about the schedule and all. She told him that she probably didn't even have a huge amount of stuff to bring with her.

"We'll take care of all of that, Annie," he said to her, and she cried again.

"Oh, Johnnie my John," she said next, "You were the best all along and stupid me didn't realize that the prince lived in my own home! How bad is that? And I walked away with and found that Jeffery and all!" By the end of the sentence, she was crying so hard that she could hardly continue.

"Annie," he said, "That kind of talk isn't going to help. We have bridges to build, a life to get together and a little girl to love."

"Yes, Johnnie my John," she said. "Bridges to build and a little girl to love."


John and Annabell talked about it the next morning. It was Saturday and there wasn't school.

"You called, Poppa?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "Last night."

"And?" Annabell continued.

"She's coming on a flight this afternoon!" he said, a ghost of a smile crossing his face.

She threw herself at him then and hugged him, and she was in tears right away.

"It makes me so happy, Poppa," she said, "And you must be too!"

"Yes, I am," he admitted. This was, after all, the day that he'd looked forward to ever since she'd told him that she needed a break from being a Mom and all until she 'found herself'.

(At the time, he let her without a fuss. He knew about the terrible up-bringing that she'd had and how much it had made, in her early days especially, a mess of her. He knew that she needed some time and probably space to look at her life and see what was there, who she was and what she wanted to, needed to do. It was painful but he was okay with that. He had his work, which he loved and Annabell to raise. But this was the time he was hoping for, counting on, looking forward to.)

"How was she?" Annabell asked.

"Weepy," he said, "And very down on herself, angry at herself."

"Oh, Poppa," she said, hugging him again.

"We have to just bring her home and start to make her whole again," he said, kissing the top of Annabells' head.

"Yes, Poppa," Annabell answered, the determination in her voice, "That's what we'll do for her, for our Momma."

His only words of caution, which were as much for himself as they were for Annabell, were: "We need to really take it easy on her for a while, honey."

"Yes, I know that!" Annabell answered, "We'll heal Momma!"

He sighed and said, kissing the top of her head again: "Where or where have you come from to be so wonderful, so sensible and so loving?"

Annabell grinned up at him and said: "I'm my Poppa's girl!"

"You are that," he said. "You are that, right enough!"

They went to the airport together and went as close to the gate as possible. They waited at the top of the ramp where people who were deplaning appeared.

He knew that she'd be among the first. He'd bought her a first class ticket. He had wanted that to be his first message.

She came into view toward the beginning of a crowd of passengers, coming up the ramp.

"Oh, Poppa," Annabell said, jumping up and down now, "There she is!" She was waving like mad, at Annie, who, seeing them, waved back and simply grinned.

Then Annie was in John's arms again and she was crying now, simply crying. She had an arm around Annabell and was clutching Annabell to her in the same hug, and Annabell was crying too.

"Johnnie my John," Annie said fervently, "And my lovely, lovely Annabell! Aren't I the lucky girl to have such a reception waiting for me?"

She gazed up at him, her cheeks covered with tears and smiled. She bent then and kissed Annabell, who was now hugging her Momma, with her arms around Annie's neck, both of them weeping again.

Members of the crowd were watching now and then, as they passed, and reacting to the obvious beauty of the reunion that was taking place. It was a lovely scene.

Then Annie hugged John again, with a hand pulling Annabell into the hug too.

"Aren't you the guy," Annie said, "Bringing me first class! Home first class! Thank you, thank you!"

She hugged him again then and went on: "I have so much to make up to you two, my lovely ones, Johnnie my John and beautiful Annabell! So much!"

"All for later," he said, "All for later! Luggage?"

"A bit!" she answered, "It was a bohemian kind of life!"

"You get to go shopping with the Annabell," he said. "Get what you need!"

Once he'd said that, Annie was weeping again, and he was comforting her.

Finally, they were ready.

"Okay," John said, "Luggage, and then, I think, home! We can have dinner at home tonight."

"Yes," Annie said, her cheeks flushing with the joy of what was happening, "Home."

They walked away with John on one side of her carrying her carry-on bag, her hand through his arm, and her head leaning against this shoulder now and then, and holding hands with Annabell on the other side.

Once they were at home, Annie simply looked around at it, getting familiar with it again, and internally wondering why in heaven's name she ever left this man, this lovely little girl and this home.

"Annabell," John said then, "Give Momma and me a few minutes to get her settled. We'll be right back down."

"Yes, Poppa," she said, "I'll be in my room with my computer."

He walked upstairs then with Annie, who said: "She's grown so much! And she takes after you! Not a flake, like her Momma."

"Hey!" he said, chiding her gently and getting a grin from her in return.

They stood in the hallway for a moment and he spoke to her: "Annie, I'm going to put you in the big guest suite at first. I don't want to be crowding you at all."

She hugged him then and said: "Oh, Johnnie my John, you don't crowd me; you always take such good care of me."

She was weeping again then, and they went and got her luggage set on a small table in the guest suite.

"I've even forgotten how lovely this house is!" she said.

"We're doing well," he said softly, "Annabell and I!"


They went downstairs then and Annie said that she needed to talk to the two of them. They went into the living room and sat there. John made sure that he gave Annie a box of tissues, since he suspected what was coming.

She looked at the two of them: husband and daughter —- they'd never actually divorced. John hadn't wanted to and Annie either hadn't either or never 'got around to it'.

"I almost didn't contact you," she said, already wiping her eyes. "He left, you see, about three weeks ago and I ... um ... kind of gave myself a 'serves you right, girl' message and just kind of wallowed in it."

By now Annabell was crying also, and holding on to her Poppa tightly.

"I finally had a rare, for me, spark of insight and asked myself what I really, really wanted and the answer was clarifying for me. The answer that I got was that I wanted my Johnnie my John, and my lovely Annabell; that's what I wanted," she said softly, wiping her nose and her eyes, as the words affected her emotions.

"And you're still here for me!" she said, in a bit of wonderment, "Though I know that I don't deserve it at all!" she went on.

And this time, it was Annabell that stepped in with a soft: "Momma!"

"She's right, Annie!" John said. "We haven't been through what you did, as a child. We didn't live with those restrictions, that inflexibility, the constant corporal punishment, any of it. We never had that to deal with. Taking that into account, getting out to 'find yourself' is the most natural thing imaginable!"

She launched herself at them both then, and they were holding her. Both girls were crying again and John had tears in his own eyes, as the true and final reconciliation came about quietly and with less fuss than might have been imagined.

They had a light dinner then and sat, after the clean-up and talked with one another a bit more.

The time went by quickly and it was Annabell who made the request:

"Momma, will you help me with my bath please?"

Annie smiled at her and said a soft: "Of course, love."

"Call me, when the princess is ready for a 'good night'," John said and Annabell and Annie went upstairs for the bath.

John spent the interim time in his den working on the house finances for the month, though every now and then he'd pause and take it all in.

He knew, admitted to himself as much, that he never really gave up on Annie. They'd known each other well enough that he was aware of the kind of home atmosphere that she'd had through childhood and into early adulthood. From that point of view, he was surprised that she'd made attempts to settle down at all before doing something 'wild' and going off.

The difficult thing, most difficult thing for him was dealing with Annabell about it in those early years. But one of the joys of his life is the way that Annabell began to show good common sense and the way that she listened to him, as he tried to help her understand why her 'Momma' was off and going through her 'wild' patch.

It had certainly made them closer in the process and was paying off the dividend now.

It was in the middle of such reveries that John got the message, though the house intercom system, that Annabell was ready for her 'good night'.

While John was ruminating in his den, Annabell and Annie were enjoying the bath time.

Now and then Annie broke into tears, and it was at those times that Annabell served to give her Momma the love and assurance that she needed.

Just as the bath was finished, and Annabell was out on the bathmat, surrounded now by a huge towel, that Annie was using to dry her off, she spoke up to Annie:

"Momma," she said softly, and it can be noted that this was the only time that she ever brought up such an idea or expressed such a topic, "Please take good care of Poppa!"

Annie squeezed the little girl and held her tight. "The best," she said, "I'll take care of him and Annabell the princess in the best possible way. You'll see. I intend to prove it every single day of every single week."

It ended with the two of them hugging and having another round of sobbing together. Then Annie took Annabell to the bedroom and said: "You put your nightgown on now, sweetie, and I'll get your Poppa for a goodnight kiss."

She went for John and found him in his den.

"Hey, Johnnie my John," she said.

"Is she ready?" John asked.

"Yes, she is," Annie answered, taking, with a 'thank you' and quick kiss, the glass of wine that John had for her.

"Thank you, Johnnie my John," she said, sipping.

They went upstairs together and had a story reading first. Then John said: "Annie, you know what we always do next?"

Annie just shook her head 'no' and Annabell explained. "Now we always had our talk with Annie, with Momma! Every night."

Annie was struck yet again and put her hand up to her mouth to keep back the loudness of her sobs. It ended in a group hug and kisses for Annabell from both Annie and John.

"Oh, Momma," Annabell said, "I'm so glad you came home!"

"Thank you, honey," Annie said, "So am I!"

They left a night light burning for her and went out of the room. Once they were out in the hallway, Annie said: "Johnnie my John, I think that I'd like to have a bath too. Do you mind?"

"Not at all!" he said. "All my girls getting clean!"

She hugged him then and said softly: "Oh, Johnnie my John, it's affecting me so!"

"I know, love," he said, "Let's just take it as it comes!"

"Yes, yes," she said, and went to the bathroom that was between the two guest rooms for her bath.

He went back to his den and finished some work on the finances and then went back to the door of the bathroom to make sure that she was okay.

He knocked, and said: "Annie, okay in there?"

"Oh, Johnnie my John," she said, "I need a towel."

"Oops!" he said, "Thought there was one in there. Let me get you a nice big one."

He fetched the towel —-and of course there was a towel in there but Annie had something else in mind altogether.

He went back to the bathroom door with the towel and knocked lightly, saying that he had the towel and would leave it outside in front of the door. But then Annie opened the door and, smiling, held out her hand for the towel.

John had been trying to prepare himself for any and all things that might happen with Annie coming, finally, home but still the sight of her standing there naked was a bolt from the blue.

He held the towel in his hands and didn't even, at first, offer it to her. He simply stared and took the sight in. It was as though he'd forgotten all of it: the wildness of her blond hair, the beautifully sloped breasts, nicely shaped, with their large and stiff nipples, the plane of her stomach going down to her nest of blondish brown, wispy pubic hair.

She giggled, as she reached for the towel but he spread it and put it around her himself.

"My beauty!" he said, "My beauty, my Annie is home!"

He dried her then, and she stood with her arms up in the air and let him. She turned to him, finally, with the towel still wrapped around her and put her arms around his neck, with her head on his chest.

"What have I done to deserve this?" she asked softly, "To deserve you?"

"It's second chances, Annie," he said, "That's what it is. A second chance to be wife and lover; a second chance to be husband and lover; a second chance to be Momma and Poppa. It's just second chances."

"I wondered if you'd wait," she said, "And I was prepared to understand if you didn't."

"Wait? Of course," he said, "You're my Annie! Of course, I'd wait ... we'd wait!"

"You've done so well with her," Annie said then, and kissed him.

This was a different kind of kiss. It wasn't the tentative, 'we'll see what's going to happen here' kind of kiss that they'd shared earlier at all. It was a 'we're becoming one again' kind of kiss and both of them knew it at the time.

"I have a request," she said.

"Yes, love," he said, "Anything!"

(That got him a special hug from Annie, with the towel now slipping to the floor and leaving her naked.)

"I want to sleep with Johnnie my John," she said, and, holding up a hand as though to show she wasn't making any demands, she went on: "No expectations! Just surrounded by Johnnie my John!"

"Yes, of course," he said. "I need to shower first and then I'll be in."

She went to the door of the guest room then but he restrained her hand and said: "No, our room!"

"Yes," she said, tearing up again, "Our room."

Then he went for his shower and afterwards, locked up the house.

She was already in bed by then, and John was thrilled to discover that she was only wearing a pair of pink panties to bed. He crawled in and surrounded her with his arms and pulled her to him.

It was only a few minutes later that Annie giggled, when she felt his erection poking her butt.

John had been aware that this was probably going to happen and was going to apologize but as soon as he began, she put a finger on his lips and wouldn't let him.

She sighed and slipped into sleep, the sleep, as much as anything, of exhaustion, quickly.


He had his 'Annie' dream that night. It came on a semi regular basis. It was really the only semi-erotic dream that he could ever remember. In it he was always making love to Annie some way. He'd had the dream especially often during those tough times, after she'd left to 'find herself'.

It was wonderful and warm! He was being handled by her, he knew that, and simply tried to enjoy the dream. That's when he began to wake, and the first thing that he realized was that his pj bottoms that he'd worn to bed were down at his knees, exposing his butt, and he was indeed being played with. He felt her hand on his butt.

"Annie, what are you doing?" he asked.

"If you have to ask that, Johnnie my John," she said, giggling, "Then you've been away from this for a long time."

"I have," he said, chuckling and enjoying the feel of her hand on his butt.

"Johnnie my John," she cooed into the night and to him directly, "You have the nicest man ass that I've ever known."

"You've made a survey?" he asked, and immediately thought better of that.

"Sorry," he said to her, "I was only making a joke, love."

"No, I deserve that and more," she said.

"No, no, we're not going to do that," he said, "We're going on from here; that is what we're going to do."

"Goodie," she said, "Going on from here; does that mean that I can play with your man ass?"

"Yes," he said chuckling again and the hand was back, only this time it was delving into the crack and pushing its insistent way along.

He made a sound and she whispered: "Oh, Johnnie my John likes that! Does he?"

"Yes," he hissed, as her longest finger found her goal and pushed inside of him, getting another sound from him that was only increased by the fact that her other hand had his erection entrapped.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" he said and she giggled.

"Johnnie my John," she instructed, "You do my hand and I'll do you but you warn me, Johnnie my John because I want your canon in my mouth with it shooting."

"Mmmmmmm"! was all that he managed, as he flailed his hips back and forth and was the consistent recipient of the attentions of her finger in his butt hole.

In a strained voice he finally said a raspy "Annie!" and she moved, keeping the butt finger where it was but capturing now his erection in her mouth to let him go ahead.

He slumped back on the bed, pressed against her, feeling her nakedness, while she rubbed against him.

"I'm so glad to be home, Johnnie my John," she said. "So glad that you've taken me back, let me!"

"Of course, I'd let you," he said, "You're my Annie! And I know the kind of pressure that you had and why you needed a kind of vacation and all of it."

"Yes, and all of it," she said, "I'm not proud of that part!"

"Hush with that now," he said, "We're where we're at and we have a family to think about and each other to love."

"Oh, yes," she said, "You make me cry with your goodness in all of this, Johnnie my John!"

There was a brief silence then and he broke it saying: "I have kept your credit card on our account."

"Ohhh," she said softly, "You gorgeous man! That's so nice!"

"I'll get it for you tomorrow!" he said.

"Thank you, Johnnie my John, my own love!" she said then, and giggled.

"Yes?" he asked.

"I was thinking of how much I missed playing with your lovely, lovely, plump man ass, your heiny!" she said, going into a giggle again.

"'Heiny?" he said, chuckling "No one uses that word anymore. And, no one's been playing with my man ass or my heiny for a long time!" he said.

"But Momma's back," she crowed into his lips and it'll get the kind of attention that such a pretty man ass should get!"

It left both of them softly laughing, lips to lips.

He had a thought then and asked: "What about your car?"

"Oh, Johnnie," she said, chagrined from the sound of her voice, "Jeffery sold it, when we needed money. I'm sorry!"

He put his finger on her lips. "No, honey," he said, "We're just going to take care of all of these things."

She cried then.

"Listen to me," he said, "Remember when we ran off together. I all but stole you from your family. I know how hard it was for you with them growing up but, though I was already in my mid-twenties and with a direction for my life, you were just barely 18, and hadn't even had a chance at life. It was almost as if you traded being under their control for being under my control. That's no way to be able to find yourself and grow up. I owed you that, Annie; I know that, and I'm so glad this it's working out this way."

She kept crying then and clinging to him, eventually giving him a kiss and saying: "I love you, Johnnie my John! I really and truly do!"

"I have never hired a new office manager for the business either," he said, after a bit.

"Oh, can I have my job back?" she asked.

"Yes, as soon as you want," he said, and she bounded up then and was on top of him, squirming around.

He reached his hands down and said: "And speaking of pretty asses!" He was squeezing her butt cheeks as he said it.

"Yes, we're the pair!" she said with her usual élan. "The two with perfect asses! It should be on the company logo with a picture!"

They were laughing together again then.

"Annie," he said, "You'd better put something on for bed; I know that we're going to be visited in the morning."

"Oh, yes," she said, and put on a tee shirt that he gave her and a pair of panties. They settled down again, with Annie swiping her hand over his butt cheeks one more time before drifting off to sleep, whispering to him, as she did it: "Johnnie my John with the pretty man ass!"

John vaguely heard the door of the bedroom open in the morning and Annabell give a sigh. Then the covers were being moved and he felt her get into bed with him and Annie. It was a Sunday and they didn't need to get up and stirring too early.

Then it was whispering and giggling from the other side of the bed.

"Hey," he said, in a sleepy voice, "it's Sunday. Some of us are trying to sleep here."

"Don't mind grumpy," Annie said and she and Annabell giggled.

"Maybe we should smooch him awake!" Annabell said and then they were crawling on him and kissing his face all over, causing him to finally say: "Yes, yes, I give! I give! Breakfast!"

"Yippee!" Annie said, joined by Annabell and they both shouted: "Breakfast!" "Johnnie my John is going to make us breakfast," Annie exulted, as he got up and put a robe on, heading for the kitchen.

Then, with John gone to get the breakfast underway, Annie and Annabell lay there and talked.

Annie stroked the little girl's face and said: "Thank you, honey, for taking such good care of your Poppa, while I was away being Annie the crazy woman!"

"Oh, Momma," Annabell said, hugging Annie. "Poppa and I talked about it a number of times and he kept telling me that you needed the time, kind of to find yourself. He always said that you'd come back to us, and here you are."

"Yes, honey," Annie answered, "We need to make sure that you don't need to do that kind of drastic thing to 'find yourself', once you're already 18 and supposedly an adult."

"Was it grandma and grandpa?" Annabell asked softly. "Poppa said that that was the case."

"Well, yes and no," Annie said. "They were strict and terribly controlling but it made me all the more rebellious, as I went into my later teen years. Didn't really set me up well for a marriage. It's such a blessing that the marriage was to your Poppa! He's such a gem!"

"He is!" Annabell agreed.

"Who is what?" came John's voice from the doorway.

"You are! A gem!" Annie said, springing out of bed and going to grab him, as soon as he put the coffee down that he was carrying. She was joined in the 'grab' by Annabell and the two of them were pummeling him again, making him laugh.


They went to the kitchen then and had their breakfast in the kitchen nook, which overlooked the back yard.

As Annabell was washing her hands in the downstairs powder room, Annie went up behind John and grabbed his butt.

"Johnnie my John has a pretty man butt!" she whispered.

"Hey no handling the cook!" he said and she giggled.

As they sat at breakfast, John announced: "Okay, everyone, big day today."

Annabell clapped her hands and Annie asked: "What?"

"New car day for Mom!" he said.

Annabell cheered and Annie got teary.

"Oh, Momma," Annabell said, "Can we get an SUV? Please?"

"An SUV," Annie said, shaking her head 'yes' and turning to John said: "An SUV that's what we want!"

"Then that's what you get!" and then he was being hugged by both of them.

As the hug broke, Annie whispered: "Johnnie my John, I'm gonna play with your heiny tonight!"

He chuckled.

They told Annabell that they needed to shower and dress and they'd be ready in just a little. She went to her room to play with her computer, while she dressed and waited.

John and Annie went to the bedroom and she said: "Okay, Johnnie my John, shower for the two of us now and I get to pat Johnnie my John's heiny! She giggled.

They got into the shower and, true to her words, she was behind him in just a little bit and had her hands on his butt. She snaked one hand around and was playing with his erection at the same time.

"Can I have it, Johnnie my John?" she cooed to him.

"Yes, love," was his response and then she switched and was around in front of him, leaning against the shower stall wall. It was his turn to play with her now.

"He's playing with my heiny now!" she said with glee and then he pushed her over a bit at the waist and fit himself inside of her.

(This was their first such lovemaking, since Annie had come home and, once he was in place, he simply paused, shivered and enjoyed the feel of it.)

"Oh, John," she said, losing herself in the feel of him inside of her, "That's more wonderful than I can imagine! Than I can possibly say!"

He put his arms around her then and, as they were moving together, began to capture her breasts in his hands, playing with and worrying her nipples.

It left Annie panting and asking him to pinch them just a little bit. Once he began to comply with this latest of her requests, she put part of her hand, the fat of her palm, into her mouth to suppress her outcries. They both came that way and then slumped against the wall of the shower stall. Then she turned to him and began to kiss him.

"Thank you for bringing me home and still loving me so," she whispered into his lips.

"I never stopped loving you, Annie!" he said back to her.

"That's Johnnie my John!" she said and put her head against his shoulder, as he idly stroked her back and her butt cheeks.

"Nice heiny!" he said and she giggled.

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