An Unlikely Hero

by Timm

2014 Timm

Science Fiction Sex Story: A short story in the Damsels In Distress Universe.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   White Male   Oriental Female   Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story.

Ok it was like this I needed furniture for my dorm room such as a comfort chair or maybe a futon or something like that. Hell even a better mattress for the bed would be nice. However I am your typical first year college student. I'm broke all the time. So when I was heading home to my parents' house (Just so they could feed me on the weekend) I noticed a sign that said "estate auction today." Well that sign had an arrow pointing down a cross road of the state highway I was on. I thought to myself that maybe that would be a good opportunity to get a cheap chair. Hell it was an estate auction and things like furniture normally go cheap at them. I decided that I should check it out. Who knows after all what I could pick up with an extra 100 bucks in my pocket? The fact that I, your typical broke college student actually had a 100 bucks in my pocket was only because had gotten the balance of my grant check from the collage the day before. That is, I got the balance of my grant money that I hadn't spent on book and tuition. Actually it was 107 dollars all together. Well let me tell you 107 dollars is not a lot of money to someone that has to live on $10 a week. It was a good thing the dorms cafeteria was paid up front for the semester. That's why I was going home for the weekend in the first place. It was actually cheaper to let mom and dad feed me then do so myself over the weekends. That and I am sure they wanted to see me and see how I was doing.

So I followed the signs. At first I wasn't sure I was in the right place. I mean there were only 20 or so cars there. However the sign said the auction would start at 10am. When I asked a man standing in the driveway he assured me that I was in the right place. Then he offered to park my car for me. Great valet service at an auction. Maybe I should just turn around and head home. Obviously things were going to be selling for more than I had money for. Before I could decide however the valet suggested I should go and register if I wanted to bid and head into the back yard were the auction was taking place. After all he said the auction would begin in less the 10 minutes. Well despite my misgivings I handed the man my keys and found the registrar.

The registrar was an elderly lady with a big grin. She asked for my driver's license and took down my personal information. Then she handed me a white card with my bidding number printed on the front in gold numbers. I looked at the card and relished that I had the number 17 on it. Since the stack of cards under the one she handed me had the number 18 on it I realized that there were only 17 people registered for this auction. I thought that was a rather low number of people for an auction. Being young I decided to ask her about that. The old woman looked at me with that smile of hers and said, "Well it is an unusual auction son, and you see it was not in the paper because of the short notice." She paused and then went on, "I guess I had better explain the way Mr. Alright has set this auction up. All the eligible attendees are given $2000 for this auction. You can't use your own money and everyone has to start with the same amount."

I looked at her with an uncomprehending look.

She just grinned, "You have a 2000 dollars credit to bid with as a gift. Then again so does all the rest of the eligible family members. The point being that no bidder has more than 2 grand to bid with."

I shook my head to clear it. I mean I thought I understood what she was saying. I just couldn't believe it. It sounded more like I had walked into the asset distribution of a will rather than an auction.

She smiled, "Go take a seat son, the late Mr. Wilson's attorney will explain everything before the auction begins."

I was still a bit in shock however I did as the old lady suggested and stepped around the corner of the house. As I stepped into the back yard I realized that it was more than just a house. It was a mansion, and a very opulent mansion at that. Hell the place even had a pool house next to a rather large swimming pool set to the back of the property. At least I assumed it was the back of the property. It was after all about 3000 feet back from the mansion.

I made my way to the back to the seating area still dazed by the size of this place. There were only like thirty people back there, worse for me the hostile looks on their faces made one want to get the heck out of Dodge. I guessed that the relatives were not happy to see an interloper at the auction. The old codger apparently set his will up in such a way that they had to bid on his personal items that they wanted. Given that everyone had a fixed amount of money to use, well I guessed I could understand them not being happy that I was here. Apparently that was why there was no advertising other than the signs required by law. Somehow the relatives had fixed the auction in such a way as to keep the number of attendees to a minimum. Given that I was on the same footing financially for this auction as they were I could understand their feelings.

The auctioneer stepped up to the podium and began to explain the special auction was being held on behalf of the estate of the late James Wilson. And for the benefit of the non-family member on the biding floor (That being me of course) the maximum anyone was allowed to spend all totaled was 2000 dollars. The family members looked at me with daggers in their eyes. The auctioneer turned the floor over to the late Mr. Wilson's Attorney.

"I am pleased to see that the minimum terms of his will that at least one non family member be present for today's asset auction have been met. According to the terms of the late Mr. Wilson each registered person for this auction will receive the maxim tax free inheritance amount of $2000.00 to be used as each sees fit. The remaining assets, to include property, investments and business as well as personal items are to be sold at today's auction. As most of you are familiar with Mr. Wilson's dislike of the government and taxes. Each portion of the estate for the purposes of taxes of course will only be obligated to pay that which the government is entitled to after a fair public auction. In other words he found a way to keep the government from taxing him after his death." There were chuckles all around at this statement. However the lawyer continued, "To insure that each item sells a number will be drawn at random beforehand and the one dollar bid will automatically be assessed to the individual with that number. With that in mind the hat please."

The auctioneer brought forth a hat and the lawyer reached in and drew the first number.

"And the lucky number is 17! Your automatic bid of one dollar is entered on the first Item."

I was still trying to figure out if that meant to me. There were a few cat calls from the relatives as the lawyer gave the microphone back to the auctioneer who in turn revealed the first item up for auction. It was an oil portrait of the late Mr. Wilson when he was about 30 years old. It was a rather large oil painting actually. I relaxed some expecting one of his relatives would out bid my automatic bid as soon as the actual auction got started. I mean come on I didn't know the man from Adam.

The auctioneer began his description of the oil painting and explained that the painting of Mr. Wilson was commissioned back in 1948 by a local artist of some renown. I relaxed some; after all I was sure the painting was worth a few thousand if for no other reason than because of artist that painted it. Surely a family member would want to have it.

The auctioneer started to call out "Do I have anyone who will give me two?" This went on for a bit and this seemed to fluster the auctioneer some.

I looked around at the family members; they were laughing at me. Obviously they thought it some great cosmic joke that the stranger among them was going win the painting. None of them bid on it to that end. Somehow I didn't think much of this family.

"Very well then $1.00 going once, going twice and sold to number 17."

I was upset to say the least. Just imagine a family that wouldn't even want a valuable painting of one of their relatives. To make matters worse the family started to laugh and point at me. Well until the auctioneer announced that this concluded today's auction.

Needless to say the relatives were on their feet screaming then. The lawyer walked back to the podium and spoke into it, "The final terms of the will are complete, and the entire estate transfers to the winning bidder number 17."

There were more cries from the outraged relatives. Frankly I was trying to figure out what was going on. That's when the lady that registered me came up and whisked me away. I could hear the relatives screaming and promising to contest the will as she lead me inside and out of their sight. I did hear the lawyer sayings something about the family should have had a clue but it was now too late.

"What just happened?" I asked her.

She smiled, "You won the auction young man."

"I know that but why is the auction over?" I asked.

"Because the terms of the will stated that whoever won the auction on the painting was to inherit everything."


"Mr. Gilford can probably explain it better, but the house, property and everything that was the late Mr. Wilsons now belongs to you."

"I don't understand."

Mr. Gilford walked in just then. "Ah there you are, thank god you haven't left yet there is a lot we have to go over and I hated having to waste my time with the jackals outside."

"What just happened?" I asked.

"Well technically the entire estate, property and holdings of Mr. Wilson were just sold to you for the incredibly low bid of a dollar." Not a bad deal actually, since you will not have to pay any inheritance taxes this way.

I was numb; I mean I thought, "Was he saying that the house is now mine?"

Mr. Gilford smiled, "Congratulation young man you are now a multi-millionaire."

I thought I was numb before, but now I was really confused. It must have shown on my face, because the lawyer started to laugh.

"I know this must be a shock to you, however Mr. Wilson really didn't want his property to go to the greedy vultures he called family. So he ordered that his entire estate and assets be sold at auction to the highest bidder, that that was you."

"But I am not a relative."

"True enough, however each of them had a chance to bid as well."

"But they thought they were bidding on one item."

"Doesn't matter, the terms of the will are air tight. An auction was held and you are the winner. None of them were unfairly outbid because none of them bothered to bid."

"But what's to stop them from suing for the property?"

"Well nothing other than they agreed to this beforehand. Besides the judge already signed off on the sale in this manor, so I don't think they will get anywhere there."

"What's this about millions?"

"Like I said, you get all of his properties, investments and assets."

"This is unbelievable." I said.

"Yes then again it's for the best."

"Well how do you know I am any better than the rest of them?" And I motioned to the back yard.

"I don't, however it doesn't matter as you won the auction."

We went round and round a bit, because I didn't believe him more than anything else. He had several forms for me to sign. The deeds had to be transferred to my name on everything he owned. I was speechless, but I signed every document he placed in front of me. It was 3 pm before we were done. He handed me the keys to the house, and three cars. He also gave me an envelope marked winning bidder if male and not a relative. He told me the former owner had left me a very personal message and I might get some insight when I read it. He then excused himself handing me his card and saying he had to run but call if I had any questions. Then he was gone, I walked out back and noted that everyone was gone. I walked out front and the only car in the driveway was now mine. I looked at the envelope and decided to open it. Maybe my benefactor had some great wisdom to pass on to me.

The envelope contained a letter.

"Dear Sir I don't know how to express my thanks that you won the auction instead of one of the vultures that I am ashamed to call family. (It was obvious for sure that he didn't like them.) I know your head is probably all mixed up at the moment. It will take a few days till it all sets in. However, in the mean time I would like you to go into the library and look in the closet in that room. You will find a ring on the floor there. Pick it up and put it on your finger, well whatever finger it fits best on, and step in to the closet. Everything will be explained when you do this. I know it might sound strange, but since I am giving you millions, well it is nothing in comparison to ask you to do this.

I should add that I really recommend you take everything at face value and give yourself time to consider everything before making any rash decisions.


James S, Wilson"

I stared at the message. Then I started to look for the cameras convinced it was some horrible prank. I didn't find any. I eventually let curiosity get the better of me and found the library. It was located in the center of the mansion and sure enough there was a closet. I walked over and opened the door surprised to see the ring right were the letter said it would be. Also the closet wasn't that big. What was really weird about it were the walls, ceiling and floor were nothing but mirrors. I stepped inside and bent down picking up the ring. It looked like a simple Sapphire mounted in a gold band. I tried it on my little finger.

All at once I was in a white room that was much bigger than the closet.

Next thing that happened was a door opened and a woman appeared and walked though it into the room. She frowned when she saw me.

"I take it that James has passed away?" She asked. I think she knew the answer before I nodded a yes. She collapsed to the floor and cried out loudly.

Now I may have had no clue about what was happening to me. However I did now this was a terrible way to learn about a loved one's death. I went to her and put my arms around her protectively. She grabbed hold of my arms and wailed, I whispered soothing words in her ear about everything was going to be alright. She went on crying for a minute or two. Then as suddenly as she started she stopped, she stood up and said, "You are quite right Mister?" and she paused.

"Tim. Tim Benjamin." I responded.

"Of course, so how did he die?"

I had to confess I had no idea. I guess I am a typical man and forgot to ask important details like that.

"How did you know the General?" She asked next.

I had to tell her I didn't know him. Then I told her the whole bizarre story about how I found myself here with her. That also reminded me that I didn't have a clue were here was. So I asked her.

"Oh dear, forgive me I seem to have forgotten my manners. I am Sable Caretaker." She went on to explain I was in a place called cross roads. She went on to explain that James had been a hero on Chaos and how it all worked. I would have laughed in her face if it wasn't for the fact that I was standing in a plain white room and I couldn't explain how I had actually gotten here. I expressed my thoughts' and asked why the room was white.

She smiled, "James preferred it this way. His said it made me look like an angel every time he arrived."

I did have to agree she looked like an angel. My cock was even responding to the sight of her now. I think she noticed. She reached over and took my hand and walked me over to a bare wall. She touched it and a door opened into what could only be called the most lavish bedroom ever. The bed itself was huge, probably two and half times bigger than a king. It was a poster bed with all the drapes and stuff besides.

"James let me decorate the love nest the way I wanted it. He said he wanted me to be happy in here. Now however with him gone you have the honor of fulfilling the last task for me."


"You will give me a child please and then select your new care taker."


"Yes, unless of course you find me unworthy for some reason."

Well she wasn't unworthy that was for sure. In fact she really did look like an angel.

"Ah well no you're not unworthy, however I would be uncomfortable not being able to raise my own children."

She smiled what could only be called a knowing smile. "I see, you earth heroes all go through that phase it seems."

"I am not a hero!" I objected.

"Not yet but you will be soon enough."


"I told you earlier remember, you rescue the damsel, return her and impregnate her. Then she returns to Cassandra and you to earth to rest and return another day. Now stop dallying and make love to me.' She said and the white robe dropped from her shoulders and there she stood in all her naked glory. The blood drained into my little head and it took over from there. Now I am not a great lover or anything like that, however I swear that she had 15 orgasms in only 5 minutes. I came and the next thing I know she is handing me something she called a restorative and I drank it. I have never tasted anything like it so telling you would not do any good. There is absolutely nothing on earth to compare it too. Not that that matters much at this point, because dickey doo rose to the occasion and then again and again to say the least. I think we had been at it for least a half the day.

I shot bolt upright in bed, "Shit, my parents have got to be worried sick about me."

She started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh Tim, I think you missed the part about no matter how long you are here or on Chaos only 15 minutes will pass on earth."

"How is that possible?"

"I am not sure, the powers that be set it up that way and that's all I know, now here have another restorative and come back to work on me." Well I did, taking her word on it at least for now. I think I had already fucked her more times than I had ever been laid in my entire life so far, given that I was only 18. I had not done it that many times so far.

We went at it for days. Of course I learned a lot more about what was called the Grand Adventure in the meantime. I expressed my doubts about becoming a hero. I didn't think I could kill and she had been most emphatic about that fact. I didn't have any special training. Of course I had rose to a brown belt in Karate. So maybe I did have some fighting skills. I was still unsure when the day came. She came out to me.

"So have you picked you caretaker yet?"

"Are you telling me you're..." She held her fingers to my mouth. 'Don't say it. Have you made your choice?"

She knew I had. After all, she had leaned heavily on me to pick the one with greatest credentials and a lousy picture of herself.

'Then as soon as I say it you need to say I choose by saying her name." okay?

'I guess" I said none too sure about all this.

"I am pregnant." She announced standing by the door back to Cassandra. A moment later she was gone."

I stared longingly at her a few before I announced, "I chose Annette Sims as my caretaker." Then I waited.

A door was opened and in walked the most beautiful dark haired beauty I had ever seen. She smiled, "You look surprised"

"You picture did not do you justice."

She smiled, "If you had picked me for my picture you would have made the wrong choice."

It turned out that she was very well educated.

"I see you need quite a bit of training before you should attempt to go on a mission."

"That is going to be hard; I am only a poor college student back on earth."

She smiled, "And what about the auction?"

"Oh, I guess I forgot about that."

"So money will not really be a problem then.

"I guess not."

"Good then let's get to know each other better. With that I was being led to the bedroom for more sex."

You know I had thought the other woman had been highly orgasmic, she had nothing on Annette. Holy shit she had nothing on her, my ears were pounding after all that screaming.

The time finally came for me to go back to earth. Annette would research some missions for me to go on and I was supposed to get started on some training. Well of course that was after I figured out how to use James money. I felt a profound since of loss as I stepped though the portal. Actually I was pushed though, but it needed to be done. I emerged from the closet and their on the floor was my cell phone, my keys and anything else that was in my pockets. I picked up my stuff and looked at the cell phone. One missed call and that was it. The time was only about 15 minutes later then when I had left. I had been gone a month to say the least. I was shocked. Then I remembered I need to get home for dinner. The parental units would be waiting for me.

Dinner with the parents was like normal. I didn't mention anything however. I was sure they would lock me up for having a mental breakdown if I did.

I finally returned my missed call. It was the lawyer saying that I should stop by his office Monday morning to get my new check book and cash card. Well that solved the problem of money anyways. I spent Sunday with my parents and returned to school Sunday evening. Well the new mansion was closer to school then to my parents. I spent the night in the dorm room with my roommate. Ted was okay really. He was a geek and really harmless. One thing he did do that I never had tried was play those roll playing games with dice and little figurines. "D&M or something like that I thought. Okay so it was D&D don't make a capital offense of it now. I decided I should probably learn more about roll playing games. So I asked him if there were any that centered on medieval times. There were in fact, however when I showed up to learn more I was disappointed to say the least. It was full of magic and creatures that were not human. I was a bit disappointed that it wouldn't do me any good.

The Lawyer was real helpful. He pointed out to me that someone should be at the house at all times. I should at least hire a house keeper. I asked him why and he just said to call the police if any of the old family were to come around. Then he offered to take care of it if I wanted him to. I thought it was good idea and said sure why not.

It turned out he got a college girl of 20 he hired to do it. She needed the job to finish school and she was actually a cute one. The place was big, but since it was only me part time, the place really did not get that dirty. My lawyer had arranged that her pay to included room and board so I had to make sure she had money to get the food. Other than that, I decided that I would just start living in the mansion rather than the dorm room. One I had privacy and two; well it was mine after all.

I signed up for fencing which was the closest thing to sword fighting I could find. I also signed up for classes at a local dojo. I had a brown belt as a teen, but somehow I thought I might need a refresher course and some intense training. I didn't exactly drop out of college. I just modified my major and timeframe to get it done in a bit.

The instructor at the dojo thought I was nuts to want to train so hard and take private lessons. I set it up for three hours a day five days a week. He cashed my check so I guess he wasn't that disturbed by it. When I told him I wanted to concentrate on weapons he was sure I wanted to be ninja or something. Still he trained me, after all I was paying.

First I learned the staff. Of course it looked like a cue tip with the padding all over it. Still the training was invaluable.

Fencing was interesting, but from everything I had learned about Chaos, I didn't think my Chaos opponents would be so willing to follow the rules. Still over the next three months I finished the class, as well as learning a bit of sword play from my instructor. I could feel the draw to return to crossroads. Annette had told me to train and not come back for 6 months. Yet something was drawing me to the place. Maybe it was just my little head doing the thinking for me. I had not been laid since I came back to earth. Truthfully my few experiences with girls were nothing compared to the caretakers.

I was standing in the library looking in the portal when Sue the maid came in. "That is the strangest closet I have ever seen." She said.

"Yes it is." I agreed.

"I was trying to clean the glass and no matter how much I rub I can't get this spot clean."

"What spot?" I asked not seeing a spot.

She walked in and pointed up into the corner "This one here."

I stepped in to look at it. Unfortunately I was wearing the ring. A moment later the two of us were standing in the main room of cross roads.

"Crap I said."

Sue screamed and fainted. Annette walked in and looked at the girl I had just caught in my arms and look curiously at me. It took me some time to explain. The Sue woke up and we both had to explain to her what happened. She didn't believe a word of it of course. She thought we were lunatics and demanded to be released at once. I agreed and showed her the portal back. Of course it didn't work.

"What's wrong?" I asked Annette.

"She came though as a hero's companion so she has to stay with you until you complete your first mission."

Sue was livid and the little oriental number then grabbed me and turkey walked me into the portal were I slammed into a brick wall.

Sometime later, I was told put in to a recovery chamber. Sue looked a little sheepish. "I am so sorry; I did not mean to hurt you like that."

"How bad was I hurt?" I asked.

"Your skull cracked open." Annette finally spoke.

"I so sorry Tim, I not mean to hurt you like that."

Annette spoke, "Well at least she will be a good companion for your first rescue."

"I cannot go. I must return home."

"The only way to go home is to help Tim complete his mission. That is after all what a hero companion is all about."

I didn't think that was completely right.

"I thought you said?" To which I got an elbow in my ribs telling me to shut up."

"What?" Sue demanded.

'Give her the book I suggested." The next thing you know there is a book on hero companions. She read and frowned. "You try and make funky wonky with me and I will bust your skull deliberately."

"Hey I didn't mean to bring you along."

"Enough you two!" Annette screamed. "Tim you need to select a mission and complete it so you can get her out of here."

Then I asked, "Can she stay here with you when I am gone?"

"No! No way no how. It's the rules." She added the last part as if it were the final word.

Sue spoke, "Fine get mission, and let's go get girl and get back here and go back home."

I guess she was resigned to her fate. Me on the other hand, well I wasn't so sure about this.

Annette had three rescues briefings. The simple one was a damsel held as a slave at a tavern one town over from the bank. Her owner was a huge man according to the briefing. Still on the surface it sounded like an easy rescue. Just grab her make for the bank and out of there. The other two were a bit more complicated. Annette was convinced I would need weapons to accomplish them. So we went for the simplest of missions. My only regret so far was because of Sue, I hadn't been able to fuck Annette on crossroads.

The two of us stepped though the portal into the banks safe. We stepped out and instantly the teller was staring at us.

"What I asked,

"I need to know who you are."

I told him my name, and he asked if I was a hero?"

Sue said, "No he is a kidnapper, of course he's a hero, who else magically appears in your safes?"

His face turned pale, 'Of course forgive me, I meant nothing by it." The man seemed to cower a bit.

"Don't worry about it I said and holding Sue by the hand walked out of the bank. "Don't start thing here Sue, we are not even armed yet."

"Speak for yourself." She responded.

"Fine" I exclaimed, "Let's get going it's going to take all day to walk there."

"Fine she replied and started to walk down the road in the wrong direction.


She spun on me "What now?"

I pointed, "The town we want is that way."

She rolled her eyes. But turned and started to walk.

We got about a mile out of town when three men jumped out of the shadows. One man held a long sword and the man standing next to him had a club. The one that jumped out behind us had a short sword. The man before us spoke, "Give us your money and we let you live."

I pulled my pockets out of the clothing Annette had provided, they were empty.

"Fine, then leave us the girl and be off with you."

I looked at Sue and saw fire in her eyes. "Fine she is more trouble then she is worth." I started to walk around the two of them.

"You can't be serious Tim?"

I winked at her. "Actually I am going to sit down over by that tree and watch the three of you try to control her."

The three men laughed loudly at this. Then one of them tried to grab her by the wrist. He went head over heels into the man behind her. The man with the sword advanced on her, "I am going to fuck your ass for that wench.

He then charged her only to have her side step him and send him slamming it the other two men as they started to rise. She then turned toward me and said, "You're being bad. You should be helping me."

"How? I am unarmed." I said.

She snorted as the short sword one rose and yelled, "Now you die wench." He charged at her swinging his short sword. There was a sickening sound of bones breaking, and then the man was flying over by me. His arm was broken and he landed on his head. Of course this time he was out cold.

"Now you have sword, you help now." Sue demanded.

The man with the club was on his feet and charging Sue next. I picked up the short sword and relished that it was balanced like an oversized throw knife. Long blade was on his feet and turning this time as club man went down from a blow to the solar plexus. He also dropped his club this time. Since she wanted help, I threw the short sword as if it were a throwing knife. My aim was true and Long Sword grabs his neck as blood spurts out of his neck. Sue turned and looks at me. "Where you learn to do that?" Then she kicked club in the head knocking him out.

We collected their weapons decided the club was useless to us. Then we heard the horses.

"When in Rome?" I said as we went off the road and found the beasts. They were in poor shape that was for sure. Still riding them would take an hour off our trip.

I asked, "You know how to ride?"

"Yes, do you?"

I replied, "Not really, unless you call being led around on the back of a horse at the circus riding."

She snorted, "Some hero you turn out to be. Your little girl fights big mean men and you don't even know how ride a horse."

"Hey, I killed one of them." I added, and then felt sick to my stomach when what I had done finally sunk in. I heaved up that afternoon's lunch, I was still heaving when I felt Sue's hands on my back. She said something in Japanese I think. Then she spoke in English, "You had no choice, they would have killed me given the chance." I nodded yes and still I felt ill.

Sue helped me up on one of the horses and gave me instructions on how to ride. Surprisingly I caught on quickly, not that I was good at it, However I did catch on.

Sue stopped her horse in the middle of the road. "We forgot to take their money."

I looked at her, "I didn't feel right about robbing the dead."

Sue just sighed.

"I guess we better go back, the rules being what they are and all." So we did. After searching the bodies, including the broken armed short sword one that was still out cold, we found we had collected 2 conches, 12 shells and 7 pinches. Three knifes and a stiletto, a funny looking pendent and of course the three horses as well as their bed rolls and tack.

The one still living woke up screaming about the pain.

"You can't leave me here like this!" He shouted as he made it to his feet."

"Why?" Sue asked. "You would do the same to us no?"

The man groaned, "At least leave me my sword to defend myself with."

Sue looked at me and I looked at her. "Na" we said at the same time and started to leave the area.

"I swear a blood oath of death on the two of you." He yelled.

That got us both to stop and look back at him.

"Give him back his sword." Sue suggested. I thought I knew what she meant. I sure didn't think she meant it literally.

"You there, if I give you back your sword you will swear never to bother us again?"

The man stared at us defiantly he also didn't answer.

Sue said something in Chinese. Then corrected herself, "He is a rapist and murder, he will kill us the next chance he gets."

I sighed. "You do it." Sue said.

I rolled my eyes in resignation. I didn't want to, however from what I had learned about this place the man would kill us if we let him live.

"Fine, here is your sword." I said hefting it by the hilt. I threw it right at him but it was kind of high. The hilt hit him full force in the forehead and he went down out like a light.

Sue scowled. "You were supposed to kill him."

"I tried." I offered actually being relieved in some way.

"Fine I take care of. And with that she went to him and picked up the sword. She was about to stick it in him when he exhaled for the final time and his eyes opened in death.

She looked, "Okay then, you did do it."

I just felt sick all over again.

Sue looked at me. "You not much of a hero are you?"

"I guess not." I sighed, "I am not finding this to be much of a grand adventure."

Sue looked at me a bit, "You not ready for this, you should go home and not come back till you ready for this."

Reluctantly I agreed.

"Bah you weakling, you should never come back..." she continued to rant in Japiness.

Ok now she was starting to piss me off. And just what was she saying in Japiness anyways? Sue finally wound down and looked at me like she had just had the final say.

"Fine you go rescues the damsel I will be waiting back at the bank for you." I hopped back up on the horse and started back towards town. After all she needed me I didn't actually need her. I was still holding the jade pendent and having nothing better to do with it I slipped it on over my head.

Now I wasn't actually running away. I was just not going to put up with her guff. As far as I was concerned she just stepped over the line. I was not ready to come here and do this. It was her fault we were her in the first place. Besides I didn't even get to be with Annette Caretaker before I left on this hare brain adventure. Sue must have forgotten what planet she was on because she didn't even follow me. I must have ridden for an hour before I saw the town ahead, actually smelled the town would be a better term. I guessed that's when I realized I was the one that went the wrong way. It wasn't the same place I had left.

"Stand and deliver" came the challenge.

"Oh crap not again." I said out load.

It was just one man. Only problem was he was holding a crossbow and had it aimed at my chest.

"Sorry about this mate, But I need a conch you can keep whatever else you have."

Now this was really a strange robbery if you ask me. "Why only a conch?" I asked in disbelief.

"Now it's a long story and we really don't have time to tell it under the current Circumstances. Now have you a conch?"

"Well maybe."

"What the blanket, blank is a maybe? Remember I could just let this arrow fly and take everything. Only problem is you would be dead if you get my drift."

What was wrong with his cross bow was it was cocked but there wasn't an arrow in it.

I smiled, "Well if you what a conch, your story had better be a good one. After all an empty crossbow isn't much better than a club."

"I told you it wouldn't work lady."

Just then Sue stepped out of the woods and looked up at me. "You not are playing the game." She accused.

"Sue this is no game."

The man lowered his crossbow and said, "You promised me a Conch lady. It's time to pay up."

Sue started to yell in Chinese again. I just looked at the man and shook my head. He decided enough was enough and grabs an arrow from the quiver on his back. He placed it in the cross bow as he said, "I hate to break up this lovers quarrel, however I was promised a conch and a conch I shall have. He started to raise the crossbow at Sue. That was a little too much for me. I reached for the short sword and flung it at him. It struck him in the gut and he squeezed the trigger at the impact. The arrow flew out and hit the ground an inch in front of Sue's foot. The would-be hi-way man dropped the cross bow and reached for his gut. He looked down at the short sword and then up at me. It was a fatal wound here on cross roads, though it wasn't one he would die quickly from.

Sue looked at me and her eyebrow went up. Then the man fell off his horse onto his back. Fortunately for him, the short sword had passed through to his back. When he hit the angle was such that the sword shifted and sliced up into his diaphragm. There was a muffled grunt and he was dead. Well that would actually take 4 minutes since he couldn't breathe and was out long before his heart would stop.

Sue looked at him. "Why you not do something like that before?"

"Why did you get him to rob me?"

"I wanted to teach you lesson. This was not lesson I was trying to teach." She waved at the man on the ground.

"Sue I make you a deal, I will give you a 100,000 when we get back if you will just not do anything like that again. Oh and be quiet or something as well."

Sue looked up at me and cocked her head. "Deal" And she made a bow towards me.

"Get you horse and come on."

"What about his stuff?"

"I will get it don't worry. Now hurry up we should be in the town shortly."

This guy was loaded, he had 12 conches 18 shells and 32 pinches on him. Two knifes of much better quality then the rest of what we had already hand, plus the crossbow. Dam two fights in less the 10 miles I thought. And this one was not even necessary. Sue returned with her horse and soon we were off again.

We made it into town and found it had two taverns. Well this is going to be interesting I thought.

Sue didn't say a word. Actually since the last fight when I told her to be quiet she hadn't said much at all. She must have really wanted that money.

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