Long and Thick and So Very Black

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman actively involved in the community is seduced by an African speaker, who invites her for coffee, pet her up takes her to his motel and fucks her and over time introduces to others as a 'fantastic fuck' - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Big Breasts   .

Some say a marriage can be made in heaven, other that it was created in Hades, others however, say that a marriage is made in the half way point, the place called purgatory; resulting in one where there is neither love nor hate.

In a way that was the situation with Charlies and Alice's marriage, it sailed along, as it had done for decades without any intimacy, one held together because of obligation and tolerance. A union where communication consisted of just enough words to keep the ship of state on course, however, one where both parties did their own thing without any interest shown by the other. For Alice is was community work, involving herself totally to the extent that she was more out than in. As for Charlie he was occupied with more manly things that also included attending 'swingers do's' for on that male/female association it didn't exist in his abode.

For Alice one of her main interests in the 'community' was working with the influx of refugees, a subject that was a red rag to a bull as far as Charlie was concerned. He didn't considered them refugees but able bodied males of the Islamic mythology who were interested in gaining enough influence to be able to alter the legal apparatus of the country and also making enough infidel women pregnant so that they would have no choice but to convert to Islam and bring up their bastard kids as warrior of Allah.

Outside the home Alice was an entirely different person, she put on all the charm, for these were people she could communicate with, people who shared her views, especially on the 'welcoming of the refugee', who she saw as people with problems and it was at one such gathering that she was to meet Omen, a individual from Africa, who not only had a wit about him but was also about six feet and a bit tall, was as black as coal but a face that showed continuous humour. She drank in every word that he said and her concern for him and his people mushroomed with every comment.

Alice was also noticed, not because she was taken in my his lecture but because out of all the women present she had the biggest set of tits and was reasonably attractive, a little plump but the sort of woman that his custom considered 'ripe to fuck' and the thought of fucking a white woman, sliding his cock which he knew wasn't small up to his balls in her was the main reason he sought her out. The opportunity came during a break in the lecture and to think he deliberately sought her out when there were other women present, almost made her wet her pants. She giggled and laughed at his jokes and when he asked her if she would like to join him for a coffee after the lecture, she almost fainted but her acceptance only increased his belief that before the day was out he would have so much cock up her that she would be bandy for days.

He chose a table a little distant from other patrons and commenced to seduce her by the fluid expressions of his tongue so that when he gripped her thigh and worked his way up to her groin, she was so intoxicated by his charm, that almost without knowing what she did, opened her thighs and as his finger and then fingers found their goal all she did was tremble and with each thrust mutter little gasps of 'Oh!', Oh!', but made no attempt to push away the item that was giving her pleasure, something that she hadn't experienced in years.

The die had been caste; from the coffee lounge to his motel room was nothing more than a brisk walk. All the time he continued to seduce her with his velvet tongue. Once inside, all that charm was flung aside, he went in for his goal, something that he already knew, was thick with hair, her cunt. She fell onto the bed, her panties were gone in seconds and her thighs opened without any command and within minutes of entering his room he was up to his balls and this white and married woman who was riding his every thrust and her voice of pleasure were bouncing off the walls.

He didn't time the fucking, but in a pause before he thrust again, he pulled open her blouse, yanked her bra down till those glorious melons fell free and buried his mouth over nipples that for the first time ever were hard and erect. Her head rolled to the side in a continuous motion, dribble of saliva sweeped from her mouth as she rose and fell to accommodate the ravishing she was receiving and by the time he rose and plunged, filling her entirely with the essence of his balls she was working in absolute rhyme with his thrusting cock.

"That was the most enjoyable fuck I have had in ages", he said. "Your cunt was fantastic". She just lay, her thighs still wide apart and her tits with saliva running down them were still wobbling from his continuous use of them, it was seconds before she replied. She had heard the word 'fuck' and it was, or it was till this moment, a word of absolute evil, something that would have led to a major row on the home front, but now it was said in such a way that it sounded like music. "I really liked the fuck to Omen, but what is a 'cunt'?" For a moment he was stunned, surely this woman wasn't that dumb that she didn't know what a cunt was. "A cunt my dear", he said as he again got between those lovely white thighs "Is where I put my cock and it is where I fuck". She giggled as she felt the head of his very black cock begin to rub up against her still throbbing crack.

Omen may have just blown his balls, but this woman was his idea of absolute paradise in his understanding of sexual desires. He let his cock rub her up and down, letting it vanish amid the heavy growth of hair between her legs and as his cock began to again get interested he buried his mouth over her erect nipples and began to suck as she pushed her tits up to receive his caress and then did something that before this day would have been alien. She reached down and gripped that item of her pleasure and began to push the head into her now very eager cunt and her manual working of his length, gradually hardened it and with the head anchored, he rose and thrust and her backside lifted to meet it and her gasp of "Again, fuck my cunt again", only increased his desire and the length of that black piece of cum stained ivory. He plunged and plunged again and she was beyond caring about anything, except the fucking and boy was it a fucking.

Finally it came again the burst of cum and as he pumped into her very depths she gasped with every burst. He rolled off, his cock now limp and covered in cum and they both lay exhausted for some time, till he finally got up and suggested a shower. "We are covered in sweat and our juices", he smiled as he helped her up and again admired the wobble and bounce of those beautiful tits.

They washed and soaped each other down. She delighted in the length of that item of pleasure and the size and weight of his balls which she lathered in soap, squeezing and pulling while his cock again began to harden, much to her delight. "Suck it" he said as her face came level with that rising monster. For seconds a puzzled expression crossed her face and again he realised how much an amateur this woman was, she didn't know what a cunt was now she didn't know about sucking a cock was about. "Just put my cock in your mouth", he said as he pulled her head forward till the knob of his cock was pressed against her lips. Again she hesitated, unsure of what she was supposed to do and this time frustration mixed with the desire to be sucked off, exploded. He grabbed her head, and pulled it into his groin while his hardened cock forced her lips apart. "Open your mouth and suck the fucking cock", he snarled. Unable to pull away, there was no other choice, she opened her mouth and as she sucked he gave off a 'groan' of satisfaction.

She struggled as his cock hardened and thickened her mouth desperately trying to dislodge the growing object but he was having none of that. He dragged her head closer into his groin as his cock slowly began to disappear. "Take it all, swallow it". He didn't care about her discomfort, all he wanted was for this white cunt to suck him dry and the more she struggled the angrier he became till he gave the thrust that almost lifted her off the floor of the shower but it achieved his desire, for his entire length was somewhere down her throat. He held her hard against his groin as her mouth did what he had commanded till he had a rhyme and then taking her by the hair, worked her head back and forth, dragging his cock in and out of that accommodating mouth till he knew his balls were ready to release a deluge; he thrust his groin into her face so her nose was buried in his cock hair and emptied his load. No matter how she erupted, he held her till every drop was accounted for.

He stood there his cock now limp but covered in saliva and cum, he laughed at her reaction. She fell back, flapping like a loose sail in the wind and from her mouth poured a deluge of cum and saliva, her face was the colour of beetroot. He lifted that cum stained face, while pulling on her extended nipple. "That was the most fantastic cock suck I have had in ages. I have been sucked off many times but you were the greatest. Now I think we shower again", he said as he lifted her up and let the water wash her clean as well as removing the evidence of her mouths action from his cock.

He dried her but spending more time rubbing her up at the groin. He knew she might be hostile at the treatment he had put her through but he knew that she panted with expectation the first time he had fingered her, so he made sure her cunt was going to get a lot of attention. He was right by the time he had dried her, her tongue was licking her lips, her thighs apart and with each shove of his finger she was giving off gasps of 'Oh!', 'Oh!'.

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