Shopping Day Bonus

by Hambone Jones

Copyright© 2014 by Hambone Jones

Erotica Sex Story: Roger gets pleasant surprise while shopping.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Harry, you are not going to believe this.

I have rushed right home from Alvin's, a local discount store, to put on paper what happened today before I forget any details. The reason I am putting it on paper is my computer is down. They've promised to have it back sometime Wednesday evening and I will fax this to you by the next day. I hadn't been to Alvin's in quite some time and as I was in the area I thought I might get in a little early Christmas shopping for Helen's kids. Alvin's has been there forever and its narrow aisles and dim lighting make shopping there a challenge but they have the best prices of anywhere. If you're in a hurry you shouldn't be in Alvin's in the first place. Things are piled every which way and you have to move stuff to see what's at the bottom but it's exciting because of the treasures you sometimes find.

There were only a few customers in the store when I went in and after a few minutes there didn't seem to be anyone. The aisles are narrow and it's difficult passing through them when the store is busy so I was thankful it was near empty. When I got to the back of the store there was only one other person in the area where the nicer toys were, a forty-fiveish pleasant looking woman dressed in a full skirt, one of those blouses that stops just before reaching the top of the skirt and single strand sandals. Other than pearl earrings she had on no other jewelry I could see. She was in and out of the aisles and we nodded from different ends of the same aisle.

I was standing at the very back looking at a foosball game for my nephew, Charlie, when the woman came down the same aisle and eventually wanted to pass through. I put my butt against the foosball game to let her by. It was so close that it was a certainty we would touch. The woman faced away from me to pass and in doing so rubbed her ass against my dick. Initially I thought nothing of it until I realized she wasn't proceeding but instead was rubbing back and forth on my dick.

Well I can tell you it didn't take long for old Roscoe to come to attention. When he did the lady must have noticed because she reached around and got a hand full. Harry, I almost fainted. Instead I furtively looked up and down the aisle and seeing no one reached around and took a hand full of soft tit. Her nipple was already distended and she jumped slightly when I took a firm hold with my thumb and forefinger and rolled it around. She tilted back against me and I moved her hair aside and kissed the nape of her neck which seemed to send shivers up her spine.

"In here," she said leading me into a small storage area whose entryway was covered only by one of those pieces of clothe you see covering the entrance to ladies dressing rooms in clothing store. Inside there were furniture boxes piled around the room. Why did I not think this was her first time in here?

"Down here," she said moving to the back corner where there was an easy chair sitting out of its box. She bent over the chair and flipped her skirt up over her back revealing a beautifully rounded unclad ass which I reached out to touch. "We don't have time for that. Get that dick out here and fuck me. I'm hot as a two dollar pistol and need some cock."

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