Kelsey's Story

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2014 by Victor Echo

Romantic Sex Story: Kelsey wanted something different for her birthday, so I decided to give it to her.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   .

1. At the Office

"Kelsey, you have a package up front," the call came from reception.

Kelsey walked up front to find a basket, wrapped in a translucent paper, with a small note "Happy Birthday."

"What is it?" the receptionist asks, having already read the card.

"I am not really sure," Kelsey says, opening the paper a bit.

The first thing she saw was the cap of a bottle of champagne. Krug. There were also a couple of small boxes, each one individually wrapped. She returned to her desk and put the basket on the floor and unwrapped the first one. The box under the paper was a black satin box, with Lelo on the outside and a clear cellophane window. Inside was a blue, oblong object. She stopped unwrapping the box and slipped it back into the basket, a small flush colouring her cheeks as she looked around to see who had watched her opening it. She reached for the next box. It was plain white under the colorful paper. Inside was more tissue paper, and in the tissue paper, she found lace, dove grey and very sheer. Despite the feel of the lace, she again put the box down, her flush moving down her neck as she pondered what was in the last box, and more than a bit excited about what it could be. The contents so far already had her excited and she was certain it was not the ambient air temperature that was causing the warm feeling moving through her body. She reached for the last box and lifted it out of the basket, looking around to make sure no one was looking. It too was plain under the colourful wrapping paper and there was tissue paper inside as well. Moving the paper aside, a similar dove grey lace was evident, this time with more structure. A matching set jumped to her mind and she trembled slightly before putting it back down.

Making a quick decision, she picked up her purse and the two boxes and walked quickly to the washroom, locking herself in a stall. She opened one of the boxes, and pulled out the bra, holding it up and looking at the delicate nature of the silk and lace. She put it back in the box and pulled the panties out of the other box. It was a very small matching thong. And there was another small note in the box that she had missed the first time.

"Dinner reservations are at 7:30. DOC"

Kelsey shivered as her nipples hardened thinking about all the possibilities and quickly slipped her shirt over her head and hung it on the hook, her current bra joining it. She quickly adjusted the new one and slipped it on. It nestled her breasts like a second skin and her nipples poked over the top of the demi-cup, hard and crinkled. She resisted the urge to rub her hand over them and quickly kicked off her shoes. She pulled her tights down and her panties with them, the cold air making her aware that her desire was building. She quickly slipped the thong on and adjusted it, the fabric tickling her clit and drawing a small gasp from her and more than a little twitch low in her body.

She regretted not bringing the third box, but on the other hand was not sure that she would have been able to make it back to her desk if she had. She was balanced on a knife edge, desire and passion flowing through her. She wanted to enjoy the feeling a little longer. She quickly squeezed her nipple before pulling down her tights and putting them back on. The material even felt sexy against her bare skin and she trembled again in anticipation of putting her shirt back on. She put her original lingerie into her purse and took a deep breath, her nipples rubbing against the fabric of her shirt and making her knees go weak.

Kelsey strode back to her desk, feelings of lust moving through her with each stride. He had not promised he would be there for her birthday, only that he would try. And now it looked like he actually was here. She sat back down at her desk and looked back into the basket. She saw two more items, one was another note card, the other a small wrapped box. She quickly unwrapped it and opened the box inside. In the middle of the white satin field was an abstract gold pendant on a chain and another card that read: "I had to get you something that you could show off."

She giggled and quickly slipped the necklace around her neck smiling before opening the other card. It said simply: "Happy Birthday. I hope you like your presents. More at dinner xo"

She was not sure she could wait that long but she had a couple of calls to make and thought that might distract her enough. By the end of the third call she was at a low boil. Her client had one of those bedroom voices that made even technobabble sexy and for some reason talking about MAC addresses was like running silk over her pleasure centres. She was almost gasping for breath by the time she cradled the phone and every nerve ending seemed to be tingling, while some were positively throbbing. Kelsey looked up at the clock on her computer and willed the morning to finish faster. And then the thought hit her. Dinner. He was going to take her to dinner. That meant he was in town.

She reached for her phone again and paused, her hand halfway to the receiver as she realized she did not have his phone number, just the number for his office phone. She thought about it for a moment, then opened a chat window and saw his avatar floating in the list. He was on line and she quickly typed a message.

(11:56:33 AM) Kelsey: Got your presents! :) Thanks :)

(11:56:50 AM) VE: Good. Fit?

(11:57:22 AM) Kelsey: Wonderfully! <gush>

(11:57:54 AM) VE: Careful, or you will have to change again before dinner.

(11:58:30 AM) Kelsey: Might ;) Speaking of dinner, where are you going to pick me up or shall we meet at the restaurant?

(11:58:54 AM) VE: If you want to tell me where you live, I will pick you up there. If you want to meet at the restaurant, we can meet there. You're choice.

Kelsey pondered the options for a moment. On one hand, meeting at the restaurant would be safer, in case he turned out to be a bore in person. But then she would have to watch what she drank before being able to drive home. And if he turned out to be wonderful, well then she would have to have him follow her. And what message would it sent. These thoughts went around and around in her mind for more than a few minutes.

(12:01:12 AM) VE: Did I lose you? Or did I ask too tough a question. Maybe something simple like what sort of Chianti you want with dinner?

(12:01:39 AM) Kelsey: Funny. I was trying to decide.

(12:02:01 AM) VE: And what did you decide?

(12:02:45 AM) Kelsey: Sent you an email.

In the end, Kelsey sent her home address to him and phone number. Vic sent a message back with his phone number and the room of the hotel he was staying in. She did not have to look up where it was. It was a hotel they used for local conventions and was a pretty plush place. She shivered again.

"Coming to lunch?" her friend Natalie asked, causing Kelsey to jump a bit in her chair.

"No, thanks. I have a call with the East Coast and then a meeting with a new client. But thanks!"

"Suit yourself," Natalie said, waving as she headed for the lobby.

Kelsey took a deep breath and shivered again as her hand brushed her nipple and sent electric shocks through her body. She reached for the phone again and tried to lose herself in her work.

2. Dinner

Kelsey stood in front of the mirror on the inside door of her closet, looking at herself and trying to decide what to wear. The afternoon had left her more composed. She had quickly negotiated the rush hour traffic and arrived home. She looked at the clock and tried to move a bit faster. First thing, she poured a glass of wine in a glass as she moved to the bedroom. Once there she stripped naked, her nipple hardening in the cool air. She took a quick sip of her wine and put the glass on the table by the bed, her other hand slipping down over her lower lips, the stubble getting her brief attention before her finger slid over her clit, drawing a small gasp from her as her finger went deeper, her lips wet and slippery.

She had quickly moved to the shower and stood under the spray, soaping her body and washing away the dirt of the day. With a bit more care than she normally might take, she took care of the stubble, her hands sliding over smooth lips and she resisted the almost overwhelming urge to bring herself to orgasm, rinsing herself off and climbing out to dry off and do her hair. Standing now in front of the mirror, her long blonde hair falling to the middle of her back, a slight wave in it as she tried to figure out what to wear. A dress, a skirt and blouse, or pants. She only had a few minutes to decide. She reached for the bra and panties and slipped them back on, then pulled out a red dress that she knew highlighted her brilliant green eyes. She pulled on a pair of stockings before slipping the dress over her head and zipping it up. The new bra gave her a bit more cleavage than she was used to and she seemed to fill out the dress more than she remembered, which made her blush a bit before she reached for her heels.

The doorbell rang, just as she was putting on her lipstick, a matching red to the dress and Kelsey opened it and let her guest in.

Victor walked into the foyer. He was wearing a charcoal grey suit with polished black shoes. A green tie hung around his neck and over a stripped blue shirt that brought out the blue highlights in his otherwise grey eyes. He smiled at Kelsey and presented her with a small bouquet of flowers.

"Oh they are lovely," she said, closing the door behind them. "Come into the kitchen while I put them in some water."

In the kitchen she grabbed a small vase off a shelf, and passed him the scissors while she unwrapped them, smelling their bouquet and bringing a smile to her face. Together they quickly got them arranged and placed in the middle of her small dining room table.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Do I need a coat?"

He looked at her and smiled. "You might want a light one. It is not cold out, but considering how it has been lately for me, this is almost tropical."

Kelsey pulled a coat out of the closet and Vic helped her to put it on, his strong hands squeezing her shoulders and causing a small sigh to escape her lips. A small part of her wanted to feel those hands on other parts of her body right now, but instead, she opened the door and locked it behind them.

In her driveway was a black town car, the driver already standing, ready to open the door for her, which he did when she came along side. Vic helped her into her seat and then walked around to his side, as the driver opened the door for him before returning to slide behind the wheel and back the car out of the driveway.

"Care for a drink?" Vic asked, pulling the bottle of champagne out of the ice bucket and deftly opening it with a gentle sigh.

"You really went all out, didn't you? Yes please," she said.

Vic poured two glasses of the creamy yellow liquid and passed her one.

"Happy Birthday Kelsey, and many more," he said, clinking his glass with hers before taking a sip.

Kelsey sipped the cool liquid, the bubbles leaving little dots on her throat as it slipped down, increasing the fire inside of her rather than cooling it off. Unconsciously she rubbed her legs together, squeezing herself ever so slightly.

They chatted about insignificant things on the way to dinner, the weather, the work, their pets. As the car made its way through evening traffic, they closed the space between them. Vic would occasionally brush her hand or Kelsey would occasionally touch his thigh. When her door opened, the champagne was gone and she was ready for dinner. She stepped out of the car and waited for Vic to join her. He offered her his arm and together they walked into the restaurant.

The interior was dark wood and subdued lighting, the tables covered with white linen and cut crystal glasses. The host showed them to their table, a small banquette off to the side. Kelsey sat against the back wall and Vic sat immediately to her right.

"You said you liked Italian," he said, picking up the menu. "Apparently this is the best one in the city."

"I love Italian!"

They ordered their appetizers and sat a bit closer to each other, Kelsey's hand in Vic's as he gently rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb before kissing it.

"You have lovely hands," he said.

"Thank you. Most men seem to be drawn to my chest."

"Well, that is lovely too," he said with a grin, "but that is for later."

"Ah, trying to flatter me?"

"Ensuring that you are properly spoiled before spoiling you properly."

"I look forward to it."

The restaurant's menu was a customized every week. A true foodie's restaurant and it took Vic a few minutes to review it before he turned his attention to the wine list. Kelsey was involved with her own menu. Vic ran his hand lightly over her nylon clad thigh.

"See anything you like?" he asked as he reviewed the wine list.

"Mmm, several things," she said, looking at him under her lashes.

"Wine with dinner?"

"Yes, please, Chianti?"

"I was thinking about that, unless I can find a nice Barolo. This list is very extensive.

He continued to lightly stroke her leg and could feel the little trembles moving through her body. The waiter took their orders for their antipasti and their pasta course, as well as for wine. Kelsey sat back in her seat after they had toasted her birthday again, and looked at him.

"Thank you for the lovely birthday presents. I cannot remember the last time I was so spoiled and surprised at the same time."

"I am glad you like them. It seemed to be the thing to do given the conversations we had been having."

"And then you fly out!"

"Well, my boss has been bugging me to take some time off before I kill someone in the office, so it seemed like the thing to do. You don't mind do you?"

"Mind? No, why would I mind about that! Although, I should warn you that now that you are here, you are going to be stuck entertaining me."

Vic laughed a little, low in his throat.

"I am pretty sure I can keep you entertained, although I have not spent much time in this area. You might have to provide me some guidance."

"I don't think you will need any guidance at all. I am pretty sure you know your way around very well."

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