Paying for College

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A very pretty girl makes a couple of mistakes but, as usual, copes.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Rough   Double Penetration   Size   School   .

As the end of her first semester of college neared, Astrid toted up her credits just to make sure she was going to have at least a B average and hang on to her free ride. She knew she'd earn an A in science, where she had recently serviced both the teacher and the lab assistant and emptied their balls, and in the two advanced history courses, mainly with her pussy and ass, although she had turned in her papers, she'd garnered two more A's, and she figured on B's in freshman history and English, where she had finally gotten her teacher into bed and found he was a dud, and a C in Spanish. She had no idea what grade she would get in Art 101 which was only two credits.

With her brush in her mouth, she cocked her head and looked at her almost-finished acrylic painting of the campus from her window with the bare trees and dappled walkways. She added some streaks of red to the tree trunks and put a red baseball hat on one of her tiny students seen from above. Astrid washed out her brushes, got into her clothes, slipped her stainless steel, two-headed dildo into her vagina, pulled up her thong, looked at her schedule and went off to take her Spanish final, not at all confident.

After her two-hour test, she had lunch on one of her roommate's meal cards, fetched her painting, ejected her little toy and licked it clean and went to the art class, dripping a bit. The smiling teacher, a man she was sure was a homosexual, was waiting for her. "You're the last one again," he said as she inked her name on the back of her work. He set her painting on his big easel and stood back and looked at it. "Nice," he said. "Good perspective, good lines, very clean."

"Thank you," Astrid said, feeling nervous.

"You busy between semesters, need a job?" he asked.

"Depends," the girl said with a smile.

"I belong to two camera clubs that need models, fifty an hour with clothes, a hundred nude. Regular models disappear during the holidays."

"Here, on campus?" she asked, well aware that she was almost broke again. She had spent her last five buying Billy Drew and herself a hamburger after fucking him silly when they finished her research paper for ante-bellum history. He had been Googling research on one computer and printing out stuff while she wrote on her Mac, footnoting as she went along.

"I could do that," she said.

"OK, day after Christmas. I'll give you the address. It's in Silver Spring."

"How about this?" she asked, waving at her painting.

He picked up a grade book and scratched his chin. "Bee plus, ok?"

"Thanks," she said.

So after spending the holiday at home fighting off her father's advances and going four whole days without any sex, Astrid took the subway down to Bethesda and the bus across to Silver Spring and found the old warehouse where the camera clubs met.

Five or six men were there, comparing cameras and checking light meters when her art teacher took her back to a small dressing room. "Today," he said with a smile, "just the shirt, bare feet for this hour. Tomorrow bring some heels."

"OK," she said, pulling her sweatshirt over her head and seeing his eyes get bigger. "Do you pay me or do they?"

"They pay twenty each for the hour. I take some for the lights and rent, and you get a hundred."

She nodded, stripped off her skinny pants and got into a man's long-tailed white shirt.

"Don't bother it button it," he said with a smile. "This counts as nude."

The hour went fast, they took a break with some herbal tea and then another group of men arrived and they did another hour of snapping and posing, some of it with the shirt in her hand. By lunchtime, Astrid had made $200 and was tired of smiling. Her art teacher took her to lunch at a small Italian place.

"Will you do some porn?" he asked after they were served.

"Maybe, hardcore?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. She had done it off and on for her father and his friends several times.

"I don't think so, mostly sucking and pawing, maybe penetration."

"Condoms?" asked the girl, worried about STDs.

"If you insist, I guess so. This is new to me. Guy called last week and wanted to use my space and then this morning he asked me to get him a dame. That's what he said, a dame."

"Video tape, digital, what?"

"I have no idea. Will you do it?"

"How much will he pay?"

"A thousand an hour, guarantee two hours, tax free."

"I'll do it for two thousand for one hour and twenty-five hundred for a second hour, but they've got to use condoms."

The art teacher laughed. "You are a smart girl. Come meet the guy."

The crew arrived about two o'clock with a roll-away bed, two big cameras, sound equipment, and two young studs that made faces at Astrid and rolled their eyes at each other.

"OK," the grizzled man in charge said after handing Astrid a tiny set of babydoll pajamas. "You and George are making out on the bed and then he forces you to bend over and suck his cock. Sam comes in, they tussle while you cower and they decide to take turns on you. You fuck them both and then they double-team you, mouth and cunt. Got it?"

"They've got to use condoms," Astrid said. "I'm not going to, you know, do it with these guys bareback. Look at 'em."

"Yeah," the producer said, "they're kind of scruffy, but they're well hung and full of Viagra."

"You want me to hump two guys, it's going to cost you five thousand," Astrid said, hands on hips. "And I want double rubbers on them."

"Come on. I'll give you three if you do a good job, pose for close-ups after with bare cocks."

Astrid shook her head, tossing red curls. "Four plus a hundred a close up."

"Damn," the man said, smiling and shaking her hand.

In front of the whole crew, Astrid stripped down, put on the see-through pj's she had been given and sat on the side of the low bed, feeling foolish but trying to smile while cameras and lights were adjusted.

The first man, grinning, came and sat beside her wearing only jeans and loafers. He was very hairy and needed a shave. When the producer said, "Action," he began groping and kissing her and in a few minutes had ripped off her top and clamped his mouth to her left tit. "Cut, stop," the guy in charge yelled. "Give her back her top. Now really rip it off and throw it aside, look angry, eager to get on top of her. And kid, struggle and yell, OK?"

"I am" said the man. "I'm eager, stone hard."

"You sure have bad breath," Astrid told him quietly.

He backhanded her. "Slut," he yelled, "stupid slut."

"Sorry," she said, walking over to the man in charge, wiping the blood from her lips. "I quit."

"No, please. It was an accident. I'll give you six. Give it a try."

Astrid sniffed, licked her lips, pulled on her torn top and sat back down on the bed.

"Take it off. We'll edit it up."

Astrid took off the top, tried to look interested while the big man stood and got out of his khakis. He had a huge, swollen, uncut cock. He smiled down at the girl and said, "Suck it."

Astrid grasped his scotum, licked his prick and then sucked about three or four inches of his heavy-veined monster into her wet mouth. The man put his hands on her head and shoved more into her mouth until she gagged.

"Cut, stop," yelled the producer. "Can't you swallow it, honey?"

Astrid spit on the floor, gritted her teeth and said, "NO," loudly, "and make him get a condom on."

"No way, ya stupid slut," the angry man said, grasping the girl at the throat and tossing her the bed.

"Roll," the director cried as the big stud mounted the girl, one hand on her throat and the other on her butt. He shoved his heavy ram into her as she arched up and squealed, kicking her feet. After about ten or twelve deep thrusts, the other man entered the lighted area, pulled the first guy off the girl, flipped her over and stroked his immense cock before taking her from the back. She screamed.

It was almost a half-hour later and Astrid was on all fours with one hairy man humping her ass and the other in her mouth, when the director yelled, "OK, we got enough. Money shot time."

The man in her mouth pulled back, took his hand off his stiff cock and ejaculated into Astrid's face and hair while the stud behind her stood above her, stroked his cock rapidly, grasped his balls and fired three thick streams of his cum on her ass and back.

Astrid, feeling groggy and unhappy did another half-hour of close ups, mainly of taking bare pricks in her mouth and the double team action. Her anus was aching and her throat was sore.

When they were done, the girl went to the sink and vomited, got dressed, tried not to think about what she had done and what had been done to her and in her, and collected $6500 in hundred dollar bills.

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