Her Day

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2014 by NymphWriter

Erotica Sex Story: After the day from hell her husband knows just what to do to make it better.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

It was a day, a week, a month full of turmoil. It ended with three of her students getting into fist fights, two of them within the four walls of her classroom. Along with a parent blaming her for their child's inability to pass, let alone behave, and another student being hurt in a car accident, her ruined day, week, and month were now complete. Back when she was a middle school teacher, this would have been the norm, but this year she had decided to return to elementary school thinking it would be easier, and less stressful. Today made her doubt that theory now more than ever.

Her usual twenty-minute commute became over an hour long, thanks in part to over a dozen accidents on the road from the rain and people not knowing how to drive in it. All she wanted was a shot or four of the tequila she had hidden in the cupboard above the refrigerator, and maybe a hot bath. Arriving home, she gathered her things, reminding herself that in a few moments, she'd be drinking her bad day away and then she wouldn't care anymore. Up the stairs in the pouring rain she went carrying her things, trying her best to not get soaked. She fumbled with her keys and opened the door.

"Hi honey, I'm home," she said, exhausted.

He walked up and helped her remove the bags from her hands and set them where she always did when she came home. The air was filled with the wonderful scent of hot beef stew, fresh baked bread, and scented candles making her stomach growl. She loved his cooking and looked forward a nice meal after her shot. He took her into his arms and kissed her with a deep passion as only he could. It was the kind of kiss that warmed her loins, dampened her pussy, and hardened her nipples. It was his "panty-melting, I want you naked and screaming" kiss, he only gave her when he wanted to make love or fuck. Both dinner and the tequila were quickly forgotten.

"Welcome home my love," he said.

Before she could process anything, he took her gently by the hand and led her to their bedroom that was lit with scented candles. He knew dinner could wait, but she could not.

"You're overdressed my dear," he purred in her ear and began unbuttoning her blouse.

She gasped and moaned as his lips brushed her earlobe and her blouse fell to the floor. She in turn pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it aside. She felt her bra release and her breasts spring free as he kissed down her neck. She could smell the scent of the candles mixing with his cologne that she found smelled the sexiest on him, and felt the cool of the air, the touch of his lips and fingertips on her skin. His bare chest pressed against her hardening nipples, making her purr and moan softly. He gently pushed her onto the bed, causing her to bounce slightly and giggle. He knelt down and slipped off her shoes and socks, then began to unfasten her pants. She tried to reach for his but he blocked her arm and flipped her onto her back as he pulled her pants and panties off in one quick motion.

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