Lonely and Available

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman attends a public meeting with the intention of being fucked - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Hairy   .

Robert has just opened the rooms which were used for a variety of projects, this afternoon they were to receive a talk on the benefits of foreign aid. He was expecting a heated debate for he knew there were a few attending who found their own jobs gone, and there was no assistance from Government, yet the Government was giving million of dollars to countries, that some of these individuals considered 'basket cases'.

'Oh! Well' he thought to himself. 'We need somebody to speak out against the demands of 'human rights' people that we must sacrifice so others can benefit. I believe in the old saying 'charity begins at home', especially when many on our own society are in difficulties'. He was mumbling away when a soft voice interrupted his chain of thoughts. "Excuse me is this where they are having the discussion on 'foreign aid", she asked. He turned. The woman wasn't tall, slim, dressed in a pale pink blouse and a matching skirt. She has short hair that certainly wasn't her natural colour, she wasn't a 'pin up' but reasonable attractive. Her tits which were always his first point of assessment were just average, but they did make an impression on her blouse and he was sure by the slight indent where her nipples were that she was braless.

"Yes!" he replied with a smile. "You are in the right location, a bit early but that is no problem. I'm about to put the cups out for the morning tea, if you like you could help while I move the furniture around. I'm not sure how many will be coming but in the discussions I like the table and chairs to be in a semi circle; that way nobody is in the shadow of the individual in front of them", he concluded. The woman gave a smile and as she moved towards where the crockery was kept, said. "I'm Val".

"Robert", he replied.

There was no doubt the woman was friendly and her smile was quite infectious, in fact she was an individual that could be the 'life of a party'. While he moved the furniture, they chattered and socialized so by the time the first of the public had arrived they were laughing as though they had known each other for years. Maybe it was because of that association that when he came back into the kitchen area she was constantly brushing against him, something that certainly didn't irritate him but made him begin to wonder if, in the right circumstances she would fuck. Hardly had the thought passed out of his mind when she stooped down, and just for a brief second the fullness of her tits was revealed. 'Fuck this', he thought to himself. 'I'll put her to the test, fire a shot across her bows and gauge her reaction'. As he helped her up he gave a tit a very substantial feel. It felt beautifully soft, even though it was hampered by her blouse. Her reaction was just a smile.

The meeting was just as he thought 'heated'. The chap giving the talk was put on the spot but quickly recovered and traded blow for blow as one might say. As for himself he certainly took an interest in the proceedings but as Val had sat next to him, his mind was more on seducing her than the benefits or non benefits of 'foreign aid'. However, during the morning tea break he was to observe that Val was just a friendly with other men as she had been with him and again his thoughts turned to an erotic encounter for he knew many of the men and all of them wouldn't knock back an available fuck. He engaged one of the men, a chap called Burt who he knew, because he had been there as well, frequented 'swinger's parties'. "I think that Val woman is on heat", he said. "I have had a feel of a tit and she certainly didn't object and she was constantly brushing against me as we prepared the room".

"As a matter of fact Robert", his friend said. "I was thinking the same. I haven't had the opportunity to give her a touch up, but if I do I'll go for her groin and if that doesn't give a voice of protest, I say we keep her here when the lecture is over, take her into that store room and fuck her stupid".

"I wonder how many she could take." Robert asked. "I notice she has been chatty to most of the males and I know none of them would knock her back".

"I'll test the waters", Burt replied. "However, the first item is the woman herself. It is pretty crowded so if we manoeuvred her into the corner, I should be able to go for her groin and maybe, just maybe as she isn't wearing a bra, isn't wearing panties as well. You know Robert she may be here for a fuck, for it is only the males that she is socializing with". Robert smiled as they worked their way through the crowd in a very small kitchen. As for herself she certainly welcomed the attention and when she was in the required position, shielded from any of the women, Burt went for his goal and his hope of her wearing no panties was rewarded as his fingers found only hair and for a number of seconds, he drove his finger up that hairy crack till she began to squirm and saliva began to dribble from her lips.

It was Robert's position to call the meeting back to order and then hand back to the lecturer the floor. Burt remained as long as he could; continuing to finger the woman, till he had to abandon the task for there was no longer a shield to protect them both. By the time they were all seated, Val was between Burt and Robert and they were not the only men to notice her flushed complexion but also the very noted indents in her blouse. Throughout the lecture, Burt ran his paw up between her thighs, taking refugee in that forest of now damp hair. Every now and again her 'gasp' had to be disguised by a question from either of them, so as far as the lecturer and most of the assembly was concerned there was not a hint of un-gentleman's behaviour happening.

Robert bid the lecturer a 'good morning' and expressed his apology for the rather heated confrontations that had occurred. The lecturer was not a happy man, he didn't expect such a hostile reaction to his argument of continuing international aid, maybe he didn't realise that the closure of a number of high employment factories were in the district and many of those individuals would find getting another position difficult. He only gave a grunt as he departed. The hall was now empty, but not the small store room, for it was there that Burt had ushered a rather flushed but highly aroused Val.

Robert entered the room, there were six men. All were in some stage of undress; the item of clothing missing was their trousers. Val was naked and positioned over a table and Burt was going for all his worth between her well spread thighs. Another individual who he knew as Charlie had her head hard into his groin, but with just sufficient space so that his cock was observed appearing and disappearing into her gasping mouth. Burt blew with a 'gasp' of relief and before he was replaced Robert muttered. 'Cripes was a hairy cunt'. Val had a forest between her legs; it spread not only up her stomach but also a bit down her thigh. But in seconds that delight was gone and as the cock in her mouth delivered its load and seconds before another replaced it, she gave a 'gasp' and her bum rose to receive the thrust of another randy cock.

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