A Pang of Conscience

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman who hangs around a sporting club is fucked, however, the arrival of the coach leads to a player taking her home, treating her nicely and being sexually rewarded. He is married but not successfully, he flips and strike outs and threatens to leave, a fear that would threaten the wife's social life - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Swinging   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   .

The phone rang just as Trevor put out his toasted sandwich and poured a cup of tea. 'Why can't these calls come through at other times, then when I'm about to have lunch', he muttered to himself. He picked up the phone and snapped. "Trevor Greenway". He didn't get a chance to continue the introduction when the shout coming through the receiver made him hold the instrument further from his ear. The excited voice he recognized. "Calm down Harry, I can hear you. Now repeat what you just said, you rattled off everything like a machine gun".

"Sorry mate", was the now more controlled voice. "I said you best come down to the club. Burt has bought this 'bird' that has been hanging around of recent times. He mentioned her last week after the game. You remember the one he said had 'melons for tits', but the appearance of a dog".

Trevor let his mind drift back to that afternoon a week back where Burt had mentioned a woman hanging around the club after a game. This wasn't something that was new; women had been doing that for centuries. Even in ancient times there were reports of women hovering around sport venues and in modern times women would go crazy at a 'Rock Concert', so for a woman to be hanging around their sporting club house was pretty well natural. However, the one aspect of Burt's report was that she had melons for tits. Being a tit name he did take that bit of information and file it away and then forgot about it. "Yes I remember", he said. "But what of it and why should I be at the club, I wasn't playing today", he concluded. There was a slight pause almost as though the one on the other end of the phone couldn't believe what he had heard. "Fuck Trevor, this bird has the sort of tits that you said you would climb the highest mountain to get a grip on."

"Ok! She has got tits", Trevor replied showing a bit of irrigation for his lunch was getting cold. "But really what has that got to do with me?" Again there was a slight pause and then came the reply that was the essence of the phone call. "We are going to fuck her. Burt says she had already let him have a feel of her tits and that she is wearing no bra. Instead of voicing a protest, he told us she giggled. Now..." there was a pause and then with a shout that again meant the receiver was held away from the phone. "There got her top off and ... and fuck she down sucking on Burt's cock. I'm off Trevor; I want my turn". There was a click the phone went dead.

Trevor reheated his toasted sandwich and put the kettle back on for the tea was now just warm. He pondered over the phone call. He didn't have anything major on, his wife was attending one of her social gatherings and the thought of a heavy breasted woman sucking his cock certainly had that section of his anatomy expressing interest. 'I know Burt reckoned she wasn't much in the attractive line, that is facial, but a woman is a woman and she couldn't be that ugly and I do like being sucked off. Fuck I have nothing else on I may as well join in because I certainly don't get any satisfaction at home. My wife is so fanatic regards her mythology that any mention of sex is immediately 'a sin'. He finished muttering, put the dirty dishes on the sink, grabbed his car keys and headed out.

The club house was a typical sports construction. It had showers, a canteen, seats and tables and a conference section for the usual sports pep-talks before a match. He parked his vehicle and went inside, passed the reception desk that was vacant; he entered the main hall, it too was empty. 'Where the heck is everybody?' he questioned himself. It was then that he heard the commotion coming from the showers. "Get her legs apart, fuck what a hairy cunt". Seconds later came another outburst. "All of it, suck my cock, suck it cunt". He entered the dressing room. The woman was spread over one of the masseur tables, she was naked. He recognized the bloke between her legs going flat out, every thrust made the backside of the woman buck upward in response. With a face that sported a massive grin the team's forward had the woman's head hard against his groin and by his expression and the gasp, he had emptied his balls.

The entire soccer team was present, after all that would have been natural as they had played that afternoon. All were naked for as each man finished servicing the woman they had a shower, leaving the poor bitch, covered in cum and sweat panting from exhaustion on the table, however, there was no relief for her for as one cock pulled out, there was another ready to take its place. The blokes may shower, but they were still randy and were back 'fucking' as soon as they were hard.

Burt just finished having a shower and called to him. "Come on Trevor, get your gear off, she is ripe, fuck she is ripe. Get your cock in and enjoy her or in your case as you like to be sucked off, put your cock in her mouth and she will send you off the planet", he concluded as he took up his position, level with her head and in the seconds before Trevor decided to join in the orgy, Burt pulled the woman's head into his groin and gave a grunt. "Suck it cunt, suck it".

There was no doubt the activities were certainly arousing. The woman when she managed to turn in his direction wasn't a 'dog', she may not be a pin up but he had met women over the years who weren't as attractive as this woman, but that hadn't stopped him for they were generally 'grateful' to be noticed and were more then willing to open their thighs and even offer their bums and all of them certainly knew how to gobble on a cock. He stripped and the thought of a cum filled cunt didn't bother him too much and as the chap who was the 'winger' on the team pulled out, he slammed his cock to his balls in that cum covered cunt.

This occasion was no different to a swingers do he had gone to a couple of years back, once everyone had been through her, the only woman present that evening, it was then suggested to turn her over and service her bum. At another swingers do there was more than one woman but they were always top heavy with randy men and one evening there was only two women to service nearly twenty men and as was the case with this woman, they was taking two at a time. However, once their bottoms became the target, they were engaging three at a time in a double dip with a cock down their throats as well.

Trevor was just as eager to sample that attractive backside and as he pumped away he wished that his wife would 'open up' and offer herself as this woman was doing. He was in the shower when a cry when up. "Fuck the coach is here. What do we do with the woman? If he finds her here and especially if he knows we have been fucking her, he will hit the roof".

"Dump her outside", Burt replied as he gathered up her clothes and threw them at her with a snarl. "Fuck off". It was at that moment that Trevor's mobile rang. It was his wife informing him that she would not be returning from the 'do' till the next day. Maybe it was that call that galvanized him into opposing what Burt had suggested. "You just can't throw her out", he argued. "She could at least have a shower, she is a mess". Burt argued against giving the woman any consideration and he won over the rest of the team for they knew the coach's attitude to women being in the club rooms, especially the showers, where all the action had taken place.

"I'll take her home", Trevor said. "It isn't fair to tread her so badly, she has given all of us immense pleasure and you were happy to accommodate her. Now she is to be dumped, I can't agree to that", he said as he helped the woman with her clothes and took her out the back entrance, just a couple of minutes before the coach arrived.

Surprise was certainly on her face when he told her to shower and even more so when he said that if she wanted he would take her out for a meal, dressed in some of his wife's wardrobe, which fitted her like a glove.

There was no suggestion of whether she would like to stay the night, it just fell into place as a natural occurrence, however, for her it was going to be a night that would, just briefly, lift her out of the gutter of her existence and give her something that could be labelled 'love'. Maybe it was a pang of conscience that made Trevor rescue her but on the other hand she wasn't that bad in appearances and he certainly didn't feel embarrassed when he took her to a restaurant and without being smothered under pumping and sweating men, her body was very attractive. "You have beautiful tits", he said as she undressed and when fully nude, he gave a nod of approval. "I hate women who shave themselves", he said as he pushed his cock into that heavy growth of hair at her groin.

She sank down and slowly began to lick his cock, while gently squeezing his balls. In the showers at the club the reaction she got as she sucked cock was 'suck it cunt, suck it'. However, there was no need for that sort of encouragement, she obliged to the point that she had taken his entire erection into her mouth. He stopped her and lifted her up, she knew what was required and positioned herself on the bed, thighs well apart and as his cock found the lips of that vibrating cunt he pushed and she lifted her backside to receive it.

There was no time limit, they fucked slowly and deliberately. For him it was the most rewarding fuck he had, had for a long time. When he released the essence of his balls her gasp was genuine, a gasp of sheer pleasure. Sleep came very late, a sleep of contentment and exhaustion and it was in the early hours that he woke and for seconds wondered what had stirred him only to relax as she began to suck him, a suck that had him almost screaming with delight. He had been sucked many times, naturally not with his wife, he doubted if she knew what a suck was, but no suck was as good as this woman was giving. It was slow, so very slow so that every fibre of his existence knew what was happening. He blew and she took every drop and then lifted her head, her smile was accompanied with a steady dripping of saliva and cum from her mouth, much to his delight.

She knew this brief period of delight would end and when they parted she did so with that acceptance but with a hope that they would meet again.

His wife arrived just after lunch, just an hour before she would have caught him slowly fucking a very attractive bottom. She didn't ask what he had been doing but immediately was on the phone to one of her many 'social colleagues' and he heard her giving off high praise for the president, the male officials and the general gathering. "I had a wonderful time", she was saying, followed by a bout of laughter. As he washed the dishes he wondered what 'the wonderful time was' and even considered the thought that 'the wonderful time' meant she had been fucked. A thought that he immediately dismissed for the very word almost sent her into hysterics.

Rows were as common as the dawning of the day and it was the next day that he flipped. For almost the entire marriage he had managed to avoid a full on blast, he always managed to manoeuvre out of a fight, however, this day he turned. Maybe it was the thought of that woman who he had rescued after the orgy at the club, or maybe it was just a little thing that tipped the balance. He struck out. The slap sent her across the room, she staggered and nearly fell. He made no attempt to assist her but the vocal hatred that followed was so intend that she paled to the point of nearly fainting. He bought in her lack of sex, the contempt that he considered she levelled at him, the absence of communication and the refusal to even take the washing out to the line that she would leave till he had come home or finished some other work while she sat listening to the radio, reading one of her romantic books, talking to a colleague on the phone or just clued to the television. "You are fucking useless" he yelled as he went outside. "From this moment, unless you start spreading 'em or start sucking my cock, this marriage is finished, I will make arrangements to finalize the estate". With that he slammed the door.

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