The Dwarf

by Percy Sugden

Copyright© 2014 by Percy Sugden

Erotica Sex Story: A man gets food poisoning and hallucinates his wife is having an affair with a little person.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   .

I am a salesman for a hardware wholesaler and my territory is a large and mainly rural area. I travel about half my time but manage to make it home every weekend.

I stopped for lunch on my way to see my next client. I wasn't feeling well and tried to get some soup into me but was having trouble getting it down. One minute I would feel hot and sweaty, the next as if a wind straight from the North Pole was blowing right through me. And to make matters worse I was sitting next to a table with some jerk bragging about some broad he was banging.

It was my own fault for coming in. I knew the guy was in here; I saw his bright red Caddy convertible parked out front. The guy himself wasn't hard to recognize either - he only stands about three feet high. I had often wondered how he reached the pedals of his car.

"Yes, she's a real goer," I heard him say to the guy sharing the table with him. "She'll do anything I ask. A real slut. She gobbles up my dick whenever I ask and just loves it up the ass."

I tried to ignore the demented ravings of this lunatic and concentrate on my lunch, but his piercing voice just wouldn't stay out of my head.

"She's a real good looker, too. Tall and well built; tits you wouldn't believe. Married, too. I don't know what her dork of a husband's like, but he obviously isn't feeding her enough dick."

I changed tables, moving as far away as I could. Unfortunately the room wasn't that big and he had one of those voices that carried.

"I take her out to my favorite strip club. She likes to get on stage and dance and let guys feel her up. She's really into one of the other strippers, too. You should see them going at it, licking each other's cunts. It sure makes my dick hard."

I managed to close my mind to the filthy monologue for a few minutes and ate some of the soup. I suspected his experiences were just pure fantasy. My attempt at not listening didn't last long.

" ... and when I said to her, 'Baby, I want you to suck both of us off, ' she started drooling! Actual drool down her chin. Before either Harry or I had even got our dicks out. Next time you're in town, look me up. I'll have her suck you..."

I'd had enough. I got up and paid for my mainly untouched soup and left.

" ... and I've got some great pictures of her in action if you guys want to..."

The other men in the cafe were gathering around the dwarf's table as the door closed behind me.

By the time I got another twenty miles down the road I was really suffering. I called my next stop and told them I wouldn't be coming, and headed the ninety miles back to the city. How I made it I'll never know; I don't remember half the trip. It was dark by the time I got home. I knew my darling wife Leanne would put me to bed and make me feel better.

I drove into the garage behind the house and just sat in the car for a while, hoping Leanne would notice I was home and help me out of the car as waves of heat and cold alternately passed over me. After they stopped I got myself out.

I left the garage and walked the short distance between the garage and the back of the house to the back door. Loud rock music was coming from the downstairs bedroom we used as a family room. Leanne didn't normally listen to that type of music so I peeked through the tall bushes and into the window to see what she was doing. Since the room's window faces the garage wall we had never got around to putting curtains in.

What I saw froze my heart. Leanne was sitting, naked, on the floor, her hands behind her for support, her legs slightly bent and apart, and her long, light brown hair hanging on the floor behind her. That is, naked except for a frilly red garter belt, sheer stockings and red high heels. I didn't even know she owned a garter belt. And those shoes! They had ankle straps and must have had at least five inch heels. Her other clothes were strewn all over the floor. The dwarf from the restaurant was straddling her stomach, his short, bandy legs barely reaching around her. The dirty pervert was still wearing his undershirt and his socks. He was rubbing some sort of long stick on her breasts. It took me a while to realize it was his cock. It was huge, ten to twelve inches long, and thick. It would have looked big on an ordinary man. On him it looked gargantuan.

One of the smaller windows was open so I could just make out what was being said.

"Come on Arnie," I heard Leanne say. "Put it in my mouth. I want to suck your fuck stick." With her right hand she wiped some spittle off her chin.

I was flabbergasted. My wife never swears; she hardly ever says "damn". To hear her use language like that was too much for me. I had to leave.

I couldn't tear myself away.

The dwarf rubbed the head of his cock on my wife's face and around her lips, smearing the bright red lipstick. She had her mouth open and her tongue out trying to catch it. When she couldn't, she put her head back and laughed.

"Come on, Arnie, stop teasing and let me taste it."

I watched in amazement as my modest and virtuous wife sucked and slurped on his large cock. Once when I had suggested she put my penis in her mouth she called me a dirty pervert and slept in the spare bedroom for three days.

I was only a couple of yards or so from them and could see everything. The dwarf had reached down and was pulling on one of her nipples.

"That's right, baby, suck on that monster. Do it right and I'll give you a drink of my cum. Would you like that?"

To my horror I saw her nod and redouble her efforts on his big root.

"Oh, baby," he continued, "you're the best cocksucker I ever met. You like sucking on my dick? Does it turn you on?'

Again she nodded.

I leaned over and threw up. I couldn't watch any longer. But some horrid fascination made me stay. When I looked through the window again, the dwarf was handing my wife a bottle of Jack Daniels. She put the bottle to her lips and took a couple of gulps. I have never seen Leanne drink more than one glass of wine. I don't even keep any liquor in the house. Now she was drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle. She passed the bottle back to the dwarf who drank from it, too, before putting it on a nearby table.

Leanne lay down on her back with her knees up, rubbing herself between the legs. The dwarf straddled her head and rubbed his big, hairy balls all over her face. He stopped them directly over her mouth. She opened up and sucked them in.

"Oh, baby. Suck those nuts. Hum for me. Make my dick harder than it is."

She hummed for him. My beautiful, young wife was on her back sucking on the balls of a midget and humming. While getting the hum job, the dwarf grabbed the bottle from the table and had another drink from it.

Having had enough of the hum job, the dwarf scooted down and placed his cock between Leanne's large breasts. She pushed them up and wrapped them around his cock.

"Ah, baby. You've got the best tits for fucking I've ever known. You're a real hot cunt, you know?" He said as he moved back and forth.

"Oh, Arnie," she responded, "shoot your cum all over my face. Right in my mouth." She opened her mouth and obscenely stuck out her tongue.

"Not yet, baby. I want you to do something else for me. Come on. You know what I like."

"Please, Arnie," I heard her say, her fingers busy between her legs. "Fuck me. Stick that dick right up my cunt. Fuck me good. I need to feel your big cock up my cunt."

I still couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Yeah, baby, I'll fuck you all right. But you got to do this first."

I wanted to go. Morbid fascination made me stay. I watched the dwarf hop off of Leanne and, after grabbing the bottle from the table, hobble over to my easy chair. Scrambling up it, he turned around and waited for her, his hard-on sticking out obscenely.

My wife crawled over to him on her hands and knees, her breasts swaying as she went. Saliva dribbled down her chin. She had a lustful gleam in her blue-grey eyes and she growled softly. It wasn't until then that I noticed the loud music was no longer playing. As she approached him he stuck one of his feet towards her. Taking the toe of his sock between her teeth she slowly pulled it off. Then she licked his toes while the dirty little pervert cooed with glee, taking the occasional drink from the bottle. The procedure was repeated on his other foot. I threw up again.

By the time I had finished puking she had his cock in her mouth again. Still on her hands and knees she slowly rocked back and forth, her breasts swinging with her movements. I watched as she took more and more of his long penis into her mouth. The dwarf encouraged her with words like, "that's right, baby, eat it all," and "take it right down your throat," and "you're the best cocksucker around". After about a minute of trying, she finally had his entire length in her mouth. I couldn't see how she did it, how she didn't choke. Five or six times she went down until her lips touched his pubic hair, then moved back until only the tip of the penis was in her mouth. She would look up at him at these times and, licking his knob, smile, repeatedly asking if he liked what she was doing.

At this time I seemed to be in the room with the two, as if I had somehow flowed through the window glass. Another polar wind blew through my hot and sweaty body. Nothing seemed real, except what I was watching.

The dwarf had rolled onto his back on the seat of the chair and had his deformed legs up in the air. Leanne had moved closer and, holding his cock out of the way with her hand, was licking his balls. He was going crazy, yelling, "Lower, lower!"

To my horror, she went lower. Now holding his over-sized testicles out of the way she ran her tongue up and down the crack of the dwarf's ass. With his hands he spread his ass cheeks apart and she stuck her tongue into his asshole.

I've been married to this woman for six years, I thought. This woman teaches Sunday School. How can she do this? How could I not have known she is really a dirty whore?

"Oh, baby, suck my ass, french my asshole" screamed the dwarf. "Stick your tongue all the way in. Taste my shit. Oh, it feels so good. Oh, baby, you're one dirty skank."

I was appalled. In contrast, my wife loved it, forcing her tongue up his rectum as far as she could, moaning with lust the entire time. The dwarf continued to encourage her in her filthy job until she finally rolled onto her back. She raised her legs to her chest and spread them, rubbing her cunt lasciviously.

"Come on, Arnie, you promised to fuck me. Stick your dick in my fuck hole. I need it badly. You promised. Fuck me. Make me come." She was delirious with desire.

The dwarf jumped off my chair. "Here I come, baby," he said, waddling towards her. "Open those legs wide for the fuck of your life." With that, he put the tip of his penis on my wife's vagina and shoved it into her.

After watching everything that had previously happened, Leanne's reaction still surprised and shocked me. As the dwarf ploughed away at her, she bucked and moaned and yelled out obscene things, screaming at him to fuck her harder. His cock was so long he couldn't get the entire thing into her; at least two inches remained out of her pussy with each of his down strokes. I watched with dismay as the dirty whore came, thrashing about on the floor.

With her orgasm finished, the dwarf told her to get up on her hands and knees. With her ass pointed at him he entered her from behind, doggy style. Leanne's hanging breasts, their nipples hard as rocks, bounced as he thrust into her. Her second orgasm racked her body shortly afterwards.

"Ok, baby," the dwarf said, "you know what comes next."

"Oh, yes, Arnie," she begged. "Do it. Do it hard. Fuck me in the ass!"

"Hold still, then," The dwarf warned, "if you want my dick up your shit hole."

"Oh, yes," my whore-wife said, still bouncing with anticipation. "In my shit hole. In my shit hole."

The dwarf smacked her hard across the ass. "Hold still, then!" he commanded.

Leanne held still. The dwarf positioned his enormous cock against the entrance to her bowels. Slowly he pushed it into her while she implored him to go deeper. With very few pauses, the dwarf slid his entire penis up my wife's ass. He fucked her ass with vigor, his balls bouncing on her pussy. When he thrust in, she pushed back, making sure every inch of his cock got into her. She said all sorts of filthy things about how she loved a big dick up her ass as he fucked her. After five minutes of this his face started to contort.

"Quick, I'm ready. I'm going to come."

When he said this, Leanne quickly spun around. Grabbing the base of his cock, she put the dirty thing in her mouth and pumped it with her hand. It didn't take long before he erupted. Pulling his cock from her mouth, he sprayed his cum all over her face. The first stream hit her between the eyes. The rest squirted on her nose and cheeks, and in her open mouth. It dripped off her chin.

"Oh, baby," he said, still squeezing cum on her face, "you're the hottest cunt I've ever fucked. You're the best."

Leanne rolled over onto her back. Her legs were facing the window so I watched her finger her pussy as the dwarf got dressed.

"Sorry, I've got to go," he said to her. "Business, you know." Before he left he took a twenty dollar bill from his wallet and threw it down on her recumbent body. "Here," he said, "buy something nice for yourself." With that, he picked up the half full bottle of Jack Daniels and left.

My wife ignored the money and continued to finger herself until she had another orgasm.

I must have returned to the car after that because the next thing I remember was Leanne gently shaking me. "Please, Gerry, wake up!" I heard from about one hundred miles away. Slowly I regained consciousness. Leanne was shaking me. I looked up into her lovely, caring face. Then I remembered the dwarf.

"Come on, Gerry, I'll get you into the house and get you cleaned up. You're so hot! I'll get you straight to bed."

I looked up at her. She was so beautiful and such a good wife. I tried not to remember what I had seen, but couldn't. There were tears in my eyes. I knew what she was, now.

I looked down at myself. My suit was covered in vomit. I was so cold I shivered. I knew I was not well and would have to depend on this woman a little longer. She helped me out of the car and into the house. Struggling, she got me up the stairs and into the bathroom where she stripped my clothes off and wiped me with a warm rag. I just couldn't believe this warm and tender person was the same whore I had seen earlier tonight.

"I only found you because I was looking for the cat. I noticed the back end of the car sticking out of the garage. How long have you been there?" she asked.

"I got here just after dark," I said. I noticed the startled look on her face but she quickly covered it up. "I was too weak to get out of the car," I lied.

"That was three hours ago," she said, helping me into the house and up to our bedroom. "You poor darling. Here's your pyjamas. I'll help you get them on."

She put me to bed and took my temperature. When the thermometer showed my temperature was 104°F, it frightened her a bit. While she went to call the doctor, I lay in bed, the room spinning around me. Freezing cold spells were followed by hot sweats. Leanne returned to tell me she couldn't reach the doctor but his wife advised I take some aspirin and drink plenty of water. He would come over as soon as he was free. I took the pills proffered by Leanne and swallowed them with the water. She wiped my hot forehead with a cool rag and told me she'd sleep in the spare room so she wouldn't bother me.

I wanted to mention what I had seen but couldn't bring myself to do it. I watched, a great sadness overwhelming me, as Leanne left the room.

The room continued to spin around me and the hot and cold flushes got no better. I was surprised when Leanne came back into the room. She sat down in the chair beside me, tears in her eyes.

"Gerry," she said, quietly. "I am so sorry. I know what you saw tonight. I never meant to hurt you. Please believe that."

I looked up at her. I didn't want to talk about it but I heard myself say, "How did it happen? How did you ever meet that creep?"

"He's not a creep!" she said, defensively. Then, realising her position, she became more contrite. "It's a long story. I realize that you're not well and would rather not hear this right now, but Reverend Walters says confession is good for the soul.

"One night, a couple months ago, three of the girls at the office asked me to go to have a drink with them. You were up north so I figured it wouldn't hurt anything. Three hours later, with hardly anything to eat, they talked me into going to a night-club with them. I knew I shouldn't, but I was a bit lonely and had had a few too many drinks."

I was sitting at the bar of a night-club when I saw Leanne and two of her work friends walk in. The dwarf from the diner was sitting on the stool next to me. My wife and her friends ordered drinks. Men were coming to the table to ask them to dance but Leanne always turned them down. The other two would get up for a dance occasionally. Suddenly I saw the dwarf walk over to Leanne and ask her to dance. Her friends seemed to think that it was a great joke and cajoled her into accepting his offer. They danced to a couple of songs and she returned to the table. Her friends were howling with laughter.

I was suddenly back in my bedroom in bed. Leanne sat in a chair next to me. She was naked and the dwarf was sitting in her lap playing with her right breast. The room spun and when it stopped Leanne was there with her nightgown on. She was alone.

"Soon after, I had to go to the ladies. When I was returning to the table, the dwarf approached me again. He was upset. He said he knew we were making fun of him. You know I don't like people who make fun of others and felt ashamed of my behavior. He said I could make it up to him by going out with him the next night. I told him I was married and couldn't but he called me a cold hearted bitch like the others and wished he had never danced with me.

"Taken aback by his harsh words, and because I was probably a bit drunk, without thinking I agreed to go out with him and gave him my name and address. I knew I shouldn't have, but it just came out. He said he'd see me tomorrow night and left. When I got back to the table the others wanted to know what he said to me. I told them he asked me for a date. This brought more peals of laughter which made me angry. I told them they shouldn't be so cruel. We all left shortly after.

"The next day I had a hangover and didn't feel well at all. I still made it to work where the girls I'd been out with teased me about upcoming my date. I lied and told them I'd given the dwarf a phoney name, too embarrassed to tell them the truth. They kidded me about it all day."

The room spun again and when it stopped I saw Leanne sitting in the chair next to the bed dressed in her Sunday best. Reverend Walters was sitting next to her. He was wearing his shirt and collar but no pants. I shut my eyes and the room lurched. I remember getting sick again.

When I came to, Leanne and I were watching TV in the front room. The doorbell rang. I saw her freeze with fear. She went to the door, turned the outside light on and looked out the peephole. It seemed there was no one there. Suddenly there was a rap at the door. She jumped. She opened the door a crack. The dwarf stood outside. He had a bunch of flowers in his hand. I heard him ask if she was ready. She told him through the crack that she couldn't possibly go out with him. He got angry and started calling her names so she shut the door on him. She was shaking but thought that he would leave. As she was looking through the peephole to see if he'd gone, I saw him come up behind her. She had forgotten the back door wasn't locked.

He berated her for breaking her promise. I know she prided herself in keeping promises, so she finally relented. "Okay," she said to him, "but only this one date."

I watched her go upstairs. A few moments later she came down wearing a tweed skirt, a cardigan over a white cotton blouse, and flat shoes. The dwarf got angry with her, saying he wouldn't go out with his mother dressed like that. He insisted she put something on a bit sexier so he wouldn't be embarrassed in front of his friends, and to wear some make-up. She went back upstairs again.

She returned wearing a short skirt, silk blouse and higher heels. She also put on some lipstick and eye make-up. When she came down the second time, the dwarf was sitting on the couch next to me, drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniels.

He told her that her new outfit was better. Then he shocked her by asking if she had stockings and a garter belt instead of the pantyhose she was wearing. Because he was so short, he could see quite a ways up her skirt. She held her hands in front of her and pressed the skirt to her legs to block his view. She told him she didn't. He then ordered her to remove the pantyhose and go bare legged. He seemed to be in control so she obeyed. When she went back up the stairs the dwarf told her to lose the bra, too.

I was in bed again with Leanne beside me. I could see her lips move but I couldn't hear anything. Then I could.

"I came back down, without pantyhose and braless. This seemed to please Arnie and, for some strange reason I can't explain, pleased me, too. We went out to his car and got in. We went to a small bar where he seemed to know everybody and we had a couple of drinks. He introduced me to everyone as his new girlfriend. This shocked me a bit but the alcohol had loosened my inhibitions enough so I just smiled and nodded.

"After a few hours and more drinks than I should have had - nervousness I suppose - we got back in his car. I thought he was taking me home but, instead, he took me to a strip club. At first I refused to go in with him but he insisted and I felt my resolve crumble."

The room lurched and my stomach roiled and I found myself sitting in a strip club watching a red-headed stripper do her dance. She was completely naked. I saw my wife come into the club with the dwarf. She looked very apprehensive but he was grinning from ear to ear. Leanne looked straight at me but didn't seem to recognize me. They sat down right to the front by the stage. The girl came dancing towards them, squatted down right in front of Leanne and spread her legs.

I looked at Leanne sitting next to me in our bedroom. Her hand was up her night-gown where she was slowly stroking herself.

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