Midlife. Crisis?

by Sinde Waters Clinton

Copyright© 2014 by Sinde Waters Clinton

True Sex Story: One man - two women - and one is trying to make him give in to his desires. A story in the 'Need' Universe of Prac T Cal

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Hypnosis   Gay   BiSexual   True Story   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   Public Sex   .

A dark and stormy night...

Or a dark stall in a dingy bar...

Or ... nah it is a dark stall in a dingy bar that I NEVER would have entered except for this new lady in my life. At least she might be 'in' my life. She almost wasn't a few days ago ... that all changed with a blowjob in my car after a night of drinking. Not her house, not my house, just in my car parked outside another bar ... Men are so so stupid! Well, shouldn't denigrate all of the males - just me - they need to deal in their own reality.

To be honest there are two women ... unfortunately I think I am crazy for the wrong one. Anyway, I am learning a lot about dingy bars that have dingy customers. Lately we have been getting down into dirtier places - or at least seedier. I doubt anyone would come to these places in the sunlight. I am sure they look scary...

Anyway tonight has been a disaster - and I am having issues. Issues that force me to spend way too much time in a dark stall. Yes, you can guess what type of ailment ... there are two types like this - one is messy and unpredictable - the other is painful and you are always hopeful that it won't be too messy when it ends. That last one is me today - so plugged up! I should be home but with Lindsay and Jenn - its way more interesting being with them. And there was that blowjob from Lindsay giving me hope.

Tonight we hit several dingy bars and spent a lot of MY money buying drinks for their friends. Lots of them tonight were black males intent on getting a little from the ladies. That is unlikely - these girls are huge teases - at least in my presence. Luckily tonight those poor guys bought them lots of drinks. I drank too much ... beer mostly so I have to pee. But each time I am hopeful things will break loose. So I spend time...

This will be the last tonight - its almost closing time. That doesn't mean we are all done because sometimes the ladies want to play pool. Or meet someone and party a bit longer. Not often though. I was in the stall for about five minutes - trying not to grunt - when something new entered the stall. Something large and black, something at about head height or rather mouth height. Something hard and long and glistening and ... inviting? My head was spinning as I heard a voice say "You know you want it! Just slip your lips around it!" it wasn't said just once and it was just loud enough for me to hear. And it was said over and over in a monotone like those hypnosis tapes. Over and over ... I leaned and it was like someone else was doing this and I was watching through his eyes. The tone was familiar, the voice was familiar, like I had heard it many times before - saying this and similar things. I couldn't remember but it was right there in my head. I knew it was all wrong. I knew I shouldn't listen. But the part of me that KNEW that wasn't the part that was making decisions. That part was wrapping its lips around a big black snake! Just like the serpent in the Bible - a big black snake was tempting me and I was losing the battle as Eve had lost (been destined?) hers so long ago. It was shocking how good it felt to use my tongue on the huge black cock! Amazing to finally taste the cum and what tasted like cunt juices. They tasted devine together! Black cum and white pussy on this very very large cock! I wasn't sure because I hadn't tasted Lindsay's cunt but there was no doubt that it was cunt juices ... those I had tasted - Jenn's cunt juices, those were nice! These made me think of Lindsay though! But this was better, big black cock, cum, cunt juice and my lips sliding down a little farther. Sucking and sucking and trying to use my tongue and do what that voice was telling me. I had forgotten I was on the toilet, I had forgotten I was in the head at a horribly dirty nasty bar. I had forgotten about Lindsay, I had ... amazingly ... NOT forgotten about Jenn! Jenn - possibly the most beautiful woman on the planet! But it was Lindsay that I was in love with ... she didn't return the emotion. Well to be honest she said she loved me. Insane me didn't figure out she loved me but was not 'in' love with me. She thought I was gay and that I loved black cock ... She thought that because I had a HUGE amount of porn on the computer showing WOMEN sucking Big Black Cocks! Women folks! I like looking at WOMEN sucking Big Black COCK. She said it was JUST the Big Black Cock I wanted to see, feel, taste. Which right now seemed right and wonderful as I sucked that big black cock in what must be the nastiest Glory Hole in Colorado. Those thoughts flitted around but it didn't stop me from sucking on that cock! I was rewarded by a load of cum and after swallowing as best I could I was unhappy that it wasn't still going on! I wanted another one! But it went away even though I tried to keep it in my mouth! It slithered from my lips and my disappointment was great ... But the voice continued... "Want more? Want more? Want more? Want more? " I was shaking my head and no more came out ... Frustrated I finally yelled "fuck YES! I want more lots more ... Another fucking Big Black Snake to suck!"

And there it was and if anything it was bigger! This one tasted different as I gave it no chance to slip back inside the Glory Hole - I wrapped my lips and sucked and thrust my lips down until I gagged and used my hands to hold the shaft and the balls came through the Hole and I used the other hand to massage them. I moved my head back and looked at the monster! Ran my tongue up and down its length and over the balls! But I could hardly wait to engulf it once more! My own cock was harder than ever before! Sucking this huge cock was awesome. It was all over too soon! No, he didn't cum! Last call had come and gone! We got ejected from the head, the bar, and the parking lot!

Most everyone KNEW I had blown two guys in the head! Because I heard them talking about it. Jenn even French kissed me to get a taste! That was great! At the time I had several other things to worry about ... the first thing was Jenn because she didn't want to end the kiss! Next was my feeling that my constipation was beginning to loosen! AND last but not least Lindsay! She was talking with several guys, all were black.

No clue how I got in this van ... Jenn still had her tongue deep inside my mouth and held me tight! A cellphone video showed several guys lifting us inside. I was so comfortable in Jenn's arms and mouth but severely uncomfortable with my bowel issues! Nothing I could do but take it as it comes and hope for the best!

I don't know where we went ... it couldn't have been far because they rushed me into the head and rammed a HUGE enema nozzle into me and exploded my asshole and the constipation with high pressure something! It cleaned me out big time! Not quickly but while I sat shitting out days of blockage it turned out I was in another Glory Hole and another black snake came out for me to suck on ... It was light and I had an audience ... what would you do? Not that it matters but Jenn was nowhere in sight and Lindsay was there in much skimpier clothes than usual and helped me engulf the snake and then went to her knees and started sucking MY cock. Heaven must be like this ... The enema was still flushing me but I didn't think it was doing anything useful but filling the toilet. Whatever was in the water was making me feel pretty good and overcame the shit smell. Lindsay was sucking hard and so was I ... it was good! Several times that black snake blew cum into my awaiting mouth and several times it was replaced by another. I wasn't counting and didn't realize Jenn had replaced Lindsay until I got moved. There was lots of commotion as I was bent over a table and Jenn was pushed under it to entertain my cock and balls. At first it looked like they wanted her out from under there. But she refused and made quite the fuss. If a fuss includes calling them a bunch of cock suckers and none would EVER touch her or fuck her or ... she didn't stop yelling - that was when I felt the first Big Black Cock penetrate my asshole! Not lightly or slowly but touch and wham! My ass gave in right away - something had opened me up to make it easier - not easy - just easier and whoever owned that fucker didn't pause to contemplate his partial insertion - he just slammed me again. I thought he was going to push the table over. But in it went - a little at a time now - it was pretty big for a first time. Not that he minded since he kept saying "Nice tight ass white boy! I like it when it takes lots of time and lots of stretching and lots of pain! Your pain not mine!..." more was said but I was just 'enjoying' my first anal ... Man it hurt a lot! And went on forever ... or it seemed like that. He was the first ... and by the time he was done it wasn't so bad. Not that I EVER thought I would get fucked in the ASS! Just never thought about that ... but I had thought about sucking black cock and that was how I got here. And just after that first anal came in my ass, a big black cock appeared before me ... this was insane, this was crazy, it hurt, it wasn't fun, Jenn was still sucking my cock. This had to stop! And I watched that cock come closer and I opened to receive it and just took it in ... as another big fucking cock penetrated my ass.

I sucked a few more cocks ... I was tired when it stopped ... I was a bit disappointed. A few more cocks pounded my ass - and I mean that. None of them wanted to just slip in and out easily! By then it seemed normal and in a way enjoyable. Jenn still had her lips around my cock and her hands on my balls. I was all out of 'hard' and all but out of cum. But she sucked on it like it was her lifeline. Later I found it was ... in a very strange manner. Jenn had been happy to tease black guys to buy her drinks, but it was obvious to me long ago that she didn't intend to EVER do the deed. Not that she was too much different with other guys - but with blacks it seemed they should have known just by her body language - but Hope springs eternal late at night in dingy bars. Trust me on that! I had hope all over and look what happened.

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