A Husband's Responsibility

by Percy Sugden

Copyright© 2014 by Percy Sugden

BDSM Sex Story: A woman and her old school friend are disciplined by the woman's husband after being caught having sex.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Lesbian   Heterosexual   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Scatology   .

"Linda? Linda Trilby!"

I turned around to see who was calling my name.

"Linda, it's me, Karen Gray, from high school. Remember?

"Karen? Yes, of course. We were in the same class, weren't we? Well, what do you know. After, what is it, eight years we run into each other."

"Yes, amazing, isn't it. You want a drink? We can stop in here and talk about old times," Karen said, indicating a nearby wine bar.

"Why not. I was just window shopping anyway."

I remembered Karen Gray. We did not run in the same crowd. I was a cheerleader etc. etc. and Karen was one of the "uncool" kids who inhabited the environs of school social circles. What I do remember was she had some sort of crush on me and followed me around. She gave me the creeps. But I've lived and learned a bit since then.

We bought our wine and sat down. We talked about school and what had happened since. Karen had married a man called Charles Harding, the son of a well-to-do industrialist. They had one child, a two year old girl. She found her husband to be a nice fellow but a bit boring, especially in bed. His one problem was jealousy; Karen could not even talk to a man without getting the third degree afterwards. It was so bad she had had to sign a pre-nuptial agreement stating that if she were caught being unfaithful she would lose all claims to matrimonial property, alimony and custody of any children.

I told Karen my story: four years of college, marrying an Englishman and living the last three years in England. She was especially interested in my husband's name.

"Sir William Smythe-Willoughby!" she said. "You married an English knight?"

"A Baronet, actually. He inherited the title from his father," I corrected. "In England I'm known as Lady Smythe-Willoughby. How about that!"

We finished the bottle of wine so I asked Karen if she wanted to come around to my house for a bite to eat and to look at some old school photos. She readily agreed. At home I opened another bottle of wine and we sat down next to each other to look at our senior class year book.

"Eek! Don't look at my picture! I was a real creep," said Karen.

"Um, yes, you were," I said. "We used to call you the 'Stick Thing from Outer Space'. You had to be the ugliest thing I'd ever seen - skinny, frizzy hair, and those glasses! But you have certainly changed since then.

"Yes, it was quite amazing. When I turned nineteen it all happened. My bust went from a 30A to 36C, my butt finally filled out, I got rid of my braces and bought contacts." She laughed. "I put on fifteen pounds and got rid of almost as much hardware."

"You used to give me the creeps the way you used to follow me around." We were into our fifth glass of wine and I, for one, was beginning to feel loose. I doubt I could have said that if I were stone cold sober.

"Confession time," Karen said. "I had a terrible crush on you. You were exactly what I wanted to be, tall, popular with the boys, big tits. I used to dream of being you and being with you. But I've got over that now."

I looked down at her hand on my thigh.

"But you're happily married now," I said.

"Well, married now," Karen retorted. "I just wish Charlie, he hates me calling him that, I just wish Charlie was a bit more adventurous in bed. You know what I mean?"

"Yes, I think so, though it's a problem William and I don't have."

"He's a good fuck then."

"Karen!" I said in mock disgust.

"Oh, sorry, I must be drunk. What I meant to say was, he must have a big prick."

"Yes he does," I said, refusing to pretend shock anymore.

"Does he ever do any kinky things?" Her hand was beginning to squeeze my thigh quite hard.

"He likes to punish me when I'm naughty."


I stood up, faced away from Karen, lowered my panties and raised my short skirt. I heard Karen gasp.

"See," I said, "he spanked me this morning for burning his toast."

"Your butt's bright red."

"Put your cheek against it and feel how warm it is."

I felt her cool cheek press against my hot one. I also felt her hands running up and down my legs.

"Oh, it's hot. Let me kiss it better."

With that I felt her lips press against my ass.

I stepped out of my panties and turned around. Undoing three buttons I dropped my short dress to the floor and stood stark naked in front of Karen.

"Let's go into the bedroom, it's much more private," I suggested.

We walked, arms around each other, into my bedroom. Karen was soon stretched out, naked, on my bed. I climbed on top of her and we kissed deeply as I rubbed my breasts on hers. I wasn't long before we were in a 69 position, eating each other's pussies. Karen was first to cum with me following close behind.

"Well, well, well," said a male voice behind me. Karen squeaked and jumped, looking for something with which to cover herself. There was nothing nearby. She sat in a ball with her arms and knees covering her breasts.

"Hello, William," I said, casually. "You're home early."

"Obviously," came the sarcastic reply.

"Is that your husband?" Karen whispered, panic in her voice.

"William," I said, as cool as a cucumber, "I'd like you to meet an old school friend of mine, Karen, uh."

"Harding," Karen said in a small, frightened voice.

"Hello, Karen," William said, extending a hand. Karen removed an arm from around her breasts and shook the proffered hand. "Any relation to Charles Harding?"

"He's my husband." I thought Karen was about to faint.

"Yes, I have done business with him. He approves of you having sex with other peoples' wives?"

"No, no! I've never done anything like this before." Karen's face was getting whiter and whiter. There were tears in her eyes.

"I'm afraid I do not approve either. I will have to tell him."

With that, Karen fainted.

"Revive her," William said as he picked up a remote control and pressed a few buttons.

I put on a robe, then bent over the prostrate woman and patted her face until she came around. She looked up at me, the dreamy look quickly replaced by one of terror.

It seemed Karen had forgotten she was naked. She leaned back on her elbows and watched William as a bird would watch a snake. William ignored her.

William pressed a few more buttons on the remote and the large television in the corner of the room burst into life. On the screen were two naked women making love to one another. The women were, quite clearly, Karen and me. Karen began to hyperventilate.

"I may even need to show him this, to prove I am not lying."

"When did you install the camera?" I asked him.

"Last weekend. It's sound activated. I wanted to find out if you were being naughty during the day when I was out."

Karen was into some serious sobbing. It took me several minutes to calm her down enough to talk to her. Finally she regained control.

"What do you want from me?" she asked with trepidation.

"Nothing," replied William, "other than to know you have been properly punished."

"Please don't tell my husband."

"How will you be punished if he does not know you have been naughty?"

"Could you punish me? Then he'd never need to find out."

"Madam, it is a husband's responsibility and duty to punish his own wife. I could not possibly do it."

"Oh, please punish me!" Karen sobbed. Still naked, she had jumped off the bed and was kneeling at William's feet holding on to his hand and rubbing her wet face on the back of it. "Please, please, PLEASE, don't tell Charles!"

"Well - I hate to see a lady in distress. Come by here Saturday morning at eight in the morning and I will see to it that you are properly punished."

"Saturday? I can't possibly make it Saturday morning!"

"Well, then we will let your husband sort it out."

"No, no, I'll be here Saturday morning."

"Don't be late," I whispered to her after William had left the bedroom and she was getting dressed.

At five minutes after eight on Saturday morning there was a quiet tap at my front door. I opened the door a crack to find Karen.

"Sorry I'm late, I just couldn't get away any sooner. Saturday mornings are just..."

"You'd better get in real quick," I interrupted. "William's looking up your phone number right now to call your husband."

"Oh, no!" she cried.

I let her in.

"Where..." she started until she looked at me. "What the hell?..."

She was staring at me, or more what I was wearing. I had on a heavy leather corset laced up the back. The corset had no cups for my 38D breasts. Instead there were two curved brass plates which held them up and out. A heavy brass rod about eighteen inches long and weighing about five pounds hung horizontally from clips attached to my nipples, stretching them unmercifully. A leather dog collar around my neck held a heavy chain which passed between my breasts, through the slit between my legs, up between the cheeks of my ass and attached to the back of the collar. The chain was pulled as tight as it could get. Attached to the chain was a six inch long, two inch wide butt plug. I was wearing six inch heels with two inch platforms and my ankles were shackled together so I could only just shuffle along. Hopping with that weight hanging off my nipples was out of the question.

"Oh, my god." was all that Karen could say. She was white as a sheet.

"Hello? Mr. Harding? It is William Smythe-Willoughby here -"

Karen suddenly woke up and went running into the room from where the voice was coming.

"- and I need to talk to you about something. I am sorry, Mr. Harding, something has just come up. May I ring you back later? Yes. Thank you. Goodbye."

I shuffled into William's study after her, my nipples hurting like hell.

By the time I made it into the study Karen was already sitting in a chair opposite William, a small table separating them. Karen's terrified eyes glanced at me before returning to William.

"I am glad you could make it this morning but you were a little late," he was saying. "Unfortunately, that means you will get an extra punishment." Turning to me he said, "Please get us some tea."

As I hobbled out to the kitchen I heard Karen say in a very small voice, "I don't really want any tea, thank you."

"What?" William said.

"I said I'm not thirsty and don't want any tea."

"But you will have some tea anyway, won't you?"

"Um, yes, I will, thank you."

By this time I was out of earshot. I made my way to the kitchen and poured the already hot water into the teapot. Putting the pot on a tray which had previously set up with cups, milk and sugar, I carefully took it back into William's study.

I put the tray down on the table. William distributed the cups and poured the tea.


"Yes, please." said Karen.


No thank you."

William picked up his cup, sat back and took a sip.

"Please drink your tea," he said.

Karen picked up her cup. Her hand was shaking. She took a sip. I could tell she was trying not to look at me and the way I was dressed.

"Drink it right down."

Karen did as she was asked and put the cup back on the table. William immediately refilled it.

"Have some more."

After the second cup came a third, then a fourth. William hadn't said anything in about five minutes and Karen was looking decidedly nervous. Finally William spoke.

"I do not like how you are dressed. Follow Linda into the bedroom and she will show you what to wear."

I shuffled my way to the bedroom and Karen fell in behind me. Halfway to the bedroom I heard Karen gasp behind me.

"My god! Look at your ass!"

I stopped. I knew what she was looking at; my butt and the backs of my legs were striped in bruises. "William did that to me after you left on Thursday."

"He won't do that to me, will he?" she asked, her voice full of absolute terror.

"I don't think so. He won't want to leave any marks on you."

"Oh, thank God."

We reached the bedroom and I showed her in.

"Take off your clothes and put that on," I said, pointing to some clothes on the bed.

"What is it?" Karen asked.

"It's William's sister's school uniform. Well, a copy of it. He had several made up of different sizes."


"It seems when they were going to school - different schools, of course, most of the upper class schools in England are single sex - Natalie, that was her name, and he were very close, if you know what I mean."

"You mean they had sex together?"

"Yes. Until his father found them at it one day. Natalie had just arrived home for mid-term break but they couldn't wait to be together. Natalie still had her school uniform on when he caught them. He punished William and then made him watch as he punished Natalie. She was kept in the house from that point on and William was sent back to school. On the rare times William came home from school Natalie was kept locked in her room. They never saw each another again."

"What happened?"

"Natalie finally committed suicide at 24. William's father died six months later. William didn't attend either funeral."

"Oh, how sad."

"You'd better hurry up or both our punishments will be increased. You've already got an extra punishment."

Karen stripped off her jeans and sweatshirt. When she started putting the uniform on I stopped her.

"Take off your panties and bra, too."

She did, but rummaging around the clothes on the bed the only underwear she could find was a pair of white cotton panties.

"There's no bra."

"I know."

She slipped the panties on then struggled with the stockings and garter belt. Next came the flimsy white blouse and short tartan pleated skirt. A dark green wool blazer, black patent leather shoes and a dark green beret completed the outfit. When Karen finished dressing she asked, "How do I look?"

"Not much like Natalie but I don't think it matters all that much. You look more like her than I do."

"Do you wear this outfit, too?"


We made our way back into William's study. He was reading a book and, thank heavens, didn't look like he'd been getting impatient. He stood when we entered the room and looked at Karen.

"Ah, very nice. Turn around," he said to Karen.

Karen did as he was told.

"Good. Now follow me, please."

We followed William into what he calls his "playroom". The ceiling and walls were almost completely mirrored. Chains hung from the ceiling and walls. Other devices with chains and straps dotted the floor. In the center of the floor was a new device I'd never seen before. So that's what he's been working on the past two days, I thought. The device was mainly steel tubing with motors, gears, levers and straps. I didn't know how it was used but I had the feeling Karen and I were about to find out.

On the table were implements I had seen before and I knew what they were. Either Karen or I, or probably both, were in for a very hard time.

"Come here, slut," William said after locking the door.

That was me so I hobbled across to him. He bent down and unlocked the shackles from my ankles. He pulled the bar hanging from my nipples, tearing the clips off. I whimpered with the extreme pain it caused me. Next the chain from my collar through my crotch and back up to the collar was removed and the butt plug taken out. The collar stayed. Lastly the corset was removed. I farted as I sighed with relief.

William pushed me over to the device and had me lie down on my back on the bottom of it. The linoleum floor was cold. My wrists and ankles were strapped to bits of the tubing. Finished tying me to the device, William went and sat in a chair at one end of it, the end my feet were at so he could see between my spread legs. I raised my head so I could see what was happening next.

"Come here," he said to Karen

She slowly walked over to him. I could see her shaking she was so scared. William picked up a switch from the table next to him and pointed it at Karen. Putting it on the inside of her right leg he slowly moved it up to her crotch where he rubbed it back and forth, then moved it down her left leg ... Next he touched first one breast, then the other with the tip. He repeated the procedure over and over. After about five minutes of this he finally spoke.

"I normally insist that men punish their own wives but you have specifically requested that I perform the punishment you deserve. Is this not right?""

"Yes," said Karen."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir."

"You have been a naughty, naughty girl and I am very disappointed. What is it you did that was so naughty?"

Karen stood and looked at him without speaking.

"Well, girl, the cat got your tongue? Tell me!"

"I was making love to your wife." Karen's voice was shaking.

"You were having dirty, dirty sex, weren't you! Dirty, filthy sex! You're nothing but a dirty little slut, aren't you!"

"Y-yes, sir."

"And now you are ready for your punishment, aren't you?

"Yes, sir."

William lifted the front of Karen's short skirt with the switch, exposing the white panties underneath.

"You weren't wearing those when I caught you, were you, whore?"

"No, sir,"

"Well, then, take them off."

Karen hiked up her skirt, pulled the panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

"Pick them up."

Karen bent down and picked up the white panties.

"Put them in her mouth," he said, indicating me.

Karen turned and looked at me. I knew what disobedience meant so I opened my mouth to encourage her to obey. She climbed through the contraption and pushed the cotton underpants into my mouth. There were tears in her eyes. I smiled at her to try and comfort her.

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