Country Trip

by Sweet Biscuit

Copyright© 2014 by Sweet Biscuit

Erotica Sex Story: A lot can happen on the way to visiting your relatives in the country.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

We hadn't been long married, and we were still settling into the routine when we decided it was time to "visit the relatives". They lived a couple of hours out of the city in the bush, so we planned to drive out to see them for the weekend.

We packed the car, got in, and headed off mid-morning to see them. Like all country trips, this was the opportunity to talk about anything and everything. Along the way we started talking about the guest room in her parent's house, and how the bed really squeaked and groaned. "We're not going to be able to make love while we're down there, they'll hear us", she said. "What's worse, is that I'm horny".

I was at a loss to know what to do. I was enjoying our frequent love making, and I didn't want to go a few days without. I looked at the countryside going past the window, at the open paddocks and the bush, and decided to be adventurous. "Have you ever thought about having sex in the bush?", I said.

She paused for a minute. "Where would we go?" she said.

"There's plenty of bush along this road, we could pull off somewhere and make a little love nest for us", I replied.

"I'm feeling really horny now", she said. "Let's do it".

I turned off the main road onto a gravel road, which went up alongside some paddocks. At the end of the paddock was a grove of she-oak trees and an access track. I turned onto the track, pulled up the car and stopped.

From the car you couldn't see the main road, but you could see miles and miles of paddocks and bush. "This is perfect" I thought.

We got out, and I joined her on the passenger side of the bonnet. We started kissing, and as we were kissing I started to undress her, while she started to undress me. Soon we were both naked. I took the sheepskin seat cover off the back seat, took her by the hand, and walked away from the car and over to the grove of trees.

She lay down on the sheepskin and spread her legs. Her eyes were partly closed and I admired this naked beauty before me. I kneeled over her and we started kissing deeply. I could feel her breathing deepen as our passions rose. I nibbled at her neck, then moved to her breasts. Her nipples were standing to attention as I lavished attention on them, lashing them with my tongue. I then started to move lower down until I was face to face with her pussy. Her lips had started to open like a flower in the morning light, the petals of her lips glistening with the juices of her arousal. I could see her clit starting to peek out from under it's hood. I inhaled her scent, the heady aroma turning my dick into a rod of steel.

I moved in to kiss her lips, tracing the outline of her pussy with my tongue. The tangy wetness was like a sweet nectar that I eagerly lapped up. I zeroed in on her clit, tracing around the hard nubbin with my tongue before I started sucking on it. She writhed in ecstasy, her hips constantly moving beneath me. "Fuck me", she panted, "fuck me now. Don't make me beg!" she pleaded.

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