Lisa Gets Dominated by Her Daughter

by dawn1958

Copyright© 2014 by dawn1958

Mind Control Sex Story: Lisa loves her daughter very much, but their relationship had grown strained when Lynzee graduated and found a steady boyfriend. Lisa quickly discovers that Lynzee was controlling and strong-willed.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Mind Control   Slut Wife   Mother   Daughter   FemaleDom   mc sex story,mc story.

Lisa was a single mom who would do anything in the world for her daughter. She was a very hard working professional who lost her husband when Lynzee was only six. Although it was a struggle raising a child being a single parent, Lisa managed to make all of the necessary sacrifices to ensure her daughter had a good childhood. It wasn't until lately that the relationship with her daughter became very strained and Lisa felt bad because it seemed they were fighting almost all of the time.

The two had different ideas about what a nineteen-year-old girl living at home should have the freedom to do. Lynzee felt she didn't need any parenting advice from her mother and Lisa believed her daughter wouldn't grow up properly unless she listened to her advice. What bothered Lisa the most was how readily and easily Lynzee acquired new boyfriends, as it seemed she was dating a different boy every month.

Lisa tried on occasion to sit down with her daughter and talk about her acting promiscuously. Lynz always shrugged off her mother's suggestions saying she was old enough and could act and do anything she wanted, which resulted in a continuous battle between the two. Sometimes Lisa cursed herself for being so protective and always wanting the best for her daughter.

One thing Lisa was kind of happy about was her daughter's current dating situation. Lynzee had a steady relationship with a boy named Jeff and they had been going out for three months. The one tiny fact Lisa didn't like was how her daughter let her boyfriend touch and embrace her in public and especially while Lynz was at home. She frequently caught the two in what appeared to be an intimate embrace. They seemed to purposely ignore her presence and continued fondling each other, which Lisa found troubling.

One particular Thursday night Lisa reached the end of her patience when she caught Lynzee and Jeff huddled together watching television in the living room. They were huffing and puffing, as if they had just run a marathon, and Lisa noticed her daughter's hand stuffed so far into Jeff's pants that it was very apparent what she was doing. She scolded the two and told Jeff he should leave, which he did without any hesitation.

Lisa didn't talk to her daughter again until she came home from college on the Friday and to her utter alarm, the girl appeared to be extremely angry with her. Lynz blatantly told her mother that her boyfriend was coming over to visit. She said that they were going to be doing homework and then they would be going out to a nightclub. "Guess we'll have to go out so we don't make you mad," Lynz said.

"Honey, I don't mind as long as you don't attack a guy in my living room," Lisa replied.

"We were just necking ... and anyway, I'm old enough and don't need you hovering over me all of the time."

"I don't."

The doorbell sounded and that ended the conversation, as Lynzee ran to the door. Lisa watched her daughter greet her boyfriend with a big hug and lingering kiss, before she hurried out of the room. She busied herself with housework, which took her mind off her fight with Lynz, and after a few minutes Lisa was fully occupied with doing laundry and cleaning. Her immediate plan was to do all of the housework so she wouldn't have anything to do on the weekend.

Lisa did all of the dishes and kitchen cleanup and then she moved to the laundry. She heard the television on in the downstairs family room and assumed Lynzee and Jeff were watching some show so she decided to get the laundry hamper out of her daughter's bedroom. Lisa opened the bedroom door and had taken two steps into the room before she realized the room wasn't empty. The lights were out, but she noticed the shadowy figures lying in the middle of the bed.

There was a mad flurry of movement, as both teenagers tried to straighten their clothes, and Lisa knew they had been fooling around. "Mother! What the hell ... you don't barge into my room without knocking," Lisa yelled.

"Oh my, I'm sorry ... I thought you were in the den," Lisa replied. "I heard the TV ... thought you were watching television." She noticed a lot of skin showing and a furious attempt by Jeff to stuff what looked like his family jewels back into his pants.

Lynzee yanked her top down and covered her bare boobs, as she glared at her mother. She wasn't able to rectify the rest. Her jeans were down and bunched around her knees and Lynz didn't even try to pull them up. Luckily her thong was simply askew and off to one side, which enabled her to at least straighten the garment so it covered the right spots. "What the hell are you doing just walking into my room," she asked.

"I'm sorry. I was doing laundry and wanted to get your dirty clothes so I could wash them," she responded, as she slowly backed up. "I thought ... but I thought you were downstairs."

"You're bullshitting me ... just like you've been doing for the past two years. Every time I get a boyfriend you have to make sure he's worthy ... or some bullshit reason like that."

"No ... honey, I'm not. Really, I'm not checking up on you," Lisa whispered and slowly backed out of the room.

"Yes, get your skinny ass out of my room ... and stop mothering me all of the time," Lynz shouted, as the door closed.

Lisa went to bed, but she couldn't get the awful images of what she had seen out of her mind. She just couldn't comprehend how her daughter could be so brazen and openly let her boyfriend fondle her. Lisa considered Lynzee to be completely innocent and too naïve to act in such a shameless manner. She blamed her boyfriend and vowed to have a serious talk with him, as she slipped into her customary baggy t-shirt and flannel pajamas pants.

Just as she was pulling back the blankets, a soft knock on the bedroom door sounded and her heart skip a beat. She knew it was Lynzee and quickly responded. "Yes, come in, love. Please ... come in."

Her daughter came into the room and walked straight up to her mother, leaving the door wide open. "I'm sorry about earlier ... when you caught us in bed," Lynz said. "We didn't mean to ... to actually make love."

"No, what ... whaaa," Lisa replied, as she didn't know what to say. She knew they were fooling around, but didn't realize they were actually having sex.

"Oh mother, you can't imagine how it feels ... what it feels like to find the perfect guy."

"Yeeeaaa, good. I didn't know," Lisa replied and sat down on the bed because she was vibrating so bad she had to sit.

Lynzee quickly sat down beside her mother. "You'll like Jeff, mom, once you get to know him like I do," she whispered. "He's different. He's so much nicer than any of my other boyfriends."

"Yes, but ... but," Lisa said.

"You'll see. Mom, you'll see that he's different," Lynz said and looked her mother in the eyes, as she grabbed her hands.

"Yes, that is nice, love. I'm glad you like him," Lisa replied, as her daughter fell into her arms.

"Mother, when he touches me ... oh my gawd, when he touches me I just get all tingly."

Lisa hugged her daughter and welcomed the loving embrace. It seemed that since Lynz had gotten older, they didn't show much outward affection towards each other like they did when she was younger. "That's good, sweetheart," she whispered. "I want you to be happy."

Lynz pulled back and looked into Lisa's eyes. "Mother, can we talk. Can I talk to you ... like we used to do," she replied. "We never lay in bed and talk. We used to do it all the time."

Lisa welcomed the sudden friendliness and it was by mutual agreement that they both remained seated on the edge of the bed. She was the happiest woman in the world and realized it had been a long time since they had a serious conversation. "I would love to, sweetheart. I love you with all my heart ... will do anything for you."

"Mother, I love Jeffery. When we're having sex ... I feel like a real woman."

"Sex, well maybe you should wait."

"Oh mother, we're in love. We talk all the time and know what's on each other's mind. We love each other!"

"Yes, love, but you're so young."

"I'm old enough. How old were you when you and dad had sex," Lynzee asked?

Lisa realized that her daughter had a good point. She had been her husband's childhood sweetheart and they had gotten married when she was only eighteen. "Well ... that is not important, sweetheart. I'm concerned about your happiness ... not about what happened to me," she replied.

Lynzee was proud of her mother and knew others found Lisa a very attractive and sexy woman. She was in her mid 30's, but by looking at her you would not think she was that old. Lynz and her boyfriend often talked about Lisa and the fact Jeff found her mother extremely sexy didn't bother Lynz one little bit. In fact, it made the girl happy and she started mentioning her mother's womanly attributes during sexual encounters with Jeff.

Lisa had an extremely seductive appearance. Her waist measured only 23 inches and she looked even slimmer in most clothes. Lisa was blessed with natural boobs. They were large by any man's standard and had nipples that were almost impossible to hide because they seemed to be erect all of the time. Probably her most outstanding features were her hips, butt and legs. She had perfectly rounded hips and a butt that made women envious because it swayed seductively when she walked. Her legs were long and muscular enough to attract anyone's eye, as admirers thought she was very athletic.

"Mother, we talk about you all the time," Lynz said. "When we have sex ... Jeff and I talk about you."

Lisa was completely dumbfounded and almost speechless. "What ... you what?"

"Jeff and I talk about you a lot ... especially when we're having sex."

"Sweetheart, no."

"Mother, we both find you the sexiest woman alive."

"Honey, no."

"When you caught us ... earlier when you came in the room and caught us having sex," Lynz whispered. "We were going to go out ... go partying, but then we started talking about you."

"Honey, no, no!"

"We were discussing how it would be the biggest thrill to use BDSM with you."

"What? Honey, you must be crazy."

"No, we love BDSM ... Jeff and I love bondage and discipline during sex. We do it all of the time."

"Oh, honey ... no. You can't be serious?"

"Yes, we actually talked about B&D and made up our minds. When you barged into my room without permission, we decided it was time to punish you."

"Not that ... not BDSM, honey, not bondage ... discipline!"

"Yes, we both love B&D."

"Darling, no, you must be crazy."

"Oh mother, I can't stop thinking about it. Thinking about giving you a spanking ... then forcing you to have sex," Lynzee stated and her face displayed all of her youthful excitement and enthusiasm. "I get totally aroused just dreaming about it."

"Sweetheart, please, you have to stop ... stop thinking about foolish things."

"Mother, have you ever been spanked?"

"NO! Oh darling, no."

Lynz squeezed and tightened her grip on her mother's hands. "How long has it been," she asked?


"How long has it been since you've had sex?"

"Honey, please don't ... don't ask such a silly question."

"He's the one. I know Jeff's the one for me," Lynz stated. "He's not like my other boyfriends."

"Others ... other boyfriends?"

"Mother, I've been having sex since I was fifteen. Do you remember Joel? We had sex in my bedroom when you were at work."

"Honey, fifteen ... you had sex at fifteen?"

"Yes ... that was four years ago and after that there were others ... several others."

"Others ... oh my gawd, others?"

"Mother, kids are smart today. I make sure the boy uses a condom and then having sex is no big deal."

"Ooohhh, ooohhh, but it is, love ... it is a big deal!"

"How many guys got into your pants before you married dad?"

Lisa didn't know how to answer the question. "But ... it was different. We didn't ... I didn't."

Lynzee looked at her mother in dismay. "What? You only had sex with one man when you were young ... only with dad?"

Lisa stared back at her daughter and realized the girl was experienced and her views about sex were much different than she ever imagined. "Yeeeaaa, yes," she replied and she struggled to catch her breath. "Dave was the first and only man."

"Mother ... mother, Jeff and I have talked about it. Talked about BDSM and us having sex with you."

"Oh dear ... oh geez, please stop talking like that."

"So ... how long has it been since you had intercourse with a man?"

"Darling, no ... no!" Lisa wasn't going to answer the question. She heard the term BDSM over the years, but never really understood what it meant. She never imagined herself getting involved in any type of sex that included bondage or discipline. "Oh honey, please don't talk like that."

Lynzee completely ignored her mother's plea and continued. "Jeff said you would put up a fight ... struggle at first, but once I demonstrated my superiority, you would willingly give in."

"Honey, please don't."

The girl let go of one hand and stood up. She turned and faced her mother while yanking Lisa to her feet. "Jeff is waiting for us in my bedroom. He has everything ready and wants to watch me spank your bare bum," Lynz said, as she started heading out of the master bedroom. She had a deathgrip on her mother's hand and forced her to follow, as she headed for the door. Lynz jerked her mother's arm every time Lisa hesitated and then pulled her all the way down the hallway until they reached her bedroom.

The door was open and Lynzee led the way into the room. Lisa quickly looked around the bedroom and noticed that the room was not neat and tidy, as it was earlier. What troubled her most was seeing Jeff sprawled out on top of the bed and grinning from ear to ear. She turned and faced her daughter. "Lynzee, for God's sake, what are you doing?"

The girl quickly pushed her mother all the way into the bedroom and stared straight into the worried eyes. "Mother, I asked you in the bedroom ... how long has it been since you had sex?"

Lisa looked at her daughter and didn't know what to say. Shivers of doom went up and down her backbone, as she felt the mood change drastically in the room. "Aaaggghhh, aaaggghhh."

Lisa turned her head and studied the room. She noticed a familiar chair, but it had been modified to include shackles on the arms and legs, which were obviously meant to be used on a victim. Her eyes shifted to a night table that was littered with menacing looking equipment. She recognized a blindfold, something that looked like a mouth gag, several shinny metal clips and some ominous leather instruments that sent more shivers through her body.

When her eyes roamed towards the bed, Lisa's heart stopped. She ignored Jeff who was sitting motionless and studied the handcuffs that were mounted to each corner of the bed. Her worrisome thoughts were abruptly interrupted by her daughter's voice. "You realize what happens to bad girls. How bad girls have to be punished?"

"What, honey, what are you doing?" Lisa turned her head and faced her daughter. She wanted to run, but Lynzee was in her way. "Honey, that's enough!" She heard a rustling behind her and knew the boy had moved. Lisa froze and seemed to merely remain still, as if waiting for something to happen.

"Mother, are you going to answer my question ... or not? How long has it been?"

"It ... it ... it's been a while."

"How long?"

"A year ... two years."

"Wow, two years is a long time. I can only imagine how badly you need a man."

"No ... no I don't."

"Have you tried bondage or discipline? Did you and dad try BDSM?"

"Oh baby, no ... gawd no." Lisa tried to move her arms, but Lynzee grabbed her hands. "Lynzee, please!"

"You should have knocked ... knocked before coming in and catching us in bed," Lynz whispered.

Lisa noticed the extremely serious expression on her daughter's face and her heart started pounding in her chest. "I'm sorry. Yes, I should have knocked ... I'm sorry."

All of a sudden Lisa felt hands on her hips and she uttered a desperate gasp. She looked straight into her daughter's stern eyes, as she tried to stop shaking. Lisa realized that if she didn't do something immediately, there would be no escape. She tried to move her feet, but they remained riveted to the floor. Her torso seemed paralyzed and when she jerked her arms trying to free her hands from her daughter's powerful grip, nothing helped.

The hands left her hips and she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She knew Jeff took something off of the cluttered night table and she felt her heart rate go sky-high. "Mother, you've been a very bad girl and need some punishment," Lynzee whispered. "First we'll get you ready for a spanking."

Lisa heard the threatening statement, but her mind was too confused to come up with a good solution for her dilemma. Things happened so fast that her troubled mind wasn't able to react. Lynz let go of her hands and quickly grabbed a pair of handcuffs from her boyfriend. She slapped the cuffs around her mother's wrists and left the arms dangling straight down.

Then Lisa's vision was gone. "Lynzee! Stop, you have to stop this instant," she demanded, as Jeff slipped a cloth blindfold around her eyes.

The blindness was paralyzing and Lisa uttered protests, trying to reason with the teenagers. Suddenly her feet moved and the teenagers easily made her their captive. Jeff sat down on a chair and before Lisa could do anything to stop the two, she found herself spread out over top of Jeff's lap. Her handcuffed arms were forced around the right side of Jeff's knees and her hands reached down to the floor. She was draped over the boy's legs and her knees were planted on the floor towards Jeff's left side.

The teenager put one hand in the center of Lisa's back to hold her chest down and he used his other hand to keep her legs pinned. Lisa felt her baggy t-shirt being yanked upwards and knew her bare chest was exposed, but that was the least of her worries. "Sweetheart, what are you doing? Stop, please stop."

Jeff held her captive and Lynzee took charge. She grabbed a big handful of her mother's hair and jerked the head back and forth. "Mother, you've been a very bad girl and need a spanking," she stated.

The room was deathly quiet and the darkness was demoralizing. "Oh baby, oh baby, no."

"You're making things worse, mother. Shut up, or else!"

Lisa arched her back and tried to look at Lynz through the blindfold. "Oh honey, please stop."

"It's time, mother. Time for the spanking of your life," Lynz stated, as she rubbed her hand across her mother's bum a few times.

Her mind was distraught and Lisa couldn't understand how she let things get so out of hand. She listened and suddenly her ears were astute to what was happening. Lisa felt Lynz move away from her for a brief moment, but then the girl was back. When the first smack hit, her heart stopped. The leather paddle made a loud intimidating sound and the instrument was designed to put the fear of god into a victim.

Lisa couldn't breathe, as Lynzee brought the paddle down on her mother's ass several times before she paused. "You'll find out that for discipline to be carried out properly, you'll have to cry," Lynz whispered.

Lisa coughed and sputtered before she caught her breath. "Oh gawd, owe ... ooowww," she moaned and the first tear ran down her rosy cheek.

Lynz yanked her mother's head upwards again and put her lips directly on her ear. "Now we'll see if you've learned anything. Who was the last man you had sex with?" She asked the question and waited a mere second before using the paddle again.

Her ass was on fire and this time Lisa cried. The tears ran freely and she struggled to get free, but Jeff was far too strong. Her heart was beating so fast that her face turned a blushing red and then she felt her pants slide smoothly across her burning butt and all the way down her legs to the floor. Lisa turned her head, but that didn't help, as the tears rolled down her cheeks. "Dear lord, no, no."

When the paddle struck the bare flesh, the sound caused everyone to gasp out loud. Lynzee watched the velvety skin turn pink and then a brilliant red before she paused. "Maybe you think I'm not serious? When I said Jeff and I talked about bondage and discipline, I meant we talked about you ... having sex with you," Lynzee whispered in her mother's ear. "Are you going to be our good little girl?"

Lisa's hearing was acute and the comments sent shudders all through her body. She was totally overwhelmed by what was happening and remained silent because she just couldn't grasp the dire situation. Then another powerful smack struck her aching buttocks and she sobbed. "Yes ... yes ... oh yes, anything, please stop ... stop spanking. No more!"

Lynzee hugged her mother's back and rubbed her hand gently all over the burning ass-cheeks. The caresses felt extremely good and the sobs slowly stopped shaking Lisa's beaten torso. "How many men have you had sex with, mother," Lynz asked?

Her first inclination was to remain silent, but Lisa sensed Lynzee's arm rising and the words came out so fast that she blurted out a response. "Three ... three men. I've had sex with your dad and two other men." Her body vibrated wildly, as Lisa realized her young daughter had sex with more men than she did.

"That's better, mommy. From now on ... every time you disobey or do something wrong, you'll get a royal spanking," Lynzee stated and swiftly turned her mother into a faithful slave when she renewed the spanking for a few seconds.

Her torso bounced rapidly up and down on the teenager's lap and it became very evident that Jeff was getting aroused. His illustrious manhood had hardened and pushed his baggy pants straight up in the air, which caused the bulbous cock-head to push against Lisa's heaving stomach. "Please, baby, please no more ... please, no more," Lisa pleaded for her daughter's mercy.

Lynzee grabbed the handful of hair again and jerked the head upwards, so that Lisa's back was severely curved. "Can we try BDSM ... do some of the things that Jeffery and I talked about," she said and waited perilous seconds before continuing. "Are you going to be our little baby?"

Lisa's heart raced and it felt like blood was going to blow out of her temples. She heard the dire question and didn't want to answer. "Honey ... oh honey," she whispered and then felt the girl's arm move. "Yes, dear gawd, yes. Please, don't spank me anymore ... please."

Lynz kissed the side of Lisa's flushed face and then let go of the hair. "Spread your legs ... spread them so Jeff can see your dirty pussy," she ordered.

The pause was brief, but too long for the dominating teenager. Lynz administered two swift blows and reinforced her control. She grinned when the knees parted and then she poked her mother in the ribs, which brought immense joy when the legs spread wider.

Jeff rubbed the red-hot cheeks and let his hand roam all over the luscious butt before venturing lower. His fingers curved around the bottom of one cheek and into the fiery inferno. He ran his long middle-finger through the soaked slit and then let the tip rest directly over top of the hidden control button.

Lisa held her breath, as the finger rested on the puffy labia. "Are you ready, mommy? Can we do some role-playing with you ... Jeffery and I?"

"No, no, please," she moaned and sensed Lynzee's arm rise. "Yeeeaaa ... yeeeaaasss."

"Good! That is much better. Is my little girlie going to be good ... obey all of my orders?"

Lisa knew it was wrong, but she wasn't strong enough to fight anymore. "Yes, yes, love."

The finger deftly slipped into the wetness and instantly found the treasure. Jeff felt the swollen clitoris and when he pressed on the tiny button, he grinned when the hips jerked and thrust into his lap. He slowly rolled the clit around in the vast juices and deliberately pressed hard enough to squash the bud into the bony pelvis.

Lynz grabbed the handful of hair again, raising her mother's head. "I don't want to give you another spanking ... hopefully no more punishment is needed," she whispered. "Is mommy going to cum all over Jeffie's fingers?"

"Oh ... oh ... oooohhhh," Lisa moaned, as her courage hung by a slender thread.

The legs slowly came together and Lynz smiled when she put her lips on the flushed ear. "NO! SLUT, NO! Spread your legs and cum for Jeffery," she ordered and made it perfectly clear that any disobedience would result in punishment.

The whimpering sounded fantastic and the teenagers looked at each other in total amazement. "I think mommy is ready for you, my love. Please make her happy ... make her cum like a girlie-slut," Lynz said to her boyfriend.

"Holy shit ... she's so hot ... so sexy. Her fucking clit is hotter than hell," Jeff replied and yanked the bud out of the puffy pussy-lips with his strong fingers. He squeezed the clit and twirled it around like a toy-top. "Holy fuck ... look at her hips. She's fucking my leg."

"Love, mom has only had three men ... only had intercourse with two men besides my dad," Lynz said to her boyfriend.

"Great! You said that sex would make your mother loosen up."

"Yes, and she must be horny because it's been ages since she had sex."

"Holy fuck ... look at her ass go!"

The darkness continued and Lisa closed her eyes to stop the intense throbbing. Every time she tried to bring her knees together, someone forced them apart and allowed the teenager total freedom to molest her precious womanhood as he pleased. She listened to the two teenagers and couldn't understand why her body acted alone. "No, please Lynzee, please make him stop."

"What did I say to you, mommy? Are you going to cum ... or not," she asked and made it clear that only one answer would be accepted.

"You ... you want me ... want me to cum."

"Yes, mommy, I want you to cum. Now you'll have to tell me all about your orgasm!"

She opened her eyes despite the blindfold. Visions of the most peaceful pasture with long grass blowing in the wind drifted through her head. Her body felt like it was floating on the calmest sea, as her hips bucked once and then twice before they started a wild random motion. Spasms rocketed through her loins. Lisa stared into the black blindfold and her body went out of control. "Geezzz ... oh geezzz, I'm ... I'm cumming ... cumming!" Her hips thrashed and bounced up and down, as the fingers furiously rolled the clitty around.

"Good girl ... good girl," Lynzee whispered. "This is only the beginning of your BDSM ... next it will be bondage and more pain."

Lisa heard her daughter's comments, but the dire threat didn't seem as troublesome as the immense orgasm consuming her body. The convulsions ripped through her stomach and Lynzee put her mouth on her mother's ear. "Mommy, yes ... YES! Tonight you're going to be our slave ... our sex-slave. Cum! Cum!"

Jeff pinched the delicate clitoris and kept rolling the bud around vigorously. "Oh baby ... cum, keep cumming," he whispered and tilted his head to the side so he could watch his fingers work.

Her guts heaved and jerked with each spasm and the orgasm seemed to last forever. Her brain was far too foggy to focus and Lisa merely let things happen without putting up a struggle. When the tremors finally ended, she felt hands all over her sweaty body. The blindfold remained over her eyes when the teens forced Lisa to her feet. She felt weak and it was hard to stand after experiencing an earthshaking climax, but the teenagers each held an arm to hold her steady.

Suddenly her feet moved. The first step was shaky, the second was faster and then she was virtually carried across the room. Jeff grabbed her shoulder and turned Lisa around. He shoved her backwards and in a blink of an eye she fell into the chair Lisa noticed when she entered the room. Dazed and weak, she didn't resist, as things happened fast.

Lisa was still out of breath and she sat up straight with her handcuffed hands in her lap. She felt hands pin her legs to the chair and the Velcro fasteners were quickly strapped around her ankles. When she tried to move her legs, Lisa's hopes faded, as they were firmly bound to the chair legs.

Jeff grabbed Lisa's hands and held them up so his girlfriend could undo the handcuffs. Then he pinned Lisa's arms one at a time to the chair so Lynz could tie up her mother. Lisa tried to regain her senses. She was half naked and tried to hold her legs together so her crotch wouldn't be exposed. Despite still wearing her t-shirt, the garment was little comfort, as she felt completely vulnerable.

All of a sudden the room was deathly quiet. Lisa turned her head from one side to the other trying to determine what Lynz and Jeff were doing. Then she heard distinctive sounds off to one side, which she assumed was at the night table. Soft footsteps approached and Lisa held her breath. "It's time, mother. Bondage ... now some pain," Lynzee whispered.

Her body started shaking. Without warning, the blindfold was ripped off and the light was blinding. Lisa blinked her eyes several times before she could focus on the two controlling teenagers who were kneeling at her sides. Her mouth opened wide and she merely stared at her daughter when Lynz used a pair of scissors to shred the t-shirt.

Her dignity lay in ruins, as Lynz ripped the shirt off and held it up in her face. "You don't need this. Jeff, darling, what do you think of mom's titties?"

Lisa looked at Jeff and then back to her daughter. "Honey, please, oh please, no more," she pleaded and sobbed out loud.

Jeff moved, but Lisa didn't take her eyes off Lynz. He rolled around the chair and stood behind the whimpering woman. When the straps went over her head and across her face, Lisa's sobs increased. She opened her mouth to utter a protest and it allowed the teenager to slip the ball-gag into her mouth. Lisa shook her head, but the teen tightened the straps before she got the red ball out of her mouth.

Her eyes were filled with tears and Lisa tried to plead for her daughter's mercy. The big smile on Lynz's face was cause for concern and Lisa felt her stomach churn from building anxiety. "Uuummm ... uuummm," she moaned.

"You are going to be a good girl ... aren't you, mommy," Lynz asked and stared into the teary eyes. "We don't have to give you another spanking ... do we?"

Lisa shook her head because she wanted to make her daughter happy. Lynzee brought her hands up in front of her mother's face and showed her two menacing clips that instantly put the fear of god in Lisa. "These will help you be very obedient," she whispered, which immediately brought a protest.

Lisa's head went back and forth, as she tried to reason with her daughter. "Mmmm ... nnnuuummm," she moaned, as her eyes opened wider. She tilted her head and peered down at her chest. The silver clamp neared her boob and her eyes bulged. Lisa watched the jaws go around her precious nipple and then Lynzee let go.

The resultant shriek was muffled by the ball-gag, but Lisa let out the longest scream of her life. The pain was unbearable. She was sure her nipple had been severely damaged, as the excruciating pain turned into an intense throbbing. Her nipple pulsed with each heartbeat and Lisa vowed to do anything to stop the torture. When Lynz applied the clamp to the other nipple, Lisa knew what to expect so the results weren't as debilitating.

The pain started at maximum and slowly came down to where she could unclench her teeth and loosen her fists. Lisa tried to move her arms and legs despite knowing it was a fruitless struggle because she was securely bound to the chair. Lynz and Jeff were standing about three feet away and she watched them hug and embrace each other. They were close enough to hear and their comments sent chills up and down her spine.

"Jeffery! You wanted to feel my mom's sexy boobs ... her sexy ass ... well I think we should go ahead and make her feel like a woman," Lynz whispered in a low steady voice. "She's ready for you and your big cock."

The statement was like a knife through her guts. Lisa watched the lovebirds grope and caress each other. Jeff's hands were all over Lynz and soon he had her clothes all askew and loosened so that much of her bare flesh was exposed. Suddenly Lynz ripped her boyfriends shirt off and then loosened his pants. When she boldly pushed the jeans down his long legs to the floor, it left the teen wearing only his fancy boxer shorts.

Not to be outdone, Jeff deftly stripped most of Lynz's clothes and left her wearing a lace bra and skimpy panties. They kissed and embraced for what seemed like an eternity and Lisa's heart rate kept going up ten beats every minute until she was totally flushed and overheated. She closed her eyes to block out the raunchy foreplay and fondling and didn't realize they had moved until both were standing in front of her.

Lisa opened her eyes and had enough sense to shake her head, but that was the extent of her protest. "Let's take off the clips. I think our dear little girl has suffered enough ... and knows enough to obey," Lynz whispered to her boyfriend and then looked straight into her mother's eyes. "Let's put her on the bed and get her ready for a real cock."

The teens had talked about BDSM for a long time and actually planned for Lynz's mom to be included in their sexual foray. Jeff had his big hand over Lynz's boob and he brazenly fondled her in front of Lisa. Then he rolled the bra upwards and exposed the girl's bountiful tits, which made Lisa utter groans of anxiety.

Lynzee reached out and gently removed one of the nipple clamps. Lisa had never experienced such relief. She stared down at the extremely swollen bud and noticed the definite scars from the sharp teeth left around the nipple base. Lisa breathed a big sigh and cheerfully watched Lynz remove the other clamp, which sent waves of joy through her tormented mind.

Lisa didn't have time to enjoy the sudden freedom. The teenagers untied her arms and legs and swiftly carried her over to the bed. They literally tossed her onto the mattress and Jeff quickly secured her right arm to one of the corner handcuffs. Lisa fully realized she wasn't going to escape the expected bondage so she closed her eyes and prayed.

Her pleas went unanswered, as within seconds all four handcuffs were secured and she was spread-eagled on her daughter's bed. Lisa sobbed and whimpered and she couldn't stop the continuous flow of saliva leaking out from around the ball-gag. A big pillow propped up her head and she stared down her nakedness, fearing what the teenagers might do to her. If Lisa thought her feeble begging would make a difference, she was wrong. She sensed rather than looked at the teenagers, as they completed their striptease.

Lisa's neck was arched and she stared straight down at her stomach. She felt the teens jump onto the bed and lay down beside her. Their hot lips and wet tongues touched her aching boobs and the soothing caresses worked magic on the throbbing nipples. Her mind was in a frenzy. Jeff sucked and kissed her right boob and Lynzee fondled the other. Soon the pain was gone, but her relief was very short-lived.

Lynzee snuggled up beside her mother and put her lips on her ear. "You said it has been two years. What do you do for sexual pleasure without a man? Do you masturbate," she asked and ran her tongue all over the burning ear.

Lisa wanted to lie, but quickly determined that would be stupid so she nodded her head several times to make sure she satisfied her daughter.

"Good! Good girl for telling the truth," Lynz whispered. "You made me very happy when you creamed all over Jeffery's fingers.

Again Lisa nodded her head and mumbled a response through the gag. "Uuuummmm, uuuummm."

"Are you ready for a real cock ... Jeffery's cock," Lynz asked?

Lisa started shaking her head, but strong fingers pinched her ear lobe. The first nod was slow and very deliberate; the second was a little faster and then her head nodded up and down to give the required answer. Lisa felt a big calloused hand slither across her bare stomach and she closed her eyes to block out the awful groping. Her stomach heaved, as she frantically fought for more breath, and she shook her head again, trying to stop the roaming hand.

"We've talked about you. Jeff thinks you're the sexiest woman and we talk about you all the time when we're having sex," Lynz whispered. "Are you ready for a nice big cock?"

This time her head rocked back and forth, as Lisa tried to show her disproval. Things were completely out of hand and it was the worst feeling in the world not to have any control. "Nnnnaaaa, naaaa," she cried.

"I know! You're ready. When Jeff and I have sex, he wears a condom," Lynz said. "Did your boyfriends wear one?"

Lisa quickly nodded her head and mumbled. "Mmmuuu ... mmmuuu!" She heard a rustling beside her and knew the teenager had just removed his last remaining garment. When Jeff rolled up against her side, Lisa's heart stopped.

The burning pecker pressed into her thigh and Lisa thought she would die. Jeff deliberately wiggled his hips and made sure his cock-shaft rolled back and forth over her flared hip. "Mommy, I think Jeffie is ready for you. Are you ready for him," Lynz asked?

"Nnnooo ... nnnooo," Lisa cried, as the sound easily came out from around the ball. Suddenly there were soft caresses of fingertips running across her shivering pelvis and Lisa rolled her hips around trying to evade the boy's groping. She felt the tip of one finger graze the top of her slit and her hips twisted frantically from side to side.

"Mother, are you going to be a real good girl and cum all over Jeffie's cock?"

"Nnnnaaaa, nnnnaaaa!"

"What? Are you disobeying me?"

"Nnnnoooo, nnnnoooo."

"Good! I can hardly wait to watch. We talked about this for a long time and I get so excited thinking about watching you and Jeffery ... watching you have intercourse with Jeff."

The finger slipped into the wetness and pressed directly on her heart and soul. Jeff rolled the pulsating clit around in the vast juices and watched the hips respond to the lewd molestation. All of a sudden she had hope. Lisa felt the handcuffs on her right wrist loosen and her arm was free. The relief was fleeting, as in an instant her hand was forced towards the raging hardon.

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