A Photographer's Fantasy: New Year's Day (2)

by Jon Eugene

Copyright© 2014 by Jon Eugene

Erotica Sex Story: A follow up on New Year's Eve. Lou and Jon wake up and spend the day together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

The morning of January 1 may have dawned bright and crisp. I have no idea. I had glanced at the bedside clock just as we, Lou and I, crawled into bed and I blearily seemed to recall that it was somewhere between 2 and 2:30 AM when our heads hit the pillow.

That it was the next day and the night before was not a dream on my part was proven by the fact that when I woke up, Lou was still there beside me, breathing the regular pattern of one still deep in slumber. She was snuggled up deep into me, with me spooning her back. My right hand was beneath me somewhere, while my left was around her, cupping her breast protectively, claiming it. My cock, sporting the normal morning wood, was lodged between the cheeks of her ass, but my bladder was demanding relief.

I didn't want to move and tried to ignore the state of my body. Bodily functions, however, always win out. I very gently and gingerly extricated myself from around her. I pulled the cover up over and watched her snuggle deeper into them. I sighed and turned away from her to the bathroom. My head was pounding from the previous night's alcohol consumption. If I felt like this, how was Lou going to feel? After all, she'd had quite a lot more than I. She was also considerably smaller than I, so I supposed that it would affect her more. In the bathroom, I found my travel bag and dug around in it until I found the bottle with the caffeine-laced aspirin in it. I downed a couple and looked at myself: I looked like crap!

I decided that a shower was in order and proceeded to do just that. Between the two, the shower and the aspirin, I felt almost human when I finished. I didn't want to rummage around getting something to wear, so I put on the complimentary robe and headed to the common area of the suite. The robe was very large and comfortable, complete with hood. When I walked into the living room, my stomach gurgled. I glanced at the clock: it stated, quite clearly, that it was well after 9 AM, and that my stomach had a right to demand some food.

Luckily, my stomach wasn't at all queasy, just hungry. I called room service and asked a couple of large OJ's, a bowl of fruit, a bowl of hot oatmeal and some toast. I figured I could eat the oatmeal and toast and that the fruit would keep for Lou. I had considered eggs and bacon, but I knew Lou, while not a vegan, did try to eat healthy. It wouldn't hurt me, either, for one morning.

The hotel, as part of the party package, had included a late checkout. Sitting there, on the very comfortable settee and in that very comfortable robe, I decided that I didn't want to leave right away. I called down to the desk and asked if the room was available for another night and was assured that it was. I didn't ask the rate; I figured I deserved at least one splurge as a reward for the past year.

I turned on the TV and turned the volume way down. I was just getting settled in when room service came to the door. The bell-hop handed me the tray and discreetly held out his hand in the age-old gesture that told me I needed to get him a gratuity. Just as I was turning to find my wallet, I saw his eyes go very wide, and his Adam's apple move up and down as he swallowed hard.

I followed his gaze, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? There was Lou, in all her glory, yawning and stretching. I cleared my throat and then it was Lou's turn to be surprised. Her eyes went wide and she squealed. She turned and ran into the opposite bedroom where her clothes and other things were. I went to my bathroom, laughing. I retrieved my wallet, and started to go to the living room when I had a thought and detoured to the bathroom and got the aspirin. I then went back to the living room where the bell-hop was still standing where I left him, stunned. I gave him a generous tip and assumed he would be discreet about what he had seen, or at least, I hoped he would be.

Still smiling, I walked to Lou's side of the suite and the bedroom there. Lou was not there, but the closed door on the bathroom told me where she was. I knocked on the door and was rewarded with a very grumpy "What? What do you want? Oh, my aching head!"

I addressed the closed door: "I'm sorry about that. I didn't think you'd be up anytime soon." There was an inarticulate groan from the other side of the door. "I brought you some aspirin." I said. She opened the door enough to stick her hand and arm through and I deposited the aspirin into her open hand. I thought discretion to be the better part of valor at this point, and I retreated to the living room. As I was leaving, I heard the toilet flush. I retrieved one of the glasses of orange juice and went the bathroom and knocked again on the door.

The door opened violently, and there stood Lou, again without any clothing. I silently handed her the glass. She eyed it suspiciously, and then accepted it. She made a face as she tasted it, and then downed it in a gulp. "Thanks," she grumbled and turned back into the bathroom. I watched her as she regulated the water. She looked over her shoulder. "Wanna join me?" she said, with a little grin.

I shook my head. "Already had mine," I said. "Besides," I continued, "my oatmeal is getting cold." She made a face, stuck out her tongue, then stepped into the shower. I gave a short laugh and went back to the living room and my dry toast and oatmeal. The OJ tasted really good and I almost chugged it the way Lou had. By the time I had finished my breakfast, Lou appeared in the doorway in another of the luxurious robes, drying her hair.

"Did you get me anything?" she asked.

I held up the bowl of fruit and she squealed again and joined me on the settee. She took the bowl from my hands and started to daintily feed herself. Between bites, she said, "I don't smell bacon. Where's the bacon?" She looked at me accusingly. "You didn't order bacon, did you?"

"No, I didn't," I said. "I didn't think you would like the smell all that much, especially with the hangover you'd have. You're also a vegetarian, and I didn't think you'd appreciate it.

"I thought that's what you might say," she rejoined. She set the bowl down, grabbed me by the lapels of the robe and turned me to face her. She stuck her finger in my face and said, "Listen, buster: I'll eat what I really want and I expect you to eat what you want. Don't go blaming me for you not getting any bacon! I don't want special consideration, considering what we're doing, you got that?"

Well, I didn't want to get into an argument with her, especially considering how my head was still throbbing. "I did get what I wanted," I grumped. "I wanted oatmeal and toast!" I turned back to the TV when it hit me just what she'd said. I turned back to her. "Just what are we doing?" I asked.

"Oh, you poor dear," Lou cooed. "Is your tummy all upset from too much partying?"

The tone of her voice made me feel some anger. She was patronizing me. I took a deep calming breath. "Yeah. I guess my stomach was little upset. Just what is it we're doing, Lou?" I asked again.

"Don't feel all alone, sweetie," she said, ignoring my question, "mine is too. That orange juice sure hit the spot, though. Thank you." With that, she took up the fruit bowl again and scootched a little closer, nudging my arm like a cat will to get you to pet it. I lifted my arm and she flowed beneath it, snuggling in as close as she could. How could I be mad at that? The reality was, I couldn't, and so I let it go.

We sat there, cuddled together, me just breathing in her scent. I wasn't so out of it, though, that I couldn't flip channels. This hotel had a full cable package and when I flipped past HGTV, Lou let out a little cry.

"Hey, that's the Rose Parade! I love the Rose Parade!" she stated. I flipped back. I didn't mind the parade stuff, but I had been in my share of them and I knew what those people were going through. That brought up our next discussion topic: did either of us play in band? Turned out that Lou had been, for a short time, a band geek, just like me. She'd played flute; I played tuba. By the time we had exhausted most of our stories about band life, Lou had finished the fruit.

"You know what I would really like?" she asked. "Some chocolate-covered strawberries like they had last night. Those were really good. I wonder if there's any left?"

"Well, only one way to find out," I said. I picked up the phone on the table next to me and dialed room service. Yes, they had chocolate-covered strawberries, so I order a plateful and some champagne to go with them. They soon came, along with a pair of champagne flutes. I signed the chit, tipped the bell hop and returned with my goodies to the settee. I set the plate on the coffee table and proceeded to pop the cork. The champagne and the strawberries really did go well together, the tartness of the strawberries balanced with the sweet of the chocolate was offset by the dryness of the wine.

We nibbled and drank our way through the treats, Lou sometimes feeding me. It was fairly romantic. We did this through to the end of the parade. As it was concluding, Lou finished her glass of champagne and said, "Well, I guess it's time to start packing. We have to be out of here in an hour." She started to stand.

I grabbed her hand. "No, we don't," I said. "I kept the room until tomorrow." I gave her arm a tug and she fell into my lap. In the process, the robe she had kept fairly tight around her throughout the morning, gaped open, exposing a breast. I eyed it hungrily.

She followed my gaze. "You did, did you?" She grinned up at me. "If you think I'm going to stay here with a pervert like you, you're sadly mistaken." She got up and threw her leg over my lap. Her robe remained open. "You gotta ask me nice. You just dragged me in here last night, you know."

"Lou, uh" I stammered, "uh, would you stay the night with me?"

"Why, Jonny, you ask the nicest questions," she rejoined, bringing her face in close to mine. She gave me a light kiss. "Will you take me to dinner, later?" She put her hands under my robe. Like her, I was naked under it. Comfortable, but naked.

"Sure," I said. "Any place in particular?"

"I've never eaten here, you know," she said. "That way, we won't have to go out into the cold."

"That sounds good to me," I replied. "What to do until then?"

"Oh, I can think of a couple of things," she said, and proceeded to nuzzle my neck. She sat up and opened her robe. "My nipples like to be loved," she said, and she put her hands beneath her breasts and lifted them towards me.

I'm not stupid. I took the hint and pulled her a little closer and sucked one of them into my mouth. I was rewarded by a sharp intake of her breath. I pulled my head back a little and used my incisors to maintain my grip on it. It popped out and I reached out and took the other one in my mouth. As I sucked this one, I used my tongue to tease it.

Lou used a hand on the back of my head to hold it in position, not that I was going to go anywhere, that's for sure! She tasted so good; I felt that I could continue this for hours. She was moaning appreciatively and I sucked and teased for all I was worth. Lou's wriggling with the pleasure of having her nipples sucked was having an effect on me, too. Her nipples quickly became turgid, as did my cock.

She must have felt the change in my condition, as she pulled away from me for a moment. She pulled my robe open, wriggling some more to get it all the way open, from my chest to my knees. She also opened her robe to the same degree and suddenly her pussy, wet and open, was on my cock, rubbing up and down its length.

"This would be a bit easier if this wasn't in the way," Lou said, patting my stomach. Well, it wasn't as big as my father's had been, but it was somewhat larger than a twenty-something's paunch. Hey, I'd been working on it for some time, just not in necessarily getting rid of it, if you know what I mean.

Despite her criticism, she didn't stop rubbing on me. She leaned forward and I took her nipple into my mouth again. I sucked and nipped and used my hands to massage her breasts. The more I loved on them, the more she wriggled. It wasn't enough to get me off, but it was extremely stimulating.

Suddenly, she stopped and shivered and wrapped her arms around me, sighing deeply. "Thank you," she whispered. She reached down between us, lifted up, and adjusted the angle of my cock, and then sat down, with my cock seated deeply inside of her. She sighed again. "Oh, I need this," she said and wriggled a little bit, settling me even deeper inside of her.

She sat there, unmoving for what seemed like a very long time, but in reality couldn't have been more than a few moments. She was soft and silky, her hair smelling of jasmine. I put my hand in what little hair there was and ran my fingers through it. This produced a little "mmm" from her, and I put both hands to her head. Using both hands, I started massaging her scalp and face, causing her to quiver which did delightful things to my aching cock deep within her. I rubbed her scalp from her forehead to her atlas, then onto her neck. Her groans made me feel good; I was bringing her pleasure. I did not neglect her face, especially the nasal area. She breathed deeply through her nose and her moans of pleasure never slowed.

I started to use my fingernails to rake across her scalp, and then I used them across her shoulders and then down her back. Her groans and sighs were very gratifying. She had her forehead to mine and I was breathing her. Her breath, a combination of the strawberries and champagne, was as sweet as I had ever breathed. Her breath was getting shorter and she started rubbing her pubis on mine, back and forth, forth and back. I rubbed her back and especially the small of her back, down by her sacrum, and she moved faster. The faster she hunched, the harder I rubbed, kneading her flesh, trying to make the muscles relax.

I brought my hands up her back, up her neck, kneading and rubbing every inch. She lifted her face from mine, her breath coming short, little pants. Her hands grabbed my head and she kissed me with an intensity I have rarely felt. My hands came up to her head, where I used both middle fingers to rub her occipital, my other fingers rubbing down her neck. My thumbs rubbed her nose and her sinus passages as I had before. She threw her head back and cried out, her pubic bone grinding on mine. Finally, after several moments she slowed and finally stopped, her head dropping to my shoulder, breathing hard.

I decided that now it was my turn. I gathered my legs under me and levered myself to a sitting position. Lou leaned her head back a little and eyed me quizzically. I gathered her in my arms, one arm around her back and another beneath her butt. I heaved myself up so that I stood, with the two of us entwined. I looked at her and said, "My turn." Her eyes widened at that simple statement while her legs went around my hips.

"Go for it," she murmured.

I turned the two of us, and as gently as I could, lowered her and I so that she was under me. As gently as I could, however, ended up with us plopping down rather hard onto the settee, driving me hard into her. Her "oof" indicated just how hard we had landed.

I pulled myself out of her to the end of my cock, and then plunged immediately back in. She "oofed" again, and then with each succeeding plunge into her, she started moaning. Her arms went around me and her legs tried to pull me in further with each stroke. She started a chant, a mantra, saying, "Oh, God, so good, soo good! Come on, Jonny, harder, make me cum again! Oh, God" over and over again. Soon, she started wailing it, as she came again. I was right there with her, pushing as hard as I could, as fast as I could. Soon, I was spurting deep within her.

We bounced around a little at the end, almost falling off the settee. We finally settled down, breathing hard, my knees on the floor, Lou's legs loosely around my hips.

"Wow," Lou said, finally. "You're pretty damn good for an old guy."

"Well," I said between breaths, "for such a young chick, you do pretty alright yourself!"

I straightened up, still in Lou, but softening quickly. "You're not cold, are you?" I asked.

"Oh, no!" she replied. "Quite the opposite in fact. This robe is very warm."

"Good," I said. I finally slipped out of her. A line of cum drooled from her labia, starting to drip onto the floor. I reached behind me and found a napkin, and held it to her lips, staunching the flow before it could reach the critical, dripping stage. "Maybe we should clean up a bit," I added.

"Yeah," she said, and struggled to sit up. "You sure are messy, you know that?"

"I was inspired," I said. "You do that to me, you know." I stood up and offered her my hand. "Shall we repair to the bath, my dear?" I said in my best British accent.

"Let's," Lou replied, taking my hand and also standing up. Arm-in-arm we walked to my side of the suite where we both stepped into the shower area. "You know," Lou said, "there's a Jacuzzi on my side. Maybe we can use it later."

"That sounds like an invitation!" I said. I regulated the water, shucked off the robe and stepped into the shower. Lou wasn't far behind me.

"What would you like to do today?" I asked as I used the soap to make some later on her skin. I ran the soap gently over her skin, sliding along and over her breasts, tweaking the nipples.

She wriggled out my hold, and said, as she took the soap from me, "I'm not sure. I've never been down here on New Year's Day. What would you like to do?"

If I had been home, I'd be a bum until about the time the Rose Bowl would come on. I always want the Big Ten to win, so I watch until the bitter end, which is usually what it is: a bitter end because it always seems that the Pac 12 always wins.

I told her: "I think we need to break down the equipment, and then maybe we could take a walk around downtown. There might be some interesting places open, you know. It's not like Christmas when everything is closed. I'd like to watch some of the Rose Bowl."

She made a face indicating her displeasure when I mentioned the football game. I took back the soap and washed her back and washed carefully between her legs. She took the soap out of my hands and did the same for me, only really washing the length of my shaft. She rubbed it up and down a few times, and when it didn't respond, she let go. Soon, we were rinsing off, taking down the towels and drying off.

After we dried off, we kind of stood there, awkwardly, both of us wondering what to do next, Lou reached out behind me and brought her robe to her body. She shrugged it on but before she could secure its belt and thus hide her beautiful body, I snaked my arm around her and pulled her close. Her breasts pushed into my ribs, her pubis below mine. I was able to feel her lower body with the tip of my cock, flaccid though it was. She reached up on her toes, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a light kiss on the lips.

I growled in the back of my throat and pulled her tightly in to me. A light kiss was not what I wanted; I kissed her soundly, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. That she did not resist, but instead responded by pulling me just as tightly, her body rubbing against mine, her tongue dueling with me showed how much she still wanted me.

Eventually, she pulled away from me, disentangling our selves. "My, my," she said, rubbing the back of her hand across her lips. "We'll get all hot and bothered and never leave this room if we continue like that. I still want to wander around downtown, you know."

I nodded. "You get dressed and I'll meet you in the living room in about 15 minutes," she said. "Make up, you know. I won't be long, I promise."

I didn't take very long, either. I was ready in five minutes and sat around watching TV, one of the football games. I was in slacks and shirt with a cardigan over it. I find cardigans comfortable and I often wear them in the cooler weather. Besides, it had pockets and I love having pockets.

About twenty minutes later, Lou came out dressed in jeans that looked like they were molded to her. She was also wearing a sweater, only hers was not a cardigan, but a pullover. It had a sweetheart neckline that showed off a modest amount of cleavage. Actually, there was more than I would have thought, so she must have been wearing a bra, something unusual for her.

We went to the closet, got our coats and headed out. We did not put the coats on, but went to the front desk to ask for a key to the room where our equipment was still set up. We tore it down, put it away and carted it up to the room where we were sleeping. As big as that room was, even the amount of equipment I had did not make it seem at all crowded.

With that chore done, we headed out for some exploring. Most of the stores still had their Christmas decorations up, and many of them were still open so we were able to do some shopping. The sun was bright, although there were clouds on the horizon. It wasn't warm, but I didn't feel the cold, what with Lou wrapping her arm around me as we walked around.

We did some shopping, as I said, and she bought some gim-crack and gee-gaws, things that were cute, but not what I might buy. We walked into a new/used bookstore and the proprietress looked as if she were about to close, but it seemed that she had the attitude that a customer is a customer, and even if it was close to closing time, you let them shop. In other words, my kind of owner. And we did shop. I'm an avid reader and my tastes are very eclectic. I found a new science fiction by a favorite author and a new mystery/thriller, again by a favorite author. I also found, in the used book section, a couple of books on photography, including a rare book on the philosophy of the art. I was very happy with my haul and was ready to check out only a few minutes after the posted closing time.

Lou was having fun, too, it seemed. She came up to the counter about 15 minutes after I had checked out. In her arms were about ten books, including a couple of weighty tomes on some obscure bit of history. I had sat myself in an over-stuffed wing chair to begin reading my mystery when Lou came up and plopped in my lap. The shop owner gave us a stare that only librarians can give to miscreant children. She was ringing up Lou's purchases while Lou was sitting in my lap, arms around my neck, peppering my face with little kisses.

"That'll be 105 dollars and 18 cents," the owner declared. "How do you want to pay for this? Cash, check or charge?"

Lou whispered in my ear, "I don't have that much. Will you loan it to me?"

I nodded and pushed her off my lap, albeit reluctantly. Her ass, wriggling as it had been, had caused my dick to not only stir, but harden considerably. She was a charmful little armful, that was certain. As I got up, I turned my back to the owner and made an adjustment that allowed me a little more comfort and decorum. I turned back to the counter and presented a credit card to her.

"A late Christmas present, I suppose," she sniffed. "A little young for you, isn't she?" she added a little snidely, I thought.

"Oh, my Daddy buys me anything I want," chirped Lou in a voice that mixed little girl and bimbo. She reached up, took my head in both hands, turned it and gave me a toe-curling kiss. "I get anything I want, so long as I give him what he wants!"

You should have seen the look that woman gave us! She blushed and stammered and had difficulty running my credit card. To be perfectly honest, I was a little scandalized, too, but I was having a difficult time trying not to laugh. Thank goodness the old biddy had already bagged Lou's books, so all I had to do was sign the slip and gather up the bags. Lou had already gone out the door and grabbed my arm as I came out.

"Oh, God," she said, laughing. "Did you see her face? I bet it gets frozen like that!"

"You, young lady," I rejoined, "are incorrigible!"

"Yep," she said. "I am. Better get used to it!"

We laughed all the way back to the room. The sky that had been so bright and cheery earlier was now very sullen and snowflakes were beginning to fall. A wind was also picking up and the chill was definitely becoming a factor. We were glad by the end of our excursion to be back in our room.

We shrugged off our coats and laid out our purchases, admiring them. My stomach gave a growl and I glanced at my watch. It was after 5 PM! I mentioned this to Lou and asked if she'd rather eat in the restaurant or have room service.

"You promised me dinner, here, buster," she said, "and that's what I want!"

Well, I knew better than to argue with a woman; I learned that from my father. I'd miss some of the game, but that's all it was, after all, just a game. She said to give her five minutes and she'd be ready.

I'm not stupid, so I did not turn on the TV. That it might prove too big a distraction was a distinct possibility. So, instead, I picked up the mystery and started reading it. After reading about ten pages, I heard and "Ahem!" and I looked up. Lou was ready to go.

Again, I was surprised at her attire, as she had again chosen to wear a dress. This one was conservative in its cut, coming down almost to her knees. It was a deep burgundy in color with long sleeves. Perfect for an elegant dinner. I whistled and she smiled. She looked me up and down. She challenged me: "Aren't you going to wear a tie?" she asked.

I looked down at what I was wearing. I could pass muster at the local steakhouse, but she was right: I wasn't dressed appropriately; at least not to her example. I held up a finger and said, "I'll be back out in two shakes of a lamb's tail." She looked at me curiously, but I was already high tailing it to my room. I was glad I'd packed a few extra things. I shed the cardigan and checked myself out in the mirror. My slacks and shoes were OK, as well as my shirt, so I selected a tie that would match her dress and the jacket that went with the slacks. I was putting the finishing touches on the tie when I walked out about two minutes later.

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