Confessions of a Shameless Shoe Addict

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Miss X is addicted to the buying of shoes. She is unable to stop her activities and falls further and further into the disgraceful clutches of shoe addiction. Is there any hope for her redemption and her recovery from her weakness of will?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Foot Fetish   Public Sex   .

My name is not important, so just call me Miss X. I was a very happy child. My parents were quite normal and raised me to be a respectable God-fearing young woman. I am fortunate enough to live in a major urban area with all of the perks and benefits of a civilized society. I have a steady income from my employment as a paralegal in a respected firm right in the center of the downtown center.

I really don't like to reveal my age because I am already past that vibrant age of virginal anticipation and not quite at the stage where I am desperately seeking spousal stability. I have had a varied sexual history that included experimentation with both males and females and I have been both dominant and submissive in my demeanor.

It is true that I attended a rather prestigious institution of higher learning and earned degrees of academic standing far beyond the average person one would meet on the street or in a pub. In the course of my sexual awakenings, I acquired some truly nasty habits that I try to keep secret from my current boyfriends and especially from my parents and co-workers. I would prefer not to mention them at this time because we barely know each other and I am somewhat of a private person.

My self-description is that I am a perky female of pleasant nature with fashionably styled hair done up in something that reveals my ears and long slender neck. I generally wears skirts that are not too short but high enough to entice interest by gentlemen aroused by that sort of thing. I like to wear thongs instead of knickers for reasons I will relate forthwith. My breasts are really nothing to write home about but they are reasonably functional with tweaky little nipples that are easily discerned when I choose not to wear a bra apparatus. Probably, my best feature is my heart-shaped bottom that most of the men in my life remark as being,


I have always felt a bit obligated to allow latitude with the use of my posterior when given such a compliment in situations involving carnal relations. I even treat "Adorable!" with the same such bestowing of goodies.

I hope I do not come across as being a "loose" female with no moral character just because I enjoy the joys of the flesh when the mood hits me the right way.

My weakest vice is the obsession that I have with regard to shoes. Yes, I said, "shoes" and I know that seems like a silly fetish for a female since it is usually males who have succumbed to the pleasure of inhaling the scent of a female's body odor from the inside of shoes or enjoy the discomfort of being treated rudely by the pointed toes or heel and the feel of the patent leather against their bare skin. It is certainly not the scent or taste nor the feel of the things on my skin that make me all quivery inside my female parts. In fact, it is quite simply that I enjoy purchasing the things no matter how expensive they are or how ridiculous they look when they are beyond the pale.

Lately, I am buying between three and five pairs of shoes a week. This extravagance is eating up the majority of my income but it is an obsession that drives me into a frenzy of happiness each and every time.

My routine is simple.

I have discovered a plethora of shoe stores of varying inventory and range of prices within walking distance from my place of employment. In fact, when I took count, it was over forty stores in my circle of obsessive enjoyment. My fetish is structured in the selection of the store, the choice of shoes and the targeted salesman. Sometimes I will use a female when my needs point in that direction. I make a ritual every morning of plotting my route and my objective always setting up an alternate store in case of a problem with the primary objective that necessitates my moving to another site. I try to set a price range but in certain situations, the enjoyment of the moment is more important than the squandering of funds.

When I think I am being recognized in certain spots, I will move on to another site to avoid confrontation.

In the morning, I prepare by washing my crotch and backside fully. I apply scented powder imported from France and make certain no errant pubic hairs or stubble is visible. Part of my enjoyment is dependent on the shoe salesperson having full visual access to my female parts and even on occasion back to my delicate "rear door" area.

Most of the time, I wear my crotch-less panty hose which hide the imperfections on my inner thighs but still allow easy viewing of my paradise point and my neatly shaven vaginal slit. Sometimes, I will wear a brightly colored butt plug to show I am a female that can use her other hole with agile submissiveness. I like to wear my glasses during the time in the store because I can see every nuance of reaction on the salesperson's face and many admirers have told me,

"They really make you look sexy!"

I always make a point of bending over as far as I can and looking at shoes on the bottom shelf. Usually, my skirt is short enough that my thong is revealed to anyone standing behind me and seems to attract voyeurs like flies to a honeypot. It is in the sitting position that I have most fun by constantly raising my knees to try on shoes and spreading my knees to give the salesperson ample viewing of my lush garden. When I am wearing the butt plug, I love to see the shock in their eyes when they see it for the first time. Sometimes, the female salespersons will comment that they have one as well and like to wear it to keep that entry open for either their boyfriend or girlfriend. I always get the card of one of the girls who impart that knowledge to me because I know it is a spoken invitation to have a girl to girl party with no holds barred.

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