The Prize

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1996 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Winning their impromtu race to the cabin, Alyssia couldn't wait to claim her prize. The only thing was, it wasn't anything like she expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

A small spray of flawless white sand scattered across the bottom steps as the young woman sprinted up the wooden stairs. Only a few seconds behind, her pursuer, a much larger man quickly closed the distance between them. It had been a long run across the wide beach separating the small bungalow from the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and it showed in both runners. It was with a shout of triumph that the brunette slapped her hand against the large number 14 on the side of the doorway and shouted.

"I win!" Alyssia called out as she spun around to greet her fiancé.

Stephen cleared the stairs in a single bound as he reached out with his large powerful arms and embraced his lover. At 5'6" and 125 lb., the bikini clad woman was almost lost in the arms of her 6'2" 230 lb. partner. But it was a sensation she was more than used to and dearly loved.

"I guess you did, but only because I'm worn out from that volleyball game." Stephen grinned as he leaned from behind and kissed her.

Their kiss was as warm and tender as their very first. Each time they held each other close it was like they were rediscovering their love all over again.

"So where's my prize." Alyssia asked playfully as they ended the kiss.

"Later." Stephen replied as he stroked her soft brown hair.

"Well maybe I want it now." Alyssia laughed as she pressed her bikini covered ass up against his cloth covered manhood.

The pressure against his cock brought it quickly to a semi-erect state. Full erection came a few moments later as Alyssia reached down and slid her hand between the waistband of his swimming trunks.

"We could do it right here." she suggested as she playfully stroked his member to it's full 7 1/2 inch length. She wrapped her fingers around his thickness and pressed it harder against her ass. "Who knows who might see us."

Alyssia had a strong exhibitionist streak in her. Stephen had long track of all the times they'd made love out in the open. The chance of being discovered was a tremendous turn on for her. Normally he would've been happy to give in to her desires, but today he had other plans.

"You really got turned on by that couple last night, didn't you?" Stephen whispered into her ear as he slid his large hand under her bikini top and cupped her breast.

"Oh yes." Alyssia responded in a whisper as she closed her eyes for a moment and enjoyed his caress.

The couple in question were the inhabitants of the cottage a few hundred yards down the beach. Stephen and Alyssia had gone for a late nigh walk in the moonlight and had come across the couple making love on the beach. Silently they had backed up just enough to watch without being seen.

For about twenty minutes they watched moonlight reflect off their sweaty bodies as the much older man relentlessly fucked his younger companion. Alyssia was so engrossed in the spectacle a few dozen yards away that she didn't feel it at first when Stephen slipped her short skirt up over her ass. It was only the cool evening breeze against her tightly trimmed pussy that gave her a moments warming before she felt the head of her fiancé's cock pressing against her.

Alyssia had to bite down to keep from crying out as Stephen began to slide in and out of her. It was only a few minutes before he climaxed inside of her, but coupled with the action in front of her, it was enough to give her a small orgasm as well.

Later when they'd gotten back to their own cabin, they'd had a much longer encore - with a much more fulfilling finish.

"Oh that was exciting." she purred as she pressed her face against his broad chest and kissed it.

"Why don't we go inside and get cleaned up." Stephen suggested. "Wash all this sand off of us."

The sudden change of subject brought a little pout to Alyssia's face. She wanted to play, not wash. Then a smile returned when she remembered how much fun it was to do both.

No sooner had they stepped inside when Alyssia quickly stripped out of her bathing suit. She loved making a little show of it every time she undressed in front of her love. She bent over and wiggled her ass as she pulled down her bikini bottom. Then she reached back and undid the clasp of her top, letting the thin material drop to the floor. She ran her fingers across her 34 inch breasts, tweaking her nipples.

"Like anything you see, big boy?" she asked in her most seductive voice.

"Hmm, everything on the menu looks very good." Stephen relied as he stepped out of his own swimming suit and stepped up to her.

"Well I can certainly see that the sausage looks very appetizing this afternoon." she laughed back as she pressed her womanhood against his hard cock.

"You have such a sausage fetish, I sometimes wonder how you stay a vegetarian." Stephen said as he hugged her.

"Well I guess it's cause I only taste it but don't swallow." she replied.

Stephen gave her a disbelieving look.

"All right, I do swallow." she laughed.

The gentle splash of running water soothed the lovers as they washed each other in the tiny shower. It was a tight fit but neither was complaining. Alyssia was drawing circles across the soapy matted hair on Stephen's chest. He in turn ran a soapy hand up and down her back, from her slender neck to the crack of her ass.

"So now do I get my prize?" Alyssia asked as she slid her hand down across his stomach to his crotch.

"Very soon." Stephen said as his hand slid between her legs and traced the out line of her pussy.

"Hmmmm" Alyssia responded.

Just as the two of them were beginning to really get into it, a loud knock came from the door. Stephen immediately stopped what he was doing and started to step out of the shower.

"Where do you think you're going?" Alyssia asked in a mixture of anger and disappointment.

"To answer the door." Stephen said innocently.

"You're kidding." Alyssia said.

"Trust me." he smiled as he wrapped a large towel around his large frame. "Dry yourself off and come on out. You said you were anxious for your prize." He added before disappearing out the cloth curtain that served as the bathroom door.

"This had better be something a lot better than room service." Alyssia said quietly to herself as she quickly dried herself off.

A large bath towel wrapped around her, Alyssia stepped out into the small combination living room/bedroom. The first thing she noticed was a large collapsible table had been set up in the center of the room. She had been in enough health clubs to recognize it as a massage table.

Standing behind the table was a tall auburn haired woman laying out a sheet across the table. She was dressed in a starched white outfit, the kind that nurses and health professions wore the world over. Although her blouse was opened far wider than any nurse Alyssia had ever met. Then again, this was the tropics. Her smooth skin was naturally tan, made even more so by the constant sun in this part of the world. She had a lean athletic build, coupled with long equally lean legs that seemed perfect for the white stockings they were wrapped in. Her name, Alyssia would later learn was Michelle and she was from Belize.

"What's this?" Alyssia asked.

"Your prize." Stephen said with a grin.

"My prize?" she repeated, somewhat confused.

"Well you're always saying how much you love it when I give you a massage." Stephen explained. "So I thought you'd really love it if you got one from a professional."

Alyssia forced a smile. Of course she'd have professional massages before, he had to have know that. Didn't Stephen realize that what she loved about his massages was that they inevitably ended with a hot lovemaking session. Oh well, she guessed she could wait until after the massage.

"Would Madam like to put on something or are you comfortable in the nude?" The masseuse asked in a crisp British accent.

Alyssia glanced down at her towel wrapped body. She never had any problem with nudity so it seems a silly question. Pulling the seam of her improvised sarong, she caused it to fall apart and let it drop to the floor.

Alyssia didn't notice the slight smile of approval that appeared on Michelle's face as she watched the bounce of the smaller woman's breasts as she stepped over to the collapsible table and climbed face down on it. She adjusted the small pillow beneath her head and closed her eyes. Alyssia took a deep breath and let her body go limp. If Stephen went to all this trouble she might as well enjoy.

Stephen, on the other hand, had settled into one of the overstuffed arm chairs on the other side of the room and was leafing through one of the resort's complimentary newspapers. If Alyssia had looked carefully enough, she would have seen his eyes lift every few seconds to watch her on the table.

"Mmmm, that does feel nice." Alyssia thought to herself as she felt the first touch of Michelle's soft hands as they ran up and down the small of her back. Her touch was so different from Stephen's, but just as nice.

"Would Madam prefer powder or oil? Michelle asked as she gently rubbed Alyssia's shoulders.

"Oh oil, definitely." Alyssia replied, her eyes still tightly closed.

Michelle stepped back from the table and reached to a small electric heater she had brought with her. Carefully she removed a small cup of warm baby oil from it and gently spread it across the prone woman's body.

The sudden warmth against her skin sent a surge of excitement through Alyssia's body. Warm oil against her skin was one of her favorite sensations in the whole world. She opened one eye to look at Stephen, only to find that he still seemed to be engrossed in his paper.

Gliding along Alyssia's now slippery body, Michelle's fingers moved up her side and brushed against the edge of her breasts. The pressure of her fingers produced a slight tingle as Michelle pushed her fingers between Alyssia's body and the table. For a brief moment, the tips of her fingers played against Alyssia's nipples. Just as quickly they retreated. The encounter had been so brief that Alyssia hadn't even had time to consider that it was the first time her breasts had been touched by another woman.

Her fingers spread out as far as they could, Michelle ran them down Alyssia's back and across the cheeks of her ass. She continued down her long, smooth legs, always applying just the right amount of pressure in all the right places. After working on the soles of her feet for a few moments, she reversed her odyssey and began working her way upward once more.

Alyssia sighed out loud again as she felt a fresh application of warm oil against her ass. Michelle's nimble fingers slid down between her cheeks and made a brief contact with the core of Alyssia's sexuality. This time the young woman was immediately aware of the brief touch as it produced an effect much like that of a match to a small puddle of gasoline. Few men had ever touched her there and never a woman. A small part of her hoped Michelle would do so again.

Alyssia didn't have to hope for long because after rubbing the soft flesh of her ass cheeks a few more time, Michelle reached down between her legs and this time she pressed four fingers against the outer walls of her pussy.

Alyssia's blue eyes shot open but she didn't move. This was no accidental touch. The masseuse was rubbing her pussy. Glancing in Stephen's direction, she noted that he was still reading. Part of her felt like she should say something, put a stop to Michelle's actions. Another part told her to just lay there, keep quiet and enjoy the feeling. And a very nice feeling it was.

If Alyssia could somehow step out of her body and look at the tableau from her fiancé's perspective, she would see nothing amiss. Michelle's left hand was still moving across Alyssia's body at a rapid pace while the real action produced by her right hand was hidden from view.

By this time, Michelle had worked two fingers up into Alyssia's pussy and was pumping them in and out as fast as she could. Alyssia had now closed her eyes again and was biting down to keep from making any sounds. She knew it was a dangerous game she was playing, not sure what Stephen's reaction would be if he knew. Yet at he same time, it was one of the most forbidding and exciting things she had ever done. There was no way now she could stop it.

Finally, it was impossible to keep silent any longer as she felt an orgasm overtake her. The tiny sparks radiating from Michelle's two fingers buried deep inside of her spread outward, increasing in intensity as they moved. It was only a tiny climax, but a good one never the less. It was only after the small quake had subsided that Alyssia realized that there was no way that Stephen could've mistaken the moans that had accompanied it for anything but what they were.

Hesitantly, the woman on the table opened her eyes as she felt Michelle gently withdraw her fingers. Looking over in Stephen's direction, she was surprised to see him sitting there with a wide smile on his face.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" he asked.

"You son of a bitch!" Alyssia shot back. "You knew all along."

"But did you enjoy it?" Stephen asked again, the broad smile on his face answering her question.

"Yes ... I did." Alyssia finally admitted, her false anger fading quickly.

Many times, late at night while they were laying in bed after a energetic love making session, they had tossed around the idea of Alyssia and another woman. Perhaps even a threesome with all of them. But it had never gone beyond idle fantasy. Whether it was from lack of opportunity or lack of nerve she wasn't sure. Right now, she was very glad that her lover had played this trick on her.

By now, Stephen had moved over next to her on the table and kissed her passionately. His large hand cupped her breast and gave it a playful squeeze. Standing a few feet away, Michelle watched approvingly.

"If you want," he said to his love. "We can take this a little further." he said. "But only if you want to?" he added.

Alyssia glanced over her shoulder at Michelle who was just standing there, a grin on her face. Stephen had found a woman who fit exactly the image that had appeared in Alyssia's secret fantasies.

"The two of us?" she asked, indicating Michelle and herself. "Or all three of us?"

"Which ever you prefer." Stephen replied. "It's your gift. I'll even go out for a walk if you'd prefer."

"No, I want you to be here with me." she replied. "But if it's OK, I'd just like it to be me and Michelle - at least for a start."

"What ever you want." was his reply.

"And I think I'd like to take it over to the bed." Alyssia added. "This table really isn't that comfortable."

Stephen laughed and stepped back away from the table. Michelle moved to take his place and took Alyssia's hand in her own. No words were exchanged. She gently stroked Alyssia's shoulder length hair and leaned down to kiss her. The pressure of her lips against Alyssia's own was one the most erotic sensations of her young life. Her first sexual kiss with another woman. When she felt the touch of the tall woman's tongue sliding between her lips she thought she might faint. But she managed to control her excitement and opened her lips just enough to admit the offering. For a brief moment she took the time to admit to herself how much she wanted this and also how very lucky she was to have a lover who was so secure in their relationship as to allow her to live out her fantasy.

Michelle broke the kiss and taking Alyssia in hand, led her to the bed. Stephen returned to his comfortable oversized chair, which also had a commanding view of the bed.

As Alyssia propped herself up on the pillows, Michelle stood at the foot of the bed and began to slowly strip. Carefully, she reached behind herself and pulled down the zipper of her white dress. Once pulled all of the way down, it was easy for her to simply let it fall off of her body.

Beneath the bright white uniform, Michelle wore a pair of equally bright white bra and panties. Matching white stockings covered her long legs, ending only at the clasps of a white garter. Against the dark tan of her skin it was a very striking contrast.

The small, simple bra did little to conceal Michelle's breasts and the absence of tan lines made it obvious that she sunbathed in the nude. Nimble fingers undid the clasp between the cups and her very round mounds popped free.

Her nipples were very dark, made more so by their constant exposure to the sun. Small stubby tips capped each mound, and the Belizen woman reached up and ran her long slender fingers across each breast, rubbing her thumbs across the nipples.

Alyssia watched in admiration as she stroked her own breasts. It wasn't the first time she had enjoyed watching a woman disrobe, but it had been the first time she'd been able to do so openly. She glanced over in Stephen's direction for a brief moment and saw that he too was enjoying her little show, especially because he now had his own towel open and was lightly stroking his cock.

Michelle removed her panties but left on her garter and stockings. As she climbed onto the bed, Alyssia got her first real good look between her legs and realized that the darker skinned woman was totally hairless there.

No sooner had Michelle joined Alyssia on the bed, she spread the smaller woman's legs apart and began to kiss her way up her thighs. When she came to her still wet pussy, the auburn haired woman kissed to the right and left of it and then planted a long lingering kiss on the center of her mound.

Alyssia jumped just a little as she felt the touch of Michelle's wet tongue against her clit. The thrill of it had been so unexpected. Then after a second oral caress, her new lover continued upward. She was a little disappointed that Michelle hadn't lingered there, but was sure she would return.

Michelle reached up and ran her hands across Alyssia's breasts, rubbing her fingers against the pink aureoles. That simple touch sent a powerful rush through Alyssia's body. Alyssia's skin felt warm to the touch, as if it had absorbed the heat of the oil that had been so recently applied to it.

Michelle immediately replaced the touch of her fingers with that of her tongue, passionately covering both mounds with kisses. Her tongue played with the now fully erect nipples before taking the hard nubs into her mouth. An action that caused Alyssia to moan softly.

"Oh that feels nice." Alyssia gushed as Michelle moved to her other breast, at the same time still caressing the first breast with her hand.

Michelle's touch was so unlike that of Stephen's. In fact she couldn't compare it to any of the men that she'd been intimate with. It may have only been the excitement of being with a woman, but she felt like it was the most gentle she had ever felt.

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