The Bishop's Treasure

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A small group of young men decide to enjoy an older man's new wife - for her benefit, of course.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

The bishop introduced her to the congregation on the first Sunday after Easter, and I am sure there were more hard-ons in the cathedral that day than there had been for a decade.

She was a lustrous beauty and she was, obviously, very young and her summer dress was very thin and clinging as well as stylish and certainly expensive. If she had anything on beneath it, it did not show. The foul old prelate claimed that she was his niece. There were a few choked laughs, and he glared and narrowed his piggy eyes.

We decided that the poor girl needed our help, and our stiff cocks in fact, so we laid siege and within a month were taking turns helping her on shopping trips every Wednesday morning.

I was third in line after handsome Gary and the ever-polite Brian had escorted her, taken her to lunch, walked in the park and in Brian's case stolen a sweet kiss and the barest touch of her jiggling and barely covered breast. My job was to bed her. I had been chosen for this task because I was so practiced and so well equipped.

Regina, who insisted we call her Gina, was a lithe young woman of perhaps eighteen, certainly no older, who had attended a church-sponsored girls' school and was a reasonably good pianist. She was perhaps 5-10 and 125 pounds and very shapely with long legs, a well-rounded butt and high, globular breasts topped by prominent nipples which seemed ever agitated, poking out like finger-tips A golden blonde with sparking blue eyes and a fine smile, she was a doll, and I intended to drill her and make her scream and cream.

So I met her at the back door of the manse and introduced myself. She took my arm and we did a round of stores, and she insisted on skipping lunch so we returned to her home by 11:30 or so. She asked me to come in and then led me up the back stairs of the creaking old place to the third floor.

These, she told me, are the servants' rooms, but we have no more servants, just a cook who come in the late afternoons and does our supper. We entered one of a bare rooms and she closed the door and came into my arms. We kissed and I hugged her at the waist. She leaned back, smiled with our bellies rubbing and asked, "What are you boys up to?"

I returned her smile and her kiss as my hand slid down to her firm butt. "We decided you needed to be with someone your own age now and then."

She wiggled her soft belly against mine. "Nothing else?"

Our third kiss was open-mouthed and very exciting. "That depends on what you want, what you need."

She smiled and said, "Undress. What I need is a man in my bed, and a hard prick in my slot. My so-called uncle is not only a pervert but also a eunuch and useless in the sack. I have to suck his infantile member every Saturday night."

She shed her cotton bra and stepped out of her tiny panties and jumped up on the narrow bed and spread her long legs, knees raised. "Ah," she cried when I pulled off my boxers and my excited cock sprang up. "Just what I need."

I had to ease it into her and I am sure it took the best part of ten minutes before I had her skewered thoroughly and was in to the balls, and she was whimpering and lubricating with her long legs wrapped about me.

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