Two for the Price of the One Event

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A wedding, an intoxicated and available guest, a insecure bridesmaid and a week of continuous sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Big Breasts   .

There are certain days through out one's experience on this globe that should be buried and forgotten, for Marion this was one such day. Firstly her husband had without any sign of discontent announced he was leaving her and secondly her agreement to be bridesmaid at a friends coming wedding had also ran into trouble, putting those arrangements into disarray.

On the other side of the town one Trevor Carter was also pondering over a coming marriage, not knowing that it was the same wedding that Marion was also having difficulties with. 'Can't say I'm surprised at being asked to give the bride away', he muttered to himself as he read the letter. 'The poor kid has no father, he pulled the plug decades ago and I have always got on well with her. I supposed that is natural I am her first cousin, baby sat her on many occasions; her mother really had no one else to ask that was at least a relation'. He finished his private conversation, put the letter aside and rang his aunt.

Like most wedding there was much to do and he was to find that not only was he 'giving the bride away' but was also being asked to handle the gifts and transport the bridesmaids back to where the bridal car had picked them up from. The only concern was space, especially if there were many gifts and especially if they were big for he had to also accommodate the bridesmaids and his vehicle was the smallest of the 4x4 on the market. 'Just hope the women aren't fat', he grunted when his cousin asked if he would take the bridesmaids back to where their vehicles were parked.

He met the bridesmaids for the first time at the rehearsals. One woman was quite skinny, the type that he wasn't the least interested in, however, the other was slightly plump, but not out of proportion for her tits were equal in size to her backside, her name was Marion. His cousin told him that her husband had up and left her, she was very lonely, very insecure and would he make sure she was entertained for her partner in the ceremony was a chap a lot younger that she was. "If I get the chance I will talk to her", he said. He didn't also add that if the opportunity did pop up he would also fuck her, for she was his type of woman, melons for tits and a bottom that his cock would gladly accommodate.

Opportunities to follow up his cousins request were put on the back burner for after the ceremony when he manoeuvred himself around the guests before the reception had started he began to chat up a rather plain woman who by the amount of glasses she was consuming was a bit tipsy and very friendly. He certainly didn't object as she leaned for support against him and only giggled when he gave her tits a decent feel as he supported her when she nearly fell over a step. "I think you best lay off the wine for a bit my dear", he said as he guided her to a more private location in the grounds. He sat her down on a large rock and removed the glass that she was still gripping and just let her rest against him. He knew she was braless and slowly slipped the straps from her shoulders and pulled the dress down till both tits were fully bare. As he played with her fast growing nipples she giggled but made no attempt to interfere and when he finally slipped his fingers into her very hairy cunt, she gave a gasp and a grab as the notable bludge at his groin.

While she fumbled with the zip and worked her way amid his undergarments till she gripped and pulled out his throbbing erection, he sank his mouth over her extended nipples and sucked while she manually worked his cock. He stopped her manual work; he stood up, dropped his trousers and pushed his cock towards her mouth. He didn't say 'suck', she just did it automatically. Her mouth was fantastic. He held her head hard against his groin and would have loved her to suck till he exploded, but it was a fuck that was on the agenda. He pulled her head back, his cock covered in saliva fell free, he picked her up and lay her down on the carpet of soft grass for one thing about the maintenance of the grounds they were well kept, the grass was of high quality and very soft, a mattress for an off the cuff fuck. He pulled down her panties and threw them aside, spread her thighs and in one thrust was up to his balls in what he knew was a well used cunt.

Some women were nice and tight, however, this woman reminded him of another woman he knew that had been the guest of the local bikies and he had heard that thirty blokes had been through her and when some time later he had to chance to fuck her, his cock slid in without the slightest difficulty. Pleasure was not great in such a loose cunt, but it was a fuck and she did give his cock a suck which was very good. He pumped away, driving his prick in to the depths of her crack and when he finally empted his load, his cock was totally buried and his balls were lost in the heavy hair of her groin. He waited till his balls were totally drained and then pulled out.

He didn't hear the men arrive and it was only when they spoke that he knew they were there. "Is this a private party or is it open for anyone?" one man asked.

"Well she is in the 'fuck' position and certainly wasn't objecting" Trevor replied. "She is a bit pissed but go for it. She does give a decent suck so while one of you is screwing her, I'm sure her mouth will accommodate what cock isn't ravishing her". He left as she bucked following the thrust that the bloke gave her but the gasp that she did give was then followed by a slurping sound as she began to suck. She didn't return to the reception, he didn't know or care what happened to her and he didn't even enquire as to who she was.

It was during a break between courses that he got the chance to chat to the plump bridesmaid who he knew was Marion. He only briefly knew of her marriage breakdown, he didn't really know of her situation only that she was lonely and lacking self confidence, however, they were just comments, it wasn't till he began to communicate with her, that he knew just how desperate she was. "I wish", she said as she stroked his fingers, occasionally giving them a squeeze. "That my partner was someone like yourself Trevor. He is so young and we have nothing in common".

"He is young but I bet if given the opportunity he could give you pleasure and enjoyment", he said while admiring the deep cleavage and the large amount of flesh that was obvious as she lent over the table. "You mean if he fucked me?" she sobbed. Once a woman used the 'f' word he considered that a signal that with a little persuasion she would put into action the word she has used. "Yes!" he replied. "You are attractive and I know if the opportunity came my way I wouldn't knock you back. I would fuck the backside off you". For seconds she was stumped for words but before she could reply the MC announced that the speeches were about to begin. He moved off, leaving Marion with her mouth opened and her mind in turmoil.

His vehicle was packed and the bridesmaids were a bit cramped, but they didn't complain and chattered among themselves on the drive to where they had their vehicles. "We have to pick up our bags and change" the skinny woman said.

"I know that", he replied as the vehicle pulled up behind the other cars. He unlocked the front door and the women began to gather up their belongings and he emptied his vehicles of the gifts and stored them in the kitchen to be sorted out later. He returned the goodbye of the skinny woman as she left. Marion was still in the other room, he came to the door to ask how she was going to find her standing, wearing only panties; her tits wobbling as she moved. She was reaching for her bra. If she hadn't used the 'f' word he wouldn't have taken the path that he now did. "You have a lovely set of tits on you Marion, they are fantastic".

She gave a gulp for he certainly surprised her but instead of showing any embarrassment, she said. "Do you really think so, I have had men and even some women say that were too big and I must feel awkward bearing such weight".

"Rubbish!" he replied. "I would say the women only said that because they were jealous, all the women I know Marion and I do know a few have often commented how they would love a decent set of tits on them and those women weren't flat-chested. Take those women who undergo surgery to make their tits bigger, no Marion if I was you I wouldn't think I was awkward, in fact I would make sure they were noticed and as far as men are concerned, those that objected were most likely gay. Men I know would run a mile if there was an opportunity to have their cocks buried amid yours"

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