by Stacatto

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Sex Story: Shari and Paul met at a friend's party. Over the next few months emails were exchanged. The passion grew between them to the point where they finally had to see each other again and quench their lust. This is the story of the first evening of their meeting.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Spanking   Exhibitionism   .

The mechanical voice woke Paul from an interesting and most erotic dream. He'd been dreaming about Shari the woman he was going to soon meet and all of the fantasizes they had shared on line were providing him with a wonderful dream. The intruding mechanical voice continued to instruct him to return any of his belongings he might have taken out of the storage area above his head; place his seat in the upright position and to stow away his table. He sat for a moment and thought about the wonderful dream which was slowly fading into his memory. It had been about Shari and he was sad to see it go away.

Slowly opening his eyes, Paul heard people stirring around him preparing for the plane to land. It had been a long flight and he was anxious to get out of the plane. If the truth be known, Paul really hated to fly. His height made it uncomfortable as the seats on airplanes were never designed to hold any person of size for very long, and even thought he was not a heavy man; he was tall and the seat was cramped. Invariably he found the people on both sides were always bumping into him.

In addition to the cramped seat Paul felt trying to use the restroom was some advanced form of torture. It was impossible for him to stand over the toilet and pee; instead he had to hope his stream was powerful enough to reach the bowl. Paul felt the restroom was obviously designed by a dwarf for other dwarfs and this was their way of getting even in a larger world.

To make it even worse, regardless of how many times he'd flown, the idea of being encased in an aluminum envelope and then shot across the skies did not seem to him to be something man was meant to do. Paul subscribed to the theory if man was meant to fly he'd have been born with wings. He also knew he was being unreasonable, but it was how he felt about flying.

Paul tried to relax as he heard the wheels grinding down for the plane's landing and as the plane shuddered, he forced his thoughts to his destination; he centered his thoughts on Shari. He had met Shari through some friends and even though they had met but once at the friends home, the heat of that meeting still burned in his soul.

After their first meeting they had started to exchange emails. In the beginning he was first hesitant to write much to her, but each time they exchanged messages, she'd been so warm, and so friendly he quickly lost his apprehension and he slowly started to open up to her.

Their first exchanges were pristine emails, carefully asking questions while getting to know each other. Eventually they sent each other digital photos, which were also very pure. And then as the comfort level between them grew they started writing erotic emails to each other.

At first emails were tame but when one of them shared a little more intimate part of themselves, the other one had quickly presented some of their wants and desires. Shari had at first been shy and did not feel comfortable revealing her body in pictures. However, as Paul shared more of his desires and what he would like to do with Shari, she started to feel more comfortable revealing her wants and desires. As the emails grew more erotic, the digital pictures also grew more risqué and Paul was quick to praise her on her lovely body. Shari had repeatedly told him that she wanted to meet him again and have him make love to her the way he had described in their emails until Paul finally decided it was time to meet.

Paul decided not to tell Shari he was coming, deciding instead to just show up at her door and surprise her. He felt even though it might be a dangerous thing to do, he wanted to try to surprise her anyway.

As the tires of the airplane bumped and chirped, he felt his anus tighten and he clenched his fists tightly. The plane finally rolled to a stop and he stood when the mechanical voice gave them permission to move. His body ached from the long amount of time it had been crammed into the small seat and he longed to be able to stretch his legs.

He tired to be patience but the people in front of him seemed to take an extra long amount of time getting their personal belongings together and heading off the plane. Finally, he was walking up the ramp and into the terminal.

Paul quickly found the rental area for cars and eventually saw the sign telling him where he would find his rental car. He was pleased to find a map of the area in the glove box and he quickly found Shari's address. The drive was short, but seemed to take forever before he was pulling up to her front doorstep. He thought for a moment and then made a quick U-turn, driving back to the small strip-mall he had seen not to far behind. He located a shop in the mall to buy her some flowers and purchased a beautiful arrangement for her.

Feeling better prepared, he drove back to Shari's house and parked. As he sat for a moment in the car while he tried to screw up the courage to go to her door and knock, he kept telling himself he was doing the right thing. As he sat there thinking about the upcoming meeting, he found he was feeling like a teenager going out on his first date.

Finally, he started chuckle at his apprehensions, they had exchanged the most passionate, and intimate of emails. Each describing what they wanted do to the other the areas they wanted to touch and have touch and specially what they would like to do in the area of love making. The past few emails had been very detailed and extremely explicit. Shari had begged him repeatedly to come and visit. Paul realized it was time for him to get out of the car. Laughing at his own timidity, he opened the car door and strode up to her door. He knocked three times and stepped back.

The door opened and Shari stood there, framed in the doorway. Paul was stunned. Pictures did not do her justice. Her dark hair was tousled and curly and she wore a tank top which displayed her ample breasts and shorts.

Paul did not say a word, but instead, extended the flowers. Shari just stood staring at him for a few moments. As they stood there looking at one another, he noticed two tears slowly tracking their way down each of her cheeks. She screamed his name and then leapt forward, pushing aside the flowers and threw her arms around his neck.

Kisses rained down on his cheeks, lips; his entire face. "I can not believe you are here. I am so happy you came!" She murmured in his ear.

Paul leaned down and now kissed her full on her lips and as their lips touched, he felt her passion welling up and she quickly pushed against his lips with her tongue. His desire for Shari seemed to match hers. The months of writing; of longing; of desiring his presence, surged inside of her and Shari found she was indeed very happy to find him standing on her doorstep.

She took his hand and tugged him inside. Once inside, Paul drew her into his arms and kissed her again. As he held her tightly to his body, he heard a soft moan from Shari; informing him of her deep desire for him. When their lips parted, Paul told her to put on her best dress, and he was taking her out to dinner.

She looked up at him, her arousal showing on her face. She whispered, "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" Her desire for this man was so intense. This was the man she had so often dreamt about ... and her arousal was surging through her body, Shari really wanted him to take her and gratify her lust.

Paul kissed her forehead telling her, "Yes. I want this to be a real date."

She giggled like a schoolgirl and ran off to change. "I know the perfect place." She called though the closed door. "Do you like Italian?" She continued.

"I adore eating Italian ... why are you Italian?" She heard him reply.

"I am if that's what you want to eat!" She retorted, Shari continued, "You are so bad; it was your idea to go out instead of letting me..." her words trailed off.

"Hurry up please, I'm starved. Airplane food really sucks."

When Shari re-entered the room Paul was amazed at how stunning she looked. Shari had always defined herself as Rubenesque or voluptuous and tonight she was all that and more. Her full breasts were amply displayed and her dress accentuated the dip of her waist and the roundness of her hips and bottom. Paul twirled his finger and she slowly rotated in place. Paul thought she was breathtaking. Her dark tresses were piled on top of her head and her blue eyes twinkled with the lust she was feeling for this man.

The flowers surrounding the eating area of the outside portion of the Italian restaurant scented the soft breeze of the warm night's air. The meal had been excellent and Shari and Paul lingered over their deserts, savoring both the evening and each other's company. The wine they had consumed seemed to enhance the evening and both of them floated along. They kept their conversation light and cheerful, but both could feel the underlying sexual tension, which lie between them.

The red & white-checkered tablecloth was extra long and almost touched the ground. As soon as both of them had been seated, Paul had slipped off one of his shoes and throughout the dinner had caressed the inside of Shari's thighs. His foot now rested high up between her thighs and softly rubbed her entire vaginal region. Occasionally he would push firmly against her pubic bone with his toe, only to move it away once he was aware of how good it felt for her and then softy rub it across her pubic hair. She found it was all she could do not to reach down and hold his foot against her pussy while she rubbed against it. Shari was aroused when she saw Paul standing at the door, she was now ready to rip his clothes off and have her way with him.

When Paul told Shari to put on something nice, she had picked one of her favorite dresses for the evening. When she tried it on at home and looked in the mirror, she felt the color enhanced her skin coloring, and the crossing pattern across the bodice caused her breasts to lift up, thus creating a most inviting cleavage. As Paul walked her out to the car, she felt his hand softly caress her bottom and she knew he was checking to see if she was sans panties ... just as he mentioned so often in his letters to her. Paul had often described how he wanted to play with her in public and see how close he could bring her before she climaxed. Shari felt so naughty, so sexy, so exposed going out in public without her panties, and the thoughts that she was arousing her date helped calm any anxieties she may feel about her lack of underwear.

Now as she sat in the restaurant with his foot rubbing across her womanhood, it was all she could do not to grab his foot and rub it hard against her pussy to try and satisfy her burning hunger for release.

Finally, she knew this torture could go on no longer. Shari needed him to take her away from the lovely restaurant and go somewhere where they could be more alone. Repeatedly, Paul had taken her to the brink of climax, only to back off, leaving her craving more. Seeing him sitting across from her and recalling all of the passionate letters they had exchanged only fired the flames of her desire. The fire between her legs had reached a point where Paul needed to satisfy her. She leaned forward and whispered, "Please take me home ... I need you." She winked at him, hoping he would understand how much she wanted this man in her bed.

They walked hand in hand back to his car and when they approached the passenger door; he opened the door for her to slide in. As she stepped into the car, she made sure her dress would fall away from her legs, exposing most of her vaginal region to his gaze. She lingered for a moment allowing him a complete glimpse of her parted womanhood, which was illuminated by the lights in the car door. Once she was satisfied he had seen the light glisten on how wet she was for him, she lifted her other leg into the car and he shut the door.

The cars motor caught quickly and Paul pulled away from the curb. The car moved quickly through traffic until it reached the freeway and once the car was up to speed, he engaged the cruise control and slid his right hand to her lap. Shari quickly pulled her dress aside and allowed him total access to her now exposed pubic region.

As the car sped down the highway, Paul's hand moved gently up and down each of her thighs, taking great care not to touch her pubic region. Shari thought it was hours before she felt his fingers start to move through the hair covering her pubic mound. Occasionally his fingers strayed back up her thighs and then returned to the wet lips of her pussy. Her soft moans of delight filled the car and she tightly held onto his forearm. Shari could not believe how good it felt for him to caress her and how aroused she was becoming. Each time his hand slid inside of her outer lips, a soft whine escaped from her mouth and she pushed her hips up, hoping perhaps he would slip a finger inside of her.

Shari tried moving forward slightly in her seat to give him easier access to her pussy, praying he would touch her in that wonderful way which would give her the release she so now desperately desired.

She felt his fingers slip between her wet lips until one was resting at her opening. "Oh God," she thought, "Why doesn't he put his finger into me. Oh please!"

Slowly, softly he brought his finger up her slit until it rested on the tip of her now hard clitoris. Gently, softly, ever so slowly he moved his finger back and forth across the top of it.

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