Heart of Gold

by alan14

Copyright© 2014 by alan14

Sex Story: Amy + Gary's big day is closing fast, final preparations are being made, but trouble befalls Pixie, who the reveals some details she really wanted to stay buried. This story is a little slow, with lots of detail, but it's worth it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Size   Big Breasts   .

The big day is closing fast, final preparations are being made, but trouble befalls Pixie, who reveals some details she really wanted to stay buried...

Less than a month to go now, I really wanted a June wedding but we couldn't get the time off during the exam period, so we're having a July wedding instead.

Julie and Jackie are chief bridesmaid and best man, but we're not sure which way round, luckily as they're twins they're the same size and shape, so will fit either outfit, we'll probably end up tossing a coin on the day. Pixie and Tina are my other bridesmaids.

Geoff has pulled some strings and we're getting married at an estate in Cheshire in proper celebrity style, but without the celebrities and their associated hangers on.

At the moment all is still relatively calm, Pixie is sorting the flowers, Tina is sorting the decorations and the food, Jade, our new friend, has designed the invitations and posted them. She's also arranged the photographer, I hope it's not one of her glamour modelling connections as I want this to be a proper decent wedding and I'm keeping my dress on as long as possible. And what a dress it is going to be, Pixie designed it, and a couple of her friends are making it. The dress will have a single shoulder strap, leaving my right shoulder bare to show the top of my rose tattoo, the bodice is going to be decorated in cream lace and silk roses, each one hand made. The dress is knee length, I didn't want it to be any longer, but there is a short train from the waist in a nod to tradition. Pixie is making some cream silk ballet slippers to finish the outfit off.

The bridesmaids are going to wear simple cream dresses, we're buying these as both Pixie and Tina are big girls and neither of Pixies friends was comfortable making a dress that would both flatter their curves, but still be conservative enough for a family wedding, there will be children there after all.

Gary and his best man's suits are from Hugo Boss, we wanted something sharply tailored but classic, and Gary said they didn't bat an eyelid when they were presented with Jackie's measurements to make a man's suit, let's see how they cut a man's jacket to fit a pair of 36D breasts.

Well that's where we're at, women at work tell me tales of how stressful it is planning a wedding, but this one is going like a breeze, maybe we're doing something wrong and it'll all end in tears, or maybe the women at work approached their wedding as if it was going to be a battle and it became a self-fulfilling prophesy. We'll just have to wait and see.

Saturday morning, I'm lounging on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen, James Martin is showing me how to make a Thai dish of beef, veg, rice and what sounds to be a horribly hot spicy sauce, I think I'll give it a miss.

Gary shouts from the kitchen, "Post's here, junk, bill, junk, junk, letter from Geoff, bill, junk." He wandered in and tossed the letter from Geoff on my lap.

I opened it and out plopped a letter and a smaller envelope.

My dearest Amy and Gary,

I hope this letter finds you well and not too stressed by the pending nuptials.

You have both been in my thoughts very much of late, and I have been wracking my tiny befuddled brain to think of a suitable gift for my best girl and her man, and do you know what, I can't think of a thing that you would accept with the grace that I would give it, so please, please let me know what you want, the sky really is the limit, but I know you would be too polite to ask for it.

In the meantime I would like you to know that I have your honeymoon planned, you need take nothing but some clothes and your passport, the rest is in my hands. You'll be pleased to know that Julie, Jackie, Pixie, Tina and I will be with you, but not too close. Beyond this I'm telling you nothing of the destination.

Now, time to talk cars, I know you love the Aston but it has inherent compromises, mainly the lack of suitable back seats, so please, do not feel bad about wanting something more practical. Myself, I would keep it and simply buy another car, but you have neither the space nor the wasteful nature, so you will want to trade in the Aston. My advice is to get a Bentley Continental GT, the V8 S is probably most suitable, it's not much bigger than the Aston, but has proper back seats. It is a much nicer car than the Aston Martin Rapide as well, although somewhat tainted by its image as a footballer's car. The W12 is faster, but I think the V8 is a more usable car day to day, but try them both. If you don't go mad with the options (the Naim hi-fi upgrade is essential by the way) then you should be able to do a straight swap for the Aston, you might even end up with some change if you haggle well.

Lastly, I've been thinking about my finances, I've got some clever guys here who have been doing some jiggery pokery to make best use of my vast wealth, I'm not sure it's necessary at all, I've got enough money to last me, and my friends, for many lifetimes, but it makes them feel useful. The upshot is that for some reason I really cannot understand, you are now one of my employees. The money I send you from now on has to be taxed, but it's being paid to you via a company that's been set up in Ireland of all places, I've already adjusted the sum paid so you won't lose out from the tax.

As my employee I've added you to my pension scheme, and you get the object in the envelope, open it now please. That thing you are now holding is an American Express Centurion card, the mythical Black Amex. I want you to use this card for any major expenses, there is literally no credit limit, but I feel safe giving you this card as I know you will not abuse it. You get all kinds of benefits in restaurants and hotels, use it to buy a Bentley and keep the Aston if you really want to, everything will go on Company expenses. You'll be getting a full information pack from Amex in a day or so, it will include all the details you need for the concierge service and managing the card.

See my dear, I trust you with all my money, because I know deep down you are the most honest person I have ever met.

That's the gushing out of the way, now go and buy yourself a car, the Light Sapphire is a good colour choice, although it's not really light at all, quite a deep blue.

I'll be seeing you both in a month, keep well

Your friend,


I stared at the deep black credit card with its centurion head, my name embossed at the bottom, Ms Amy Foster. Oh, my married name, the first time I'd seen it in print, I'll have to get used to it though.

"Gary, come here."

"What's up?"

"Look at this, Geoff has just given me a black Amex, read the letter then get ready to go out, we're swapping the Aston for a Bentley."

The easiest Bentley dealership to find was down near Knutsford, in Cheshire, I'd been there once before when Geoff was having one of his cars serviced. Just over 70 miles, a little over an hour according to the sat nav, but I've stopped trusting that thing.

I changed into a smart, but sexy business outfit and I made Gary put on a shirt and tie, and a clean pair of shoes. Once we looked the part I popped the black Amex in my purse and we hit the road.

Getting a new car is one of the most exciting things ever, especially a new luxury supercar, the black Amex in my purse was also intoxicating, and I hoped I had the self-control not to abuse it.

I wound the windows down a little so we could get the full effect of the glorious V12 under the Aston's bonnet, keep the engine above 5000rpm and noise is almost pornographic.

The journey south flew by, and before we knew it the Bentley dealership was looming in front of us. I parked up and stepped out, to be greeted by a uniformed doorman. He put his hand out and I shook it, Gary stepped round the car and shook his hand as well.

"Can I help you miss?"

I looked at his badge, "Yes John, I'd like to swap that heap for something a little better, preferably with back seats that can hold adults."

"Well you've come to the right place, step this way."

We walked into the showroom, which was like a really posh hotel lobby, but with cars instead of potted palms, and one of the other guys came across to greet us.

"Amy? Yes, it's Amy isn't it, you came here a couple of years ago with Geoff Godley-Smythe, one of our best customers until he moved to America. So how can we help you today?"

"Well hello, that's a good memory you've got there, I'm afraid I can't remember your name though."

"Sorry, I'm Mark. I have a superb memory for names, it's essential in this business, but I especially remember beautiful ladies. Is this your husband?"

"Not yet, but he will be soon, we're getting married next month. Anyway, I've got an Aston Martin Vanquish outside, a little over 6 months old, only about 1,500 miles on the clock, and we need to swap it for something with usable back seats. Geoff advised I get a Continental GT, the new V8, in Light Sapphire with the Naim hi-fi upgrade."

"Well that's a good place to start, come into my office, I'll get some coffee and we'll get down to business."

I'm afraid we went a bit mad on the options, and an hour later we'd added £40k to the base price of the car, which meant that after trading in the Aston we owed £25k. I gave Geoff a call and he wasn't worried in the slightest, in fact he commended me for my restraint on the options list, he asked to speak to the salesman, and they chatted for a while and added a couple more features that made the balance a shade over £30k.

I handed over the Amex and Mark's eyes lit up, "I've never seen one of these before, I thought they were a myth."

"Really? I thought you'd get them all the time from footballers."

"No, footballers aren't rich enough for these, the Black is strictly for billionaires only. I'll get the paperwork sorted right away."

Mark was away for about 20 minutes, a girl came in and refreshed our coffee while he was out. Gary got up and starred longingly at the cars through the window, I'm not sure it had sunk in with either of us that we'd have one soon.

Eventually Mark returned.

"OK, sorry I've been so long but I had a few things to sort out. Normally there's about a 6 month wait for a new car, especially considering the number of changes to standard spec, but I want you to have this car as soon as possible, so I've had a chat with the MD and come up with a plan.

"We've got a car the same colour, with almost the same spec, ordered as a show car for the summer sales events, the MD has diverted that car to your order, we'll have the brakes and wheels changed to the spec Geoff requested, otherwise it physically matches your request exactly, we can remap the engine and exhaust to give it a power boost to the S-spec in house, we'll do that free of charge and it won't affect the warranty.

"This means that we can have the car ready in three weeks, is that OK?"

"Wow, of course it is," I answered.

"Now, we've found a buyer for the Aston and can take it off your hands today."

"Oh, well it's a long walk home you know."

"I'd thought of that, so you can have our old demonstrator until your car's ready, it's the green one out front. That one is the W12, so it's a bit more powerful, and a lot thirstier. I've already spoken to Martin, Geoff's solicitor, he'll sort the insurance for the demonstrator, and the new car when it's ready, he's still paying the bills right?"

"Yeah, he's a star, and so are you for doing all this for us."

"Like I say, he used to be our best customer, so we like to repay that with the best level of service.

"Now if you could both sign these three documents I can get them faxed to Head Office, and once Martin has faxed his insurance paperwork I'll need you to sign it so I can fax it right back, ahh here it is, thanks Beth."

We signed the papers and handed them back.

"OK, I need to get the demonstrator washed before I can hand it over, could I take you both to lunch while we wait?"

"Well we're not in any rush are we Gary," he nodded, "so that would be very nice."

Mark phoned the service desk to arrange for someone to valet the demonstrator right away, and within seconds someone appeared and drove the Bentley round to the service bays for a wash and brush-up.

We in turn were led to Flying Spur, Mark handed me the keys and sat in the back.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Take a left out of the car park, two miles down the road you'll come to a junction with a church on the left, take a right and I'll direct you from there. Now this drives a little different to the Aston, it's 4-wheel drive so you'll find you can carry a little more speed into the corners, but be careful with the brakes, we've got the same carbon brakes that Geoff requested, they'll stop the car like you've dropped an anchor, which can be a shock for any drivers close behind you."

"OK boss, now let's hit the road"

The Flying Spur drove like a dream, this was the new model, it has softer suspension than the Conti GT, so it rode over bumps like they weren't there, but on the straights putting my foot down still made the horizon appear at a scary pace.

After too short a drive we arrived at an Italian restaurant where we had a lovely meal followed by delicious ice cream and coffee. Gary drove back, and had some fun throwing it round some bends.

Back at the dealership our loan car was gleaming in the afternoon sun, I swapped the Aston keys for the Bentley, and after removing our CDs and my bits of make-up from the glove box we said good-bye to the beautiful car and drove away in something a little more practical.

I drove and Gary rang Pixie to tell her we were on our way, it was about 45 minutes drive according to the Sat Nav in this car, I'm hoping it's a bit more accurate.

We pulled up outside Pixie's flat, she was surprised when she saw the car.

"Whoa, new car sis?"

"Kind of, this is a loaner while we wait for our new one. Geoff wrote and told me to get a bigger car because someone had been moaning about the Aston's back seat, now that wouldn't be you would it?"

"Hmmm, maybe. Anyway, you're not complaining are you?"

"Not at all, climb in behind Gary and try out that back seat, ours is having club seats at the back, like aeroplane seats, instead of the bench seat, with TVs in the seat backs as well, although I'm really not sure why we went for that option."

"Ooooh, nice carpets back here, there's more leg-room at least, although not as much as I expected."

"Yeah, the Flying Spur we just drove is bigger, more of a limo, but this is my kind of car. So are you free for the night?"

"Why, where are we going?"

"Oh, I thought we'd take a trip to Edinburgh."

"I've got nothing to change into if we're going out."

"Where we're going, we don't need clothes ... and for anything else we've got this," I tossed my new credit card onto Pixie's lap.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Depends what you think it is, if you're thinking Black Amex with no credit limit then yes, that's exactly what it is. I'm going to go a bit wild with it this weekend then lock it away until it's really needed. Besides, we've already hit it with the £30k difference in price between the Aston and the Bentley."

"Seriously, £30k extra, that's 10 times more than I spent on my car."

"What, hasn't Geoff bought you a car?"

"No, because I don't want one at the moment, but when my little Ka dies I know who to call," Pixie handed me the Amex back and I popped it in my purse.

"Now sit back and relax while we burn some rubber to Edinburgh. Gary, give Tina a call honey and tell her we're on our way."

Tina was very happy to hear from Gary, she set room aside for us and I hit the road, then promptly noticed the red light on the fuel gauge, I pulled off the motorway at the next junction and into Asda on the nearby retail park. As I stepped out of the car a woman fuelling an Astra at the next pump gave me a very dirty look.

I called across to her, "I worked very hard on my back for this car, how did you pay for yours love."

She hurriedly finished filling her car and drove off as I stood there laughing, It cost me just over £100 to fill the tank, and even driving carefully that wasn't enough to get us to Edinburgh and back, still cheaper than the train for all three of us though, and it's very unlikely that a small child would be sick on me when driving, something that's always a real danger on a train.

"Seeing as we're at Asda, and we're without toiletries and stuff, I think we'll pop in and get some shopping."

We bought some clean undies, toothbrushes, toothpaste deodorant and some other stuff, along with a bottle of champagne. I'm pretty sure that no-one has ever used a black Amex in Asda before.

Back on the motorway I opened the Conti up, the road was pretty clear and at 140mph the engine and exhaust noise was immense with the windows open a little, but with them closed it was still possible to hear Gary and Pixie speaking at normal levels, it was also rock solid at this speed, no jitters from the steering wheel, no noise from anything in the cabin, the Aston was brilliant, but the Bentley just felt right, like it could chew through the miles at great speed forever, with just a pit stop every couple of hours for fuel, we must take the car to Germany one day to really test it out.

At the border I dropped back to 80mph, there's plenty of police patrols on the M74, then on the A702 across to Edinburgh I stuck to 60mph. At 5:30, 90 minutes after setting off from Preston we parked at Tina's hotel, just as she clocked off for the day. We stepped out of the car, as unflustered as we were when we set off, and walked up to reception. Tina was just entering the bar as Pixie called her name, she looked surprised to see us so soon.

"Wow, I thought you were still in Preston when you rang?"

"We were, but I've got a new car, and it's seriously quick on the motorway" I answered.

"And it's got fantastic back seats," chipped in Pixie.

"So, what are we going to do tonight?" asked Tina.

"Well, it's a lovely warm evening, I've got a picnic blanket and champagne so I thought we'd grab some dinner, then go for a late night walk and drink champagne in the moonlight."

"That sounds like a plan, can you swing by my flat so I can change into something that isn't my work uniform."

"Of course we can."

We stepped outside to the car park, I pushed the remote to flash the Bentley's lights, Tina gasped, "Holy shit, is this yours?"

"Not quite, this is a loaner while we wait for ours. We've ordered one in a deep blue colour, it'll have two separate back seats rather than a bench, they're just like first class aeroplane seats."

Pixie and Tina climbed into the back and snuggled together, I drove round to Tina's garden flat, much nicer than the high rise we helped her leave in Glasgow, a flat that held so many bad memories of abuse, but where she was trapped and unable to afford to leave.

We parked outside and Tina lead us inside, she had completely redecorated since we were last there 6 months ago, it was now a complete vision of Tina, bold colours with mostly modern furniture, she'd also done a lot of work in the garden, with raised flowerbeds breaking up the square space, a patio table + chairs in the middle.

Tina made a pot of tea then went into her room to change.

"Do you think Tina's got a steady boyfriend?" asked Pixie.

"I don't think so, she's not over the last one yet" I answered.

"But she's so beautiful, there must be guys knocking down the door."

"And so are you, but I don't see a queue outside your house."

"Yeah, but I've spent the last few years discouraging any attention. And look at the house, she's got it all arranged for entertaining."

"Maybe she runs a book club or something, ask her if you're so interested."

"Not so much interested as concerned, she should have someone regular to share her life"

Tina came out of her room, she'd put on a very pretty summer dress, paired with some sensible looking sandals. She looked beautiful, just as Pixie had said.

"There's no need to whisper you know, I could hear you very well, and no, I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't want or need one. I like living alone, after my problems with Finlay I'm not sure when I'll be ready to share my whole life with anyone again.

"I have a couple of girls I spend time with, they sometimes come back here for the night, but never more than that, this is my house, and I'm sharing it with no-one. Please don't think I'm offended, I know you care very much.

"Now where shall we go for dinner? I'm starving."

We ended up choosing a Greek restaurant less than half a mile away, so we walked there and back. The food was excellent, and very filling, so the walk let it settle a bit.

After we'd hopped back in the car I asked Tina to direct us to a nice private spot with good views, she had a little think then give me some directions. We stopped at the base of small hill surrounded by a stand of trees. We had to climb over a gate to get to the hill, and this wasn't easy for Tina in her dress, so Gary lifted her over, for which Tina rewarded him with a big kiss.

Gary followed us with the picnic rug and bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

From the top of the hill we had a brilliant view across Edinburgh, it would look better in a little while when the sun goes down, in the meantime I intended to have some sexy fun with my best friends and lovers.

I collected the bottle off Gary as he laid out the blanket. The wine was nicely chilled from the fridge in the boot, our car will have a two bottle chiller between the rear seats, which is a bit more convenient.

We all sat down and I popped the cork, I drank some straight out of the bottle then passed it round to Gary.

"This is probably the last time we'll all be together before the wedding, so I thought we'd have a little pre-wedding celebration, some champagne, some open air loving, then maybe some indoor loving if we still have the energy.

The bottle had made its way round the four of us and returned to me, I took another slug and passed it on again then leaned across to Tina and kissed her deeply, she returned my kiss with incredible passion, pushing me over and straddling my belly. She unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra straps off my shoulders, releasing my boobs to the open air. She wasted no time, bending down low to take my left nipple between her lips, she sucked it for a little while, then tenderly nipped it with her teeth as she flicked it with her tongue.

She swapped to my other nipple, and as she did she started to grind her pussy against my belt buckle, she was getting as hot as I was.

As she came up for air I wriggled out from under her and undressed properly, I looked and Pixie was already fully naked and had Gary's cock in her mouth. I noticed the champagne standing unattended and picked it up, a couple of mouthfuls left, I took a swig and passed the bottle to Tina for her to finish it off, she didn't drink any though, instead she motioned for me to lie down, so I did.

Tina knelt between my thighs and poured most of the remains of the champagne over my mons, which she proceeded to lick up, then she carefully inserted the bottle in my pussy, I lifted myself up a little to help and the last of the champagne trickled into me, which was all I needed to set me off and I came straight away. Tina started to rub my clit and gently pumped the bottle in and out as my orgasm continued to send darts of sensation all around my body. Eventually it died down and my legs gave out, causing my bottom to crash to the floor. Tina slowly removed the bottle and licked the neck clean before placing it on the ground, she lay next to me and kissed my lips tenderly, we hugged until I got my breath back.

Once my breathing had settled down I sat up and rolled Tina onto her back, I kissed her lips and neck before I rolled her onto her front so I could unfasten her dress, I unzipped it fully, she had no bra on underneath, her full breasts showed either side of her body. Her tanned back had no pale lines, she must be fully nude when she used the sunbeds.

I kissed her spine all the way down, as my lips pressed against her coccyx she gave a little shudder, "oh, do that again, ohh yesss that's nice, just your breath on that spot sends sparks right to my pussy." I kissed this sensitive spot for a little longer, and whilst I worked there I slipped a couple of fingers into her sopping pussy, she was breathing hard, almost there, and when I pressed my thumb against her bum hole I tipped her over, she began to moan, low down in her throat, then her whole body shook so hard that she hurt my wrist a little because my fingers were still inside her pussy.

I didn't give Tina time to recover though, rolling her over I straddled her tummy again and kissed her lips, she was still panting. I turned my attention to her breasts, she's as big as Pixie, but all natural, her nipples are very sensitive and I've brought her to orgasm in the past just by playing with them. I didn't let her cum though, I wanted this to last, so I moved down further, kneeling between her thighs I nuzzled my nose into her pussy, breathing in her musk, it was powerful stuff. As I lifted my head up I caught sight of Gary slotting his cock between Pixie's butt cheeks, she let out a little squeak as he drove it deep inside.

Tina was getting hotter all the time, I had three fingers in her pussy and two in her bum, working them in and out alternately, slowing down each time she was about to reach boiling point. Then I spotted the champagne bottle, I reached across for it and slowly inserted it into her pussy, Tina spread her legs wider to accommodate as much of the bottle as possible, I still had two fingers in her bum and could feel how much her pussy was stretched by the bottle.

She couldn't hold off any longer, with a scream that was probably loud enough to be heard in the city she let go, she lifted her bum clear of the ground as her whole body shook with the intensity of the orgasm. She went rigid for a few seconds then fell back to the ground, pulling away from the bottle as she did, it made a loud pop as it exited her pussy.

I leaned over and kissed her as she panted, coming down from her high.

Gary and Pixie were going at it like rabbits, she was on her knees he was pounding her hard from behind, almost violently, but Pixie was loving every thrust, I moved over and knelt before her, leaning in to kiss her, she returned the kiss passionately, then whispered to me "I'm getting knackered here, anything you can do to help him along?"

"No problem, I can force him along a little."

I wet a couple of fingers in my pussy juice then I moved round to Gary, I kissed him passionately whilst I pushed two fingers into his bottom. The reaction was immediate and impressive as he slammed into Pixie one last time, pushing her over. With the fingers in his bum pressed against the base of his cock I could feel the force of his ejaculation, he pumped 7 or 8 times, which is more than he normally does, but maybe my fingers helped a little there.

As I pulled my fingers out Gary withdrew from Pixie's pussy, his cock was still semi-hard, I sucked it clean, I was so horny I even cleaned all his spunk out of Pixie's pussy.

It was getting a bit chilly, so we got dressed and drove back to the hotel, where we had a couple of drinks in the bar, I was hungry again and so I ordered a couple of pizzas for the four of us, which we polished off quickly, hard sex seriously burns those calories.

When we'd virtually licked the plates clean I bought another bottle of champagne and we took it up to the room.

In the room I popped the champagne whilst the others undressed, I necked a good amount then passed the bottle to Pixie before I also stripped off. I'm not much of a drinker normally, but something about hot sex just brings out the latent lush in me.

Pixie passed the bottle on then grabbed me, she hugged be tight, kissing me passionately, her tongue probing my mouth. We tumbled backwards onto the bed, our legs entwined, my pussy pressing hard against hers. We rolled around the bed, bodies tight together until we came as one, our orgasms striking almost simultaneously. We flopped, breathing hard, our bodies glowing. We leaned together and I kissed Pixie tenderly.

Tina, meanwhile, had been working her magic on Gary, bringing his magnificent cock to its full erect state. She turned around and leaned across the dressing table, presenting her willing behind to my fiancé, he took the bait and slid his cock between her cheeks into her tight pussy, she gave a deep satisfied sigh as she was filled to the brim by my man's meat.

Gary started with long slow strokes, pulling all the way back so his cock-head stretched Tina's pussy to the limit, then driving as deep as he could go, taking his time, there's no rush, we've got all night.

"Stop teasing, fuck me hard, now!"

Ok, maybe we don't have all night, Gary responded by speeding up considerably, slamming into Tina's butt, his balls bouncing off her cheeks. Pixie and I were getting horny just watching the action, we stroked each-others' pussy, slipping fingers inside. Pixie reached for the champagne and we drank as Gary pounded Tina, she was flushed bright red, in an almost constant state of orgasm.

"Fuck my ass," she panted, "please, I need to feel it now."

Gary pulled his cock out of Tina's pussy and replaced it with a couple of fingers, he got them good and wet then he used them to lube and spread her anus, she'd not had as much practice accommodating Gary in her butt as Pixie and I have, and it still hurt her a little.

Carefully Gary placed his cock against Tina's bum hole, "do it Gary, push it all the way in ... please", Tina begged. Gary pushed, he pushed again a little harder and Tina cried out, "Holy shit that still hurts, hurts like hell, but in a good way," she gasped, "take it easy for a while big boy."

Gary, always the gentleman, took it nice and slow, with long easy strokes. He could probably go like this for another hour if he wanted to, but Tina won't last that long.

I was right, after a couple of minutes she'd come again and was nearly spent, "Gary, enough, come on my face please, you've not done that to me before, I'd like it."

He pulled out slowly and Tina moved as quickly as she was able to kneel in front of his cock, she took it in her mouth and sucked his cock clean, "Ready to cum now honey," he said, Tina pulled away and Gary finished himself off by hand, sending 5 or 6 huge globs of cum onto Tina's beautiful face, she trembled and came yet again, almost collapsing onto the floor.

"Oh my fucking god, that was intense, the smell of your spunk just set me off again." She trailed a finger through the sticky sperm and sucked it clean, "Jesus this tastes so good."

After Tina had completely cleaned the spunk of her face I took her the bottle, she washed the spunk down with the remains of the champagne, "how incredibly decadent," she giggled, "using Dom Pérignon as mouthwash."

We made our way to the bathroom, where we shared the big walk-in shower, we also shared Gary's cock, blowing him in the spray from the huge monsoon shower, Tina got Gary's load all over her face again, and some in her hair. Pixie used the hotel supplied toiletries to wash Tina's hair, sensually running the shampoo through Tina's long black hair with her fingertips.

We dried off as best as we could with the two fluffy towels supplied, clearly not a room designed for orgies. After we'd finished we climbed on the bed, Gary between me and Tina, with Pixie in front, I snuggled up to Pixie's lovely, peachy bum and fell into a deep contented sleep thanking whoever's in charge for the best friends a person could wish for, not much more than 12 months ago I had no true friends, but now I had three in the same bed.

We slept late, only waking when we heard the maid's trolley in the corridor. We dressed quickly, throwing our dirty stuff in the now empty Asda bag. I straightened the bed as Pixie checked we'd left nothing offensive on the carpet, then we vacated the room just as the maid was about to knock. Tina stood close to Gary as we stepped out of the room, hoping the maid wouldn't spot her, but it was OK as she had a big stack of bedding in front of her face anyway.

I put the night on the card then tucked it in the back of my purse, out of sight, out of mind I say.

We gave Tina a lift back home, stopping off at a McDonalds for coffee and food on the way, we left her waving goodbye at her front door then headed back out of the city. I love Edinburgh, it's so compact, and the buildings are fantastic, they look so robust. I've read all of Ian Rankin's Rebus books and in them you get a view of the city as a seedy den of vice and violence, but to a casual visitor like me it's nothing like that at all, and Tina seems much happier here than Glasgow, but maybe that's from what she left behind rather than anything to do with Edinburgh itself.

So, quick drive south, drop Pixie off in Preston, then back home for a quiet afternoon in front of the TV. Sounds like a plan I think.

We had lunch at a pub near Pixie's flat, then we dropped her home and Gary had to wait in the car whilst she showed me the progress her friends down the hall had made with my wedding dress, it's almost finished now and looks awesome, they've woven some gold thread into the fabric which I'm told will make me glow in the sunlight, so here's hoping for a nice sunny day on the third Saturday in July.

Gary drove home from Pixies, parking in the spot vacated by the Aston. We stepped out of the car and I hugged him on the door step, "seeing my wedding dress nearly finished has just driven it home to me afresh that we're nearly married, and I can't wait to be Mrs Foster."

"And I can't wait to be Mr Foster, oh wait, I already am Mr Foster, you know what I mean."

"I do, we'll be man & wife, woman & husband, very soon."

We stumbled into the house and didn't get past the lounge, as I was leaning over the sofa straightening the cushions before I sat down Gary came behind me, unfastened my trousers and took me there, fucking me with animalistic passion, we didn't last long, he was so vigorous that he came deep inside me within a couple of minutes. We collapsed to the floor, he didn't withdraw, instead he just stayed inside me until he'd got his breath back, then he started to slowly move within me, getting hard again, then he did his special stuff, slowly making love. I don't know how long he lasted, it was probably a couple of hours whilst we lay on the rug, him hugging me from behind, slowly, tenderly loving me with his beautiful cock. When he does this he brings me to a peak and just keeps me there, I'm not sure how best to describe it, but it's a bit like being stoned, or should I say how I imagine it's like being stoned, everything is both vivid and distant, just out of focus.

Like I said, when we make love like this it takes Gary forever to cum, he either has stunning stamina, or amazing self-control, which ever it is I don't care, but when he's at last ready to orgasm he speeds up gradually, giving a few long, hard strokes then he holds me tight as he buries his cock as far as it will go (which as only ever been all the way once, and we've not managed it again) and then he lets go, pumping his seed deep inside.

We lay still for a while, then I started to giggle.

"What's up honey?"

"Oh, nothing, I'm just wondering how we're going to get to the bathroom without a couple of pints of cum spilling out all over this lovely rug."

"Ahh, yes, hang on."

I could feel Gary wriggling behind, then a rustle.

"OK, I'm pulling out now, I'll catch it in these," I felt him stuff something between my thighs which I held onto as I stood. With great care, and wobbly legs, I climbed the stairs to the bathroom, Gary close behind. I sat on the loo whilst Gary wiped himself with something.

"Hang on, what are you wiping yourself with?" I asked.

"Dunno, just something out of the Asda bag you dumped on the sofa." He opened the object out, it was a skimpy pair of panties.

"Those aren't mine, mmm neither are these you packed me with. Holy crap, we've just badly soiled Pixie & Tina's undies. They're both size 14, that pair you're holding look like Victoria's Secret, Pixie can't afford those so they must be Tina's, she'll miss them I bet, so probably best to send them back to her, be an idea to wash them first though."

I phoned Pixie later to tell her what we'd done, she told me to keep them.

"Why, they're a couple of sizes too big for me?"

"Are you saying I've got a fat arse?"

"Well, not fat, just a lot bigger than mine. I'm a size 10, these knickers are size 14, so make of that what you will. I'll put them in a draw in the spare room and you can change into them next time you stop over. You know that room is yours if you ever want it."

"You might be needing it one day."

"What do you mean? Oh, baby, no, not having one of those, ever. I'm not even slightly maternal. So that room is yours.

"OK, when I get chucked out of this flat I'll remember that."

"Are you short of money Pixie, I know you don't ask for charity, but I've got plenty of cash, way more than I need, so if you need any, please ask."

"It's not that I'm short of money, it's just I'm getting annoyed at my landlord, he keeps turning up at weird times, and when he's drunk his hands are all over the place, he's not managed to do anything yet, but one day he might. If I could find somewhere else affordable to live I'd punch his lights out and clear off."

"Oh you silly girl, why didn't you say something? Pack your bags, get yourself up here right now, don't spend another night there. We'll ring Geoff when you get here and sort you somewhere better."

When I'd got assurances off Pixie that she was going to do as I said I called to Gary, "Can you make the bed up in the spare room, open the window and squirt some air freshener round as well, it's a bit stuffy in there."

"Why, what's up?"

"Pixie's moving in for a while."


"Yeah, she's got landlord troubles, he's making unwanted advances."

"Oh wow, I'll get to it now."

While Gary did his stuff I phoned Geoff, but he was out, Julie answered, I told her about Pixie and she told me to call Martin to get the ball rolling and she'd get Geoff to call me when he got back in from the stables.

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